Post your maps

Post your maps

Do they have to be election maps? 'Cause I rather like this one that I made: a map of what North America would look like if every politically active secessionist movement were to succeed.

>Switch Virginia and colorado
That's my prediction


He might get New Hampshire too if he does everything right from now till election day.

Here is a helpful guide for determining the age of the map you're looking at, if it's not printed.

Doesn't northern Colorado want to secede? And California split in two?


Or even Minnesota and Michigan? Juicy

This is the only fantasy map you'll ever need.

That's not secession in the sense I was going for, which is "full political autonomy". What you're referencing is states breaking into smaller states, which would otherwise still be part of the US.

Anyway, here's a map of the world in 1879 when I was playing as Spain in Vicky II.

And here is Greater Ethiopia from a different game. It was a Hell of a struggle, but I did manage to achieve Great Power status.

Here is a map of the world in 1969 after my SpyCraft players finished mucking around in a campaign that lasted the whole 60s decade and saw them playing as agents of the KGB.

Oh, for the record on that last map, France is not Communist, but it is an ally of the Soviet Union.

This here is a blank map of Dinotopia, which is more useful to have than you might think.

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Needs a Greek Isle and a Dwarven mountain

>I don't agree with his opinion
>must be paid shill
trump supporters are really thin-skinned easily provoked faggot pieces of shit

This is a map of how the Indian subcontinent looked in 1950 in an alternate history story I was writing.



It's funny, according to RCP she's gained a couple tenths of a point in the overall national poll, but the battleground states haven't really budged.

This is the world from the same alternate history story.


And this is known space from, again, the same alternate history story (which, again takes place in 1950).

Just like their candidate.


hey serb bro, how can we make sure this becomes a reality?

In your dreams.

oh no (((PPP))) got its cheque from Soros and put her up by +5 in basically every swing state because reasons

This is a map of something that Cred Forums is chronically afraid of: small ungulates.

Don't hate SHILL this is reality !

The same world, but with analogue cultures.

The same world again, overlaid onto Earth for size and climate comparison.


This will be a reality

A map of the world at the end of 1944 in Harry Turtledove's TL-191 series. The South has finally fallen. Reb bastards.


A map of Toril, and I'm finally out of interesting maps.

my man, you are based. hope you take care of yourself.

OP your map is how its going to go down.

No you idiot going forward it will get worst for Trump. Don't even bother showing up to vote come November 8.

dumbass... you are OP... FUCK OFF

>things that will never happen

Here's my prediction as of right now. If Hillary has a good month, it could be in her favor, if Trump has a good month, it could be slightly more red or tossups. It's not at victory level for anyone at the moment.

Kill yourself SHILL !

wow someone is really scared now

Try again moran


Actually, just realized, I should've changed Missouri, South Carolina and Indiana to be likely, instead of leaning.


nigga...Hilairy has already pulled out of Ohio

No way Trump will win Colorado and Wisconsin.


I'll give you Ohio(face it Trump is not going to win Cleveland), what about Colorado and Pennsylvania where Clinton have a 4+ pts lead?

The "lean Trump" states will flip by Election Day if things keep steady.
The "lean Clinton" states will start to flip if Trump does really well and/or Clinton has another 9/11 moment.

As far as I'm concerned Pennsylvania is already solid red but that triggers people who actually believe this is a normal election cycle and the polls can be taken at face value.

Clinton is leading heavily in CO and PENN.

Trump is tied in CO. And he doesn't need PA. But would be nice.


He's already winning it. Even (((CNN))) has him up by one, the much more reliably accurate Gravis poll has him +4.


>Clinton is leading heavily in CO

How does this make you feel Cred Forums?

>implying Trump can't surpass a +4 lead

His lead is gaining in NC where the haven of progressives in Charlotte are getting red pilled hard.

The Dwarves advanced into the Clockwork Tsars and the Greek Isle sank into the ocean to become So Not Atlantis. Do you even lore?

Basically sums up the electoral college

The experts are predicting that Trump will not win Co. do you honestly think you are smarter than people who do this shit for a living?

Is the movement in Texas really a separate movement from the secession of the rest of the south? Why would they want to be their own sovereign country instead of an ally of a new confederacy?

Is there any particular reason/information to suggest that both the west and east coasts are inherently liberal while the heartland and fringes are inherently republican?

Feels good since we have a Republican House and Senate

>high black turnout for anyone buy Obama

>((The experts))

Unlikely but not impossible, and provided for in the Constitution.

If neither candidate gets a majority of the 538 electoral votes, the election for President is decided in the House of Representatives, with each state delegation having one vote. The candidate needs a simple majority (26) to win. The Senate then elects the Vice President, with each Senator getting one vote. Again, a simple majority (51) is all that's needed.

I feel that this situation would not favor Trump, but it would be legal and exactly as mandated in the Constitution, so there would be nothing anyone could do about it - not if they also want to blather on about the sanctity of the Constitution, anyway.

You truly are America's greatest ally :)

Go to Ladbrokes and bet bucks on Johnson getting

It still amazes me that Pennsylvania, with its coal industry, would just suicide itself like that.... But then I look at current events in Germany... so IDK.

good luck Hans, have some (potential) digits for luck!

>I feel that this situation would not favor Trump,
Try again. The breakdown highly favors Trump in that senario


>Is the movement in Texas really a separate movement from the secession of the rest of the south?

Yes, or rather there are distinct movements for such. Like I point out, the various movements might not be united.

>Why would they want to be their own sovereign country instead of an ally of a new confederacy?

I don't know. I wasn't trying to postulate logic, I was just showing what it would look like if EVERY movement that met my criteria succeeded and got a sovereign nation out of it. Like I point out, this does result in some overlapping claims, which is why Texas (red) has some gray outlines to it, and why West Canada (which has supporters for an entire nation unto itself) has pink lines running through most of western Canada even as most of western Canada's provinces seek their own distinct sovereignty.

why is California so full of faggots ?

what is this?


The breakdown nominally favors Republicans, but the Senators and Representatives in that situation are not obligated to vote according to the will of the states.

The question you should be asking is whether or not enough Republican Senators and Representatives would be willing to vote for Trump. How many allies does Trump actually have in the party establishment?

>has an opinion that's different
>"xD CTR shill"
I like Trump but this kind of thought process is stupid

>The """experts"""

>do you honestly think you are smarter than people who do this shit for a living?
When the "experts" routinely failed to predict primary results on both sides by up to 20 points and have failed to correctly predict literally anything at all relating to Donald Trump's campaign, yes I do think I'm smarter than them.
Colorado is a wild card, the DUDEWEED vote could hang on to Johnson, flip either way, or just stay home.
I'm not retarded enough to ignore things that can easily be predicted as we move into the home stretch and two more debates, like the fact that trade and jobs are Trump's strongest area and one of Clinton's weakest, and she's eventually going to have to talk about it more (even unconvincingly arguing NAFTA was a good thing in the first debate). This is going to be most damaging to her in PA and MI, and if Trump plays it well it could totally sink her in those states, giving him an insurmountable lead in the election.

People would vote against Hilary. Not for Trump.

experts at sucking my dick, maybe

I was wondering how France got commie cucked

This but maybe switch CO and PA or just add PA

I think there are too many cucks in VA

So much fucking this.

Pennsylvania will never vote for Hillary "We're going to put the coal miners out of work" "We're going to raise taxes on the middle class" "NAFTA has been a boon to the economy" Clinton

Yeah fucking right

Maybe, but I do not doubt that there would be a fair number of people who would see this as their last, best chance to prevent the disaster that would be a Trump presidency.

France withdrew from NATO, and in the campaign the players (again, KGB agents) basically did a lot of shit to make it look like America and Britain were trying to manipulate its internal politics as a result.

The highlight of the campaign was in 1963, though. The Kennedy assassination was carried out by rogue agents of the KGB who were looking to start a war; the players had to infiltrate America at the height of its paranoia, with the CIA and FBI more active than it had ever been before, in order to track down and eliminate the rogue KGB agents before this happened, basically acting to preserve the Main Enemy since the USSR did not desire outright war.

(alt history all of it, of course. And by the way I am virulently anti-Communist...but sometimes it's fun to play the bad guy).


Provided that happens, and assuming the state delegations voted the way the electoral college did (perhaps not, but there's no way to tell and no reason to believe they won't at this time) Trump wins the House by 3 or so votes. Pence obviously wins the Senate.

No... you're wrong what about Pittsburgh?


>much more reliably accurate

wait shit NH shouldn't be red but we'll see

Texan here. The secessionist movement in Texas is about Texas itself as a sovereign nation. The reasoning is that Texas is large and powerful enough to be it's own regional power, it has an independent heritage going back to its founding and as a former independent republic, and basically that the federal government can fuck right off.

Contrary to what the MSM wants you to believe, there ARE more than enough angry white voters in Pennsylvania's heartland to outweigh Filthadelphia and city liberals/minorities.
Luzerne County is 60% Democrat, it's voted with the state in every election since 1952 and it's double-digits for Trump.
Northhampton County has voted with the state in every election since 1932 and it's also solidly Trump.

The Democratic base is in shambles nationwide, but Hillary is particularly unpopular in Pennsylvania.
College liberal Bernouts aren't excited for her, minorities don't respect her and won't turn out for her anywhere close to Obama's levels, which is what the DNC expects and needs for her to look competitive in their projections.

I hope this happens because it would be fucking hilarious to watch northern liberals lose their minds

PA is the most important state this election

Just try and remember if/when it comes up that there's a legal way to leave the union without having a shooting war break out. Texas v. White only ruled UNILATERAL secession illegal; if Texas works with the Feds then not only is it perfectly possible, but the Feds would be hard-pressed to oppose what is clearly the will of the people of Texas.

Provided that you can demonstrate that it is, in fact, clearly the will of the people of Texas.

ME2 goes to Trump so he wins.

Disagree. Florida

>the will of the people of Texas.
Which it's nowhere close to being right now. People joke about it a lot, but if it ever actually came down to a vote or something secession is still in lunatic fringe territory at the moment.

Tampa, Florida man here. Feels good.

Florida is most important. Trump could actually win without Florida but it'd be a lot harder, he'd have to flip PA and either VA or NH + CO.
Either way Florida is solidly Trump at this point, Clinton has given up on it, the early ballot requests show a huge Republican swing, and most importantly the energy for him is Y U G E

She gave up on Ohio allegedly I still think she is pushing for Florida.