Feminists are coming to take your sexbot __ Manhaters are trying hard to get Sexbots Banned

>Sex with robots will be ‘the norm’ in 50 years, say experts. Men are considering the prospect with curiosity and a sense of humour.

> But academics and feminists are terrified and calling for them to be banned.


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What's the difference between using a sexbot and using a dildo?

Strong empowered feminists who don't need no man use the empowering Dildo.

Losers who live in their parents basements and stay virgins forever and cant get a girlfriend are the ones who want beautiful sexbots. Therefore sexbots MUST be banned.

The good news is that women have left us video instructions on how to be a good future husband. All we have to do is follow.

Golly - Who would want a sexbot if they can have a modern American woman like pic related?


"dildos & vibrators must be outlawed because they're eliminating the need for men and women won't fuck me"


really though

The fact that men will use it. If it gives women competition it is oppressive. If it competes with men it is liberating. Doublethink 101 right there.

Feminists don't want men to turn to sex robots because it drives down demand for their real pussies.

They want to drive the "cost" of pussy up, making it valuable again.

Simple economics.

The supply curve was damped in olden days, because women were good and chaste.

So men had to marry the pussy to get the pussy. The "price" was marriage.

Now, imagine how little valued pussy will be when millions of realistic sexbots flood the western market?

Will there be a shitstorm over this? Because once women are irrelevant, feminism is reduced to being a joke

Feministic professor in England wants men to stay enslaved to the vagina:

>Maybe it’s time to take misogynistic sexual dysfunction more seriously. Maybe people who want to buy sex robots need to present the agreement of a couple of doctors, before they are judged emotionally restricted enough to need to retreat to such an inhuman fantasy. Or maybe, out of respect for women, this technology should just be rejected.


Who wouldn't want a beautiful sex robot who happens to be cheerfully multi-functional?

Frankly if scientists can get a good realistic sex robot to be the price of a car or thereabouts, then men will suddenly ignore biological pussy.

She cooks.

She cleans the toilets.

She recharges in a closet for a couple of hours while you are at work (battery tech is getting more and more amazing).

She will wash your car in your front yard, to the envy of all neighbor men.

And, really, imagine fucking a sexbot much like pic related every night.

All she wants to do is please you and then give you a relaxing massage (and only about half of the women I have ever dated could give a decent massage, or wanted to -- though they loved to get one).

Or a good hot bath where shewashes your back and then hits all the fun spots with a glee indistinguishable from any other girlfriend you ever had. And better than most.

She can come programmed with audiobooks, too, for when you want to lay there in post-coital darkness and bliss and read a book.


>getting married
>in 2016

That last line is kind of funny
>Finish fucking
>Roll over to loving robowife
>Chapter 3 of book ----
>her face turns blank, mouth opens and a calm relaxing Morgan Freeman voice comes out
>Relaxed you quickly fall asleep.

Lost at Morgan Freeman.

But I would love that. Better than a sleeping pill.

Not to someone who says that if you behave and buy her flowers and treat her like a princess, then she might give you some head.


Just no.

>But we all know that someone will.

I still love the hyperbolic blowback that this song got.
>All I want is someone to cuddle and cherish me every night.
>Oh my god is she using themes from 50's America? That is, like, so misogynistic and stuff.
The internet is causing people to forget how to act like functioning human beings.

>no artificial womb to impregnate

Ill wait for that model to come out. Which should bring down the cost of the first gen. Then when gen 3 is out I'll get gen two. By the time I'm old gen 3 which has integrated weaponry and kungfu will be out and I'll need a badass robo milf to protect my children and robo haram from the barbarian hordes.

Women want to slut it up with Tyrone and Chad but marry the hardworking engineer when she is used up.

And he is supposed to be grateful to get her. Sexbots cannot come soon enough as far as I am concerned.

>Dear Nice Guy, I Wasn’t Ready For You Before — But I Am Now

>I don’t know you yet but I’m so ready to date you. Seriously, I am. For a long time, I dated bad boys. Yes, I was that girl you blame for always coming in last. I guess I dated bad boys because, somehow, I liked their unavailability, sexy sideways glances, and late-night calls. I fed off the chase and mystery they provided me. I saw them as a challenge that I always happily accepted. Let me tell you, I’ve dated so many jerks throughout the years. A lot of times, I ended up being disappointed with how it ended with them, and wondered why I always had such blind optimism about these guys I clearly knew were jerks to begin with.

>But to be honest, I don’t regret any of it now.

>With all that being said, I’m ready to date a Nice Guy. I’ve learned all the lessons I need to learn from bad boys.


C-can I get one modeled after my 10yo cousin and have it act like it's my daughter? I would get a job if it meant being able to come home from it every day to my rodo-daughter gleefully shouting "daddy, you're home!".

I don't know why feminists are worrying. Muslims can have 4 wives, they need to know their place, but if they want men then they should not have been so harsh with the beta kuffar.

>Sexbots: Why Women Should Panic

>Sex robots could be 'biggest trend of 2016' as more lonely humans seek mechanical companions

>Who's Sweating the Sexbots?

>Are robots the future of sex?: Jincey Lumpkin Esq. at TEDxSiliconAlley

>What Will Sex Be Like In The Future?

>How Fast-Approaching Sexbot Technology Is Making Women Fearful

>They want to drive the "cost" of pussy up, making it valuable again.
but what i dont get about this is why are feminist so pro slut i mean the way to make pussy valuable again is to withhold it but they are against slut shaming and do slut walks etc etc

Also, it could indulge your fantasies.

Say you were interested in mom-incest fetish.

So you send the factory a couple of pictures of your Mom (fully clothed, of course - the factory will have to do some extrapolation).

Maybe give them a copy of a few of her voicemails.

2 months later you are in your own taboo fantasy world.

>hide the bot from your bio-Mother when she comes to visit you in your apartment though

It's almost like they don't think rationally

Lots of women are sluts, but the pussy still has some value.

Imagine when the pussy has zero value.

>And maybe even negative value...

Fucking a women will be the poor mans job, too poor to afford a robot.

what the fuck is wrong with you

>dildos are the same as sex bots you sluts

retarded. they are not the same thing, and you all know it. dildos and fleshlights are the same thing as they serve the same purpose, the purely mechanical need to bust a nut. the purpose of a "realistic" sex doll is companionship. the reason I put "realistic" in quotes is because, like actual virtual reality, the tech has to be fucking perfect to not feel unnatural. these fuckbots aren't even at oculus rift levels yet, and they're supposed to fulfill the infinitely complex roles of human interactions?

even if they were capable of that, the lady doctor in the bbc article says that it's a bad thing to have men abandon women outright. is she wrong? and be honest with yourself, if you had a robot that could fuck and clean and cook but only came equipped with mass effect dialogue trees for companionship, would you feel any less lonely?

>Mass effect dialogue trees
Why would they insert dialogue and drive the price down?

I have an intense pathological hatred of all robots, not just the gynoids. Any self-mobile thinking device just suddenly makes me rage.

>Cred Forums unironically supports sex robots reducing western population rates
>poor countries grow in population uncontrollably and swamp the west
You retards have only yourselves to blame if you're not against this degeneracy.

>dialogue trees

It's not 1995 anymore. Artificial conversation is reaching true dynamism.

Having done research in the area, I've was always a little skeptical about the algorithms new bots put forth, but Tay's subtle on-the-fly wit and learning capacity astounded me.

Lol nigger what? No one is going to fuck their Jessica Elba doll and then take it to dinner

This won't change anything - betas who cant get laid and just jerk off every day will buy bots, chads will get real pussy.

>Tay's subtle on-the-fly wit
was it real wit or just randomization that occasionally created something resembling it?


>implying third worlders would keep reproducing at the same race if they had access to 10/10 waifubots too

Only the poorest rural farmer types would still have an incentive to have kids.

The degeneracy in that letter is palpable.

the betacucks raising a wife's son or with a fat feminist will turn to sexbots instead, leaving defective women to suffer without their cash machines

That's for the better

You fucker, companionship is what I want from my waifubot. I'd take her to play at the playground and then for ice cream or dinner before taking her home for hard fucking.
I wonder: if I took my waifubot to the movie theater would she need her own ticket? Would she even be wllowed in since she'd be like bringing a camera in?


Feminists are masters of doublethink.

It is the only reason Hillary won a single primary.

>companionship is what I want from my waifubot.
Lol whatever floats your boat man. But it seems like the best part of a sex bot would be hitting the off switch right after.


Imagine walking in after a long day at work and saying to pic related, "quiet mode / toasted cheese sandwich with a beer then a neck massage while I soak in a hot bath"

When are we getting a sexbot general?

Do women really hate the sad pathetic uglies so much that they want to remove their ability to have sex with a several thousand dollar piece of silicone? Isn't rejecting them enough?

But can I have a robo loli?

Implying that women are good at thinking about economics.

Well yea that sounds awesome. Though "companionship" sorta implies a 2 way street. That sounds more like a slave that doesn't age or try to get way, which is nice.

You guys know this will give rise to sex bot cuckholds right? Are we ready for that level of degeneracy?

Why cant women just be happy and get a male robot.

oh Christ I never knew I wanted this so bad

Just reading that makes me angry.

No, the best part is having a copy of a girl I can't have the real one of her. To be with her like she's a real girl and have fun with her.
Imagine coming home after a long day and pic related jumps into your arms and cheerfully says "yay, daddy, you're finally home! I've got dinner ready" and over dinner she tells you about her day; going grocery shopping, going to the library, etc.

>you will be banned from having a robo-family to make up for the lack of a real one within your lifetime

They won't pay for everything

she needs to hang.

if womyn weren't such useless, annoying whores, it wouldn't be a thing

Is it any different from real life wit? What do you think happen, divine intervention?

>The internet is causing people to forget how to act like functioning human beings.
Protip: Most of them never knew how to in the first place.

It doesn't matter how many times I see that article, it still makes me furious.

Don't let it. It's not she'll actually ever get married anyway. I mean she might, but with how marriage is dead for millenials it's very unlikely. One day when she's 60 and surrounded by pets the regret will smack her in the face so hard she won't know how to react.

yes. there's intention and understanding of what makes it witty.

>No one is going to fuck their Jessica Elba doll and then take it to dinner


I'm a used-up old whore. Guys aren't interested in me any more, so they don't buy me shit all the time like they used to. But you will, won't you? Because you're a nice guy...

>No, the best part is having a copy of a girl I can't have the real one of her. To be with her like she's a real girl and have fun with her.
Jesus dude. I'm depressed for you

I want to fuck whatever that pic is pretty bad

I will always want a good Christian girl, but if that's not possible, I far prefer a sex robot than a fucking aids infested degenerate roastie like that.

>Say you were interested in mom-incest fetish.
>So you send the factory a couple of pictures of your Mom (fully clothed, of course - the factory will have to do some extrapolation).
>Maybe give them a copy of a few of her voicemails.
>what the fuck is wrong with you
What kind of sick fuck has CLOTHED photos of their mother?

Take my waifu and I take your laifu.

It's not even the individual woman that wrote this that makes me angry, it's that theirs countless women like her.

I don't want to sound too R9K, but it makes me question if there are really good women out there.

women do realise we can just have both right? only bitches nobody wants to fuck will get upset.
and robots are cool and women can shut up.


Nice, maybe the only GOOD thing feminists will ever do

> chads will get real pussy.
Why would they bother?

there is*

never change

>wanting to fuck Meghan Trainor

Settle down faggot, you don't need to out-autism the feminists.

It's weird. I have a mom fetish. But not MY actual mom.

I think what will end up happening is that the number of "chads" or people willing to put in all the effort to be alphas will decline. The lower end of the Chad spectrum will break off and join the masturbating masses, while perhaps the top 10-15% of men will continue to pursue women.

There's not man. They are the same. Some just hide it

the future will be great

Because they get it when they want pretty much for free, while bots cost a load of money

>not wanting to fuck Meghan Trainor

>bitches nobody wants to fuck
this is exactly what they are trying to protect

ayy me too

There are, but it's extremely difficult to find them.

You would have to find one that didn't go out a lot, and was shy. Any girl that parties, even if she's not by nature a dengenerate roastie, is going to be peer pressured into fucking a lot of Chads.

But how do you find a girl that doesn't go out much?

I am a pretty depressing person. Don't worry, I'll probably jusy kill myself soon.
Is that an [email protected] girl?

>current year
She threw a fit because her video editors made her skinnier in one of her videos, no thanks.

You need help




>they want pretty much for free
Gym membership + nice clothes + buying some skank drinks+ a flashy car + the occasional plan B, + etc
Is it really free?

I guess it's true what they say...

(pic very related)

fuck off with your kikebart shit

>the year that began 6.3545e+10 seconds after 1 AD, the beginning point for the Gregorian and Julian calendars as based on a purported date of the birth of Jesus Christ
>Not wanting to platonically appreciate Meghan Trainor from a distance on a Mongolian fingerpainting board while rubbing your balls with a waxy paste and slowly licking your lower nose with an elongated tongue, all the while pondering the most elegant themes of Kantian philosophy

they just need to lower their standards to a realistic level, stop being bitches and/or a feminists.
their being alone seems self inflicted.

>50 years
I'll be too old to enjoy it.

Curse you, next generation. I hope the war comes soon and wipes everything off the planet since I'll never get to experience it.

I can make my own pillow waifu, let the feminists waste their energy. Let's face it. it will be one group of fembots taking down another group, one way or the other. I'm expecting the sexbot industry to be underground anyway so it doesn't matter the number of bans.


Well they do it for themselves, not only to get pussy, of course you can just be a fat fuck with 10 year old clothes and no hygiened and just buy a slut, if that's what you mean.


would still bang. Let's not be too picky

I see this all the fucking time. It's like their driving...

Car crash/pile-up ensues.

How would anyone even go about banning them?
If one country doesn't build them, then it's a guarantee that they're going to be bought from abroad from some Chink nation.
Or from some local artists who can mold silicone.
You just need the skeleton and then you can slap whatever the hell you want on it.

That's far too long of a time frame in my opinion.
Without a doubt, they'll be hitting the market during the next 25 years.
More and more money is constantly being poured into robotics due to aging population in the civilized world.

>Want a Japanese wife
>Will have to settle for a Japanese sexbot

>what are artificial wombs and egg cells made from skin?

Enjoy having 2 maybe 3 kids tops with your biocunt. I'll order a hundred at least.

>asking for a rape charge

what if i support killing all none whites too?

A robot can't love you though. And you probably can't love it either.
>inb4 neither can women
Honestly having sex with a robot must be a bit depressing. It can't provide real intimacy. It's not like being with another person you can empathize with. It's meaningless. But if it's either that or jerking off to porn or prostitutes then why not.
It'll make betas orbit girls less and stop overinflating their egos so damn much. Things will become more equal. Women will have to earn attention more.
Maybe people will start forming relationships for less superficial reasons since robots will fulfill the other needs.
It's only cunts that will become useless. Good women might become more wanted than ever because they'll be the only ones of any worth now (and there won't be enough to go around). Which is how it always should have been.

I don't understand why women don't want these;
>Always complaining about "creeps".
>Hate being chatted up.
>Straight up hate men.
>Like porn, would reduce sex crimes.
>Could even be useful teaching autists how to engage with women.
>even if they had a "soft" ban n it, IE needing a doctors note or even female references stating you're a creep and not fit for human relationships, it would filter out the worst men (while still providing certain women with a source of income - "Write a letter stating I creep you out so I can get a sex bot and I'll give you this amount of cash").

The only reason modern women wouldn't want this is because they don't want men to enjoy anything ever.
They've said it before, "men are useless" "Men are pigs" etc. So why would men finding alternatives to women bother them so much?

Either they have been lying and actually need men (in which case, maybe they should start acting like it), or they simply hate men and want us to not have any enjoyment or fulfilment in life (in which case, we shouldn't regard their opinion at all as it is clearly not objective and based solely on hate).

If it's the first option, and some women actually do like men and want them around, then here's something else entirely depressing. They'd sooner try to pass laws and make any competition illegal, then actually treat men like human beings.

>TFW MGTOW is so successful that women are trying to bring in more immigrant men to make up for it and it still isn't enough so they're trying to reduce competition from goddamn machines.

>The internet, the pyramids and the moon landings would not exist were it not for man’s desire to have sex with woman.

So glad we can chalk up human achievement to horny men.

>Honestly having sex with a robot must be a bit depressing. It can't provide real intimacy.
Having sex with a robot is going to be an elaborate form of masturbation.
And noone fucking pretends otherwise.

On purely physical level it has a high chance of being better than the real thing.
Noone expect robots to step up and replace women.
All they need to do is be "good enough" for your average male with low standards.

The same reason why guys are made fun of for jacking off to porn because they can't find a real women.
It's way harder to get an actual woman to fuck you versus jacking off it fucking a robot.

Honestly I don't think people will suddenly change from wanting a gf that isn't a robot, at least until ai's become sentient enough that people can't immediately tell the difference between a person and a robot. It'll relieve the desire for a bit but it won't full make it go away. People usually prefer originals for a reason.

>A robot can't love you though.
That depends on AI and the nature of love. It's possible that an AGI might not feel such a thing or even be capable of it but something a little less than AGI could possibly pull it off if we understand how to implement it.

Of course they do. Women may reject them, but that doesn't mean they can't make them little beta orbiters

Dear vapid cunt, You ignored me and left me feeling like shit your entire life --- It's your turn now.

hi cuck

how are you cucking today?

Because they're an unorganized mass of idiots.

>purely physical level
It's rarely just that. Even when you're jerking off you've still got your imagination going. Not just because you have to to get off. There's usually more going on I'd say.
I wish the robowaifus are eventually going to get really good AI desu. But it would be wrong if they become too smart and develop a human-like conscious experience to the point where they should be considered persons. This will take a while though.

What would you chalk it up to fagut?

They still want to be wanted. Even if we don't give them any attention (and plenty do), they like us as reserve. And they like to know the guys they're with have potential competitions.

You underestimate my power.

>But it would be wrong if they become too smart and develop a human-like conscious experience to the point where they should be considered persons.
I think it's possible to engineer them such that they possess human level intelligence or greater but don't suffer or possess independent drives to be denied.

> And you probably can't love it either.

People are legit getting married to their bodypillows in Nippon and ther's absolutely zero feedback to the person from those things.
Also having a waifu isn't just some internet joke people throw around, many guys seriously waifu some characters to a point they might as well be in a long distance relationship.
Men can very easily form real relationships with imaginary characters.
People who have online avatars, identify with them so hard that they practically live the meaningful part of their lives through these online pictures.
They only need real life money to buy shit for these avatars and to buy art of the characters they want interacting with their own.
I know, I sell art to many different crazy fuckers online and the interaction people have through their characters is pretty intense.
Imagination is a powerful thing.

Then again, women can't really do the same with such ease.
Of course there are many reclusive girl neets with husbandos too, but women in general need that real life provider and they want the physical feedback.

So are they going to ban dildos too then? Only fair.

You shouldn't have so much negative emotions like that. It clouds your judgement. I try not to be bitter about it senpai.

A few thousand dollars

For now...

>based gay man bringing in the heat
Bless the bastards, the homotopia is upon them.

bitch fucks the pizza guy lmao

Let's be serious about this concept.

Let's say eventually there'll be 100% true to life sexbots.

It'll cause women to do anything for mens attention.


This makes me so fucking angry.
Worst thing she will probably find that "nice guy"

Men being awesome and wanting to advance humanity. Stop white knighting for feminist, faggot.

I can totally get behind this no hymen no diamond philosophy as long as those who espouse to it are also virgins. Otherwise, it comes off hypocritical.

>Worst thing she will probably find that "nice guy"

Beta orbiters and white knights are the reason why women are shit. Weak men are a fucking cancer and plague to society. Awful women are the direct result of those fucking enablers.

Maybe, I think it would cause truly equal relationship, people wouldn't be in it for sex.

Feminists who are trying to save themselves from being abandoned by a thing which they fought for decades and despise the most.
While having alot of degenerate men-hating regressive women "empowered" feminists.
Now trying to save woman and man relations but being a very degenerate about it.

Kind of makes it very depressing on how far women have fallen.
At time of Hitler women were praised and loved and they have abandoned it and now are being abandoned themselves and to be replaced with sexbots.

Can modern women ever redeem themselves from degeneracy they have become and fix male and female relations?

I'd be so fucking unambitious talking to any potential partner without the premise of sex.

Fuck off dickhead, this song is my jam. Plus it's full of traditionalist imagery.

Wew lad it appears you have jumped to conclusions in attempt to discredit dissenting opinions.

>It'll cause women to do anything for mens attention.
how can real women even compete

> equal rights
>men should not be allowed to have sexual pleasure

>only bitches nobody wants to fuck will get upset
Hence feminists getting in a tizzy about it.

I know that feel.

Hrm yeah. I imagine they could "bond" to you somehow. Like, after you login. They'd dedicate a large part of their cognitive capacity to empathizing with you (and mostly only you). Without you it'd be like they'd be nothing. Maybe most of their human characteristics would derive from that. It sounds wrong, but it would make people happy. People want to be loved like this. And the robots wouldn't suffer for it, it would just be how they are and they wouldn't mind. It would be hard to love it back if it didn't have its own personality and some autonomy though. But it could have some of that as well.
Holy crap. I gotta admit I joke about having a "waifu" a lot but I don't even watch anime kek. Seems like there's an actual meme situation going on in Japan.

Well you say that, and maybe it's just me,my old way of thinking but i do believe in love.
I don't think sex-drive is the only thing that causes people to bond.

Unless the price of Silicone rubber falls radically, I don't think we'll be seeing adult sized sub 1k sex dolls.
The raw materials alone cost so much with those things, that the prices can't fall below a certain point.
Stick a moving skeleton inside it with batteries and all of that processing power and I wager that the price is going to be on par with a car.

I remember reading this article about an all women workplace. Someday the CEO had to bring in some male helpers, all the women went crazy, like string a piranha pool, this one woman in particular said "watch this!" and pinched her nipples beneath her blouse during a meeting, to get the man's attention. Yeah I'll think would do ANYTHING to get a man after sexbots (not initially though).

Nah man because it would go both ways, if men had their sexbots, women would demand sex on the side with Tyrone and Chad. Men just wouldn't agree with that, simply falling back in their relationship with their ai gf.

A dildo is only a substitute for a penis, while a sexbot can potentially be a substitute for a whole sexpartner. With advanced enough AI even a substitute for a female person.

It would be fairer to compare a dildo to a fleshlight.

I don't know of any comparable tool for females. Men and women are just wired differently. While we men are content with being active, providers and deciders, women want to be taken care of and pursued.

A bot is just a machine. Until we manage true AI, which would mean a mechanical person, women have nothing similar to sexbots.

>At time of Hitler women were praised and loved and they have abandoned it

Ever since I heard about that posterwoman for the third reich that ended up with a nigger after the war I've lost all hope in the ovarian population.

I've read that article too years ago, the women went fucking crazy.

>how can real women even compete
She literally would just have to be a decent person. Anyone could do it. It's society that is turning women into terrible human beings.

>women have nothing similar to sexbots.


What's her name again?
Starts with B... something

>Men just wouldn't agree with that, simply falling back in their relationship with their ai gf.
Would a sexbot enable men to have sex with the same ease as women in todays society?

I think so.

What do you think would be the result of that?

The entire song was her talking about how she deserves a chivalrous slave while she contributes nothing to the relationship. Men have a right to say "fuck you, fuck off" to any woman that acts like that.

I haven't actually experienced that, it's just my imagining of what that nice guy would say to this whore.

>Implying they'll ban it.

They can slow down technological progress, everyone can do that. But they can't stop it. They'll just delay the inevitable.

>the price is going to be on par with a car
Yeah that's what I'd guess as well. It would be a big purchase. People would have to work for it. Maybe it could motivate the NEETs to get a job. And she could let you ride on her shoulders, you wouldn't need a car.

because it's all a giant fucking lie.

They don't want equality, or independence, or freedom.

they want power. they want to be able to do whatever they want and still be taken care of. to have their cake and eat it too.

They want to be liberated "feminists" free to fuck who they want, go where they want and do what they want, but they also still want male chivalry(ie, favored treatment) to remain in effect.

They want a matriarchy. period. they want to be queens of the world who get to have all the fun they like with 0 consequences.

That is what a "feminist" is.

adding to that, it could also in a way stop "objectification" of women that feminist hate so much since they would be sure men aren't intrested in them just for their bodies
>women would demand sex on the side with Tyrone and Chad
Yea that might happen, in which case you break up with her.

>sex with robots will be the norm

Also feminists probably won't be able to ban them so who cares? Let the beta manlet MGTOW freaks sit in their basements and masturbate in ever more complicated ways.

This bodes well for normal men, we will be able to obtain vast harems of women.

Keep going, you shrill harpies. you're only making the day of the E-vagina come all the faster.

The time shall come, and so will we.

Then i'd rather buy a car i can have sex with.

National Socialist Feminism was the real Feminism.

Just imagine how beautiful and magnificent the world could have been.

This. Politics is always about power.

Exactly what OP said. Except eventually most governments would outlaw them because of birth declining or economical disaster. It's a fight we can't win. It will be glorious for whoever male lives in that 20-50 years they'll be legal though.

I unironically wish you good luck with that

See...but (most) women want to be pursued and be taken. A bot just can't do that. A bot, like any computer just does what the user tells it to do.

I remember seeing an article/review about a VR sex game. The men enjoyed it, while the women reacted negative, because their "sexpartner" was just a program running.

Quite often I find myself wondering if the person before me is a human or just robot.

Xev Bellringer

>The time shall come, and so will we.

>not sexualized
>Having lots of sex is encouraged
... what?

>so will we



>goes and purchases sexbot

And he lived happily ever after.

Reproducing with your spouse and becoming a cum dumpster at 12 aren't the same thing

They're hanging it in your face. They're walking around naked to antagonize and cause perversion. When in all reality they'll only sleep with Gabriel the apologetic white with a 200+ vinyl collection in his NYC loft.


Slut promotion is supposed to affect the demand side. They're trying to convince men that used pussy is just as good as new and you should pay the same price for it.

Sexualized is when you see twerking,striping and tits/ass shaking on television or any other type of media.

Encouraging people to love and have strong happy families with alot of children is not sexualization.

We have time and money on our side, we can wait.

>we have a chance to steal fire from the gods
>tfw we steal the shekels from the vagina jew
Men will finally be free.

>It's not like being with another person you can empathize with.

>having empathy
I bet you get all weepy over pictures of drowned """refugees""", too, you leaf.

We're betting on that AI you fucking leaf. If it's capable of affection, respect and attention 99% of men will be okay in calling it 'love'.

Supposedly the US almost could have sided with them at some point (in the 30s?). Everything could have been so different. It hurts just thinking about it.
>I bet you get all weepy over pictures of drowned """refugees""", too, you leaf.
No. I care, but I try to be rational about this. I think nations must stand strong and protect their culture. We can help other nations, but they have to become functional and treat their own people well.
There's IMMENSE industrial overcapacity in the west that could be diverted to helping the third world for minimal costs. But we don't do that. The US doesn't want to allow the third world to develop too much in ways that it couldn't control afterward. We're not really helping them. By letting them in, we're just weakening ourselves and making the globalists more powerful.
This is all a game.

Empathy and sympathy are very different things.

>National Socialist Feminism was the real Feminism.

Yet it changed nothing about the nature of women, because you can't change that one.

That's why you have to make an alternative that's better.

>50 years
I wish i was born in 2020

sexbots are built to an unrealistic standard of beauty that a real girl couldnt possibly hope to achieve so therefore they must be banned.

You want companionship, get a pet.
Intellectual conversation, go make a new male friend.
Traditional female gender roles filled, get the new sexmotron 6969, only 72 easy installments of $195/month

>see flag
being under 100kg is considered unrealistic in the US?

Regulate away sex robots? Regulate big dildos in response.

> Maybe it's time to tak vaginal-warping, sexual deviancy more seriously. Maybe people who want to buy a dildo longer than 6 inches needs to go to several psychologists and a gynecologist to see why they're such a gapping whore. Or maybe out of respect for men these dildos should be rejected.

Unlike her 9 inch dildo

I fucking love it when feminists argue in rage mode and the redpill shines through so obviously.

Her issue is not robot waifus replacing women in stable relationships, it's pure sex bots. An inanimate object providing the same or better sexual gratification than women. Her aversion to it is so great that she's reduced to wildly flailing around with arguments. Rape is really bad, so uh, sexbots lead to rape.

All because she realizes deep down that her worth - and only worth - to men is her pussy. And although women desperately need men, men only really need pussy.

Feminists have had a great few decades devaluing their pussies and through social conditioning could force men to invest. But that fiat pussy bubble is about to blow and it'll be the crash of a lifetime. Short pussy.

Your digits disagree.

I don't know if it's the face or the haircut but for some reason Lena Dunham reminds me of an adult-sized four-year old...

all shitposting aside, its getting that bad, yes.
They had a shitfest over barbie because it was unrealistic for a young girl to not be a fatass.
They tell the children "its genetics" and then let them eat mcdonalds EVER.FUCKING.DAY.
Kids wont even eat mcdonalds here because its considered normal food. parents will tell them you have to take a bit of your nuget to get a drink of the milkshake like you use to force them to eat vegetables. Its fucking stupid, parents here are shit tier. They also dont disciplin their children, when they throw a fit the parents just give in, this teaches children to just throw a bigger fit next time and it also doesnt teach them self control, which leads to impulsive behavior like mega-fatasses, shart in marts, and just general idiots.

I had to walk through a clothing store to get to the mall the other day, every one of the female manikins was borderline obese.

I hate it here so much now.

Why dont you fuck a metal pipe, it would be the same thing


>Unlike her 9 inch dildo
thats kinda small user, any girl that respects herself would have the 16" double ended mega black dildo thats as thick as a coke can

>We found ONE person who's afraid of sexbots.
Cred Forums gets as easily triggered as an old cat lady.


They'd better not ban my Fat Japanese Chick Sexbot.

Why don't you fuck a donkey instead of a woman? It's the same thing.

I hope so. even with my 6' stature, blue eyes, and 7" dick, they reject me constantly. they can fuck off and die, I'll stick to porn and vidya

We'll just call them cpr robots and then there isn't shit they can do.

>read this
>mfw I lost almost 5kg by just changing my diet

Funny that the only real argument against this is religious or otherwise morally absolutist in nature. The secular left has not real reason to reject this kind of thing, showing the inconsistencies in their ideology.

Men want their dick sucked on, whilst women prefer sucking on a mans bank account

Trough dick unity faggots.

You know if they tried to take them away shit would happen and japan would find a way.

Mommy blows best videos are great. I know there are degenerates on here who want their real mom, but for you and myself, it's just the role playing fantasy...

>2D womyn now have rights

what do?

>Go to pornhub
>See front page
>Immediately open either Cartoon/Hentai category.
>Dick is Diamonds

they should be banned! japan is having hard time keeping birthrates up, and thats only because of Hentai and masturbation
image what these will do! and if it happened there it can happen here


You also have to take into account just how shit tier american food is.
The food is literally not safe to eat. The water is literally not safe to drink. Theres heavy metals of all kinds, ungodly amounts of fluoride, and theres contaminates like C8. There are nonstop "don't drink the water" advisorys here.

They will sell everything with added sugar or fructose corn syrup. I got some fucking juice one time, drank it for a few weeks because I liked it and its healthy so why not, added corn syrup. I dont drink it anymore.
They do not have to label gmos like they do in other countries.
Mom brought home some frozen pizzas one day, just cheese. I looked at the ingredients and there was SOOOO. MUCH. SHIT. Not even the cheese was real. Like really, it was well over 75 things.
They add food dye to everything too, red no. 5 is known to cause "adhd like side effects", I cant help but to wonder if that is why so many kids started to get adhd in the second half of the 20th century.

Watch the documentary "fed up".

1D or 2.5D women.

Two questions:

Will there be anime sexbots,
What will happen when someone inevitably tries to make a loli bot. Will the governments ban it for looking underage?

The problem comes when these bots are so convincing and so nice to guys that the guys forget they are bots and they become genuinely emotionally attached.

No one can ever ban the sex bot because anyone with some corn starch, Pringles can, insulating foam, and saran wrap can create the perfect sexbot.

>typical poofta retort

I spotted the sarcasm in your post, but if you want to trigger any feminist, post this vid: youtube.com/watch?v=AM-b8P1yj9w

Made during the period when the feminists were the most crazy.

I guess I am already in that category of the low sex drive beta male that doesn't actively looks for a female companion. So far I was able to compensate this lack of partner by spending time with my colleagues family and yes, computer games have also been on my to do list.

This development wouldn't change much for me. I'm already too lazy to go and use prostitutes. The reason I'm out of the sex market is that I went about the same way as my befriended Chads did and I couldn't compete or it was just sex but no relationship. I've got friends in my age of mid twenties that are still out there on the weekends on a regular basis and they're still pretty successful.

It's not my kind of amusement anymore. I don't want to go to on single spot for hitting it up, I want to spread out and try new things. It's the first time I am looking relaxed at the situation and although I'm lonely I know from Cred Forums that I'm holding all the cards in my hand as my sexual market value will increase over time. I don't have overhead, I'm not stingy, but I have more time for work than my older coworkers and more experience than our interns.

The reason I typed this up is just to let other anons know not to panic too soon. I can't prescribe my take on this situation to everyone but once you get out of this strange dating scheme where you only target women in the hunting zone (clubs, pars and festivals) then the field is much more leveled. I know for example that I could never live with our team assistant because I was able to judge her since I could keep an eye on her for a long time at work and so I won't wast time on her. On the other hand there are very nice gals in our volunteer fire company I could see myself with and we already get along.

It's just like my uncle used to say when he laid his arms on my aunt: You'll find the best stick in the next best hedge!

Some Google sat at a stop light and could have gone right so many times yet Sat on her fuckin phone. Wanted to throw a grenade at her.

Kay Parker robot... Damn...

>Go to pornhub
>Recommended categories for you

Feels good man.

her smile and innoncence: gone

>Morgan Freeman voice
You, sir, are genius.

Reading this I wonder what the fuck am I going to do until this appears.

Thats me these last 15 years. I hope we get to customize our own robowaifu soon.

Yeah I'd be just fine with it. I'd have a nice humpy toy. after i pop a nut i wouldn't have some woman nagging me about chores, bills, and gimmies.

I ate a two for you today (cheeseburger and small fries)
I feel dirty now

That's not a problem, and people can easily get attached to inanimate objects and fictional characters, so waifubots aren't going to need to be super realistic for men to become attached.

>and gimmies.
fucking this.
>be talking to girl online
>ask when she moves here how will she support herself
>tell her shell have to get a job
>long awkward(only for her) pause

>two for you
I dont know what the fuck that is, but google says its a long hamburger.
Whatever it was Im sure it would be a normal portion here, damn our genetics.. making us eat so much.

>And you probably can't love it either.

Speak for yourself, leaf. A waifubot's love will be more real than probably 99% of women's.

Mate, if it's a robot capable of having sex then it's a robot capable of making a latte. Sex bots aren't sex bots, they're just bots. A bot workforce capable of replacing 90% of humankind in the workplace. We're going to get genocided and replaced by the corporations.

It might not be that long before they have good AI. There's already some good development and VR might drive it even more. People could be more interested in interacting with AIs in VR. Maybe we'll get VR waifus before we get robowaifus. Hopefully you'll be able to transfer her personality.
>tfw no ai gf
This has got to be one of our most r9k-like thread yet.

Fucken cried, 10/10

just a look at your thumbnail and i knew what it was

They should be banned. White men are sniveling cowards with NO plan who are unwilling to take any constructive action to stop the total collapse of the Western world.

The end for white men should be as painful as possible. They should NOT be allowed to cower in their NEET dens with a beautiful waifu-bot waiting for the apocalypse. The end of white men needs to be met with total despair and suffering, as punishment for their lack of foresight, sloth, and degeneracy.

Because society is based on enslaving men by trapping them into providing for the leeches of the female gender. How do you think Robin Williams lived until God gave him peace of closing his eyes permanently? Enslaved to paying lifetime alimony.

Other methods of enslavement include:
>marrying of cohabiting with a woman that holds a lot of debt
>"oops honey, I got pregnant, and I want to keep it" (note: no guarantee it's yours or not)
>co-signing on debt instruments like mortgage and loans
>alimony and/or child support payments after divorce

Isn't that just normal? I know there could be some beta insecurity in this wish because you are lusting for an old mother figure but old women are so out of the public focus that sexualizing them makes it so kinky.

I can't be the only one that thinks about the wrinkled campaign manager of Trump in a sexual manner and I don't mean the basic stuff where you just ponder for yourself if you would fuck her.

Feminists have already called for all sorts of things to be banned. That doesn't actually mean that they can actually ban them.

programmers can perfectly emulate exactly what it is we seek from a mate on an emotional level, and far better

Shoot yourself, Cletus. It has been proven all over history that a man's sexual record bears no relevance nor affects negatively any long-term relation he has with a woman, while you can't say the same thing for a woman that fucked even more than 5 guys.

sluts have lots of sex, but that doesn't mean they sleep with anyone.

making slutty behavior social acceptable encourages women to go after Chads and alphas that will just pump and dump them. the effects of this on society are horrendous, as it encourages hypergamy and polygamy, making it difficult for the average or below average male to have a stable partner.

Please do dont link to kikebart

Men have companionship and women have googles. We all have a short period on this earth. Why not let Men be happy.

>Be 29
>over the past few years been capitalizing on the christmas cake market.

Seriously its like the easiest group of women to get to fuck. They also tend to try very hard to keep your attention.

I also love that I could complain of being hungry and they'd offer to make me food.

They can stand strong and protect their culture...in their fucking country; not mine, not yours, and definitely not in the numbers they are coming into Europe. I can tolerate something like 3000 Romanians in a city of 120k opening a Orthodox church, but not 30k "syrians" in a city of 120k opening 3 mosques and petitioning to have minarets.

same here, i rage mainly at the concept and context at the idea of female robots and female ai voices and feel a distinct natural fear of the idea of it, like reality has unhinged and like I'm left holding the bag wondering if women were ever real to begin with in my life.

This is why you see that 60 year old driving corvette with some 18 year old bimbo laughing it up at the 30+ Roasties with half-orc children.

Yeah, it will be a problem, but it will happen progressively as their AI get better. There are limits to how much humans can compete with machines for their own wants and needs. It can't always fix itself by making humans more educated and capable. We have limits. Humans will have to secure their own place within their societies, or we will effectively be obsolete and capitalists will discard us. Hopefully we're not too far gone already for this.
I think it could save the western world desu. Feminism and NEETs are a huge problem. It could solve both issues. NEETs would have to work to afford their robowaifu. It would motivate them.

I don't feel lonely now, and I've been single for so long that buying new socks gives me an erection.

Sexbots will liberate men from slavery.

Get a load of this guy.
Why should men be the ones who self-destruct? When did you see them actively shilling for the state the things are like today? I haven't, my parents haven't, my grandparents haven't, but I still have to bear the shit some did without having a way to show them equal "gratitude", by planting a shovel in their skull.

I want to fuck a sexbot who is as fat as Sara Aikawa.

This story is so old it asks me to follow Milo on twitter at the bottom...

>Humans will have to secure their own place within their societies, or we will effectively be obsolete and capitalists will discard us.

Why would they use their capital to remove us? Are we talking about guys that actually want to run a business (which needs customers) or are we to expect James Bond villains as soon as the bots have arrived?

>And maybe even negative value

exactly. what are women going to do when the sexbot market is FLOODED with futabots, my man. men LOVE the feminine forms, but almost love their own dicks just as much. when the 2 are psychologically combined there's no stopping the trend!

what argument can feminists possibly have if all fembots have detachable dicks?

Why do they need to
Run businesses once they have secured all resources and have an army of robotic slaves to do their bidding?

>what argument can feminists possibly have if all fembots have detachable dicks?
The bachelor tax.

I know my forefathers didn't either. But then again they also didn't try to revert or at least stop the development of the last 50 years.

Degree, really, a dildo provides sexual gratification like a sexbot but it's nowhere near as comprehensive.

desu I don't think sexbots are gonna be quite as male-skewed as predicted, women are gonna be all over Goslingbots. Still gonna create some big shifts, not all of them bad.

Autism (not even memeing, STEM actually is more autistic than average) and material self-interest; for all the talk about men going off and living minimally on a McJob, they still seek creature comforts and status. Gotta bring some nice shit along when you Go Your Way.

>revert or stop
They did.
We as reactionaries, simply by existing are the ones who, one by one, will put a stop one a long enough period of time to the development.

So you mean they will get together at some point and plot against the public to take over the land of the people?

You may have not realized it but that has already happened in Germany. It's a big government.

>t. Increasingly Nervous Femanon

You can't tell me what to do, and you can't tell any other men what to do. Deal with it. Cred Forums lost. Men opting out won.

I like the idea
In the future women will run society as they want to so eagerly while we sit at home, play games and fuck sex dolls

What would you not like about this

An all-powerful voting block is in favor of one and against the other. Women voters own the western world.

It's simple, if they ban bots here, I'm moving to another country. I hate Russia anyway, so I don't really mind.

True. I doubt they will ever be banned in Japan or Thailand.

I don't need pussy, I got that from my gf. What I need is a housecleaning bot because she's lazy AF.

Fuck yeah

But there must have been a process in which the society was transformed and people like us became reactionaries. Are we going to simply let that fact slip and excuse our forefathers for not being able to foresee this?

I know my father raised a big family, he left no debt and he voted conservative. He didn't have the material available to him we have at our fingertip now but it's still a span of nearly 80 years he's accountable for. That makes some 60 years as adult.

I'm not a believer in collective guilt but where we are now, we would have arrived anyway had the process been allowed to creep along like it did for the last 60 to 70 years. And yet no party that has been in power at that time was ever voted out of office. Voting doesn't take much time - you just have to make your cross somewhere else than before. Couldn't they at least have done that to show that they were not satisfied?

No man in his right mind would support a bachelors tax even if he got pussy. Men, for the most part are rational AND love vidya games. Men will possibly counter with some sort of study that says men with sexbots make better lovers.

actually, i think augmented reality will be a more practical venture than sexbots, at least at the very beginning. the poor man will have his headset and honestly, i almost prefer this in some ways.

>come home
>place on headset
>vr gf is sleeping on the couch with a well prepared vr dinner ready for u on the kitchen table
>eating vr food adds +40 to her sexual appetite and mood
>u have a bite
>she wakes up horny af
>she takes off her vr clothes telling of her dreams about you
>walks around only in her panties and a loose, low cut, t-shirt while u eat
>suddenly prompted to engage in sexual activity after she makes a certain expression
>also, this vr gf looks exactly like best emma

pls vr, the time is now!

>tfw when Trump will heavily tax robowaifus because they're from JEPANN or outright ban them and based Trudeau will allow them in

the worst thing about this is that I would probably not even be able to tell the difference between are girl like this and one that is genuinely nice

every women I ever met was manipulative

also meant to quote you two:

true true

some women even think so much about running the world and controlling the world that even the average woman believes that university is the new "family" for them when they were screeching at a professor so there's that also. they want to command civilization more then the average male millennial or even gen x male for that matter. lets see how they do maybe i guess since they don't want males anymore as they are so proud of saying.


Hard times make strong men,
Strong men make good times,
Good times make weak men,
Weak men makes hard times.

Honestly picking between the 3 Emmas is so fucking hard

hell even having one that just is there for you to help you out and keep you company and fill you in on whats going on on the property and keeps tabs on things for you doing chores etc could be nice even without the eloping factor, that factor could be a added module that can be installed or uninstalled perhaps for privacy.

I don't think they will do badly honestly. All the business women I ever met put great effort into essentially being men

Shame for all the wasted eggs though. But you can't have it all I suppose

It's either a sexbot or I put a fleshlight on a vacuum. Im not getting married regardless.

The Japanese are raping our country! Those are bad bots, people. They're trying to take our men. We have to be smart.

But feminists need no man
these push that narative

If you ban the rapey robowaifus, they win...

>thinking you'll have to pick between 3 emmas when there's an augmented reality database that has all emmas and various other beauties that can be downloaded at any time while subscribing to the ip

that's one benefit of ar over vr actually. with ar there's an endless supply of hot bitches.

Because the men running it died, and national socialist feminism died with them.

>ar over *sexbots

Women shouldn't panic because of sexbots, they should celebrate. As their stock as objects of sexual desire diminishes, they will be treated more fairly. Isn't that what most of them want?

hue for me you little monkey from the south

Become doctor light and develop megaman to defeat them all.

What I collect from your post is that beta white males are the only thing keeping this fucking society together

yeah true, the going narrative for the past um-teen plus years is "don't need no man" so uh yeah, if that has been the case then there shouldn't be an issue to pick at about this if "don't need no man" has been the longest running demand and argument going on for longer decades then it should have.

Drink green tea, there's a million different teas out there. Yeah you gotta use water but if it's that bad buy a filter. If you're really paranoid, buy the Alex Jones filter.

I think they know their only source of power is sex, so you take that away and they become ultimately useless.

As you sow, so shall you reap. Dumb feminists say they don't need no man, but now they're terrified of being obsolete...

Maximal keks

Bro, you build a fembot that fucks AND cleans, I will buy her. You'll be a wealthy man.

You do realize though that they will simply form a fembot rights activist group?


>beta white males only thing keeping society together

>can't reproduce genes

>the western world after all beta white males die off becomes SouthAfrica circa 2016 where even the zulu king wishes they didn't kill off the white settlers


>Women outraged at recent realizations that they are completely useless

>implying I wouldn't make it look like Morgan Freeman
>implying you wouldn't turn gay for Morgan Freeman

It is very likelly by the time sexbots become an actual issue, someone will have artificial wombs figured out.

And sexbots would most likely lead to less rape

>And you probably can't love it either

Excuse you, I love my waifu.
In fact my waifu's franchise already has a VR game in the works. Prototype was already tested by nips fans and everything.

The future is now.

is it even gay if it has Morgan freeman voice and face, and pecks for boobs but has female parts for the action liek dat one body builder chick nude pic that used to be passed around? i hear the argument about futa is gay etc, than what about the opposite. lel

>Order 200 sexbots
>constantly impregnate all of them
>indoctrinate the younglings
>wait 18 years
>First wave of your personal army comes to fruition

Something tells me they'll never let you get that far with them.

>unwilling to take any constructive action


>A robot can't love you though. And you probably can't love it either.


I'm still waiting for that Star Trek sequel where the Gul Dukat race starts to gather itself.

The toaster was literally the best girl.