(((Risk))) Thread?

Anyone want to play risk? I'd host but my mouse broke, so if I do, Im going to be slow as fuck. Plus I'm on my old laptop, because Im yet to find a good paint alternative on my mac.

So again, does someone else want to host? I have maps I can dump.


>dubs twice in a row



This one's always fun.
Fuck I hate this one.

this one

These are some high energy dubs I had

So can anyone host? reeeee

how about something simple? I can't exactly think straight right now.

No.. No subhuman areas.

I would host but explain me how to do it?
(also nothing too advanced)

This thread is 44% dubs, wtf

simple maps are autism

it can get complicated, you might not want to if you havent before, its good to start with a simple map and play a few times first



I can host this map(its my first time tho)

Alright do it senpai

You just use paint to fill in the spaces based on what people say to do and roll. Read the rules for specifics. Ask me any specific questions you have.

ok shall I create a new thread?

Will play when op is ready. No rush.


Is it this?


No but we can change map if you want