Baby boy born with rare condition that makes him look like an elderly man

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Let me guess
He isn't happy that he will be constantly reminded to poo in loo

His parents still love him. Hopefully the poor kid can live a happy life.


Let me guess
He isn't happy that he will be constantly reminded to poo in loo



We benjamin button now

He looks like my testicles.

Let me guess
He isn't happy that he will be constantly reminded to poo in loo


isn't that Benjamin Button disease or something?

t. humans of new york comment section

but yeah i actually feel sorry for them all

The effects of redpill usage while pregnant.

why did i laugh

Could be worse.

It is fatal.
It only tends to happen when you repeatedly have generation after generation of cousin marriage.

ayy lmao


Are we witnessing the birth of the great prophet Wopjak?

7 generations of inter-marriage m8.


>His parents still love him.
No they don't. They'd have rather has a normal kid.
> Hopefully the poor kid can live a happy life.
He won't. He won't make friends as a kid which will irreparably stunt his emotional development, and he'll spend his entire adult life alone, unable to make any significant bonds with other people.

I do believe it is actually or at least I think it is

This baby is not being carded to buy beer 10/10 friend scale

god it must be depressing knowing that even if you somehow manage to get any romantic interests in your life, they are 100% never going to be physically attracted to you.

I applaud people who are able to acknowledge they're ugly and instead focus on another aspect about themselves in order to make it in life.
Hopefully this kid doesn't grow up with people telling him he's beautiful, otherwise we'll have yet another narcissist on the planet.

I can'r believe no one actually posted pic related

He needs to become an actor as soon as possible.

With his unique appearance, he'll get lots of roles.

He'll be the next Robert Z'Dar, maybe even the next Vincent Schiavelli.

These abominations should be dropped off a cliff, just as Zeus intended

>having billions of people in your country
>still manage to inter-breed
Indians are lower than niggers

Assuming you can lift your own arm up you fat cunt.

I already see how his parents are 'bragging' about their poor baby boy on facebook and instagram.

reminds me of this guy

>Pull the lever, Kronk

>Newborn Youngest Ever To Lose Faith In Humanity


Humphrey Bogart.
Female sexuality is the worship of personality suffering a negotiable bias towards height.


fucking bullshit sun a shit

all babies look like that immediately after birth

Seriously, he would be far from the first actor cast based on a physical disability.

the benjamin button prophecy has come true

What the fuck is that niggers problem?


Probably his wife. He doesnt like the camera guy filming her

I wonder what's going on in that guy's head.

Who run Bartertown?

Looks like progyria (sp?), caused by generations of muslim 1st-cousin inbreeding. Muslims are literally exotic Jerry Springer/Jeremy Kyle guests.

It should be obvious to him he's the one being filmed for the overwhelming majority of that stretch.

Brad Pitt was raised by women

Good thing gene editing embryos is unethical or these things might have been a thing of the past.


He looks more like he wants the precious

he'll end up browsing r9k or worse
he should be euthanized

that whole part of the world is a cesspool, full to the brim with dysgenic demon-spawn

they spill over into my beautiful England and are waited on hand and foot because they invariably have horrible genetic deformities and need massive amounts of state provided care

England is essentially a crèche for all the world's down-and-outs whilst our children starve.

bloody hell, lads

>His parents still love him.
No they don't. They're Poos. They literally do not give a shit about their kids if they aren't: A) attractive daughters that they can use to arrange fortuitous marriages, or B) healthy sons who can help the father with his work and pass on the name and also gain dowries for the family
>Hopefully the poor kid can live a happy life
No, he won't. Again, they're Poos. He'll be lucky if his parents don't leave him in a shit gutter for the hogs to eat him. At worst that will happen. At best, he'll be a member of the Untouchables caste and will basically be a vagrant for the rest of his life.


Can we return this baby? I think god left it in the oven too long.

this is what happens when you eat half the cities shit in your curries, everyday, while pregnant.

>when you're traveling back in time to warn them of the happening but the universe collapses on itself on the way over

Yah poor guy was born in our part of the 'Poo People', being born with 'oldlooks' was only part of his problems as he's also born hairy as an ape...

what side do you support? india or pakistain

For some magical reason, it feels like your are speaking from experience. It's okay user, Cred Forums still loves you.

nah he just looks like an average mohammed baby to me

He is Harambe reborn
Praise kek

Joo die, muthafucka!

I support Bangladesh, Fuck them both, but pls no nukes...we don't want a 'Pooclear Winter' ushering in the next Ice Age now, do we ?

Benjamin button confirmed than?


Inbreeding is actually not a big problem in Bangladesh tho...

jesus fucking christ


But Shit do happen !!!

>he's real

Nah, inbreeding doesn't result in such high frequency of non-genetic and de-novo genetic diseases and congenital malformations seen among indian children. It's more that there's over a billion of them and that the mothers are constantly exposed to horrific amounts of teratogens

would nut

>he has an ass sticking out of his chest

Old kid is an alien

her mom looks like ronaldinho lmao

Do you think he has to clip that thing's toenails?

For the last fucking time Rashid that two fucking left feet joke is really starting to piss me off.

>wonders why india spawns abominations...

How do they shit?

>How's it goin?

Cheech's son

>Next world power

Oh jeez what the fuck?

Let me guess, he isn't happy that he will be constantly reminded to poo in loo

there's a pair of legs in the back

It's eyes never stop growing. Owners chose to post pics on it on facebook for likes instead of having its blind eyes removed

By turns i guess.


Every fucking time a mutant retard is born its there, why?

Remember when the kikes told us that India and Brazil would be superpowers by 2020?

>would nut

Somebody did actually, this is the 'joint boyfriend' of the sisters, this schoolteacher loved both sisters and took them in his home

>being merged with a dead twin

Nightmare fuel right here.

So funny so simple



Humans attemting to evolve. Curious, yet uneffective so far. Underpowered limbs. Lacking defense mechanisms. Controlled experimentation is requied for better result.

aww that's sweet

look up ganges river and youll see why

Had to.

Looks like they waxed grumpy cat

'cause love is blind,deaf and dumb....

that is really sweet i agree, god bless them

I love his/her streams!

>those abominations have a boyfriend
>no woman loves me

>Indian rape face



Baby, dis you as a old man. You ugly, dead, and alone.

How do they even poo???????

Geeez bro, kinda cute and cruel's another 'set'

>people still believe in a Christian God when this stuff happens

Collect essence. Further improvement required.


kids who get this usually die at 13.

I wonder if they play the Cat Dog theme song while having sex

>"I bet its fucking India"

is that whole continent irradiated or something why are so many monsters born there

why do you think it happens to non-christians?

check and mate

>be hideous abomination
>still manage to have a normal boyfriend who loves you

And women have the audacity to say their lives are harder, fuckin' kek.

they bath in water filled with shit and corpses

its going to die. Its defective and it won't ever be anything but a rotting potato.

It should be dashed against a rock.

>Say bye to your 'MGTOW'
>Get outta house
>Meet and Meat potential Mate

It says right there in you pic 'it ends now'....

hope the front part at least poos in the loo.

he'll be able to purchase hard liquor as soon as he learns to speak

Yes because Christians literally are not born with birth defects right?

Also what kind of God punishes someone for not being Christian simply because of where they're born?

Religifags are truly deluded.


Maybe I'm just browsing too many Kek threads but that kid really looks like Pepe to me.

>Also what kind of God punishes someone for not being Christian
the one true G-d

To be honest.
All abominations of this type should be euthanised from the day they are born.
So they would not suffer in real life.


>dumb Reddit frog posting normalfag Christfag


>tfw I consumed my twin infetu
>his only remains were a perfect set of baby teeth inside an odontoma I had to have removed
>he still haunts me to this day

>really looks like Pepe to me

Yah a 'Pissed at this Fucking Gay Earth' Pepe...I'll be shocked if he's not made into a meme here...

Looks like the poopoo teleporter still has some kinds to iron out.

Good. You are stronger for it.

Damn, he looks like he was redpilled at birth

Damn Son ! is that an inverted 'GloryHole' I see ??

Before it dies, could we at leats reverse engineer his genes and medical analysis? We could find out why our skin does this when we get old.

This is a really good fucking opportunity, lets not waste it. At least if any of our scientists come up with something, the kid can die happy knowing he contributed something to the entire human race.

your flag looks like a toxic sore
gangrene japan


I don't know, it's kind of cute. In a way.

>gangrene japan

thanks for the fresh OC my man

>The fake front of your body starts rotting.
>You live in 3rd world shit hole
>Live with this.

> Baby boy born with rare condition that makes him look like an elderly man
Nah, he was born redpilled. some of our mememagic went affected the kid before being born and now he knows about the nose, and he is pissed about it
>not even the unborn know peace from this Jewing

Your flag looks just like Kermit's asshole.

Is that the daughter DT wondered if she'll have her mothers TaTa's when grown up ?

cringy newfag shit


It looks like it has trouble blinking or closing its eyes

what the hell happened to this website?

looks like snoop dogg

What did I tell you ? it didn't take long for meme machine to start up

give me your seasoned memes hotshot



kekfags deserve nothing

>calling others newfag
Okay, that was a good bait I admit. Have another (you)

Is he the beginning of the pepe singularity?



Woah you're right

OMG it's baby Nigel, He's so adorable.

I don't think you know what that word means

mother of god...

Came here to post this

goddamnit, user, this might bother me forever now.

He can give himself a footjob.

>Pooclear Winter
The fallout

Well I certainly would need to be blind for that but I don't think being mute or unable to hear would help much

What if he grows up to be really sexy and Cred Forums is BTFO once again

He will die within 20 years. and also
pick one and only one.



Is the Indian subcontinent some kind of mystical place or something

Do they have minotaurs


It could always be worse

You know your culture is dogshit when it's seen as a good thing to have a severely physically and mentally handicapped child.

Fucking hell, can't unsee now.

The back hair is most disturbing

People with progeria usually don't live much past childhood.

>The Curious Case of Pajeet Button

He's born an old man in a 3rd country where people are defecating in the open.

He'll spend his youngest years living in a superpower that made it into space.

I thought that was some kind of stretched head wtf.

Here's the Kids Video with his parents and delivering Dr/Nurse...doesn't look like having the 'Sexy' gene in his family...only person even remotely sexy is the nurse...


Rule 42: The Indian Spider

can the poo in loo genepool even be saved at this point or are they fucked like pakis?


One man's trash is another man's treasure

>1 post by this ID

>Look at picture
>"I bet its indian"
>turns out to be Indian with the back hair of a house cat and face of Monty Burns from the simpsons.

Genuine question.How come Chernobyl has less mutants than India?

they squat

Thanks for the new reaction face

I know mothers love yaddayadda, but as a father in a country like that, how can you not think that killing the child would not be its best possible existence


It must suck to know that your child is little more than an ugly doll made of flesh.

less people means less mutations. India has plenty of people and toxic shit in the streets.

>Curry shit is worse smelling shit

bright light, bright light

He'll be serving drinks on board the Enterprise in no time.


Yfw meme magic birthed a human Pepe

He who does not poo in loo shall become poo in true.

Can he move any part of that? Link?

Wasn't there some guy with a vestigial twin head who said it whispered him thoughts sometimes

Probabably was lying but still the thought of having a dead head always with you is fucking awful

Is that a real life TMNT??

I want to kidnap every newborn baby with deformities and raise them to be freak soldiers just to conquer the world desu.

>indian TMNT

That's a Ninja Turdle.

the famous fifth TMNT?


True dat but that doesn't change the fact that this loli will get raped by some youtube stalker.

>Quaid, start the reactor!

Yah, the poor kid was actually called 'Turtle boy' by his village in Colombia, thankfully a British dr. operated and removed the giant mole, he's all better now


What's it like literally being part dead?

poor kid, fuck

part dead?

>50% ded, 100% fun

looks like reviewbrah


>epicanthal folds
>arrow points to somewhere on her cheeks

I'm sure this is totally legit

kinda cute tho 10/10 would pet

By crawling to the designated street

sometimes you need reminder of how lucky you are to be healthy. if you think you have it bad, you dont

Yeah those eyes are dead as fuck, the owners need to have them removed and have the eyeholes sewn shut so that poor cat doesn't die of an infection

>ahmed gets double blowjobs every day

Feel better, Japan

Why do so many weird freaks like this come out of the Indian subcontinent?

when the kush hits


>1 post by this ID
What's being slid today, Shlomo?

>He doesnt know who Robert Zdar is


Hey Del-boy, that car dealer was right. You really was born yesterday!

y does it only happen in india

10/10 filename

>posts le funny baby making a reaction face gif

Bet ur fresh off the boat from leddit, faggot.


fkin pakis

no point of being dismayed by it bro, it's not like he's got a long dark and painful life ahead of him ? people with this condition die in their teens, so might aswell enjoy it while it lasts !

Pretty sad.. The child cognitive abilities are totally dismissive.
I bet she isn't even aware of her surroundings.
It's essentially a body with the basic human functions like defecation and other bodily productions, without mental ability.

It really is quite a sad situation :(

It's not that much more of a bonus having a girl(s) with two heads, unless you have two dicks; that's just from a mechanical perspective. Xenos are my fetish anyway, so that shit gets me going.

Large sample size + widescale inbreeding

My sides are interstellars

Kids with that condition rarely get past 13.

Also, when someone like this this is born in the US I'm pretty sure there's laws protecting their privacy and shit, whereas we treat the third world like a public freakshow.


Nope, this is AYYYYYYY



if i knew i was going to look like that in my elderly years id kill myself now.

> when the kush hit


imagine being the mother and having to push this thing out


Oh shit the Nation of Islam was right. It's Yakub. Hail the scientist who created us, the white race!

God must love him an awful lot to single him out.