Maybe we're wrong, Cred Forums

Maybe we're wrong, Cred Forums
Maybe shes not that bad of a person? What if we're on the wrong side?

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Great post! $.02 has been added to your bank account!

I'm a democrat who supported her up until only a few years ago.

She's bad. There's no way I'm voting for her. Bernie was my guy, but now it's either Trump or 3rd party.

Please Kys DINO.

wtf i'm a cruzmissle now

Americans fucked up. Bernie was the only viable choice.

Hillary is a good choice too.


The germans were dumb enough to believe this, and look at their country and the refugees now.

No CTR you have no power here.

sage this shit

Democrat here
Voted for Kerry
Voted for Obama twice

Voting Trump this year

Stockholm syndrome sage

she is so cute

You have no idea






You are a traitor to the party.

I've voted democrat for over 2 decades.

Not this time.


you're not. get over it.


Bush (Gore was a mess)
BUSH (Kerry still a fuckup)
Obama (Palin was shit, as was McCain)
Ron Paul (Fuck the RNC)

Will vote Trump. Already did in the primary

And I get banned for 3 days for posting pic related.

Kill yourselves kike mods

Saged and hidden.

Hillary is our only hope

I always vote for the peace candidate

This year, the peace candidate is Donald Trump

party loyalty can get fucked

Proudly voting dem for congress and senate though

definitely voting hillary

Isn't Shilldog a DINO? Because she is basically a social lefty neocon.

>that upper left picture
Yea ok I see where Chelsea gets it from now

How old is she in this? I don't wanna be a sicko

Kills yourself

> peace candidate


Are there many SJW's or libtards in argentina?
Every time i see pages in spanish and some SJW tier comment pops up its either from Argentina or Spain.

she's on the right sidewalk


He's not the peace candidate. He wants to blow Iranian ships out of the water for making hand gestures at U.S. sailors. He doesn't understand why we can't use nukes.

Here's your sheckle.

>1 post by this ID

>Trump has never been the subject of a criminal investigation.

>comparing business fraud accusations vs proven political corruption, constant links back to the fact people are being paid off and killed off
You are so crescent fresh.

alright reddit leave


Bernie put up absolutely no fight.

I liked the guy but he showed his true colors.

We're not wrong.

Correct The Record is a shill organization that attempts to erase Hillary's crooked past and shake it off as lies.