Explain to a foreigner: what did he mean by this?


What did he mean by this?

Is this some kind of reverse psychology trick?

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He secretly likes Trump but it would be sacrilegious if he admitted this

Is Moore one of us?
Has he always been?

Micheal moore is a redcoat gun grabber faggot.
I don't need to even open that link to know that he's being a fat fucking faggot.

Why does this fat fuck always pick the worst candidate?

I heard Moore is becoming a tranny. That shitty hair seems to prove it. I bet he's mad Bruce stole his thunder.

>is he one of us
>posts gun grabber redcoat faggotry

how can you be this backwards

what if him and obama are secretly staunch constitutionalists and are trying to reawaken the spirit of the american people so they'll vote for trump and maga?

>Micheal moore is a redcoat gun grabber faggot.
Contradicted by

How the fuck is this guy popular in the mainstream

>legitimately looks like jabba the hutt
>pumps out content similar to a underground conspiracy web site that was made in in the 90's

Somebody explain this to me

Moores first docu was about big corporations like GM abandoning Flint. He did Farenheit 911 about Saudis and Bushes. Now Saudis and Bushes back Hillary.

Michael probably loves Trump since he stopped Yeb.

You know guys, He's right. We should try to isolate and eliminate that x-factor that makes America more dangerous than other developed countries.


I can answer to this.
Despite not liking him as a person and despite what this guy says about me Fact is MM became popular with his 9/11 documentary.
I remember watching it in Italy and the room was literally packed with people.
Fact is we were looking forward to a widely distributed documentary because few people (in the media as well) had a chance to engage in public debate about 9/11... and we have always been mostly excluded from the debate that occurred in the follow-up of the attack.

So, can you imagine all Yuropoors feeling excluded from the American public scene and fed bits and pieces by local MSM who could finally go to the cinema and catch up with the events?

That's what made him famous here. And regardless of the quality of the documentary.
His international distribution was a clever move.

Only much later we got acquainted with things such as Bowling from Columbine and other stuff (which didn't sound gun-grabbing to me; just informative).

As an arch liberal he was in on the debate prep for Hillary.

He knows they blew their entire wad in that debate and since they didn't take out Trump like they hoped it's all over

He's an unpopular fatshit that gets paid to be an unpopular fatshit that likes what the media wants the people to hate.

>>the media likes to have people to hate

Holy fucking shit. This sentence just blew my mind. I have never noticed this before.

The answer to his question is NIGGERS.

They didn't do nothing.

Michael Moore persuaded Americans for a living. He just witnessed the most exquisite nuclear persuasion attack in American political history. To him it was clear as day, but the media didn't see it.

He saw that Trump laid out his objectives carefully and then executed them.
1: come off as not Hitler.
2: come off as the underdog.

He succeeded at both. People spotted and resented he moderator tag-teaming Trump with Clinton. That makes Trump the psychic underdog, and narratively that means he HAS to me the protagonist of this story arc.

Moore saw Trump turn this election into Rocky III. That is why he despairs.

Moore is a fat crypto-jew.
He'll jump on any bandwagon or do anything to make money.

That'd be nice and all, if, you know, the average person actually won the election rather than an elite electoral college.

They won't give a shit, socialist state is coming.

Is he turning into an elderly lesbian as time goes on?

his 'documentaries' are full of completely dishonest tricks and outright lies. He used clever editing to make it appear as if Heston said things he never actually said (go watch again; his tie is one color, video cuts away, comes back it's a different color now). Guy is a dirtbag.

Trump would be great for his career.

this too!

if anyone watched sicko then you'd know bernie was his wet dream rolled into 1 person
he hates hillary but can't endorse trump for extremely obvious reasons

He's playing a kike trick, do not warm up to this F.A.G. , he will bite you in the ass for the lulz and make you look like a dumbass.

well he's right
it's niggers

They do not have that sort of power. If they did, they would not be panicking the way they are.

>campaigns constantly against gun ownership
>makes wildly fraudulent anti-gun propaganda film that's massively successful
>makes one comment about Americans being vicious murderers and guns just being their tools
>"see guys, he's not anti-gun!"

Pastaniggers. Not even once.

Moore is the fat cucked tranny lesbian SJW version of Scott Adams. They both understand and practice persuasion, therefore they both know Trump has already won. But they say it out loud for opposite reasons.

It's either a weak scare tactic or he's backwardsly admitting that it might be better for his film career if there were a Republican president.

Moore hasn't had much of a film career since a Democrat was elected President.

Hm....what could it be...