If you could be president from 2001 until now, how would you deal with the Middle East?

If you could be president from 2001 until now, how would you deal with the Middle East?

nuke them all

Total annihilation.


All of it.


Take all the oil, make the UN and NATO help with stabilization.

Return Israel to Christ.

Back the Baathists to rape all would-be Islamists to death without a fuss, like they did before we invaded.

>nuke mecca
>blame israel

President of the USA?

I would nuke Israel and let muslims kill themselves while completely isolating them from the rest of the world.

Well, it's not technically the Middle East, but I would focus exclusively on Afghanistan and the Taliban.

This desu

Stay out, put sanctions of the saudis and stop buying oil from them.

>nuke israel
actual 9/11 perps get dealt with, every other country in the middle east is happy, no innocent lives are lost.

Take all the oil and occupy it while Trump rebuilds the infrastructure and then make it a territory.

Only two changes would need to be made to have a stable middle east today:

>not subverting the democratic process in Iraq in 2010. Obama overruled their election results and Maliki (Shia) got another 'free' term and essentially created the Iraqi civil war by stripping the Sunni majority of their rights
>Invading Syria and replacing the Baathist regime with a democratic sunni-majority government after the Ghouta attacks. Assad gassed his own people and got away with it, ISIS would likely not have been able to establish a foothold a year later had Iraq and Syria not remained fractured.

And I mean ALL the oil those Saudi Bastards included.

Not fuck up in Tora Bora and take out Bin Laden right away.

Overthrow Saddam with a much larger coalition of nations. Don't commit war crimes. Establish UN peacekeeping force to maintain security.

Use NATO air power combined with Arab ground forces to remove Assad.

Incentivize them to modernize instead of bombing them into dust and then being like "lol why aren't you like the West yet".

We want:
More democratic mechanisms and institutions in government, more government accountability, anti-corruption efforts, privatization of state owned assets (where appropriate), easing of restrictions on freedoms of press, speech, and assembly, increased cross-cultural communication

Do get them to do this, we give them:
Favorable trade deals, government-brokered FDI programs, military advisement, development aid, representation and a meaningful voice in regional and international decision making bodies

Doesn't get the blood flowing quite as much as carpet bombing civilians does, but it does tend to lead to better outcomes diplomatically and economically.

Afghanistan - Seize opium fields and sell to Chinese black market, assuring their dependency on us.
Bahrain - Return to the Britbongs for naval positioning.
Djibouti - Seize and make supply depots for the African Coalition to end the piracy.
Egypt - Dispatch bodyguards for Mubarak and counter attack the uprising
Iran - Befriend on a political level to spite the Jews.
Iraq - Give to the Kurds
Israel - Give to the Palestinians
Jordan - Give to Saudis
Kuwait - Give to Iran
Lebanon - Cleanse with fire
Oman - Resettle with Portuguese. (Give Portugal to Spain)
Pakistan - Look away as the poo is flung over a wall.
Palestine - Look away as Israel is destroyed.
Qatar - See Bahrain
Saudi Arabia - Precariously keep under out thumb
Somalia - Cleanse with fire
Syria - Give to the Kurds
Turkey - Not stop funding NASA, allowing for satelittle Raid cans to be developed.
United Arab Emirates - See Oman.
Yemen - See Bahrain/Qatar

>>Pic related: end of kebab.

If I were elected in 2008 I would have maintained our presence in Iraq.

I have an elaborate 3 stage plan
2. Vult

life is not a wargame son