How can I redpill a girl?

I want to redpill a girl I know. Any thing I should tell her? Help me out Cred Forums

be alpha

Show her pic related

You can't because you're probably an autistic Virgin


the douchebag in class

"hey baby, check out these rare pepes"

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Women cannot be red-pilled, since being "red-pilled" aka "a critical thinker" would require intelligence.

The only thing you can do, is be such a fucking Alpha Chad, that she is so fiercely loyal, that accepts whatever you say.

Since your question implies less that great skills/experience with women, good luck with that.

Just show her your Pepe folder and shell definitely magically see the world through your lens.


Just slip it in her drink when she goes to the bathroom.

You don't
You lead by exaple ,
Be red pill in your actions more than in your words.

very true.

This, anyone who unironically uses the term redpill should just accept that they will be alone forever

Rape her

You start small boy. Easy red pills, things like," Don't you think we should take care of our own, before sending aids to other countries?"

Then you graduate up a little. For example, if she is black or supports BLM, explain how BLM is more of a hindrance to black communities.

came here to post this

girl you know or girl you are fucking?
the latter would be easier.

>a girl I know
>a girl

>Imblicating and insinyooating knowing more than one girl
Teach us ur ways oh wizard

be good in bed (long) and she will swallow anything you tell her bruh not fukken hard

tell her to clean out her left nostril

good advice.
Girl I know

listen to these guys.

also, start going to the gym

Socratic questioning.

Dont apologize when she reee's at you.

Be firm and masculine. Women are extremely gullable and the biggest mistake you can do is to pander to them.

just dick her down real good. she'll eventually start to take on some of your personality.