12-year-old Marco Arturo responds to attacks by antivaccine bloggers


I´ve seen this on another board and decided to post here, what dos Cred Forums think about vaccines?

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Only retarded luddites are against vaccines 2bh

I'm actually pleased to see more and more muritards claim that vaccines kill and/or cause autism. One of the rare few cases where good oldschool KGB tactics were used by modern Russia.

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It's a good thing you rotten kuffar are not procreating.

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Even if vaccines caused autism in appx 1% of the population (which they don't) they would still be worth it.

Anti-vaxxers deserve crippled kids, enjoy your polio, faggots.

As someone with mild autism, the possibility that the vaccines I was injected with as an infant being the reason for my life getting fucked over is deeply disturbing.
Yea they can protect people from certain diseases and improve life, but at what cost?
If I had to choose between polio and this shit, I would have taken polio.

>If I had to choose between polio and this shit, I would have taken polio.

If you would have taken polio then you don't have autism, you're just straight up retarded.

People who support mandatory vaccinations are the lowest scum on earth, worse than murderers rapists and anything else.

But every antivaxxer I know has healthy kids. They tend to be the health nuts, so your bad wishes would take work on them.
T.provax but prochoice guy

SHIT, made some typos. Oh well

Which life threatening disease would you have preferred to get instead?

Medicine should be voluntary, not mandatory.

>Medicine should be voluntary, not mandatory.
People who refuse to be vaccinated need to be quarantined to some god forsaken place so those selfish fuckwitted conspiracy theory retards don't infect and kill us with their diseases or their insane ignorance.


>every antivaxxer I know
Fallacy Alert!: Anecdotal evidence

anti-vaxxers are extreme conspiracy theorists hippy leftists who jeopardize our population's immunity by "questioning" scientific fact.

they should all be quarantined on a shitty nuclear-test-site island like lepers

>Yea they can protect people from certain diseases and improve life, but at what cost?

What is the cost of human life?

Do you want autism or polio? Fucking stupid.

Also, there is NO link between autism and vaccines. There was a study in the 70s that suggested there might be a very slight correlation, those scientists have since said they made an error in the data. No oother study or scientist has found a correlation.

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I don't claim that vaccines cause autism is any way or form but taking a shot with 6 different vaccines when you're under a certain can't be good or usefull is any way or form.
We went from doing 1 shot for 3 vaccines and it worked fine, now they're pushing these huge shots that in no way a small boy can assimilate to full potential.
On another note (which may sound completely false but it happened to close family) a family had their 100% normal 8 year old take a
6 vaccine shot, soon after he became super fucked in the head, is now currently a semi-retard who needs following.
Explain that atheists.

fucking Mallonne Morais

>the possibility

The same possibility exists that red ants have decided the rotation of the earth. You're an idiot.



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how did we survive without our glorious immunity provided by Monsanto™?

must have been pure luck. wow.

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I know this feel

Look at the death rate for diseases then vs now

We managed to nearly eradicate diseases that were killing us off en masse before

Most anti-vaxxers aren't againt the vaccines. They're against all the shit they put in there with them.

Untested preservatives, mercury compounds, unlisted and unapproved chemicals.
They actually use each vaccine as a live test of the latest concoctions.

There's no excuse to put preservatives for a 20 year shelf life that gets used within 90 days from production on a 6 week old baby.

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>You think he's got pubes or just a baldy little willy?

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My mum was anti vaccine
I was never had a vaccine in my life
I grew up fine.

My cousin had several vaccines, one of them trying to prevent this disease that he still got (i forgot the name of the disease)

I actually do

We're basically same age though he's just pretty short compared to me

We're in different cities right now though and I haven't seen him in person for a long time. Fuck I miss him

This kid reminds me of him when we were both 12 when we first met

And now I'm tearing up. Fuck all of you

Sorry mate, why so far away?

not just what you mentioned, they put too many all at once, a young body can't handle it all, and they provide no reason why parents cant spread the vaccines out over a while. then provaxxers sit there and explain "YOU JUST DONT KNOW HOW VACCINES WORK!!! STUPID STUPID HAHAAH!!" meanwhile royal families and politians around the world get pure clean preserative-free and mercury-free vaccines and have private non-gmo gardens.


That is some funny and truthful shit right there.

more and more click baits, we dont have to click your shitty shit to get you free views to discuss that you stupid autist.

Know what I think, as someone who gets a flu shot every year and will vaccinate my kids when I get my shit together, get a woman, settle down, and have them?

I think you should mind your own god damn fucking business, faggot.

when is that deniro doc coming out, i remember them shutting that shit down HARD at a film festival

WTV you said ... youtube.com/watch?v=4vzFeiKH1jQ

It is called Eugenics .. and its no new news

>someone who gets a flu shot every year

For a strain guessed at an entire year in advance, and only correctly done so between 5 and 10 percent of the time.

Even the CDC has admitted that flu shots are practically useless. Buy hey, enjoy your tasty additives every year.

Just saying ..

what a faggot

omg so strange that shills would push pro-vaccine?

Really, that makes no sense

>for the purposes of rules I am currently 19

Last year of school for us. His dad is in Calgary and my family ended up back in Vancouver. He's in a good part but I still hate thinking of him being in that place. I taught him to shoot properly before I left so he could defend himself but I constantly am on edge every night waiting for our nightly skype calls hoping he's ok. I guess I'm just paranoid but my biggest fear truly is not being able to help him if he ever is in trouble.

When we finally get the money to move away from parents fully I hope we can find a place to split rent here. We're probably going to the same Uni so that's good.

It's painful as hell though being separated. For a huge portion of my life he was my only reason to stay alive. There's some wierd connection we've seemed to have the moment we met before we even knew what being sexually attracted even was.

Really at the end of the day he was the only one who ever fully takes me seriously who really seems to give a shit about me.

Meh, my work pays for them, I get paid to go get it (basically just leave work and go get it while still "working"), plus my bluepilled brother just had twins so they're all super concerned with vaccines and shit.

If shots were gonna give me autism I assume I'd show symptoms by now. Fuck it. The point I was making to that guy was he should fuck off and I'll do whatever I want because I'm a grown ass man.

how can you get infected if you are vaccinated?

>Really, that makes no sense
26 doses of 9 vaccines by the first birthday according to the CDC schedule.

That means putting mercury into a baby's bloodstream more than once a month where liver and kidney function is still undeveloped, and the brain is still forming.

Anyone that expects that to be completely safe for a baby is, well, vaccine retarded. Blame your doctor for all the infant mercury clouding your thinking processes.

>If shots were gonna give me autism I assume I'd show symptoms by now.

>Posts on Cred Forums.

>Claims no autism.

Pick one.

Really, this boy is brain washed, cleary on the spectrum himself, no?

You know Cred Forums alone gets millions of hits a day, right?
We're literally more popular than most news networks

I have to say, I am being ironic.

That's cute :) I'm sure he'll be fine. You shouldn't feel too sad, most people will never have anyone like that.

>You know Cred Forums alone gets millions of hits a day, right?
>We're literally more popular than most news networks

Thank you for proving my point. But yes, I know this.

/pol is usually the first place for breaking news to be posted.

Then I already have autism so getting the flu shot every year won't harm me. Win/win I guess.

>Then I already have autism so getting the flu shot every year won't harm me. Win/win I guess.

As long as you're happy. Guess I shouldn't mention the sterilization drugs found in vaccines...

its not antivaxxers

its fucking immigrants

Fallacy Alert!: Anecdotal evidence

Basing on Edward's Jenner history it was pretty controversial back then. He could easily been sent to jail for unethical approach.

Nowadays, thanks to vaccines most of common sicknesses has been drastically lowered in more-civilized countries.

What about the people you DON'T know?



In the US children get over 40 inoculations before they turn 3. We don't understand even a small percentage of how the immune system works, the interleukin pathway is a complete mystery, and we are now just starting to understand the connection between neural inflammation and digestive issues (inflammation caused by overstimmulation of the immune system).

Are vaccines helpful? Sure. Should we be worried about giving kids 40 shots that will drive their autoimmune system into chaos with every dose? Hell fucking yes we should be worried.

And the logical fallacy of these militant vaccine fanatics is mind boggling. If YOUR child is vaccinated then WHY DO YOU GIVE A FUCK if my child ISN'T?!?! YOUR KID IS SUPPOSED TO BE IMMUNE RIGHT?!

Remember that last year, a vaccine caused a mumps outbreak in NYC.

2 years ago, there was a recall of a flu shot after it gave several hundred people in california the flu.

Vaccine manufacturers were given indemnity in 1989, one year later the number of vaccines recommended for children increased 3 fold.

The CDC is just the PR firm working for big Pharma

He also would have given others a higher polio risk.

Right now he's almost capable of infecting all of us with his autism.

Disclaimer: I'm a microbiologist/immunologist that has--in the past--worked for the US government. Just in case you want to disregard everything I say because of that.

Thiomersal, the adjuvant which has mercury as a component, has not been used in children's vaccines for decades. Moreover, mercury is primarily toxic as specific organic-derivatives, such as dimethylmercury. Thiomersal has been found to be safe at the levels used in humans after numerous toxicity tests.

It's a snail.

For all the people arguing about the conflict with mandatory vaccination and personal liberty: at the end of the day citizenship is accompanied by both liberties and duties that govern those liberties. It is my opinion that vaccination is one of the duties we owe to our societies to ensure their safety against these preventable, deadly, and maiming diseases.

In my experience, most of them have either vaccinated their kids before becoming anti-vaxxers, or have a kid with autism spectrum disorder, which led to them becoming antivaxxers.

As for all the talk of cute genius boys, I was one of those. I'm a grown man now, but I look forward to spawning my own genius progeny.

Still amazed that you can type so well in a foreign language (English) with so many Somali cocks in your mouth, Sven. Good job!

Kid looks like a fag.

>Thiomersal has been found to be safe at the levels used in humans after numerous toxicity tests.


Thiomersal, the adjuvant which has mercury as a component, has not been used in children's vaccines for decades.


> I assume I'd show symptoms by now.
What symptoms? The symptoms from the big book of "symptoms that we know about from times we did completely different things". Not everything has to make you explode to have made an impact. especially when mass produced and distributed.

I hate uncritical "science" and its followers.
They do it for identity, they are science guys. Because science comes with status. If only they promoted scientific ACTIVITIES instead of personalities to kids.

>As for all the talk of cute genius boys, I was one of those. I'm a grown man now, but I look forward to spawning my own genius progeny.
Don't wait too long, they could have autism!

It is a duty of citizenship to get vaccinated.
But also it is a duty of citizenship to stand by quietly while our borders are opened and millions of unvaccinated third worlders flood into our country and re-introduce presumed-defeated diseases.
Because anyone who doubts you is just stupid, right?

>X responds to
Any article with a title like that is bound to be garbage, regardless of the subject matter.

I don't feel sad just that part of me is missing

There was once an ancient legend along the lines of a god who feared humans power split us in half leaving us to search for our other half and that while rare if we found that other half we would do amazing things that we would never do alone

Well I found the other half

Virologist here. We actually want to secretly spread autism to the masses


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leftist dialectic materialism, not capitalist

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these anons get it

great question. pro-vaxxers will tell you "herd immunity" however never have much to say about antibiotics which strengthen still other diseases over time

You have no idea what polio is do you.

Some vaccines kill or maim people, but it's rare.

Companies post such statistics of the effects of their medications.

Vaccines largely save lives rather than end them. The End.

I have to give it to you guys, the propaganda you spread has turned to gold.
The kind of stands people make are fucking unbelieveable.

Tell me lolbertarians

If an un vaccinated adult spreads a disease to my child sex slaves could I launch my nukes at him for violating the NAP?


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All for them as long as the state doesn't force someone to get them.

This desu.

We really don't need to be pumping our children full of so many different vaccines, especially at such a young age.

Recheck your medical records you cunt. You don't have a mild case of autism. I'm pretty sure youre doctor meant to write trisomy 21 instead

Clean drinking water and sanitation has led to the steep drop off of diseases.

Vaccines are not created equal. Some of them have potentially damaging side-effects. Other standard vaccines are mostly safe with very minor side-effects. Every medicine has side-effects, though. The entire field is dedicated to weighing the positives and negatives of medication. There's no reason not to get a flu shot, or Polio vaccine, or Measles vaccine, as these have been proven mostly safe.

At the end of the day, I'd rather have muscle spasms than Polio. And I loathe the fact that vaccines may be for naught because of all the anti-vaxxer assholes who don't mind spreading life-threatening diseases.

Thats pretty nice, you're lucky :)

>durrr too many too soon!
>buy my now obsolete series of shots instead

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The best part is I've found in him someone who will be with me until one of us dies. That's enough to me