Is actually her?


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Probably. Beautiful women need to put a lot of work in to appear beautiful.

This, plus her appointed tasks and media pressure, is probably too much for her to handle, so she turns to drug use.

Different uniforms.



Epaulettes are different.

Different uniform, different rank.

she was recently promoted, you dipshits.

besides, didn't she just get elected to the Duma? Maybe was celebrating that?

Dunno, it's probably not her, but I'm tracking this anyway!



different uniforms/branch/rank/hair

holy shit melania trump has really let herself go

>pic related

holy shit, its suprise me, because she looks like a "good woman" no drugs, no problems, mom and worker


hate to break it to ya, but "no such thing, Dave"

>kidding kidding

>she was recently promoted, you dipshits.
It's still wrong, idiot.

It's Russia opinion unchanged

haha , just saying, but well, when the pressure hits you, drugs seems to be the answer

she's elected:

>wearing eastern Russian Police Commissar Uniform

Just some corrupt Police officer fucked a hooker and gave her his jacket.


Not saying whether it's her or not - will look for clear shots of her left ear for comparison

>That ear junk
>wearing full dress uniform


trying too hard

Ukies want to be Western, trying too hard though innit

>doing coke in an uniform


here's one, it's not impossible to be a match (but not clear enough to be sure)

I see beautiful women like her everyday in the street, but she has a presence that cannot be matched.

And the uniform. My dick is diamond for the uniform.

Women are women no matter how great you think they are.

Most hot girls do coke

I'm in California I see girls way hotter then her daily

the Internet certainly has always had a thing for her, no doubting that.

I've been around enough Kossack women, though - never again. :)

>implying there is a shortage of hot blond women in a uniform
I live near a police academy and holy shit almost all girls are 8-10 there. Makes me wish I didn't go to a fucking engineering sausage fest.

Not her. Look at the way her hair falls down the right side of her head

And neither even know you exist

Still a different uniform, dipshit.

It's not her, she has no earings.

Бpaтaн, чтo тaм c хapкaчeм? Aбy вoccтaнaвливaть нe coбиpaeтcя? я нe мoгy в инглиш ecли чтo, тoлькo вo фpeнч

yep, but I know nothing about Russian police uniforms - only looking at the number of stars. :)

Given her public position, I'm pretty sure it's not her. Just using this as an excuse to burn up Bing Image Search ;)

>they will never put a champagne into my ass
why live t,t

so, by far, the uniform looks diferent , and the earrings, the fact to do drugs with the uniform (really stupid)

Ear piercings heal over if not used and she had that exact uniform back in 2010. Its her.

Be honest: who is the last American president that hasn't done cocaine?

Hell, what world leader in general looks like they wouldn't do cocaine?

Anybody that has actually tried cocaine knows how powerful of a stimulant it is. It's like super coffee, and when your nation is depending on you, you need all the energy you can get. You don't want to end up sleepy soft like Ben Carson, or LOW ENERGY like Jeb.

Once again, the uniform is wrong. There's no real need to search for compassion because there's a ton of photos of her wearing the correct uniform and none of her wearing the epaulets with red lines.
Standard colours tend to be green/blue.

>tfw beautiful women like that are becoming uncommon because of all the shitskins taking over.
The racial pure white ones are the most beautiful.

Russia I am disappoint

She doesn't have any of the characteristics of cocaine use though.
You know besides the fact you can't tell if it looks like her.

Юзaй зepкaлo .pm, oн дaвнo yжe зaпyщeн.

Not doubting you, /rus/bro. Entertaining myself over here.

кpым пpинaдлeжит Poccии.

Shit man.
If she were going to do her own army I'd fucking join.
Pureness like this can't be evil in any way.

are they related?

If it's not her, who it is in this picture ?

if it's not her

..who cares?

Jodie makes my dick hard, does that make them related?

Двaч yмep в 2009oм. Клoны нe нyжны.

hot as fuck

You really think she would do blow in her work uniform?

Seriously this shit again?
OP is such a faggot that he made right side pic smaller. Notice the earring on right pic.

Then check and Not pierced.

>implying coke is a big deal


I want to cummie in mummie


Hold on, let me check...

Yup. Muh dick.

Cпacибo, жaль, дaшчaн нe пaшeт eщe

On a scale of 1 to trash how slutty are they?


It's good that so many Russians are here to correct the record today.

After Poklonska moved to Crimea the Ukrainian Government ran a propaganda campaign against her. That's where Poklonska's personal pics that you see come from. I suspect this is Ukrainian propaganda from that campaign, the colors on the epaulets do not match.

is it really her?

>After Poklonska moved to Crimea the Ukrainian Government ran a propaganda campaign against her. That's where Poklonska's personal pics that you see come from. I suspect this is Ukrainian propaganda from that campaign, the colors on the epaulets do not match.

Whoa, bet the leaf hit this one right on the head.

Way to go, based leaf!!

This is a police uniform, Natalia - prosecutor

Delete this. Natalia-Chan is pure

No, its not.


>he doesn't know the difference between uniform and rank

>doesn't read the whole thread before jabbering


nice one dude.

Op pic is three small stars = lieutenant
Poklonskaya wears three big stars = colonel

Nice work pal. I'll go take a shit in the street in your honor.

Are u implying that is the same uniform? Because its pretty obvious that is not.
One have red stripes under the 3 stars, and in her forearm doesnt show any crest(or whatever that is called)

already had this conversation, kindly scroll down.

Poo in the loo you damn currywog.

I believe she like betrayed her own country and started working for the invading hordes or something actually.


Ukraine is the same kind of "country" as Belgium

Not really, it is rather the same kind of country as Austria.

What is that even supposed to mean?

"greater Germany"

Austria belongs to Germany.

The only "germany" we ought to be part of is the third reich

Other than that historically we've been the one to control the german people, not the other way around

>austrian thinking he is not german
Weren't you a part of the Kingdom of Germany/Holy Roman Empire for over 900 years and didn't you recognize yourself as "Deutsch" until the end of the WW2?

girl on right is a senior lieutenant (one red stripe an 3 small stars)
girl on left is a lieutenant colonel (2 stripes, 2 medium stars) girl on left out ranks girl on right by 3 ranks...
Red stripes indicate army, blue stripes indicate air force...


We can close this thread with conclucion that is not her (Most probably) for many reasons already discussed above. Good work guys,see you later.

you do not disappoint me when it comes to an investigation, no matter what. Excuse my English and see you later

Mummi thread ?

Mummi doesn't do drugs you nigger OP.

Those are the eyes of a permanently tired person.

But she did fuck a google

you're all retards

no, your helga fucked a google

i want to be mummy chair so she sits with her cute butt of my face all day long :33

Stop projecting you cuck.

Earrings can be removed

However, comparing the photo on the left with the photo on the right

You can tell the inner part of her upper ear is shaped differently

It's kind of hard to tell on the real her because her hair is often covering her ears


That's because we are and aren't germans at the same time, it's not that easy

Basically what the historically illiterate Cred Forums doesn't get is that there are north germans and south germans, and Germany is mostly north germans while Austria, Bavaria and parts of Switzerland are south germans

Pretty much the only thing that north and south germans share is that we speak the same language and see each other as a sort of cousin, Austria and the Saupreiß were at each others throats quite a few times

But we're not "Germany" germans, and with that I mean prussians that dominated the majority of the post 1871 Deutsches Reich and still do in the abomination that is todays Germany

The only time all german people were united in one country was in the Third Reich

The HRE was basically Austria at the same time trying to babysit and keep down dozens of small germanys for hundreds of years until Prussia rose up and kicked us in the dick

thanking someone while throwing out the bantz, classic pol

Two completely different jackets, still hate as fuck doh


Well technically it was Napoleon who kicked you in the dick and forced the emperor to abdicate and release all imperial states.

natalia Cred Forumskonskaya is mai waifu

aх ты ж ёбaный ты нaхyй... Hy лaднo, бyдy инглиш yчить. Aбy - coдoмит

I don't see any piercings or pierces (whatever the fuck its called when when you don't have the ring in)

This image is going to be like that Marion Le Pen one, everybody shitsposts it.

Different earlobes.

The only thing that really matters here is that what he said aside from the dick kicking is pretty much true.

I'd just like to go on record as saying I'd pump her red raw.

Just to clear up any confusion.

You're right, my apologies for de-railing a fucking natasha polonskaya thread.

hair is the wrong colour dipshit


>she had that exact uniform
post proof then

She is an angel.
No shittalk please.

It's not her. But so what if it fucking was?

I'd be happy if the Saupreiß was back, atleast Germany would be gone

That's true, but we would have lost control of the HRE anyways sooner or later

Our military was dogshit, and Prussia was a powerhouse

Only a faggot wouldn't

Yeah tell me about how you and prussia kicked our arses

wtf were we thinking by declaring on Prussia?

If you're talking about the Second Schleswig War then I don't know, was pretty stupid desu, I think if you didn't try to integrate Schleswig you wouldn't have lost all that land

But every country does stupid shit, like declare a war in 1914 and try to win said war with troops that don't speak german and with tactics from 1814 for example

Apology accepted, don't let it happen again.

never bought the mummi meme but damn she's cute

I don't understand, all I see is gold on gold.