I am the New Reagan

What did he mean by this?


Reagan was a movie star and he had the Apprentice and Pizza Hut commercials. Of course Reagan had other qualifications unlike Drumpf who, as far as I can tell, only has the Trump University scam, multiple bankruptcy filings, and the Hitler speech books he read on top of his TV appearances.

Means he wants to be their Reagan

>Actor turned politician
>Suck Russia's dick
>Destroy America with failed economic strategies

All the HillShills will be buttblasted for eternity by him

>t-trumped up t-t-trickle down
>d-drumpf btfo *cough cough*

>Checks flag


No idea
Reagan was terrible (but above average)

>and the Hitler speech books
I don't understand why anyone over 15 yrs old would bring this up as a negative

Hitler was a fantastic orator, one of the best in history. The fact he managed to convince his people to out Jews and go to war, along with other stuff that's overlooked like change their flag and culture on reinforces the fact he was amazing at orating.
If I ran a leadership or politics class, I'd definitely spend a lot of time with the class studying hitlers techniques and I think any aspiring politician or leader is stupid not to

>I don't understand why anyone over 15 yrs old would bring this up as a negative

Underage b& detected.

Hitler was the quintessential demagogue. No good would ever come of the voting public getting hocked on demagogic politics on principle, because demagogues are usually out for themselves.

Yes. Good goy! Hitler never cared about making Germany great again

He didn't. Hitler ordered Germany's cultural icons destroyed and stuck in the war long after the conclusion of the struggle was obvious, gleeful in the knowledge that the German infrastructure was torn to the ground and that its people would not long outlive him.

Sound bites he intentionally made to hurt his campaign

>t. bluepilled faggot

It means someone is going to shoot him.

>t. mindless contrarian edge

>positive image of Ahmed the Clock Kid
How do you like my new timepiece?

>Being this bluepilled

Do you know where you are?

A Malaysian knitting board where people can short circuit the consequences of meaningful debate through use of ad hominems.

>convinces tens of millions of American voters thats he's just like them with his low key deliveries, slightly contraversial rhetoric (countries like Australia already have intensive screening of non Australian Muslims) and the rolling topical coverage against him reinforces this.

>Successfully liberalising Republican Party values, successfully 'leaning' the media to attack this loose image he crafted which he will reign in 4 weeks before just like Reagan did.

>Everyone attacks this 'loose' character image, whilst not debating any intellectual issues around ANY of his policies.

>Media deintellectualises debate, which drives people to vote for Trump regardless.

>Uses people's empty and non intellectual emotions that surround American politics to trick them into driving middle ground voters to Trump's side due to spewing emotional vitriol which lacks any intelligent or intellectual qualities.

Yeah guy sure is a fucking idiot, not like all the yanks he managed to fool....... kek

Mister Peña, build up this wall!

He wants someone to kill his VP