With 40 days to go, is anything amazing/shocking going to occur?

I feel like this whole October is going to be ominous af

what could even happen?

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hillary is going to win

Trump got some chicken legs

>wikileaks document dump
>huma takes the fall
>cubs win the world series

am mem new wem

i will vote in the usa america election

coming to new york in octob

lol how the fuck


From what I gather it would be pretty easy since it doesn't require ID. How does that work btw? Do you at least have to give them your name and get checked against a list of enrolled voters or sonething, or do people literally just walk in, tick a box, and leave?

There will be a murder of some muslim/black Democrat campaigning for Shillary by an "angry Trump white nationalist" that will supposedly shout "AMERICA FIRST!", just a week or two before the election.

Hmm, reminds me of a similar event in Sweden and the UK. Happening a week before a big vote/election. Really makes me think.

i will say i am a refugee

Whatever God wants to happen and what we really deserve based on whats in our hearts.

Hillary is going to lose and we can finally shut down the Bush/Clinton dynasties. Time to start a new era.

Yeah your going to check my trips

Yes, you give them your name and address and they look in their binder. Enrolling in grammar school in the 80s was more technologically advanced than voting is today.

You have to register to vote. You have to have a valid street address and proof of citizenship to register.

He will not be able to vote.

>Syria cease fire failed completely
>Assange dropping leaks
>James O'Keefe video of Clinton saying slurs
>Deutsche Bank on life support

Will be a fun month on Cred Forums that's for sure.

its confirmed.

>Hillary is going to lose and we can finally shut down the Bush/Clinton dynasties. Time to start a new era.

>mfw people will look back on the past, look at presidents
>if Clinton is elected, they will see the US transform to oligarchy

pls don't let this happen guys, go out and vote for Trump. change is better than stagnation

If Cruz teaches Trump how to debate, we should be fine. It'll be just like an anime.

Also, Assange leaks may help (insert increasingly nervous man meme here).

this is pretty much Cred Forumss understanding of reality.

god I love this madhouse.

videos of mexicans slicing faces off and chopping hands off then slowly cutting his throat as he chokes on his blood.

and in the next thread, pretending to understand what grownups do in congress.


i love this carnival.

>mfw I was due to graduate on the 7th of November
>was looking forward to multiple days of ball-shaking excitement and fun
>mfw my lazy-ass lecturers are dragging their feet rechecking my papers
>mfw I may have to delay my graduation until the spring

low-key reeeee I mean it's not a big deal it just would have been nice you know

>Cred Forums is one person the post
>I am a certified newfag.

Trump verbally attacked people who ran for both sides, its him or hillary, he will get paid, withdraw and let hillary win an already election

James O'keefe is supposed to be dropping some video or tape with Hillary "Disparaging black people in the worst way possible."


If he's so fat why are his legs so skinny?

He has a republican body.