Get home

>get home
>hungry as shit
>find some soup in the fridge
>put it on the heater (idk what its called in english)
>go to take a shower until it's warm
>forget about my soup
>rush out of the shower
>all the soup has evaporated
>I can smell fried meat and other good food from my neighbors

>romanian stove
pile of trash on fire?

>>I can smell fried meat and other good food from my neighbors
>cigan detected

No I can't recall burning you

why so butthurt?

>find some soup in the fridge

whose fridge did you steal, gypsy?

hahahah you should start learning the technique too burger, when the race war will hit

You're alright

woah, back off
he just showered and his soup evaporated. have a little respect.


Any romanian bros wanna share their food I get my schoolarship this week and will buy you a pizza

how do you even manage to get your soup to evaporate , do you shower for 3 hours or something ?

Stop being poor

It was little soup and had heater on max because I wanted to eat it fast

Romanian soap is different to real soap in that it doesn't actually exist

post pics of ur kitchen + spread bp

Why dont you get a gun and annex your neighbors house

post address I'll send a sack of potatoes to your town rapist, maybe he'll share with you


I dont have enough money for food and you tell me to buy a gun:))))

If you love Soup so much, why don't you marry Soup?


Trash fire, Gypsy wagon circle
Side of the Road, Romania

what politics is this?

sent ;)

Are you poor? Also are you white?

what flag is this?

Whats your paypal, let me send you few quids

yes and yes

The politics of third world poverty.

I dont have one thanks tho its intention that matters

Why are you poor? Do you live with parents? How old are you? Post hand

underrated wittiness kek

op are you in bucharest?