So let's assume Trump loses

So let's assume Trump loses.

Who faces her in 2020 and has the best chance of beating her? The Republicans will have been out of the white house for 12 years. The Electoral College is stacked against them (they need to basically carry every swing state to win). Minorities are a growing electoral force that overpowers them each year.

How can they win the white house back?

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With Trump in 2016. If he loses, the Republicans are done.

Oh God she's gross.

The Based Weasel Hunter



He'll be the "should've voted him" by then.

Can't see Trump running twice

There is no competition come 2020, the voter demographic will shift so much in the Democrats favor in 4 years that the Republicans will never have another chance at the Presidency. Enjoy your third world future if Hillary wins.

>If he loses, the Republicans are done.
came here to say this
if Trump does not win the US is well fucked

This based nigga right here. It's Hillary's turn first though, she deserves to be President.


Paul Ryan/ Rand Paul

Either Jeb Bush's wife's son or Donald Trump's son.

Yeezy will be our only hope.

15 million new illegals become citizens in FL and TX

Blue majority forever.

Cruz got the same results as Santorum did in 2012. He's a really shitty and unelectable candidate and was only propped up by the media to give the impression that the race would be close and interesting.

Ted Cruz
Jeb Bush
Marco Rubio
Mitt Romney

Meh...methinks she kicks the bucket 2/22/17

Literally nobody, demographic shifts have slowly been edging the Republicans out of presidential contention so basically the entire party is doomed without a party realignment.

I already got my campaign sweatshirt

West 2020!

Voting Trump, but the GOP will effectively be dead if Trump loses.

It'll have a couple more victories in Congressional elections, but it'll be relegated to being a regional party.

First of all, Clinton and Kaine want to legalize the illegals, which is going to destroy us demographically.

We've seen with Reagan amnesty, that even when the GOP panders to Hispanics, they still flock to Dems.

Not only is the GOP at a demographic disadvantage in that case, but there's the internal conflict within the party as well.

Trump's stirred a very energetic and active base. Some might flock to the "next big thing," many will not.

Constitutionalist fags and Tea Partiers are going to use a Trump loss as a rallying cry for Cruz 2020.

The donor class is going to try and force another traditional Neocon (Yeb!/Rubio) down our throats.

Basically, if the GOP loses this election, that'll be the final nail in their coffin.

I certainly will be done with the part after that. I'll be damned before voting for someone like Kasich, Yeb, Cruz, Rubio or Ryan.

It isn't any body's turn just because they've been trying for ever you faggot

gowdy or chaffets.
I tweet them from time to time how they'd make great candidates.
> who has the best chance of beating her
Literally anyone


>Who faces her in 2020 and has the best chance of beating her?


You don't get it do you? Republicans are D.O.N.E. if she wins. You know what she will do as POTUS? She will open the flood gates and let the 3rd world, who vote exclusively Democrat, in so that no Republican will ever win again.

>B-but muh true conservative!

If Trump loses a military coup might be necessary. Prove me wrong.

Sheriff David Clarke

Possibly Rand Paul. Who knows if he'll even run again though, he might be too demoralized by this point. His demeanor around the end of his campaign showed that much.

So we should let a retard try instead? Would you want your surgeon perform his first operation on you?

Praise Kek!

I'm betting on Jeb! 2020.


The Constitution will be null, this is philosophical territory at that point. Hobbes Leviathan is a good reference for a defunct sovereign (government).

There would literally need to be a secession to maintain western civil liberties as the supreme court would be irreparable.

>Who faces her in 2020 and has the best chance of beating her?

Someone at least smart; it can't be anyone that was on stage this primary season.

Honestly, I'd like to see Paul Ryan run against her.

Cruz, Rubio, and Jeb are jokes. Stupid jokes.

WHEN Trump loses, the world will win - and America will be great, as it always has been

It's kind of a moot point, senpai. You'd be better served asking the inverse question the way the polls are headed.

You're asking the right questions, but need to modify your course a bit to strengthen your assertions

Kek'd, if trump looses next election everyone will once again be like "man it doesnt matter who you vote for Dems are both the same, I wish there was a way to break this cycle and bring the whole thing crashing down" and only then will they realize the mistake they made not voting for trump, the guy literally every one of the evil elite in the western world hates and the one rare chance to break the cycle

>gowdy or chaffets.

both are intelligent but don't seem to be "big" enough personalities to run for president. and congressmen have practically never been nominated. few people go from the senate to the presidency.

but that's all academic if Hillary can "reform" immigration and put another 10+ million mexicans on the road to citizenship.

if trump bombs, we might never have another republican president, certainly not a conservative like Reagan or either Bush.

the future belongs to centrists like Bill Clinton, Obama, and hillary. they're not nearly as liberal as they are made out to be.

>Paul Ryan.
>Not a joke.

What do you mean by "can't." A coup can happen if supported by actual warm bodies and carried out. Isn't the constitution already rendered null by this admin?


Can we meme autistic guacamole man to the White House in 2020?

Trump loses, America dies, period.

No coming back from it, senpai.

Lol "assume" he got BTGO at the debate and now he's getting BTFO all over reddit and soon other social media. He's finished.

I'm just sad you fags put all your effort into that scumbag and now we're going to be stuck with Shillary.

Rubio, and he will have to repudiate Trump and kiss a lot of Latino ass to even have a snowball's chance in hell of winning.

Demographics is death, and white America is already on life support. Trump's loss is going to be the death rattle.

>implying there's any hope for republicans and lolbertarians if Trump loses

look, you don't have an out here. It's either Trump or we watch the end of the west as we turn to the next cycle of (((modern civilization))). The demographic shifts are simply too much for another right winger to win the presidency ever again. Wouldn't even surprise me if Clinton had 1 or 2 conservative SCOTUS members sniped so we could fully embrace the degeneracy she'd reap onto us.

Nobody, Texas seceded, civil war brakes out.

>Trump loses, America dies, period.

Holy shit, having the Orange Man Group as your last hope. That's truly depressing.

I can only hope...

Praise kek and the avacado gods.

The coup by definition would be a new government.

Effectively America (as it is) would have ended again, as it did at the beginning and end of the Civil War.

We have people in the SCOTUS that are against the law of the land and are subverting it. A coup would be opposed by some governors, and thus there could be a rub with National Guard. So many implications.

But the fact is there cannot be civil liberty and a Democrat victory. The are opposites. 1st and 2nd Amendments are being subverted openly and the others more secretly. I'm okay with the US splitting up, or not, so long as I live somewhere with the Bill of Rights in tact.

That would make a wonderful birthday present for me

Demoralization thread

Trump has already won


Texan confirmed

>A coup can happen if supported by actual warm bodies blah blah blah.

Find one example of a healthy democracy EVER having a coup or even a coup attempt.

We did not come close to a coup attempt during the Great Depression which most of us cannot fathom - there was practically no welfare and no bank insurance; many people lost everything.

we did not come close to a coup when Nixon was forced out of office, or when FDR died during a world war. nor did we when ALL the chiefs of staff wanted to attack cuba during the missile crisis. when Kennedy was killed there was no threat at all.

I could go on. but you kids who talk about martial law and coups and civil war are so comical it's hard to imagine where you get your ideas from, unless it's silly places like Cred Forums.

you have no idea. He's not a bad guy, but I'm just not sure how much he knows about demographics or if he even cares. He's a nice guy. Too nice, but he's what we got.

>kiss a lot of Latino ass

Latinos hate Rubio and Cruz. Rubio couldn't even win his own state and Cruz doesn't even speak Spanish. They'd have more success with the black vote.

I honestly think Marco Rubio is the only one would could possibly win the White House if Trump loses

If she wins the dindus and shitskins will vote entitlements until the country dissolves. Bye bye USA. Whites will make a final stand in Straya or space.

she won't be running at 74. She is only "alive" now due to a strong mix of pill cocktails. Otherwise she would be dyeing in a bed

Presidency will go to the democrats again though if trump loses.

Corruption will cause a coup.

Thats why liberal/socialist governments grab guns as fast as possible.

Please don't fucking do this, it was painful enough to watch the first time around.

Oh, also, Trump's stupid comments have destroyed the Republican chances with Latinos for at least the next 20 years.

Trump showed what the Repub. fanbase is like in regard to Latinos, and it's very off-putting.

Not an argument.

You don't have to be a career politician to be a president. Just because someone has spent 26 years in politics and the wife of a president doesn't mean they deserve it over anyone else.

This. The idea is to get her in as fast as possible to stack the SCOTUS.

That is all she is there for.

>You don't have to be a career politician to be a president.

No, but you should at least know what the president has the power to do. And how Congress works. Those kind of minor details.

Calling constituents a "fanbase" confirms you to be CTR. I know they can't afford better.

None of those situations had anything to do with abolishing our rights. When they start trying to jail people for saying things they don't want being said and of course when they come for the guns, the people will revolt and the military will step up.

>Corruption will cause a coup.

you are so naive it is cute.

the sort of corruption that we are seeing is part of being a human and having leaders. when the FBI guy said that Combetta changing the emails and deleting his files was not a big deal, the reason that the committed did not stand up and start calling for his head is because that is how it works.

all governments have corruption. all powerful people abuse their power. very few are brought down.

every administration EVER has had charges of corruption. maybe not jimmy carter, so that should tell you something.

Rand can take her down

There will be more pressing concerns going on if Hillary wins. The Constant antagonising of Russia and the constant interventionism in the Middle East, driving people to flood and crash Europe is going to send us into WW3.

At this point, I think the damage may be already done and Trump getting elected may not be able to stem the tide, It will be a start though.

I think it's a good thing, to be honest. It will allow other third parties to gain prominence and we may have more options in the future.

I disagree, any other candidate would have picked up a fuck ton of minority votes. Democrats where bound to lose this election. Generally any party will find it very difficult to win an election after 3 terms in office. Every shitty thing that ever happened in US will be weight on their shoulders for the past 12 years. And from the looks of it - things are only getting worse. No way they could take office 2020 when Hillary get´s into office.

There isn't any "competition"
If Hillary wins the US becomes single party , your alrwady seeing the early effects that will be x100
Whoever "runs" in 2020 and every election after will be controlled opposition

Trump 2020 MAGA

>of course when they come for the guns

good lord kid stop believing what you read on /k/.

all they want to do is stop total retards like Adam Lanza from being able to kill 20 five year olds. (in b4 false flag).

nobody will ever (in your lifetime) take away your gunz. calm the fuck down.

t. cuck

Huntsman would probably be the only shot to save the GOP.

Give me Donald trump Jr.

Ted "Zodiac" Cruz, the absolute madman

>Who faces her in 2020

kek there wont be another election if she wins

>kek there wont be another election if she wins

is this a contest for the most fucktarded comment award?

I nominate this one.

Why wouldn't you want to take away your competition's weapons? Please answer.

Trumps comments made no difference. Mexicans vote for gibs. We were doomed when we started voting to take money from people and give it away to others. This was inevitable. Good news though, civil war in the next 20 years.

If Hillary wins it won't even matter. She will have nominated 3 or 4 supreme court justices by then and we will never recover. Might as well abandon all hope if she wins.


people with guns are not anyone's "competition". I don't even know how you can write that asinine statement.

is this thread full of 12 year olds whose life experience is vidya and Cred Forums?

seriously. this thread is getting tiresome.

You mean the constitution?

That's also why presidents also have white house staff and aids.

If Trump loses we won't have to worry about elections ever again


And yet Trump is doing better with Mestizos then every other Republican candidate before him. Shows how much you know shill.

There was never a single point in history where Latinos did well with Republicans, even during the 70s and 80s.

>mfw the next Republicant candidate is an openly gay hispanic

The Republican party needs to evolve, which is the antithesis of conservatism.

Republicans need to drop the whol muh christian values, which Trump basically did. They meed to drop the whole fag bashing, which depending on the day of the week Trump basically did. They need to drop the racism and blaming every little problem on minorities, which Trump did the opposite of. They need to focus on the economy in a coherent way, which Trump didn't do in the debate. They need to focus on fiscal responsibility, which they haven't done in over a decade. They need to have a foreign policy that isn't pants on head retarded and war hawkish.

Badically the Republican party is over. With each year of baby boomers dying they will lose more and more elections. In a generation from now they will either have evolved or been replaced by some new "alt-right" party.

Why not? You're not making any sense and you sound like an emotional little girl. "omgishhh you guysss are soo frustrataing huurugh!! Don't you get ittttt!?!"

dubs speaks the truth





She'll come up with some war or act or some bullshit excuse and be President for life. There won't be another election.

>maybe if we can get them to think past the sale

If Hillary wins there won't even be an election in 2020. If she wins our government and society in general will cease to exist within 2 years. This is not an opinion.

>That's also why presidents also have white house staff and aids.

not defending that guy or arguing with you, but: JFK was the most popular president we ever had, and he could not pass civil rights legislation because even though he was a senator (who was seldom there), he had no clue as to how the senate worked.

once he was dead, LBJ, aka "the master of the senate", rammed through the civil rights act and the voting rights act and numerous other bills to fight poverty and create his Great Society.

unfortunately, the cold war was still hot, and LBJ wanted to funnel money to his pals, so he escalated Vietnam which drained the budget.

ahem. white house staff don't know shit about passing legislation.

If Trump loses the Republican party is done. Next election cycle they'll do everything possible to put forward a cuck to win dem minority votes and we will get a Mitt 2.0 scenario like in 2012 where the cuck doesn't get minority votes AND white votes.

>Ted Cruz
>Jeb Bush
>Marco Rubio
>Mitt Romney

All of which will see america drown under an endless wave of immigration.


>you sound like an emotional little girl

I am so out of here.


This is the truth.

If you want to see the future of the US, I want you take a close look at electoral process of South Africa. The ANC/Democrats will win every election from now on, and even as the country slowly slids toward the third world, they are STILL going to win every election. The DA is the only intelligent party in that entire country, and it has the white vote, and increasingly the Colored and Indian votes, but they still lose each election because blacks overwhelmingly will vote for the ANC. Elections are being decided on racial lines only. In fact, the only reason the ANC has suffered setbacks in recent years, is that it has gotten so shit that they managed to split the black votes with the ANC and the EFF which is one hundred times worse then the ANC. This fact is something Republicans don't get.

>nobody will ever (in your lifetime) take away your gunz.

They have been trying and trying for decades and if everybody acted like you do they would have succeeded long ago. The government has nothing but contempt for US citizens because they don't fall in line and do as the elite want them to.

When technology gets to the point where the elite can own and operate an army of drones to do their bidding without the soldier from Kentucky piloting it, they won't hold back.

John Kasich

if Hillary wins you can say hello to mass Mexican and Syrian immigration and they'll all vote Dem
the plan is to bring in so many of them that whites will never again be able to elect a Trump

0.02 has been deposited into your account.

t. CTR billing and accounts department

This is the last chance for the white man. If we lose this we will have to take up arms to survive.

>Democrats have been trying all out to get another AWB passed under the guise of "common sense"
>the plan is to ban the sale and transfer of these rifles
>this results in the firearms being completely illegal once the current generation of owners dies out

this is why your kind always loses in the end, but hey keep going m8 honestly I can't wait for national CCW reciprocity.

Brian Sandoval. He's young, Hispanic, and governor of the swing state Nevada. Unfortunately, the Nevada Republican Party hates him because he cares more about effective governance than anti-tax ideology. Susanna Martinez is basically the same for New Mexico, as well as being woman. Either'd be better than the dipshit Castro twins currently being groomed to be Hispanic Obamas.

No Republican who could win the general election will ever make it through the primaries. They had a chance with Kasich this year and went with the guy who Clinton did best against in hypothetical matchups.

Little Marco for sure. Its so fucking easy, nominate someone with a Hispanic last name and cruise to victory. Republicans were so close to btfo democrats but they picked an autist with shit for brains instead. Republicans need to at least show some change to ignite a new generation. No women or blacks necessary.

>implying there would be a country
>implying race relations won't continue to deteriorate
>implying that there won't be a violent uprising in both the USA and Europe or a war between Russia and the west destroying all that is worth defending

I think it comes down to more of how you can deal with people and know how to play the political game. But experience in politics doesn't mean you deserve the presidential election over someone else because of that or because they've been planning for it and have been snubbed before.

Stop being an edge lord. Niggers have been getting their ass beat by cops and riots have happened for decades. all through out the 60s and after rodney king too. ww3 isnt going to happen we all have to much shit to lose and there isn't going to be a civil war. all fantasy bull shit.

It literally won't matter because it would've already been too late if she wins

>US starts numerous wars in the Middle East
>Economy goes into a worse recession and of course she'll bail them out
>More and more jobs will be outsourced and the income inequality rate will skyrocket
>Democratic party which will now be run by the Clinton Foundation will continue to be victorious

Enjoy your irreversible downward spiral Americucks

>people with guns are not anyone's "competition"


Fuck that cuck

>drop racism

Nope. We need to ramp it up. Especially since the Dems at this point are catering to blatantly anti-white groups.

This. My back up plan is to meme Jeb! Into the WH because at that point it really will simply be for the lulz anymore.

>implying there will be a 2018 let alone a 2020 if Hillary wins

The differences is that whites were over 90% of the population during the 1960s. RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT, whites are now the minority among all new births. There are going to be serious implications in the near future.

If she wins there won't be anymore elections.

If Trump loses I'm off this ride.

Getting out for good senpai.

I don't want to live in a 3rd world country, but if I have to, it won't be Hillary's America. It will be some place that needs engineers and translators, etc...

muh 3rd world airports kek

Once all the squatamalens get here Cred Forums could maybe attempt to colonize their homeland. We could build pyramids again like days of yore.

We just need to get over the fact that some things are lost forever. But letting them win, when we can defeat them would be a terrible thing. Only about a month left, and then our destiny is determined in quite a few ways. A month left to fight and do what we can.


Fpbp. Floods of immigrants all voting for autist democrats. Nothing but wars. Working class will dissipate and America will be a commie warzone. She will go after Guns. Hopefully some volcanoes explode and create a massive Island or two so we can leave you pigeon headed liberals here all alone. You can have your gender free gay nation where no one works and still expect everything for free.

>We did not come close to a coup attempt during the Great Depression which most of us cannot fathom - there was practically no welfare and no bank insurance; many people lost everything.

google general butler

If Hillary wins, she's a guaranteed one-termer.

She's already incredibly unpopular. After 4 years as president she'll be even less popular than Carter was in 1980 or Bush in 2008. She'll probably break the record for lowest approval ratings ever.

So it doesn't matter who runs against her in 2020. Anyone would be able to beat her.

It is over going forward, the demographics are locked in there will never be anything but democraps elected going forward.

That is why this election is so important.

She will win even if she looses. FL, OH, NV and NC

It's been over, this is all for ratings now.