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use this map

shit its small, one sec

high res please



default bonuses:

>nazi germany: 40
>finland: 4
>romania: 3
>bulgaria: 1
>fascist italy: 11

>france: 12
>britain: 19
>USSR: 20
>poland: 5
>yugoslavia: 4

why? that was my old map, I added fixes for this one.

allies or axis?


I like this, better or show who is axis or allies.But your map was amazing, if you hosted the last game, I was sweden

im ready


See the neutralities, got the changes (also swedes supported the axis), but specify the axis and allies starters

I'll add the list of allies/axis in the next version of the map. Initially I removed it because I didn't feel like limiting the amount of options like that.

But otherwise everyone will join axis (this is Cred Forums) and the point of ww2 risk dies, but keep non aligneds so they can pick 3-5 allies and axis starters

i'll remove sweden as neutral but I wanted to keep the running gag of switzerland always being neutral

Changed my name OP

if we took all the "big powers", the allies would have an advantage. Also neo-nazis are only like 20-30% of pol.

Was going to make a comment on how unbelievably unbalanced those bonuses are but then I actually counted them

Axis: 59

Not bad

wtf I said, I meant keep non aliengneds and have 3-5 axis- allies starters

One of those axis is me Portugal +2 without special habilities

still, you see your old bonuses, also nazis start near Poland, or give some bonus, or minimize all the big powers, like what you did in the old map

aren't they the same regarding bonuses? All I recall changing was removing the list and adding the swiss-swedish neutrality thing.

I mean have less allied powers then there were irl, onky the important powers, also make commies a faction they attacked Poland and in your old map that was impossible.

what if I add a rule that the soviets can attack poland, or that they join the allies after X mupdate?

Either way, playing as poland is suicide because of Nazi Germany.

Also I gave a 3x bonus to Nazi Germany for the first few mupdates, which balances out having a lot more allied powers.

fuck guys I gotta leave, really sorry for giving you all false hope by starting this thread in the first place

What country can i pick?


Any OP wannabe?

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Sadly I can't, i m using android tablet :-(
I would love to play this map→

Fuck, alright guys I'll host here.

Rivers are crossable?


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so i can cross the river or i can't?

You can cross rivers.

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