Do Chinese people browse Cred Forums?

What do you think of the whole Alt Right thing in the West? Do you have an equivalent in China.

If so prove you are Chinese by reading this

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Is Cred Forums even accessible there? It's for the best, they'd just shill against Japan all day like that one Korean faggot that spams copypastas

Sry m8, politics don't exist in china.

I see a lot of Japanese here. When I do see Chinese they seem to be Hong Kong, very likely western expats or proxies even.

>all these newfags never seen ching chong

This. Or the occasional taiwanbro.


Taiwan has it's on flag on here though, wouldn't use the mainlands flag

Since all of you are newfags haven't been on Cred Forums fore more than a year, let me explain something.

China's ISP is rangeblocked in a way that you need to buy a Cred Forums pass to post. Now think, how many of you would ACTUALLY buy a Cred Forums pass.

That's why there are about only 20 individual Chinese posters who post at any given time.

Stay for a bit and lurk more before you make threads like these.

I can't read that but I know it's on those Chinese mooncakes.

how do you do the green words thing


Can confirm. Even with a VPN it was impossible to post while I was browsing from Beijing.

>its a mystery
>only evil hacker Cred Forums knows

>how do you do the green words thing
by not being a complete fucking idiot

I'm not Chinese but I'd think the Alt Right would make them nervous. White people saying they've had enough white guilt and basically saying they're going to form a white ethnostate? Its kinda similar to rightwing Japanese saying "we're not going to take it anymore.

And the "Century of Humiliation" they're so butthurt about was basically about white people kicking their ass and treating them like dirt because they were culturally and technologically inferior.

There's no "alt" right but there's a rightwing in China but its not allowed to become a thing because the Communists have a monopoly and don't tolerate rivals.

But if you watch this video it shows what the rightwing in China is all about. All they can do is post angry comments on social media and threaten boycotts.

I'd be surprised if many people go through the trouble of penetrating the great firewall just to shitpost on Cred Forums.

I'm Chinese. I automatically assume half the legitimate leaf posters are Chinese

yes you can tell who is a chink or not by their logic

>implying the """"right"""" in China is actually a real right, and not just Western capitalist liberal democracy. China's current authoritarian regime is literally the best thing for the country. You wouldn't want them to start getting cucked now, would you?

Chinese here. To your surprise we aren't nervous. That's a nigger mentality. All over our history books are the humiliation and the lesson that white ppl taught us. We want to compete.

And alt-right is basically the main view of politics in China. Extreme racism and patriotism

非我族类 其心必异
Look it up. Our ancients thought us this thousands of years ago.

Prove you are Chinese, translate this.

That's some ancient shit. Is that saying "无瑕国宝” Flawless national treasure?

China doesn't really have political thought in the population. Talk to Chinese people and you will find they are very very simple minded on these issues.

Kevin Rudd got a huge Asian vote. Not because of his policies, but because he could speak Chinese.

I've got a Chinese gf (one of many I've had) and this one straight up says that her 'political' views are based on the 5 constant virtues from confucianism.

They also don't know how to research. She blamed white people for prostitution. I told her that my Chinese friends ask me to go to brothels with them on a weekly basis but a white never has. I show her how all of the places are run by asians, with asian girls, for asian men (all the advertisements are in Chinese).

It is from a Chinese porcelain antique. A seal mark. Zhuanshu script?

Yeah maybe. I'm not really into calligraphy


These characters are what it say?

Ah, that's the Archaic text I think.


无瑕 flawless
国宝 national treasure

is this loss?

Yes we do. I'm taiwanese.

>What do you think of the whole Alt Right thing in the West?
Retarded. So are netouyos and similar groups in Asia.

>Do you have an equivalent in China.
No idea, but I doubt it. I guess pro brit hongkongers are somethi g on those lines.

>If so prove you are Chinese by reading this
I only get the country, treasure and carry ones.

Ah very nice. I assume they are both referring to the piece as being fine porcelain of national importance.

>I only get the country, treasure and carry ones.

Interesting. What do you think it mean?

looks like a mummy


They only blocked captcha so you can't post anything unless you have a Cred Forums pass or vpn.


This. Even though the government calls itself Communist, it is a capitalist nation that puts its own people first and purges degenerates. It's effectively already an "alt-right" state by those standards.