Will the first man on Mars be white?

Will the first man on Mars be white?

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SpaceX seems like it wouldn't install diversity quotas

25% Asian
25% Hispanics
50% Whites
That would be a good configuration so plagues don't wipe people out.

Yeah, I'm sure Hillary on her second term will allow that.

already happened..whites descend from mars. things went sour and whites came to earth.

delet dis

In the future men won't be allowed to go into space shitlord. Better start your hormone therapy if you want a ride.

they'll carry a muslim woman up there just to make a point


This movie was such a waste of time. Why didn't they think of growing potatoes before this genius came up with the idea?

Elon said he wanted to hire people from other nations for the sole purpose but building rockets is a visa you can't get since its classified as a weapon. Pretty sure they'd throw a nigger up there for the sake, god I hope they don't.

To add, the only humans to land on a extraterrestrial object were all straight white males.

The first person to land on Mars should obviously be a disabled trans-ableist-trans-racial trans-lesbian strong woman of colour. I would pay to watch her rolling around on the surface of that desert planet until her wheelchair got stuck in the sand and she passed out from panic and lack of oxygen. So progressive.

I could agree with that.

50% North Europoid
25% Caucasian Hispanic
25% Japanese

Do it Elon, for the future of Humanity.


musk wants people to be able to go to mars for free with only a little bit of training, but he said just a few days ago at the IAC that "the first astronauts should be [...] ready to die"

the first people on mars will probably be ex military with a few phd researchers mixed in. if a nigger makes it he'll be probably in the top 0.1% of people, top 0.00000001% of niggers.

Apparently they'll be sending them by groups of 100 people so we'll very likely never know.

Think about it, this isn't the 60s anymore: whoever they choose to put the first footprint on martian soil, it's bound to get a lot of people's panties in a bunch because they feel like they're part of a misrepresented minority. that is unavoidable

>for free


for cheap, musk always talked about a 500k price tag but now he's going on about 200k

iirc it'll be supply missions at first, then missions with small amounts of well selected astronauts, then over time they'll start sending civilians over in batches (so maybe 10 ships at a time carrying 1,000 people), maybe 1 million people in 70 years or so.

I'm sure they'll make sure that he's a nigger

Wow just the idea of first man on Mars being a nigger made me angry, fuck you OP

>born too early to live in the space exploration era

It will be a non-white woman.

this kid

I'm thinking it will be 50% black guys and 50% white chicks. Seems like something that SpaceX would do.

It will be me, and I'm not white.

My single says so

why havent you idiots found a place to poop after thousands of years even the most basic of animals dig a hole

A white woman, a black man and a swede cuck will be the first triplet to land after the chinese colony is established.

you idiots do understand that space is no joke? only the best of the best can be sent there literally

Musk is from South Africa. He wants to go to Mars because he sees the writing on the wall.


At least flag Look nice

I have so many space muslim questions. Would a female muslim have to cover her space helment? If she does a space walk by hereself does that mean aliens get to rape her and then the men kill her with meteors?

What direction do Muslims pray in space? Also they're supposed to pray 5 times a day. The space shuttle sees like 12 sun rises in a day. What if they're doing a mission critical space walk and they need to pray? For muslim men i'm pretty sure having big ass beards is dangerous.


A bunch of Muslim scholars got together to answer the direction question

They decided that you just pick some direction in the ship or something

hmmmm is that what i think it is I see?

Prob green alien.

Yes goy

There's Muslim pilots from East Asia. There's video of one praying in space

I think we'll be fine

>Sweden's flag design is goatse


>not one nigger

We need a /SMG/ - Space Muslim General thread running constantly to handle all the implications.

Technically, Islam would forbid women from leaving Earth at all ... meaning, the only Muslims in Space will be converts and rape babies.

>The design of the flag consists of seven rings intersecting each other and a deep-blue-sea in the background.
>The rings are centered on the flag forming a flower in the middle, representing life on Earth. The intersection of the rings represent that all things on Earth are linked directly or indirectly. The rings are organized in a Borromean rings–like fashion.
>representing how no part of Earth can be removed without the whole structure collapsing


>flag looks nice.
Doesn't have stars or stripes

Try harder. I spotted a couple negroes.

No, it will be a black woman, because the niggers are the ones that did all the work to get us to space :)

>implying he won't be a transgender
>implying there'll still be whites around

Literally 50% of those people are shitskins.

Anyone with any religious background should be automatically banned. Going into space is no place for those kinds of people. We need those who use reason and logic correctly cause one thing wrong and you could kill your self and your entire crew

And make sure everyone knows thats the rule before take off

Nice mee mee senpai

I fucking hope so

get a load of this shit, a major achievement in humanity and this guy is talking about gibmedats


that confused cleaning lady on the far right


Send every Jew to Mars. Problem solved.