Things you'll never hear Trump supporters say

Things you'll never hear Trump supporters say

"I really love these bait threads that keep sliding my board for no God damn fucking reason"

I'm with her.

Obama is a pretty decent president

My penis is over 5 inches

"I graduated college"

Canada is actually pretty great place to live.

"I make over $30k a year"


"I have a college degree"

Fucking your sister is wrong

"I'm not sexually attracted to any of my family members"

"We lost"

Let's make a vagina president.

If liberal snark be the food of love, play on!

I am a gender scientist

Deleting the emails was a mistake


this stone quarry will help us make nice bridges

I'm a woman trapped in a man's body

What is Aleppo?




"I'm not a shut-in"

Black Lives Matter

"my wife is divorcing me because I'm bisexual and felt like servicing a few glory holes at the truck stop, what an intolerant bitch"

John Oliver made me change my opinion of Trump

its lit senpai, BLM fuck white people!!!! emoji emoji

I need a safe place

Allah akbar

I'm so sad that he lost.

Wrong, niglet

Don't Make America Great Again

Gender is a spectrum

I actually looked into this myself


Maybe getting all of my political information from underage children on Cred Forums isn't such a good idea

You misgendered me

Political correctness is the best.

My preferred pronouns are

"I love you too,"

"Give me 3 tacos with a side of beans"

Hillary doesn't belong in jail.

I know one question Bernouts and Hillary supporters can never answer!

"What's my real estate tax?"

Now sage. Kys op.

the jews are an honorable race

>tfw its over 6 not 5

Because they realize in hindsight he was a really bad idea and they're actually glad he lost. Good call.

Im glad segregation ended when it did

"Oh man my 16th birthday was so awesome!"

"I'm gonna go out with my friends tonight"

"I bought my girlfriend a present for her birthday"

Natalia is perfect.

All illegals should be citizens!


OK guys, let’s cut the bullshit. Trump actually sucked tonight. Let’s talk about where we go from here. What does Trump need to do better next debate?

I hate America!

Screw black people.

Let's grant amnesty to all illegals!!!! You get citizenship and you get citizenship and you get citizenship!

You want "things Hillary supporters say" achmed.


Listen to Pence and Cruz.


Refugees Welcome

B-B-But trump stands for the lower class! Businessmen who refuse to pay for work are the best to protect workers!

Yeah. If I was going to describe the length of my cock I'd start with a bigger number than 5. Manlets

lol did you read the thread title?

My vagina hurts and it's the fault of white males.

Let's go loot our local businesses and innocent community members because the police shot a criminal.

Joke's on you. I'm 8x5 and not a virgin

I'd like to pay my tax bill early this year.

I like paying higher taxes! GIRTH

i give a shit about policy

He didn't rape that girl.

"don't talk to me or my wife's son ever again"


"Honey, did you or the kids move the W.2 form I left on the table?"

The Detroit News just endorsed Gary Johnson for President, as has Drew Carey and Clarissa who continues to explain it all.

"I have a Gender Studies degree"

We need to enrich ourselves by inviting in the beautiful Muslim culture!