She's going to win, isn't she?

She's going to win, isn't she?


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nope, she's pretty much fucked.


you haven't seen this video. once the internet artits get on board, it's over.

it's shimmy time!

Unless she has another health scare, yes.

I honestly dont think she will, Trump will either win or something will come up and she'll be prosecuted.

>She's going to win, isn't she?

Yes. Thank god.

She's going to 'win', then the shooting.
I couldn't have hoped for a straighter line.

Hey guys, for those of you who aren't part of the CTR catalog bump crew, why aren't you sageing your replies?

No. She's not. Trump is going to win 100%. No one is voting for that cunt.

She back to sleep/ hiding... no campaign... She's letting the establishment MSM run the campaign for her and fix the election in her favor...

I think so. Trump is a fucking disgrace.

Everybody hates Hillary. She was never supposed to win. In normal elections they could just lie about polls and fake support so people would believe she "won". It was her turn. This election was supposed to be decided. Unfortunately Trump has so much support and she has so little it's hard to hide that everyone hates her. The media is in full wartime propaganda mode. Desperate moves are being made to censor the internet. Poo in loos are being paid to fake Hillary support online. What a time to be alive.

Crooked Hillary is losing bigly.

hillbag is going to have another stroke, live on TV. At witch time she will fall down some stairs and break her hip. Game over for that lying old rag bag.

yep :(

Yes. She will win a RICO indictment.

quiet, turkroaches don't have a say in politics.

*big league

Will Hillary fight for polyamourous marriage?



>implying any trump supporters have the courage to actually do a single thing

So how's the autism treatment going?

Aw shucks, you got me!

You ARE with here
Wether you like it or not.
Just ask Bernie.

Yea, but only because it's rigged

She will die

You're getting desperate, aren't you?

no she will win
check em


Kek says otherwise

Even if she does win, she's going to be in an all out war against congress and an executive branch that sees her as too incompetent to trust.

Win what?

She is clearly going to win you have to be a delusional shill to actually believe otherwise.

well shit

I like bigly. I'm gonna start using it.

Yeah. Trump showed how incompetent he is at the debate

I'm not even talking about Americans.

Maybe, she's corrupt but not a joke

As a Hillary supporter, seeing her terrible bad at the debates I unfortunately have to vote for drumpf

#I'mwithhim now

Demoralization thread

Trump will win

He's ahead in all the swing states

He's ahead in all the polls

Clinton loses ground every day


She still lost too many battleground states to hold tight, and the only sources that keep saying she's "winning" are the same ones who have said it no matter what.

The Great HillShill Suicide of November 2016 is going to be awesome.

Fuck you

The night we voted brexit we thought it was lost before the results came in, all the media was against it but we still got brexit.

Its far too early to give up hope, the media will not always win but they will always look like they're winning.

Suicide material from a Jew.


Great stuff

Why would you use a nationalist symbol for Hillary? Are you a Nazi? Is she a Nazi?

Bill will become the... First Guy?


obviously, shes just going to cheat her way to presidency, hopefully kek will bring the chaos before the storm, as the holy writings has told us


sorry roach, politics are for humans.