Redpilled on how the ruling elites control the world for there benefit by manipulating and stifling people

>Redpilled on how the ruling elites control the world for there benefit by manipulating and stifling people
>Wants to elect an elite to be in charge

Cred Forums how retarded can you be?

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that's basically it, Cred Forums is collectively retarded; an intellectual wasteland composed of the lowest dregs of society.

I agree with you leaf.


remind me Leaf, what year is it?

Well done guys, I'll be reporting back to base on a job well done.

You can expect that $0.02 to be added to your account eithin the next hour.


I was speaking about the general user, and you just proved my point

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He's an elite but not one of the traditional elites.

Like how Pablo Escobar was an "elite", but wasn't part of the elites.

Pay denbts

The free (you) is good enough

I don't really give a shit who gets elected now we won the Brexit vote.

It's all just shitposting for me.

who else is their to elect?

to even RUN for office you need at least modicum of power/support.

the usa is too large for any real grassroots/revolutionary reform to happen.

>collectives don't exist!
Cred Forums education

pay yours first, burger

He's a blue collared new money elite. He has twice the overbearingness with half the wit. That makes it a lot worse. Hes a flipflopping idiot with an agenda.

Keep it up, we're winning the meme war against these ebul nazeez hehe


>Cred Forums is a unified collective

this is why the world thinks your country is a joke

You got out before you reached the point of no return. Where 4 years passed our decadent singularity

Hillary Clinton desu

Shouldn't you be shaving a goat right now?

There are two reasons why I want Trump to win

>He will mend Western-Russian relations rather than worsening them
>His economic policies are better than Hillary's "more taxes will fix the problem" idiocy

That said, Trump is far from the perfect candidate, and Democracy is far from the perfect system.

>I'm going to group a large number of people and judge them based on what few have said using strawmen and ad hominem attacks of someone a few of them support

Literally burn yourself in a pile of leaves.


It's an online community, made up of a collective total of dinguses, cletuses, and autists

pay denbts

It's a republic!

Only a member of elite can be elected. Might as well be a based one.


Voting then

Trump has value for being unapologetically nationalistic and openly opposed to PC nonsense, that's it.


It's the lowest common denominator, filled with /r/the_donald redditors, this place is a reddit colony,

>he thinks Trump is an elite
top kek. trump is nothing short of a drone monkey with money.

Don't you think Putin wants Trump in to worsen this country so the tides of global power shift into the mutual hands of Russia and China?

Putin is 1000x smarter than any of our politicians. He's playing this all out like a game of chess.

More taxes on the elite is justified especially since they cheat and in a lot of cases break the law using there monetary wealth to juggernaut any entities that try to pin anything on to them.

They're both elites you idiot

funny how that works out yet you losers are so ready to generalize literally all other groups. Unironically kill yourselves.

The difference being that Greece's debt is 100% held by other nations while 75% of America's national debt is owed to themselves.

Pay your debts goatfucker.

Excuse me?

>nobody replies to this because this thread is one big slide-shitpost


Says the cuck who shitposts on Cred Forums.

cringey subhuman

If he isn't an elite, then what does that make you? Your anthrax to him. A virus, a plague on the world.

alot of the Greek debt is owned by our public sector. the US economy is only able to keep up with their debt because their economy is so large. That just means they'll colllapse even harder if Obamas plan is continued if Hillary is elected

Speak for yourself. Your slobbering over an idiot just because he said some curse words in a speech.

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Thanks for the you. Here's a pizza boy.

Hillary is the less of two evils.

We can't have Trumps lack of experience pivot this country into decadence when where at the most crucial point of history.

How foolish do you have to be to not prepare for one of the most important elections in United States history?

Winging it doesn't cut it when it comes to running a global superpower

Here's another you, on me