> Train crash was caused by a Cell.(another attack on infrastructure like the Alabama pipeline)

> Shooting in that NC school was caused by a Cell.

>Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down by Soro's Black Op's/PMC.(Same guys who airstriked Assads forces & are trying to start a Indi-Paki conflict)

> BLM continues to be bussed in within hours(not kidding on this either)

> MSM credibility is crashing harder each day.

> SJW groups are going to battle inside Hillary's camp.

> Obama's legacy/retirement is in jeopardy because of Hillary. Even after all these years the Obama's hate her.

> CTR management & various employees have links to "kiddie" things.

> After the debate Hillary blacked out in her Van & Huma didn't even care.(They have a rift between eachother that's been growing for quite some time)

> Bill is screwing around with Amy Schumer and several other celeb's during this election cycle.

> Bill is not the father of Chelsea .


Clinton had:

> Earpiece
> Known the Questions before hand
> Full transcript of answers to read off.
> On medication
> Had some mini episodes
> Was working with the Moderator(Who had a earpiece.)
> Mini teleprompter on her podium.

Yet Trump still won.

It was a test of sorts by the Globalists who were on the fence/so-so about Trump. They were very impressed with how he did.

Other urls found in this thread: bomb/username/anonymous5/#

Got a much better picture & dropped some more information.

Apparently I got triple 8's in my tag.

That's pretty cool.


Timeframes are critical.

This is the 11th one I have done.

Very important, and no its not RP/LARP.

Also I'm not a shill, disinfo,etc


> Train crash was caused by a Cell.(another attack on infrastructure like the Alabama pipeline)

> Shooting in that NC school was caused by a Cell.

> CTR management & various employees have links to "kiddie" things.

> After the debate Hillary blacked out in her Van & Huma didn't even care.(They have a rift between eachother that's been growing for quite some time)

> Bill is screwing around with Amy Schumer and several other celeb's during this election cycle.


>Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down by Soro's Black Op's/PMC.(Same guys who airstriked Assads forces & are trying to start a Indi-Paki conflict)

> BLM continues to be bussed in within hours(not kidding on this either)

> MSM credibility is crashing harder each day.

> SJW groups are going to battle inside Hillary's camp.

> Obama's legacy/retirement is in jeopardy because of Hillary. Even after all these years the Obama's hate her.

> Bill is not the father of Chelsea .

Clinton had:

> Earpiece
> Known the Questions before hand
> Full transcript of answers to read off.
> On medication
> Had some mini episodes
> Was working with the Moderator(Who had a earpiece.)
> Mini teleprompter on her podium.

Yet Trump still won.

It was a test of sorts by the Globalists who were on the fence/so-so about Trump. They were very impressed with how he did.


Anyone have pictures/archives of the earlier knowledge bombs?.

Get the word out if you can.

Tried to get some things out there for you guys.

BUMP anti-cucks bomb/username/anonymous5/#

> Mini teleprompter on her podium.

Sauce on this you little nigglet

Its been pointed out by other people.

She literally had so many things helping her.

That's why she sounded so robotic.

Appreciate it. bomb/username/anonymous5/#

>Its been pointed out by other people.

Havent been in the other threads, so I havent seen those posts.

I know she sounds robotic, but I figured it was from the notes she was reading all the time + she talks like that all the time.

Seriously, give me my sauce. Im not gonna believe in any false prophet.

I didn't believe it either. Watch a replay, at the end when they walk out and shake hands, you can see it.

Do children regularly disappear from the care of Social Services, user? I wonder where those kids in the care of our benevolent government go. Does anyone care? Please think of the children.

How likely is it that the poos will poo on the pakis? Who will iniciate the conflict? And how?

I like these threads

I'm giving you the best Sause I can personally give at this time.

It's a good thing that other people are watching for this stuff.

I'll save you the time, just leave and ignore this guy. Same general, non sourced and non provable tomfoolery that is helpful to nobody.

I'm really seeing a lot of damning, irrefutable evidence linking CTR and the Clinton campaign to child pornography

Pick any replay of debate, got to last 2 minutes or so. You'll see it.

> Train crash was caused by a Cell.(another attack on infrastructure like the Alabama pipeline)

Ah yes, the all-important infrastructure of Hoboken.


Also Trump patted the back of Hillary for a reason.

It was to point out the Mic(or as some are speculating a medical device)

>> CTR management & various employees have links to "kiddie" things.

Would explain all the pedo threads on Cred Forums

Very much provable as you can see it very clearly.

Thanks for correcting the record though.

1) Are the elites really thinking about joining the Trump train? Where are the signs of it?

2) Will the second debate be harder for Hillary?

>Ah yes, the all-important infrastructure of Hoboken.

Do you even know where that is?

If you are brushing this off, then you have no idea how serious this actually is.

Shill more.

It's a touchy subject.

But its going to be the Castle Bravo against CTR.

why did that one muslim recently plant bombs in random garbage bins in New Jersey?


at all of this

I'm reading that the engineer is cooperating, do you know anything about him?

What's going on with Deutsche Bank?


They are trying to get you guys blamed/shut down.

1) Look at the rise in popularity & how many people are fighting back against SJW/PC Culture/Feminist insanity around the globe.
2) Yes and so will be the 3rd.

>Mh17 was an assassination attempt on Putin on his way back from Brazil just hours before the decoy plane was shot down
>Soros mercs responsible
>Putin has international arrest warrant for Soros

Story checks out, holy shit this is better than an action thriller.

Interesting, at the top of Hillarys podium, you have some kind of screen that shuts off. The same are on Trumps podium doesnt do that.

:) bomb/username/anonymous5/#

If you've seen my past threads: bomb/username/anonymous5/#

I've been bringing the Soros Black Op's/PMC connections up.

It's the Canary in the Coal mine for the direction of the EU.

Told ya

Are you a disciple of Kek?

Anything on the internet handover? Or JASTA?

Read my past threads and you be the Judge :) bomb/username/anonymous5/#

See. No false prophets here, user.

Hopefully being delayed/Stopped.

Yes, I've taken the Main Line many times.

It's an inconvenience for commuters, but people will just reroute through Secaucus until it is fixed.

There is a ISIS cell around New York and NJ.

The IED's, the "Gas Leaks", etc

This is them stepping up there game.

Take this Link: bomb/username/anonymous5/#

And spread the information.

proof for the train crash and shooting being cells?


Read my past Knowledge Bombs.

I've talked about this sortof stuff.

Timing/Timeframes are important.

What's the point of not claiming them?

I hope the word spreads.

Each Knowledge Bomb keeps getting better.

there are reports that the conductor/engineer/train driver guy survived the crash. we'll see what his name is and what he looks like and then we can decide.

there is definitely a terror cell in the nyj/njc area: the marine corps race bombs, the manhattan bomb, and the stabbings in nyc. i'm not sure this was, though.

is there an endgame for the nj/ny area? or just happenings like this and the msm not mentioning who is actually doing it?

Seeing the publics response.

Also consider recent happenings.

Any information about sweden?

Is norway gonna experience turmoil?


so much BS and disinfo in one post- Well done!

They could have sabotaged the rails themselves causing the crash.

Since a derailed train will do the killing or harm for you.

You're a fake

You have the wrong picture

The public response on a train accident? This is absolutely not clear

how can i convince all my normie friends about this shit especially the cells?


No BS or disinfo.

Perhaps you should read my other threads. bomb/username/anonymous5/#

If your CTR........ you might need to consider how the "kiddie" news will impact your life.

>It was a test of sorts by the Globalists who were on the fence/so-so about Trump. They were very impressed with how he did.

Is there infighting now among the factions over who should become president, or does the consensus still massively favor Clinton?

Is it possible the pro-Trump groups would try to sabotage the Clintonite efforts with leaks or their own vote rigging?

Not Fake or someone else. You have my word on that.

Updated the picture with a better one after several people in the threads were telling me a better pic would help.

What the fuck? At first I thought it was a light, but it wouldn't make sense, because trumps podium doesn't have one, or if it does, it isn't on like that.

>This is them stepping up there game.

one dead? fail.

In past Knowledge Bombs I've talked about how Sweden is turning into a Hotbed of activity.

why do you insist on ruining online discussion as we know it?

How likely is it that ISIS will acquire a nuclear weapon?

Any idea which Army SF units are engaging Soros operators and where?

Does DoD know about Soros' paramilitary operations?

What is Soros' endgame, truly?

Is the "PMC" in it for more than money?

Are Cells nationwide yet, and if they are, what is their operational status?

Do we have any kind of time table for more strikes?

Thanks in advance for any insight and the info already here

They took out a train and heavily damaged a train station.

Deaths don't always have to be the goal. Damage is.

In the area of NJ.

Consider the other events that have happened recently.

Very interesting, and I'm listening.


George soros is a powerful jew, but how come super secret mega Agent 47 super hitmans havent taken him out yet?

Hell, even Jacob Rothchild walks the street unaccompined at times.


allow me to correct the record.

extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. You have none. Only opinions.

I'm not ruining anything. :)

I told you........

Will nationalists recieve support or will natives be hung out to dry?

I just shat bricks. What does this mean? Was Brexit a sign of the apocalypse they ignored?

you are, and it's really annoying

>Deaths don't always have to be the goal

you do not really understand ISIS do you?

death not the goal....stupid fuck.

Plz take a look at this:

To sum it up, consider this like a game of poker or a gamble between some people.

People who bet on Hillary have went all in, and now are realizing they fucked up.

Also, money makes the world go round. A Strong US makes alot of money overtime.

How come the MSM is fucking up so badly? I've never seen such a discrepancy between the "official" narrative and what actually happened. It's kinda of frightning really. Are they that scared of Trump?

CTR shill you can go fuck off, and possibly seek legal advice.

the fuck is that supposed to mean

1) Possible but very rare. Soros PMC/Black Op's on the other hand......

2) Some of the best had to adjust some strategies

3) Yes

4) Conflict

5) They'be been around for a long time.

6) Yes, and if you notice all the activity there operational status varies.

7) It's been picking up recently for a reason.

Thats a sign you didn't read the thread.

and FYI, I would prefer Trump over Clinton any day of the week

Holy fuck lads. The ride will never truly be over will it? Too much jewry at play

Brexit was what the rest of the EU countries should have done before the EU reached the point it is now.

They are more afraid of what Hillary/Soros will do to them Trump.

Lol, OP is a joke and tinfoil no-life NEET, as whole Cred Forums.

Lol, OP is a joke and tinfoil no-life NEET, as whole Cred Forums.

Read all my threads: bomb/username/anonymous5/#

Also don't fall for the "jews control everything" Brainwashing that the elites put in place.

(Slow claps).

Cry more.


He didn't even try!

nice new pyramid you got there. Also, can you predict when the Leftist Civil War will begin in open street?

>1) Look at the rise in popularity & how many people are fighting back against SJW/PC Culture/Feminist insanity around the globe

I think they will try to suppress him even more
Trump can't win against them

Thank you. It looks a hell of alot better that the 80's retro one.

It's not a matter of when, its a matter of how at this point.

But which "they" and which "them"?

So Soros is Makarov? That "single man", but at the opposite side?

seriously man, what the fuck?

The classic "pretend to be a shillbot" meme

Talk about predictive programming. Holy fuck thats beautiful.

Who are these pmc's?

Surely you can name some companies.

Evidence one:

Look at the capabilities and consider what years of funding could do to one or some operating under 1 roof..

I don't know if they have a "official" name yet.

So, it's not funny anymore?
During CTR shitstorm you could put whole thread into hysteria posting same thing form PC and phone at the same time, lol.

Clinton's parkinson medication was starting to wear off during the debate and her ticks came back and she tried to hide it.

Fucked the link up

Battlefield 3 predicted Paris now it's the turn of MW3 lel

Everything I'm saying is important for a reason.

If you look, you will eventually find(or if you watch events unfold) realize, hear about, etc


Do you know anything about Osprey Global Solutions?

Years and years and years of planning down the drain if he wins. They are fucking terrified. The devil is real.



My next query is who are Soros' Boys?

Can we expect open war on European soil and the in the US?

Has Marshall Law entered the discussion at all?

Why has the internal security apparatus of the US seemingly done so little in light of apparently known foreign terror elements on our shores? If the answer is not incompetence, are measures being taken, and by whom? bomb/username/anonymous5/#


what is this?

i wonder what the eff would think about this

Heard of them, but haven't looked at them yet.

Soros PMC/Black Op's can take on some EU armies at this point.

the number of jesus christ! :O

what of the internet being given off to the UN by Obongo? do know if we have any cells (per se) on our side doing anything to prevent this or will we have to take action physically as a whole? (all citizens)

I still find it funny. Both the posts and the newfags who think they're serious.

I think you know ((((they)))) and ((((them))))

Modern Warfare 3 chemical attack in Europe's capitals by Makarov (Soros) fake humanitarian agency/PMC. Paving the way to a russian invasion but that was the nonsense 'murica part

Would you could you on a train?

Are there pmc cells inside state armies?

Was Chris Kyle killed because he knew too much?

I wonder what will happen in the 2nd debate

1) The PMC's or?

Because people(not just myself keep that in mind) have been trying to figure that out for a while.

2) Conventional or Terrorist?

Terrorist seems more and more likely. Wolf packs are much much more lethal then a few lone wolfs.

3) It would have been done years ago, now its just another thing in the Think Tanks.

>Apparently I got triple 8's in my tag.

You can throw any and all of this guy's ramblings into the garbage anons.

Nice coincidental quads!

Also you should look at COD: Advanced Warfare.

A PMC does a massive attack and then takes over the place.

tell me about the pineal gland

What's gonna happen in Bosnia? Knowing that Hillary was already in Bosnia, her Saudi links and once she (or Bill) told that "job needs to be finished, I assume if she wins, it's gonna be messy again.


I was saying that in reference to this places talk about Kek.

Soros is the big problem causer lately.

Hillary has many countries in her cross hairs.

Is Kevin Spacey redpilled?

are you google?

>I was saying that in reference to this places talk about Kek.

bamp from mexico city!

death to islums!

1) PMC's are not in Cells.

2) In his time, he engaged Soros PMC/Black Op's multiple times.

Theres much more important info in this thread then that.

October 4th. San Onofre. Islam. Still happening?

If you are not familiar with my Knowledge Bomb threads, Shit gets covered in them.

this is wrong and you know it

the media says the conductor is now awake and is talking with authorities. non happening?

ISIS and some other groups have Cells from mexico all the way down to the tip of south america.

You said before that Al-Adnani is alive and in Europe.
I remember that the strike that killed him was so confused that both Russia and USA claimed it.
It was in a city too much close to the front too.
Was it a cover by Soros PMC to give him a fake death?


Nuke plant attack? I'm too lazy to look at the prior threads

Many people are watching this carefully and thats some good news to hear.

If you derail a train, the train itself will do the damage for you.

The person driving it may be involved or he was simply a innocent person whos route was derailed. bomb/username/anonymous5/#

that was the suggestion weeks ago, stuck with me for some reason. Islamic terror attack on twin domes.

He's a raging homo that hits on brown boys in parks. Otherwise he's into underground arts and culture.

What's the name of those pmc's?

What are they referred as?

Yes it was a cover.

As I've discussed previously, ISIS leaders are being smuggled into the EU/US to continue there work in those regions more effectively.

I was thinking more conventional, civil war scenario, especially in Europe, where militancy on all sides is growing.

Does Trump's growing support by the super-elite represent an issue for us? Wouldnt globalists fear his plans, or are they banking on him failing, being corrupted, or is he actually in their pockets?

What is DoD loyalty to the executive branch like these days?

Are there any plans to or contingencies in place to dissolve the government?

How likely is it that the economy will totally collapse in the next 5-10 years? How severe are the projections ahowing it will be?

How likely is it that the west will be saved? Are we heading for destruction/being steered there?

Thanks so much

I think that this is the cover.
House of Cards is probably the most influential anti-Clinton propaganda in MSM.

1) No one has found the actual name or if they have a name to begin with.

2) I know that they have call signs and are refered to as certain words by other forces.

More people need to research into that specifically.

Is Guerilla close to the truth? A French novel with a wolf pack attack that last 3 days
And what about Operation Ronces?

You dont know any of the words?

Did my country's SF engage them at some point?

your threads are very disturbing

Watch the old House of Cards, you'll understand.

He doesn't like her but that's for other reasons. He's gay, cruises and parties hard. He's not a classic red pill.

how likely is it that the DB is crashing?
if it doesnt get bailed out, is it safe to assume its (due to ensuing chaos) another step towards ""globalisation""?

1) UN has plans to invade the UK.(Strange I know)

2) Hillary/Soros are a bad mix for everyone. Also a strong US is a money maker.

Also even the globalists are getting sick of the PC Bullshit overall.

3) Still good, but some are getting puzzled by certain decisions.

4) No idea on that.

5) All depends on the Fed.

6) PC Culture/Feminism/SJW needs to be defeated or the west is dead.

Love you, man.

Some people who are knowledgeable in train operations and mass transit have said that to them, this looks like a deliberate attack,

Hoboken is a very busy train station. It is the only train station in the greater NY metro area where every line has a stop.

The person in control of the train deliberately sped up when reaching the station. No train could have been going that fast just before the station, because going at that speed over switches would have caused it to derail. The only possibility is that the train was purposely sped up after the switches, while it approached the station.

1) Soros PMC/Black Op's is a subject that needs more eyes on it.

2) Might have.

One wolf can scare a herd of sheep.

A full pack can kill them all and even the sheep dogs guarding them.

More nations need to get out of the EU before its too late.

After the great wolf pack attacks it will be civil war, isn't it? At least for frogs

Its no coincidence this happened where it happened.

It was a attack, especially if you consider the timeframes of recent attacks happening.

I wonder how the MSM/PR machine will try to spin it.

Do you know how they look?

Are they purebreed mercs from all countries? All skin colors etc...? Are women in the teams?

Do they dress like civilians or are they well equipped?

Ok, please clear this up. What do you mean by globalists were impressed with Trump? Are they going to support him? Does that mean he is/will be in their pocket instead of fighting them? Is all lost at this point?

Also, any I do on war with Russia? Will they force something before the election? Is it guaranteed if Hillary wins? What's our timeframe if global conflict is on the table?

Thanks for your efforts.

what do you know about norway?

what can i do to help?

what about europol/interpol? are they clean?

Bump. Was looking forward to another KB.

Not this LARPnigger again..

so this retard has been spamming the fuck out of Cred Forums with entry-level redpill analysis fashioned as "knowledge bombs" for three straight weeks (in addition to shitting up other threads with links to his garbage threads) and he hasn't been able to figure out basic imageboard mechanics in that time...

in all likelihood we have an RPfag from ATS or GLP on our hands here. he's obviously not privy to any inside intel and he's not doing anything except shitting up the board...

so basically just report this faggot, stop giving him attention.

Special fucking podium for her height deficit MY FUCKING ASS.

The UN has plans to invade the UK.

I suspect it will be because of the London mayor and "London Bridges falling down".

A good movie to check out is "london has fallen" if you want to dig into stuff.


They will do it to send a message to any country that tries to leave the EU.

Cry more CTR shill.

I would recommend legal advice considering what I revealed in the OP about your group.

Legitimate question here. Love trump but how did he win? I was writing an essay at the time and was only half paying attention. I understand that Hillary cheats, because she is after all a democrat, but what exactly proved him superior?

Oh look.

Someone from a country that Soros Black Op's/PMC is actively trying to provoke into a conflict with a neighbor.

So what happens if they do? It becomes the US State 51? UN independent state?

How can we access the relevant information regarding Soros' SOF force? I want to help but honestly have no idea. I know some about US SF and can lend some small insight, but I don't know where to look. I'm not a hacker or an insider.

What's the most you can disclose on the topic of Soros' PMCs?

I really like your threads, and find them very informative.

Fuck you for making me think of someone fucking Amy Schumer though.

Why have they been so unsuccessful? It seems less like terrorism and more like amateur hour. If these are really cells, they seem incompetent. Why even hint at your existence with such incompetent attacks when you could come out of no where and do real damage and knock the wind out of the country? It just doesn't seem to add up. What's the deal?

They are only saying that a train derailed, killing 3 and injuring hundreds. They are spending almost no time going over the story in the news. Very odd. I'm watching the evening (local) news right now.

1) Well funded/trained

2) All skin colors and yes they have women in them

3) both.

>all this brexit shit

This is real isn't it, we're in the right time line after all!

Hoboken is right across the river from NYC dumbshit

I'd speculate that the cells are looking to "test the waters" right outside of NY before striking the city itself

after you lurk more

This is a long read, but worth it.

tldr-ish version is
user was suggesting that one of the most fundamental reasons why the Left and Right are different is that they have different ways of viewing social capital. Leftists gamble it in hopes they gain a bigger turnout, while the Right conserves it and invests in it. The current policy of the leftist establishment is currently destroying their own social capital.

Its kind of hard to explain, you need to read it. It provides some very good theories onto what's happening right now on the chans.

it explains why there's been an increase in CP like noticed

here's a hint: it's not a RP.

it's a bot. so were the forgotten languages threads. if I had to guess, the lines in the OP serve as an initialization point for the bot, and it generates the replies from there.

OP, throwing around false accusations is going too far.

>asking for proof or wanting to rely on facts

fuck off CTR shill

theres one mezquiya in df and then a cultural center

not sure wat to make of muslims and cartels in cahoots

To flush out Oscar the Grouch you fucking idiot.

How can I explain this.

Trump is not in there control.

There are multiple globalist groups doing various amount of things.

You have to look at the big picture.

The only person that benefits from Hillary winning and doing WW3 is Soros.

All other globalist groups(regardless of the good vs evil spectrum, power level, age, etc) would be royally fucked even more by what soros is doing.

nonoku sage fagit


Nope not a Bot what so ever.

You are scared shill.

You shut the fuck up Anonymous5 is a treasure.

More Predictive vidya

Anon5, what do we do about the Internet? Is the fight already over? Tomorrow is the last day!

>the UN
>invading anything
>revealing the plans for their invasion in a C-list action movie

better head for the shelter everyone, OP just scored a KnowledgeBombâ„¢ direct hit!

Who cares if Bill is banging a young blonde gal?

We all more-or-less knew that about Slick Willie anyway.

Why do you bring it up here? Why is it relavant to anything?

what point on video?

Then spread the word my friend.

Been around for as long as Soros has been doing this thing.

Best info I can give you in a nutshell.

Test runs/dry runs.

Cover up beginning

fireball fireball
lightning bolt lightning bolt

can you see my earlier reply to you? please confirm that I'm not shadowbanned or something like that.


Tom Clancy is living proof that people who lie exceptionally well are closer to the truth than they will ever know.

Thought of some more questions:

1. Do you have a time frame of when the EU army will become a reality? I know they have been planning it and announcing those plans, but when will we see enlisting, training of corps, uniforms, etc.?

2. When you said Hillary blacked out in the van - was the blackout due to her illness, or a side effect of medication?

3. Can you elaborate on the "mini episodes" she had? I saw the finger twitch but didn't notice anything else.

4. Will Assange drop a major bomb for real next week?

I remember you mentioning an attack in Germany on Monday. Anything changed with that?

My theory was, Bank crashes. More people in public for that & unity day = best time to attack.

>wanting to get the full picture makes you a shill
Okay then.

On the right track.

It's all about trafficing people & weapons to the right locations.

I have already broadcast this.

Ever notice two men invent something at almost the same time, never knowing about each other, and not ever being close to each other?

What is the reason for Soros to start an India/Pakistan war?

OP I don't understand how you came to know these things particularly regarding Soros and Clinton

Where do you learn these things?

he's dead you know?

Doesn't explain why those globalists don't just have soros's kids taken out and then take out everone protecting soros along wit soros himself.

I don't remember him confirming, I theorized an attack cause of the "bomb attack" in Dresden mosque and conference centre being probably a cover up.

The fights not over, and hopefully it has been delayed/canceled.

If only you understood the potential gravity.

that's extremely generalized

It's very relevant.

You just have to do some digging into which celebs have met with the Clintons and have suddenly gained popularity for or with anti-trump statements.

More brown people fleeing to the west. If you we can just get the entire nation of Pakistan into Europe diversity will finally be complete.

> Train crash was caused by a Cell.
> Shooting in that NC school was caused by a Cell
A cell of who?

>>Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down by Soro's Black Op's/PMC.(Same guys who airstriked Assads forces & are trying to start a Indi-Paki conflict)

>BLM continues to be bussed in within hours(not kidding on this either)

Fuck Soros and his army of useful nigger idiots

>MSM credibility is crashing harder each day.

I think the normies haven't noticed.

>>After the debate Hillary blacked out in her Van & Huma didn't even care.(They have a rift between eachother that's been growing for quite some time)

>Bill is screwing around with Amy Schumer and several other celeb's during this election cycle.

Bill can do much better.

please shed some light on the looming Deutsche Bank crisis?

I cast magic missle

I've been following you threads, and the trend looks as:
>everything is a cell
>there are cells everywhere
>gas leak is a code
>also cells
>can't provide sources no matter how hard anybody asks

It's easier for ISIS to get cells set up around Europe/Asia/Africa then it is in the Americas.

That was the current theory before ISIS training camps were found south of the border and how some were trying to attack the Olympics.

Dude prepare for spooky


The elites don't join trains. They own and start them.

You keep mentioning "Time frames are important."

That seems a little cryptic, because it's self-evident.

Unless you mean something with a deeper meaning.

Please elaborate

Is this thread bullshit

WW3 doesn't have to specifically be US vs Russia yea know.

There are many other ways to get that bad boy going.

The fact that soros is still alives shows massive incompetence(or fear) in various agencies.

Because someone else would take his place. Soros and Jacob aren't at the top of the ladder. Our real rulers are a step above them again.

Maybe there's some sleeper russki KGB GRU FSB cells too? :DDD

the NSA tools are real
I'm pretty sure the password to unlock the torrent is lost however

Why wouldn't they just get on that train in Hoboken, be in NYC in 12 minutes, and carry out the attack?

let them dox, im happy to get this party started

Or they're under his thumb.


4) They disabled the Camera in the vehicle entering area.

5) Probably but consider the Buzz she generated.

Will the 97-1 vote of the 9/11 Act be enough to push Ted Cruz's Internet Freedom Act?

And will that same act open up a can of worms for us and the saudis?

Also where the hell is High Level insider? I would've liked an secondary party to give their two cents.

Already explained it in this thread.

Vagueness is sometimes the best security.

That is BS

Somethings I'm bringing up exist in timeframes.

Years, months, weeks, etc

Does that make abit more sense?

Bullshit, a fear mongering tactic.

Look what I broke in the OP about CTR. THATS BIG NEWS.

Possible, but not every single person.

Unfutunately not. We are not living in the Cold War anymore(as much as the MSM is trying to hype it up

Who are the major players running the show? Who is independent of each other?

What isn't controlled?

Is there a way out?

>Look what I broke in the OP about CTR. THATS BIG NEWS.

It's only big news if we can obtain evidence and expose it to normies. I don't doubt it for a second, but how can we prove it?

So is trump going to win??
will CTR be stumped??

will average americans get a chance to spill ISIS blood?

obvious COINTELPRO is obvious. i really hope it's not google doing this.

Can the world count on you on doing your job of exposing CTR?

Will you expose them with all that kiddie shit they're involved with?

Is comey and/or Loretta Lynch going to be found to be apart of the hillary racket??

Will they indite Cheryl Mills??

If we can trace those guys that have been dumping CP such as the Biden Pedo thread or any leak we can get a name.

I just don't have the knowledge of sniffing out IPs from posters on 4chins.

1) Hopefully Cruz does well.

2) It might

3) No idea.

where can i read about this KIDDIE shit with CTR???

>never heard of it

That's my question as well. Anon5, got a trail of bread crumbs? Not really interested in delving into CP sites, especially blindly. Gotta have a hook, login, screenshot, etc that gives a good autist something o trace.

How bout no. There's some bullshit in SVR called "Illegals". They even hire niggnogs and beaners for that. Few years ago some dude betreyed one of that cells, there's article about that on jewpedia:

I'm not a leet haxxor, how do I start vetting a Black Op?



The giveaway that you are a faggot from lies in the way you seek attention like a whore seeks crackrocks.

>plz check my previous bombs..
>I'm anon5
>I do this 4U
>plz respond... the timeframe is important
>Soros and Rothschild illuminati did it using cells
>if you read my previous bombs you'll see the answers
>I did it 4u... plz respond

he's predicted a good few things in detail


something will happen
it will happen because cells
>Vagueness is sometimes the best security.

With Amy it's all in that last name as well. Family connections

Your shilling days are numbered.

Spread it if you can.

The more people dig into it the more it will be known.

1) Quite possible

2) Yes

3) Europeans might get the head start.

I already have with this thread.

Now its up to people(like in EVERY SINGE KNOWLEDGE BOMB THREAD) to get the word out.

All 3 are apart of the Hillary situation in different ways.

So what timeframe do you see for the "London Bridge is Falling" scenario?

That's going to be a big deal

fake and schizo

CTR is the masters of there own destruction's.

Torrent? If it has an archive with a password its crackable

And i still think you are full off shit anon5.

the replies are generated by a bot

lol coming out of the woodwork.

this might be my answer for every single thread here

I don't think people realize how truely vulnerable they are.

I'm not a bot at all.

well yes, i'm aware they are Hillary's
>triforce of corruption

-redhanded via more leaks
or only just barely ?

The Mayor of London is key.

That's actually her scrolling through the zinger sheet or something.

Answer my last question. Is there a way out of this?

Mix of both.

Why did the British royal family allow a shitskin mayor of The City of London?

>zinger sheet

Now that's a contender for the best word of 2016 imho

the NSA nuked about the GitHub, Archives, and 10 pastebins with the write up, content, and password in the span of 48 hours while it was hot

not saying it isn't possible to find it but definately not something that will be laying around

SJW/Feminism/PC Culture must be defeated first.

>it's a bot. so were the forgotten languages threads
I was just going to ask about this... I haven't seen any of those posts for the past week... You're saying all of those threads were run by bots?

The Royalty can't do shit. And its our fault as the whole West in general that we allowed this PC bullshit to happen.



Look at "london bridges falling down" lyrics.

Who do you think is the "fair lady"?

many of the replies were

I didn't think the City of London had a mayor?

He's trying to discredit me, and its hilarious.

until i called them out for it.

so are the flat earth threads, nasa threads, etc.

SADIQ KHAN -- fkys

This is a literal /x/-tier schizo roleplaying. He was even samefagging by switching proxies in the earlier threads

Report the OP post and it will get him banned

even the whole forced "nigger->google" thread was probably just to gather data. fooling anons into generating a training set for more bots

This can't be real...

he will not get banned. the mods are allowing this.


We need to leave.

My question was more about what happened to those FL threads, not about your validity... Do you have any insight on FL?




They have that mapped out including his call to his grandmother that was not a cell you fucking ass

Why would you go and ruin the fun over a stupid petty detail like that

You're also HLI. They were fun until you started using some of the same mannerisms in these posts

I was referring to the fascinating with Kek.

are you serious?

The City of London and London itself are two completely different things. Educate yourself before you start hurling insults.

take ur pills my man

>an operation extremely sophisticated wouldn't fake a phone call or family members for the "attacker"

modern day sherlock here boys

(slow clap)

It's easier to make the public swallow a answer that they expected, then one that would terrify them.

>CTR management & various employees have links to "kiddie" things.
Where can we dig up more info on this?

Ah, fuck off you nigger. We figured everything out about the debate and then you come here and copy and paste all that shit to try to give some credibility to your other points.

Hot damn thanks based nip

Now you are doing the "He's got to be crazy" line.

So typical.

you should pay attention to what else was said then.

CTR themselves are the biggest weakness

Did you even think for a split second before posting? You look like a literal retard.

The entire situation unfolded in a half hour and it started with him killing his dad before just walking at the school firing indiscriminately into the side of it.

This was a homeschooled whitey who chimped out over social jealousy, like all the other white shooters

look, there are a lot of people who can recognize these threads for what they are.

you're not fooling anyone

Did CTR and Google work to defuse the Google=nigger meme? It seemed like quite a subversive idea that would cause significant damage to intangible brand assets.

Also, are you in the shit or just in Intel?

Where did you find this? Who are these people?

Yes, I wouldn't have asked if I wasn't.

>So typical.
Their playbook is boring.

>it's a bot.
look at all his replies! that's a pretty nice fucking bot if soo

The ONLY other thing you have said before that held true was about the BLM busses.

That info has already been dug up, published, ridiculed as tinfoil and forgotten.

Look up CPS child trafficking and stuff like boystown

>100 posts by this i.d.

>CTR themselves
What? CTR isn't a person, more details.

>Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled

since you know shit, was BSE a memetic killshot or were we duped from the start.

So you're HLI?

it is a pretty nice bot. too bad it's for COINTELPRO-type bullshit

You've been shilling so much on this thread lol

1) Yes

2) Speculation about it will hopefully keep my impact around.

>> Bill is not the father of Chelsea .
Everyone knows its Webb Hubbell, but nobody can understand why she would fuck this troll and not abort afterwards.

It's not past tense google, it will live on forever.

You need to dig into my other threads bomb/username/anonymous5/#


also, the OP isn't a bot, but many replies are.

I'm well-aware of CPS and boystown, I specifically was asking about CTR and their staff that are involved in child molestation.

It doesnt even matter. If you're not a shill, what do you care?

Countless shit threads are made by the minute.

A bit of roleplay never hurts. So play or go. Youre waisting your time anyways.

Management, leaders, employees who post the most, etc

>were we duped
We? Speak for yourself you fucking google.

they fucked up in the forgotten languages thread by letting their but run too long. the replies would become nonsensical.

Your trolling is fail.


CTR must be quite scared

did you think to even do the slightest bit of research here before you steamrolled the place?

did you think that nobody would recognize a bot output?

Welp, you got me. Some other stuff completely slipped through my mind with everything going on now. Could you tell, in a very general manner, what you do in your daily life that gives such a wide array of information on very different subjects?

i could have done it better desu

the fact this guy is trying hard means they indeed have a stash of kiddie porn

What I don't get is that Soros is so fucking old, does he think he's going to be alive for this sick utopia he's aiming for? His son is a little soft fruit who doesn't have the ruthlessness to see it through. I just don't get that old fucker's endgame.

again, the false accusations are what really put this over the edge. you threaten anyone who calls you out on your bullshit.

>>Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down by Soro's Black Op's/PMC
There's only one kind of missile that had the exact butterfly shape of pre-scored fragments. It is a particular Buk variant that is operated by one and only one entity in the entire world - Russia
Nigger detected

He wants to go down in flames and bring the world with him.

PMC forces with the right funding can get things

Understandable and interesting

If you were working for a company that knowingly accumulated and distributed CP you'd be scared wouldn't you?

make a new thread and try to answer my previous question please