Johnson fucks up again

Johnson had an "Aleppo moment" wherr he couldn't name a world leader.


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Holy shit he really is retarded

Couldn't name a world leader he admires.

Get it right.

Well to be fair, I don't really respect any world leader either.

what did u expect


>Name a world leader....any one....could be from anywhere in the world, we don't care, just one leader.

dah nope, nope, nope!

>Vincente Fox
Oh man could they name any worse leaders?

And when he finally says someone, it's Merkel!

Holy shitt the guy is a nutter



>uhhh Merkel
That answer was worse than not having an answer tbj familia.

>pw: cuckoo
what did the white board mean by this?

>33% of votes in local election

Should we tell him?

Holy man Germany is dead.

*laughing emoji*

Wow he might be the first president that has Downs Syndrome. Very progressive, Justin approves.

>Merkel goes against the will of the people
>that means she's good leader


>hurr every country must be a two party system, if you don't have 51% u suck

These are the victims and main target group of the MSM.


I don't see the problem.

>trying this hard to pretend trump isn't a retarded toilet brush

I can't name a world leader I respect either. Europe is fucked because of it.

>strong and united
>causes the 2nd largest economy to leave.

what did he mean by this?

But you could name at least FUCKING one current world leader ffs!

You don't need to know ins and outs of chinese inner communist struggle but at least drop Putin who has been in power for almost 2 decades or Kim Jong Un or retarded Merkel or even Justin autist Trudeu.These names are familiar even to most vapid and brain dead niggers from da hood and stacy valley girls.Is that really too much too ask from potential president?And he is supposed to be 'the smart' one.Give me a brake.Classic brain dead,uninformed liberal who thinks everyone who opposes him is stupid and is painfully unaware of what a moron he is.


>0,50 Euro wurden auf Dein Konto überwiesen. Danke das Du auch heute wieder geholfen hast die Fakten ins rechte Licht zu rücken!

are you retarded? he didn't ask him to name one world leader, he asked him to name one leader that he ADMIRED

Duterte seems ok for a flip.

>Beat the hell out of 16 mostly talented candidates
>Johnson beats some guy that was accused of murder and some rookie

>current leaders you respect
>kim jong-un
Are you being serious right now? How do you think he'd look if he said he respected the leader of fucking North Korea?

>tfw $30,000 memes aren't working as expected

Calling it now. Hairy Johnson threads are the new JebHead! threads. This guy is too much.

He could say Somalia's leader because they are the only libertarian country on earth.

Why did he stick his tongue out? Why did he continue with the bit once he saw the expression on the reporter's face

what are the cons for us taking the johnson?

stein is nearly literally retarded
clinton is well duh

and honestly trump kind of lost it for me on that debate.

what are the downsides to johnson?
i really haven't seen any.

Those guys in the back are like "oh shit here he goes again!".

Are you autistic,both Merkel and Trudeu though morons are names which are widely known,he certainly as moron he is agrees with them on 95% of issues and should know their names at any moment in time.If you are politician and don't know that and you even want to be president that's like potential math nobel prize winner not knowing what integrals are and using brain freeze as an arguement.Sad!

Germany is a parliamentary system, therefore multiple parties and coalitions are in play, thus you can still get a majority if your party's share of the votes/seats are more than the other parties.

>tfw you realize this is American's "Dude weed man"

>Serbian grammar

>talented candidates

choose one, conservocuck lel

To be fair, he said mostly talented. Jeb isn't part of those.

He just did.

>bragging about your elected leader having 1/3rd of the countrys support


>Trump denies climate change
>Is against vaccines
>But this literally non-saying debate this is where I draw the line

wew lad

THE FUCK is wrong with his eyebrows?!?

I voted for Johnson in 2012 but everything he has done and said through this cycle gives me douche chills.

>Gary you've got to be high energy!
>Stands up and feigns anger every time he's backed into a corner.

You can actually see the zipper on her top begin to slide closed of its own accord.

>Not an argument

No sane person admires any current world leader and it's especially ridiculous to expect someone to have a favorite

>I guess I'm having an aleppo moment
why would you say that?

>putting your wifi password in view of cameras

>But this literally non-saying debate this is where I draw the line
it was a bit more subtle than that

>Is against vaccines
why the fuck isnt this known a bit more?

gonna look into it, if its true, he's certainly not getting my vote.

ill probably end up throwing my vote away for johnson.

>Bush family member, one of the most powerful political families
>Father and brother were both president
>Makes a mean guac
Slow and steady.

Yeah shits for brain I used serbian grammer while typing in english.Are you perhaps Johnson proxy?
Sure I made a few grammatical mistakes here and there most likely with tenses but it was done in hurry and is still light years ahead of majority of usa inner city population.

tl dr u be stooopid nigga is u butmad nigga,mane teika br8k

Because he's a dipshit.

Even fucking Joe Rogan ditched this guy.

There are more eloquent to say this. Also you can admire any leader and say you don't like any specific things about them.

Don't you think it would give libertarians a better reputation if they could present any of their ideologies that are already implemented in the society?

He's sabotaging himself on purpose because they realized he's taking votes away from hill

>at least I'm not a nigger!
Compelling argument. Just saying, it's easier to take you seriously if your posts are at least a little coherent.

>It's ok m'lady, I am a libertarian. I'll protect from those evil Trump supporters.

Gary needs to lay off the weed

His foreign affair policy is that we shouldn't affair. Not knowing the leaders of other nations that we don't trade with is a good thing.

I consider myself (mostly) Libertarian and I support Trump 100%. The Libertarian Party is a joke and Johnson is a retard.

Chris Matthews had a legitimate hard-on

They don't even try to hide how much they hate everyone who opposes Hillary

Well I'll make sure I don't repeat the same grammatical mistakes again.I usually omit them for the most part but this time I was writting in hurry.

Anyfuckingway......fuck Johnson.Dude is literally a walking circus,clown,autist and a joke.

Holy shit. Is he actually autistic?

Wont Trump win for sure if the third party candidate literally has aspergers? They must vote Trump now

They named off the two that are thrown around the news the most.


Then he should have said that not HURR DURR UH I'M HAVING AN ALLEPO MOMENT HERE LOL XD

He is not in full denial mode, though.

Wew I should probably stop ironically shilling so hard for Clinton.

Gary is a mess.

She's not the first German to have 30% support in an election


I bet 50 € on him getting less than 5%.

Did I do the right thing?

Yup,dude is making a meme out of himself.Who knows maybe that was his motive to enter the race to become a meme....He had a moment of self-awareness right there lol

Oh shit,I'm again making myself look like imbecile....oh fuck....snort snort....oh fuck...and fuck trump...snort...what was the question again though?

Occupy democrats tier retardation

Viktor Orban? Only one I could come up with.

Keep better score, Ref.

He's for TPP

He's for "Open Borders"

He's for Carbon Credits


He's a leftist shill.

Welche Seite ist das?

>less talented then any other mainstream politician from either party

When your job description is "knowing important people" and "having an opinion" it doesn't exactly lead to very talented people.

I'd rather have a moderately intelligent criminal in office rather than a literal autist.



haben das größte angebot an politikwetten

I would've said duterte as well, dat approval rating .


Should of nominated McAfee, atleast his lunacy is backed by actual intelligence.

sry hab mir selbst geantwortet

How in the fuck is Bill Weld on the ticket of the Libertarian party?

Fucking MERKEL?

Being anti gun?

Jesus FUCKING christ I hate this earth

>He's for TPP
No he's not. He said it does more good than harm, but he still doesn't support it.

>He's for "Open Borders"
No he's not. He wants to make attaining a work visa easier, that's it.

>He's for Carbon Credits
Being anti-environment is retarded anyway.

Danke dir, mein Gott haben die ne riesige Auswahl an Politischen Wetten. Hast nicht gelogen.

I really wanted Hillary to become the new YEB!

But I guess she is just a little to evil to do that.
Johnson does seem like a good alternative.

Rev up those Aleppo bowls people!

jo, denke die quoten für n

Wake me up inside.

He probably thought it would be funny and it would defuse the situation, but no one laughed and it only made things more awkward.

He's also Pro-BLM

You're not current on his policies

can't wake up cucks, must kill instead

"An aleppo? Yeah I will legalise that"


I like how his personal assistant chips in all the time to save Gary's face, he's a real nice guy. Goes far and beyond his duties.

>personal assistant
That's William Weld, Gary's running mate. I just feel bad for Weld because Johnson makes him look retarded as fuck.

Met wife as an ESL teacher in the fucking 70's. Wife still can't speak english nearly 50 years later.

But she can drop 50k on jewelry in a day and spawn grotesque offspring.

Spic Goblins - always a social liability.

The month of October isn't even here yet

This guy needs to just drop out before he embarrasses himself anymore


"MERKEL" tells you everything you need to know about this scumbags

>after 20 minutes


>Wife still can't speak english nearly 50 years later.
Yes she can

Its the WiFi password.

This is why Russia keeps hacking your shit.


>Rev up those Aleppo bowls people!

Notice the clapping guy taking pictures all the way to the left between 0:50 - 1:10

Even the people in the room can't take him seriously

>when you're falling down you know i'll be around

Smile for the camera you Goddamned Faggots

Mexicans are just ugly people for the most part, I live next to a school, and whenever they come out, I cannot even find 1 pretty face, they all look like caca.

He hasn't admitted to tax evasion though.

He believes babies should get vaccines he's just not completely sold that getting them all right at once is the smart thing to do (thinks that might lead to some health complications). He definitely isn't a shitty anti vaccer or whatever their called.


>I admire nobody past or present my views are so radical nobody before in history begins to parallel them

> libertarian
> clueless about foreign policy and world events

In other news, water is wet.

Are you implying that most infants don't need a Hep B vaccine in the first months of their lives, you monster?!!???!

What about all the infants shooting up and having unprotected sex?


Felt like he was trying to game that reporter too with his body language and tone of voice. This election is truly something else, even the third party nobodies provide so much entertainment.

Garry "Where the Hell Am I This Weed Is Great"
Garry "I'm for Isolationism Because I Don't Own a Map" Johnson
Garry "Bernouts Last Refuge" Johnson

>Vincente Fox

Isn't he former?

The point is 2/3 of the population voted against the person in power, not how many parties there are

Yeah?! Are you even THINKING of all the pedophiles in Commiefornia that will be infected?

SO ANTI [email protected]!!1

Oh fuck off, if there is a thing Ron is more competent than other basic murrican politicians it's foreign policy.

>Johnson had an "Aleppo moment" wherr he couldn't name a world leader.

Now Cred Forums are creating their own narrative, you guys are hypocrites. It's not that he couldn't name "a" world leader, he couldn't name a world leader he RESPECTED. He did exactly what most people would have done in that situation.

Still better than Trumps probable answer;

"you know, there are some good leaders. America is the best. We have the best leaders, folks. America used to be great. We used to have great leaders. Today? I'm not so sure."

Rational:It happens all the time. Sometimes you just blank out.
Conspiracy: His handlers saw he was drawing too much from Clinton and shut it down.

I've been watching MSNBC periodically. It was interesting because they were initially propping up Johnson because they thought it would cipher votes from Trump. However since polls have come out that millennials like Johnson and since Hillary needs the millennial vote, MSNBC has gone into full on attack mode on Johnson.

Assad obviously.

Alexander Lukashenko too. Had to look up his last name.

He was put in to make Libertarians look bad. That's his job.

A good leader listens to no one.

I'm sure his supporters will never drop him.

Haven't checked, but looks like his polls are steady, even after Aleppo.They might have fallen after the debate.

(((Weed))) has damaged his short-term memory. After the election, he should retire to the mountains and cry at double-rainbows. I see why ex-Hillary supporters like him.

Agreement is not admiration. Fuck's sake, Johnson is a dipshit but this isn't an example.

They have to be known to look bad.

Watch the video, man. That's not what happened at all.

The word is plurality, not majority.

I did and you fucking assholes days are numbered. If not this year, then four years from now.

It's the SSID.

>supposedly libertarian
>picks merkel

This is what happens when you smoke weed, kids.


Alright, tell me then: who am I and what evidence do you have?

hes stupid


your sentence structure was on par with what one would see from a down syndrome child.


>people actually wanted to vote for this guy

Sorry niggers but this man is the best example as to how intelligent Trump actually is.

How the fuck can anybody say this dumb piece of shit is in any shape or form better qualified to run for office than Trump or Shitlery?

>next gaff he just full blown start jacking off on live tv