Early reports of a full on bank run on DB

DB America collapsing

DB EU 10.08 per share. 11.00 was its death sentence

Single digits means crash is imminent
Black friday expected tomorrow

DB COLLAPSE MAKES 2008 Look like childs play
Could be worse than 1929 for global markets

DB holders are in for more anal devastation


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who comfy here t see the kikes lose their shit

Get comfy because ITS HAPPENING

People need to start moving all their assets and money to a community bank NOW before its to fucking late!!!

building soc master race

People need to move their assets to a fucking cave and hope that they got iodine-50 for their fucking thyroid glands when fallout starts falling from the fucking sky

get ready stalkers

>financial collapse
>Merkel stop giving money to refugees
>refugees chimp out, Arabian style
>the entirety of bluepilled Europeans watch Germany burn
>borders get closed
>Frexit happens

Hon hon hon


time to re establish the entente cordiale?


the end is only the beginning

Daily Remember


Can't really get any worse then it is right now

has france even been put out since the last time it caught fire?

>A bunch of low tier investment kikes are going to lose everything and suicide soon

If you only knew

Think about what your refugees are gonna do when they stop getting neetbux

I'll provide protection for any Germanbros for a price

Start the bidding


So DB went well below 11.00. Does this mean they're going to crash and burn?

first trips or higher itt predict future of mankind

>tfw wont get new iphone before collapse
>tfw might die by rwds or nigger riot at my apartment
>tfw get to stay a neet but no internet

it fucking burns

The muslims you brought into your country could be activated.
A simple TV message "holy war has begin" would be enough to set Germany up in flames.

So how do I prepare for the Happening? Do I buy guns? Gold? Whores? Food?

at least i dont have to wageslave anymore

Tomorrow is going to be a fucking bloodbath when the german markets open

DB vice president here, guys its literally nothing

why would you need a gay iphone without earphones

I'll give you all my DB stocks

>Be German
>Start a war
I'm calling it now
rinse and repeat

a little ding it opens 12 am pst

Guys, assuming the DB crashes tomorrow but I have an account at another rather good bank, will my money be safe?

>Implying I have assets

How long until the market opens?

Countdown pls

Ammo and medicine

So they closed?

Credit Union Master Race.

Oh thank god what a relief


im getting a iphone se austria fuck the new iphone 7

yeah we're fucked.

I wish I were that last domino


10 H O U R S

yes if its under hundred k

Yes, for a few days.

Ya but they open at 12pm PST


>digits on a monitor

boy oh boy

Fuck it, see you folks in 12 hours. See if you are right

>tfw he won't join the rwds
Do you not want to be free, white man?

Fuck off you retarded happeningfaggots

This is purely all speculative because we're nearing a short-term debt deleveraging. Absolutely nothing will come of this other than fear, which will be dispelled when Trump puts thousands of American workers to work building new trains and infrastructure in the nation.


> refugees will help the economy

With any luck pc or libcucks will be taken as sex slaves and executed. We will watch from our bunkers as they failed to listen to us

first trips, you say?

Obama quietly kicks the can down the road and makes it Trump's problem in order to sabotage his presidency. This is doomsday, yes, but Obama will make sure it's as dramatic as possible and doesn't happen while he's sitting in Soros' puppet box

Groundhog user predicted this....

Groundhog user predicted the escalation with Russia...

It's all true....

Just so know almost all financial crashes happen on a long weekend

Does Germany have a holiday on Monday by chance?
They typically like to do it to lock up those pesky ATM's on the weekends and keep you distracted with a parade or something

Does Germany have this coming Monday off?

Bic lighters. Lots of bic lights and toilet paper and gauze. AR as well.

Is it too late to buy all the gold I can get?

Question from an economic retard.

Say you have some savings and can afford a small apartment. Would it be a good idea to buy that now and thus get rid of all the savings in Euro?

I don't think so.

reroll. I stand by my prediction


i fucking hope we are not repeating this with ground hog user

>Does Germany have this coming Monday off?


Yea, third of October is national holiday because of the reunification of 1991

the singularity is near

Apparently they do


Holy shit you guys have German Unity Day

Long weekend confirmed

have fun hanz

I don't want to lose my job bruhs

Tag der Deutschen Einheit, NEET

>German unity day October 03 Oct 3


3rd of October, Germany's reunification day and bank holiday

i think so , you'll at least have a home and if the market completly crashes the euro wont be worth jack shit

got a screencap of this groundhog user? I don't remember that one.

What's Canada's debt exposure?

excuse me; it's about to be a long weekend, you dolts

Oktoberfest is upon us

if you're saying that those variables matter- this fits your descriptions (which I don't really find to be connected, but who the fuck really knows?)

My German brothers, how it is right now in Germany ?

Tick tock capitalism cucks.

The future belongs to communism.

Actually it does. It's 'German Unity Day'

I'm not a neet, just your average fat uni faggot who lives with his parents and occassionally smokes weed with his equally fucked up friends.

How bad its gonna hit my beloved mother Russia?

Where do you work ? And do you by chance know how dependant we are on germany ?

>singularity is near
Cause of the happenings. Cap this if you need.

>e] [Auto] 3 new posts
(((they))) are pulling the plug on Germany

GG krauts

The Euro is already trash. Look at a EUR/USD chart faggot.

A Deutsche Bank collapse will lead to AfD taking control of Germany. Start celebrating Cred Forumsacks

>groundhog user
wasn't around for that, wanna fill me in?


German Unity Day

3rd October.

The next months will be awful for the germans.
You just allowed almost 2 million foreign people in your country, most of them being muslims with little to no will to assimilate.

Look at us, we accepted roughly 100 000 - 200 000 illegal migrants each year, and here's what happened so far.

Now, look at you, you're the time bomb.


>Merkel stop giving money to refugees
>refugees riot

That's what I never understood about our current left. Welfare in itself isn't the problem, the problem is sustaining welfare at all. What would happen if Western nations lose the fiscal capacity to support their welfare populations? The US, for example. is highly dependent on utilizing welfare for its downwardly mobile populations. What if the US couldn't afford to provide for welfare anymore? Does that give a blank check to rioting?

It's a massive liability, as the Roman Empire discovered in the Third Century, to have large classes of 'non-working' people dependent on government handouts. Welfare, at best, is a necessary evil, and a tremendous liability. And if Germany finds itself incapable of paying for the refugees it has invited, what can we expect other than absolute chaos?

If you take a credit and the bank collapses do you have to pay it back?

They are gonna need all the unity they can get

So... when the happening happens, do I run to the nearest gun shop and buy whatever I can?
Also, I have some savings in BRL, is that good or bad?



still standing by my prediction; Obama makes it Trump's problem

Kek wills it

need Groundhog user's screen caps plz.

Also, where is truth bomb user?

I work in a major bank and I would get royally fucked if DB falls

Here we can see user's evolution in buying rifles.
started from the bottom
now we here

Fuck off Bong

>inb4 absolutely nothing happens

>Brazil's economy is fucked up and relies on commodity exports since the foundation of the country
>any international crisis will trigger a massive collapse and very possibly a civil war in here
>tfw conscripted on the paratrooper brigade and trained on SOF basics
>tfw I will probaly be drafted to kill the oligarchs and commies ruling the country for 30 years, who made the country the laughing stock of the world
Wish me luck, Cred Forums

They take your property if they have enough time to

This makes me so happy because when Germany implodes and the EU dies it'll make all the remain cucks have to admit they were wrong

If it's going down, its better to buy things you can barter with imho.

>implying this kind of shit doesn't happen because you have a federal bank controlled by govt.
Fuck off commie scum you are to blame.

Will Deutsche Bank collapse on 16.10.16?!

>What's Canada's debt exposure?


Threadly reminder Cred Forums is never right about this.

stop forcing it faggot
kek hates obama

>financial crashes happen on a long weekend


ah that sucks bro , but the fiat system had to eventually end

>That's what I never understood about our current left. Welfare in itself isn't the problem, the problem is sustaining welfare at all.
The left understands perfectly that you can have either a welfare state, or open borders.

The center-rightwingers that only pander to the left, on the other hand, don't.

It'll be tomorrow lad, and praise kek.

Explain this thing to a dumbass:
What is happening and which number/data should I watch to see if things are going okay or bad?
Which value is the minimum possible one before the crisis?
Will it affect citizens?

Anybody? No? Okay...

You were fucked before any of this happened
Now you're fuckity fuck fucked

won't happen this week....
there is no real indicator as the fines are still negotiated and there is no new announcement of the involved parties in sight..

Remember when we said crashing this Union with no survivors? Pretty much that.
Fun fact I made this image yonks ago and now it's truly relevant.

Does this proc with Curse Immunity?

it collapses tomorrow

the jews are even telling us its going to collapse by betting hundreds and millions of euros its over

The whole world is Weimer Republic

goodluck buying loaves of bread with wheelbarrows full of shitty worthless paper

hang on let me dig through the archive

remember that the plan is not to fix anything for the long term, only make it work efficient enough to get us to the singularity

>mfw Germans cause WW3 again by trying to implement autistic Shariah
>Gercucks willingly line up to die and defend this shit.

Useless nation. We should have just finished the job after WW2. Letting them live after they 100% sperged was a mistake.


So... what are the things I should stock up?

- water
- canned food
- hygiene supplies
- common medicine

What else?

Don't we normally have a big rally before the collapse, or was that what the rise the other week was?

The euro itself might for a while but the 'euros' that are just numbers on a defaulted bank's computer screen sure won't I know that much. Thing is I don't really want to stroll around with all that physical cash either. Living in the attic of my parents atm. I think I'll actually do it this shit is scary.

you forgot dank memes

A painful death for all.


Why? I'm economically illiterate.

chastity belt so you can't get raped (that's actually good advice)

Dies to removal

That was yesterday.

What is precisely happening and which numbers are good/bad for the situation?




Stock up on whatever you like. Nothing is going to save you when German cucks hand over drones, bombs, and tanks to a foreign hoard.

They are only one stop away from this.

Should Germany truly start to collapse, the only thing that will save you is a time machine.

Purge begins 3 days after banks close.
Too big to fail.
Store weapons and food.
Store penicillin for infections.
Panic ensues
World cleansing
World cleansing

Kek will nuke sandniggers


DB is going nowhere.

ECB has already bailed it out. Two hours ago. Fully capitalised.
You'll pay for it with your retirements.

Me too boyo

Canada annexes USA and Europe.

Canadian Empire rises.

more like the eurozone, though the US in in some big shit as well due to your national debt

Can anyone access Has the website gone down?



I was told DB stock price below 10 is the point of no return

Sauce on that one?

Lighters, very important for trading.

Underrated post. I've been thinking the exact same thing for awhile.

I don't know the answer though. I assume "bad"

Nigga they just gonna blame us and pretend nothing like this would've happened if we'd just prayed at the altar of the EU like good little cucks.

$5 is the point where the ECB would walk in and take over.

But anything under $8 is really really bad!

> Tfw Lloyds TSB.
> Tfw everyone experiencing financial ruin.
> Tfw 20k in gold stockpiled in case of emergency.
> Kegs of wine and beer in the basement, enough water to drown a giant, canned goods from Y2K, since my folks were paranoid nuts.
> My grandfather's old Einfield from the war.
> 200 rounds.
> One walther pistol, also from the war.
> Three decent sized survival knives.
> Copy of the KJV Bible.

My body is ready.

Rise of the fourth Reich under fuhrer Trump.

So, saw how it took a huge dip today and you guys have a long weekend ahead of you because of 1991?
That is going to lead to more people panicking over this and more people will see this as a sinking ship and want off, bots and (((them))) couldn't keep it afloat forever.
Hope you have lots of supplies hans, it's going to get fucking rough.

Works for me.

Getting upset over a sport shows Canada more civil. Americans guys have to leave ur house every morning with a gun and bulletproof vest to get ready for your daily mass shooting.

fucking hell i cant find shit someone help this man

Yeah that was a month ago goy. Pure coincidence. Trust me whatever happens it won't happen without their say so and crashing this plane with no survivors is not their game.


My Body Is Ready

Fake happening

Fake happening

Slide this shit, DB gets bailed out and the world keeps moving along you faggot cucks.

Cred Forums Sec should be a thing.
What would clients want to see? Combat experience, skills etc...?

Stock up on nothing.

The happening will never happen. This is the 100th time this year Cred Forums has cried wolf.

But the ECB blew all it's money bailing out the Italian banks

no electricity m8


why should we trust that these globalists are selling because they don't believe in the company?

they're probably betting against the bank in order to buy it at a cheaper price later on

they are all crooks. would be dumb to bet against it so publicly.

i'm going strong on DB.

It's bullshit. The German government has already said today that they won't bail them out.

Get an Econ degree dumbass.

1) All numbers are relative when evaluating businesses (banks included). I think this 11 is just a meme.

2) Market value is guided by paranoia and overall dumbfuckery. You should evaluate financial statements and decide for yourself.
You can't do this without a degree.

2) If DB declares itself insolvent, all accounts will be absorbed and many people can lose cash, assets. Also, all creditors may default because of lack of payment by DB. Creditors include nations and big funds, many of which can be linked with people's pensions.

Seeds will be gold in apocalypse. Buy seeds, many varieties, veggies and fruits. FUCKING SEEDS MAN!

>The left understands perfectly that you can have either a welfare state, or open borders.

Right. I would honestly have to reevaluate my entire world view if Globalists decided to shut down the welfare state and open borders. Immigration would become fiscally sustainable, which could tip the balance back in Globalism's favor against pol. Unfortunately, large segments of the left want both, and their own agenda counter-acts their own strength into weakness.

Then again, economic collapse would effectively end the globalist project, as globalism cannot solve the twin economic crises it faces, which is the destruction of the commons + destruction of consumption.

There may be a 'new' left-wing that succeeds after Globalism because of this 'current' left-wing's inability to resolve its economic problems.

Case in point, all the wasted political capability spent on Islamists who aren't even going to prevent the economic collapse.

If DB gets a bailout the EU is finished.


Somebody please post that interview about the SHTF scenario in Bosnia.

Walls are built separating civilization from barbarism

If dub.s, happening is ahead of schedule and underbudget

any recommendations for a krautfag in terms of buying? I have 1800€ in cash, what should I buy tomorrow?

>inb4 get a gun

plz help

Nothing. Even if/when it does happen you will still have access to things like that. We're not all going full Weimar or full Yugoslavia.

But if you have money in big banks, I'd be transferring to credit unions, cash, commodities or assets (land is better than property)

I'm pretty sure Banca d'Italia bailed them out, and it was nowhere near as massive as DB

That was a 0% loan for the $6B they expected the fine would be!

Oi m8! Don't weild that Enfield!
Holster that walther!

Euro collapses
Dollar collapses
One world currency
Beast system institutionalised.
One world government.

get dooms day food, rice, beans, etc

holy fuck so we are fining them for their role in causing the previous financial crisis and by doing that they're going to create another crisis?

Get a gun. Today.

Monte Paschi is still fucked tho

Maybe that's why the US is trying to start a war with Russia...and they are getting nuke happy

Go to Obi and buy an axe
Baseball bat would also be noice

how safe are foreign currencies in a happening like this? Currently have some savings in BRL

> world keeps moving along
why do autists keep praying to this meaningless and retarded mantra

it doesnt matter what that trips number says this is happening anyway.

>burning america flag as captcha

(((google))) knows holy fuck

American Empire

So who wants to join my apocalyptic street gang when SHTF?

Send me the Remington 700

it's quite impossible for me to get a gun

Happening postponed to 2023, if singles

The same thing that happened when you stopped paying the Danegeld. You got Dane'd.

Russo-European Collective

I assume you were 12 in 2008.


I don't give two shits about them, they aren't even the biggest bank here. Intesa SanPaolo and Unicredit wouldn't even twitch if it fell over

Oh boy

We are fucking the whole world up again...

Those time we don't even need to do it by force

World dystopia.

Do I get a 401k?

pls be my ai gf

It's time to uncuck the union, m8t.
Prolong the Bong.

>> 200 rounds.
Are those 200 rounds from the war too, m8? I have a feeling that they won't fire.

k thx

Trump american galactic empire

Germany tries their hand at Viertes Reich

This thread's repeating digits charter has been revoked

we all die and ayy lmaos replace us

this is dumb, it's higher than it's been in the last few days, even if by a tiny margin.

ww3, we create Cred Forums as a country, non-white are banned from doing Cred Forums

thank you based crashi-chan


How do you faggots not understand this is a lose/lose relationship whether they bail them out or not?

macht eine armbrust sinn?


Euros won't be worth anything

>Unfortunately, large segments of the left want both
You mean loud. Remember, neolib center-right parties merely pander, which means they listen only to the shrillest members. That's why they trot out SJWs that say you can't be racists against white people, even though SJWs are an endangered species.

Every single Liberal party today falls into this. They're filled with political careerist sociopaths that try to please everybody, and neoliberalism is not an actual ideology.

Merkel's CDU is this, which is why after being anti-refugee and making a girl cry in 2010, she reversed her stance after an outcry.

Only recently UK's Labour moved away from this.

More like 7.62x54R

Trips predict race war now

I get an ai gf and no one else.

Too big to bail, actually.

Are there any simple guides on what to stock up for the worst case scenarios?

9 hours 40 minutes

p.s. It's 4:20 central time zone, smoke 'em if you got 'em scrubs.

So what's all this shit about Rothschild betting 130m against the euro?

You guys realize that this is literally pennies for him right?

That's why I do not like to talk about things I do not know something about

Thanks for the reply


Ne dicke Machete, ein Beil und eine Schleuder mit Bleibällen

DB Goes down

Takes all of Europe with it

People get pissed

Right wingers take control

Full Muzzie Wipe

Yurop decuked in 50 years.

Nah, roving bands of overmuscled mohawks won't care about seeds.

Global economic crash.


I work for ISP.

Managed one of the toxic credit databases for a while

>the number of non paying customers rose from 150K in 2014 to 270K in 2016

>muh ripresa

There is no future.

Good points.

go to your german costco and buy huge huge bags full of rice and beans not tiny little cans. or unless you can buy that at your market



finally ;D

count me in

Kauf dir nen Luftdruckrevolver. Die lädst du wie einen normalen revolver mit Partronen, die mit Druckluft gefüllt sind. Funktioniert genau so wie ein echter.
Ist natürmlich nicht so stark wie ein richtiges Luftgewehr, aber man kann 3 Schüsse schnell abgeben und mit einem Speedloader direkt nachladen. Zum verteiben eines Gegners reicht es allemal.

4th reich

the link is also four years old i'm guessing OP is just trying to make it seem like there's more happening than is actually happening

Shieet nigga.

first a arm weapon tazer bat something valuable, the huge bags of rice and beans and other stock shit for food.

Can't wait to see Europe collapse from here.

Is she German we need to save her

Remember that Cred Forums never factors in government interventions into it's happening predictions.

There will only be a happening when it exceeds the capacity of compensating for losses.

tell me you screencapped that

Believe the trips
Europe will burn and kill all niggers and Muslims. Will rise again to dominate earth and solar system

>One walther pistol, also from the war.
Enjoy being on a list. Possibly having people knocking at your door soon.

you forgot soros did one this year idiot

Euro takes a 10% hit and Germany ends up paying for it for 20 years. We're talking $170B ish.

Seeds, compound bow, backpack, tent light cookware, sleeping bag, hunting bow, fishing rod, water filter, radio.
Dried beans and rice, dehydrated veggies. Hand saw, solar charger for phone, PDFs of survival manuals stored on phone,(edible plants manual)

a fucking medpack

*6 Schüsse

>euro economy collapses
>trump elected
>USA saves the world, again

Mountain Jews wins again. Praise Kek!

>DB collapses
>Brazilian economy gets fucked
>Leftists go "See it was just the left leaving the government and now everything is falling apart"
>Lula lá 2018

USSR v2.0

t. Günther Hirschgeweih

klingt gut

sadly no but the flag was crispy and burned at the end on a flag pole

>There will only be a happening when it exceeds the capacity of compensating for losses.

Isn't that the case now?

The German government is saying that because the second they (have) to say yes, the party in power is well and truly fucked.

Merckel capitulating to DB would end her party's rulership on the spot.

Is this another "WAKE ME UP WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS" Shemitah facade bullshit like last year, faggots?

If so, fuck off.

Oh shit.

Why does the Anglos and Jews hate you so much for the past century. Why are you always the fall guy kraut. Even after accepting and submitting yourself to da joos with refugees. Holy cow

World Nazism

It will delay the happening but make it worse. Also no more Merkel

if Soros and Rothschilds really are betting "against" DB, its probably a great time to buy stocks once they sink a bit lower. You can bet they're the ones trying to create the splash to get everyone to dump their stocks, then they'll come in and scoop them all up. That's how they make their money, they crash companies then buy them out. theyll make a killing off this

Fug I had that on my other phone before a nigger stole it. It's good. Basically stock up on all kinds of shit including lighters. Form family groups and have lots and lots of ammo.

Dark Ages 2.0 followed by Renaissance 2.0 with a world cleansed of jews.


holy fuck your retarded man, see ops photo the BIGGEST BANK IN THE ENTIRE WORLD shat the bed

>Saves the world

Implying the(((US))) has ever saved the world...Pre-ww2 Europe was much, much better than today.

>having guns
>in Britain
>even war rifles
Boy you are about to get the entire British police force on your ass.

Can't hold all these repeating digits.

Get the fuck out of here with that rimmed fucking cartridge. faggot.

Donald trump wins, western civilization is saved.

hast du irgendwelche Empfehlungen bezüglich Luftdruckgewehr/Pistole ? Welche sind gut ?

2008 was not caused by a faulty bank. it was caused by a faulty system so a house of cards came tumbling down.

if DB can't get its books in order either it will be bailed out or another bank will be allowed to swallow it or its business up.

no other bank will default if DB defaults. it's not a market issue, it is a company issue.


10% hit to the euro would mean even more german exports...

i am fine with that...

Has it really already been a year?

Russia becomes economic manufacturing powerhouse


i have side accounts with wells fargo and bank of america that i use to pay bills and rent, but the main bulk of my money is in a federal credit union

We memed last year. But now it is for real, not just waiting for a date and some retarded moon to crash everything.


>Just took a job in Germany
>Used to work in Russia, started my last job just before they got sanctioned and their currency went into freefall

I'm like a walking economy crasher.

They would be more productive if it wasn't for all this racism

this is like the 30th person i've seen who doesn't know how digits work in the past week... what the heck is going on?

i didn't forget that, he only asked about the rothschild one and i only responded about the rothschild one. the fact that soros is shorting is alarming enough, he doesn't need to add something that's four years old and likely unrelated

Sad how you fuckers don't know how to prep.

rice and beans
sawyer water filter
5+ gal water container
magnesium fire starter
lightening nuggets
boafeng radio
folding saw
ontario rtak 2 knife
stainless steel pot & mug
nice boots
sock liner w/ wol socks
thermax base layer
goretex shell
goretex pants
winter+work gloves
tent or tarp
sleeping bag
fishing rod
kelty redwing pack

the mistake was letting the soviets into the country

yes its just another fake happening from the apocalypse LARPing community.




Why is it that ever since I watched Evangelion last week I keep seeing Eva everywhere? Has Eva shitposting always been this prominent and I've been blind to it?

>imblying top kikes haven't already secured their ass and waiting for crisis to double their wealth
baka desu senpai

Unless there's an outside source willing to trade bailout for power here, which is actually a logical thought.

Whoever saves DB is going to have a fat finger in the EU economic pie for the foreseeable future, never mind Germany itself. A big say in what happens from then on in.

The question is "Is there anyone rich enough who wants that power at the price?"

Tut mir leid, hab null Ahnung was das angeht. Hab nur mal ein bisschen in einschläguigen Online-Läden nachgeguckt und so ein Luftdruckrevolver schien mir ziemlich praktisch zu sein. Hab mir bisher elbst noch nichts gekauft.

so how do I get rich off this?

25 Jahre lang RTL gucken, CDU wählen und in der evangelischen Kirche sein.


can you crash china's?

Asians take humanity into its next stages of evolution. Wipe out all other races to guarantee future Asians succumb to the same fate as the white man.

you find that shit yet fellow burger?

>euros collapse
>world market dies
>we die
>obongo chimp lord gets 3rd term

yeah no we die elections get delayed vanga was fucking right surprisingly and Nostradamus is fucking horrifying with his prediction of this. The thought of him literally here is fucking scary help me christ.

nothing, that's why it happens

Merkel paying to bail them out on top of the billions needed for the new Germans will piss off the hard pressed taxpayer big time.


Since Russia is fairly isolated from western banks because of muh sanctions the worst case for you is getting hit by the debris when Asian markets crash

probably the chinks will bail out the DB so they can take over the EU instead of sending their smelly people here

roving bands of hunter gatherers within 20 years

Thanks for le reminder lad. Brit/pol will be all over it.

i dont think he can find it.

Good point, but is bailing DB worth the price? And could the domestic affairs of the nation even get its act together to do so?

>implying iodine is the only fallout that can be absorbed into the body
kek, enjoy your bone cancer from cesium

>Can't wait to see Europe collapse from here.
Well there it goes kids!
> first trips or higher itt predict future of mankind

Everything is happy rainbows, butterflies, love, and unicorns

you let the niggers in

what Nostradamus predictions?

Eva shitposting has always been her mate.

So should I buy bear certificates on the big banks? I wanna learn the ways of the kike and profit out off this mess.

ok let's make a timetable if this happens.

What is expected to happen 0+1 week?

What is expected to happen 0+1month?

What is expected to happen 0+3 months?

Britannia will rule the world

trump elected, is literally hitler, and removes jews and kebabs globally and whites can finally be free

Oh shit


Something will happen, it will be bad. Many people go poor. Bad bad.


is your shithole colony even self-sustaining by now?

you seem to know about bows, i been checkin them out recently.

so, i notice you list a compund and a hunting bow? why is that, and whats the purpose of the compound, if not hunting?

What about crossbows- are they more or less usefull than archery bows?

>Has Eva shitposting always been this prominent and I've been blind to it
pretty much, you probably ignored or forgot about it.

Brazilian economy benefits from this you retard. The only reason we went into recession is because the dollar got extremely overvalued. If EU collapses people will try to flock to the dollar but it will soon follow because America has bubbles of its own that will pop once EU gets fucked. Our economy is pretty safe from EU/US collapse.


Deutscher Aktien Kollaps?

I live in the USA and I bank with Suntrust. I own a handgun.

Am I gonna be okay?


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You guys are morons who know fuck all about economics.

They are hedging, if everyone in the market really thought Deutsche bank was failing (which it is to an extent) and that was a severe threat to the financial sector as you guys say then it would crash instantly.

You can't say they are underestimating it given how recent the last major crisis was. On top of that there is loads of new regulation to minimise the impact of failing banks and reduce contagion effect.

The fact you put the 'value' of derivatives beside the euro areas GDP say a lot.

If the euro crashes there will be more demand for the dollar and the price will skyrocket.

obama is basically the Antichrist destroying the world which is currently happening right now
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We can do our own food, aluminium, coal, milk, wood products and a lot of our own plastics. We're good for most medicines and make a bunch of stuff.

We could do with more Germans but not the black ones.

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Agree, this anxiety echo chamber is like GLP fear mongering the plebs. We've gone through worse this century.

The interesting thing is that this timing coincides when China yuan becomes an IMF reserve currency after US markets close tomorrow afternoon. Economists caution that this can lead to a significant and immediate depreciation of the USD. Next week is going to be interesting.

Why can't they pay the $ 15 billion fine?

well yeah, since most your exports and imports are from china anyways...

>more demand dollar
>moving away from a currency fucked by debt to another currency fucked by debt
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If this were any other time I'd agree with you, but like I said, the US has its own bubbles that will pop with the crash of the euro. There will be no where safe to run to other than emerging markets (us, China) and gold.

This time took a little longer than most.

Just waiting for a cyber attack that cripples the SWIFT system as a precursor to lock accounts and prevent a run on banks.

This means either a Trump win, or Obama win. Hillary is out.

1. They only have $6B set aside for legal settlements.
2. They are in negotiations with the DOJ to pay less.

This and they also have Libor and a few other things coming up. However the DoJ fine was expected to be $4-5B

desu you might even be privileged since the BCB keeps the currency somewhat free-floating, so has a lot less risk than for example the RMB, which is devalued but still somewhat pegged to the dollar

happened 10 days ago i presume

I just thought about that, if the US falls apart too then our exports to the gooks will give us a lot of profit.

LOL Brics shilling for his precious (((gold-backed))) Yuan.

>1. They only have $6B set aside for legal settlements.
So they are that tight on their budget?

>This and they also have Libor and a few other things coming up.
More fines?

shit, I better buy more Brazilian meme currency with those trips