Tell me again why you think the west can be saved?


This is common now.
Girls agreeing to be pissed on/poo'd on for cash from Saudi Arabians.

There are literally hundreds of "instagram models" who look relatively normal, caught out by shit shit...some of them even post classic shit that you might imagine "fuck the haters, i'm doing me" type of shit, etc. It's fucking hilarious and a tragedy at the same time.

>pic related

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Nothing wrong with whores


Model chick agrees to fuck a saudi arabians 13 year old brother

Yes, there is. Especially when they're pretending that they're not whores.

But I just checked the flag and of course, now your post makes sense.

Same dude getting a girl to agree to have HUMMUS licked off her pussy by a CAMEL

Nope nothing wrong with prostitution, how else would I get to fuck different 10/10 every weekend?

>Nothing wrong with white western women being shit on/pissed on by saudis
Lol, you Germans really are something.

They are not the typical "whores", they claim that they're "models"... they have huge following on social media. Your daughters will one day be following girls like this. You're a fucking retard

No wonder Germany is lost

alright you stupid inbred, riddle me this

when was the last time you heard a whore call herself a whore?

A lot of them do.

There is no doubt that a sex worker working in a brothel knows what she is.

These instagram porta potties call themselves "models"... there is a fucking difference.

This is very libertarian.

I'm surprised Cred Forums has an issue with this.

I thought Cred Forums was used by normal men who know how to socialize with women. But it seems there are a lot of /r9k/ like spergs on here. I thought this board was different...

the west cant be saved no matter if DJT gets elected. The world is at war outside and within. Things wont get better. Your kids will be even worse and will be diseased right from the get go. Everything is going down the toilet fast. That's why many people are depressed and stressed and pissed off. How can anyone with respect to cultural traditions and family values feel happy about the current situation? Technology and social media are killing the human experience. RIP with love.

& you think they'd out themselves on social media


Only 15k?
Broke ass bitch. That's disgraceful.
Who cares anyway? All women are whores

>HUMMUS licked off her pussy by a CAMEL

I don't know why, but the use of hummus makes it even funnier.

Hell for $10000 dollars I would even suck his dick.

Some of them have a million followers on instagram.

Think how many impressionable people are seeing their profiles/lifestyles and not knowing how they afford it.

You're a fucking retard. You think it's acceptable to have your women shit on and pissed on by other rich men? You fucking cucked faggot cunt. Germany will burn because of people like you.

last time i fucked ur mum in the ass

Nah, there wasn't a full size version on the site. Had to use that. It's still readable though

>can you send me a video farting?

يِّمًا لِيُنذِرَ بَأسًا شَديدًا مِن لَدُنهُ وَيُبَشِّرَ المُؤمِنينَ الَّذينَ يَعمَلونَ٢

What is that? Some kind of bestiality colonialism?

Fuck, now I'm getting hard to some burka qt getting railed out by a big American buffalo

Lol reminds me of the film "don't mess with the zohan"


Yea they get followed by a million sweaty neckbeard who jerk off to it.

Who gives a fuck about the bad life choices of some random whore.

She sent him the video

the only inbreds are dunegroids and jews

It's not sweaty neckbeards following them on instagram though, is it? It's impressionable teenage girls who see them posing with nice shoes and on beaches, you dumb cunt.

Every german post in this thread has been some retarded cuck shit. Germany is truly lost now. That's all there is to it.


Stop caring about whores, and socialize with normal girls instead. Jesus, you undersexed neckbeards need to leave your house every once in a while.

This is nothing new. Instagram is the best way to whore yourself literally or figuratively.


True but when most every woman is a whore you do have a bit of a problem.

Why do you have to be american? You fuck wits make us look stupid.

You really are a cuck, aren't you?
I don't give a fuck about whores. I care more for the impact it will have on society as a whole. As I said, some of these girls have MILLIONS of impressionable followers on social media.
You're literally defending whores who encourage teenage girls into becoming whores... See They are literally letting people POO on them

Germany is lost, thanks to people like you


/new/ was based paleo-libertarians

Cred Forums is stormfront statists

Lucky for Pepe he has no nostrils

Cheap whore detected kek

>claims there's nothing wrong with whores
>conflates the people who are saying there is something wrong with whores with the people who are addicted to whores

You're literally being a faggot and using the faggot argument right now.

Dat virgin butthurt

Did she already delete her instagram?

Spanish tv presenter agreeing to be a whore for 15k euros lol

>I thought Cred Forums was different
Maybe you should do a little less thinking hans it's not working out for you so far. Probably be better off just winging it.

Reminder that this is what German libertines are defending when they call sensible right-wingers "prudes".

Reminder that whoredom IS the death of the race.

>10k for a bj


People really love to lick anus's these day's.

Nah she changed the name and is blocking anyone who mentions her being exposed

it's now gracie_x0

spanish tv presenter in the last season of a shitty show no one sees, but yeah, spanish tv presenter

not gonna lie senpai, feels good

They have exposed literally hundreds of these girls.

All of them claim to be "models" and have huge followings on social media.

This is hilarious.

Dude I'd let some chick shit on me for $15,000.

I'm not even broke or desperate. An easy $15k for 2 hours of disgusting shit playing, fuck it. Pay off the rest of my car or more likely pay off my private student loans so the kikes can't jack up the interest rate whenever they decide to.



Fucking whore had hemorroids kek

>Reminder that whoredom IS the death of the race.
this spaghetti here is fucking right. how I miss the old times of our countries, mate.

Hahahaha. Pays 25k and still puts the whore on a pedestal by asking if she has ant 'requests that need fukfilled'. Wtf. Is she a golden angel or some shit. For 25k she better lick the sharts from your nutsack and beg for more.

I'm Irish but you have always been our greatest ally so it's okay.

You are what's wrong with the world, mate.
I'm not kidding.

How do you think we ended up in this mess in the first place?
Lack of moral standards.

You should stop fucking posting here and end yourself already

Just bantz user.....kek

There's no need to be a bully, user.

>All women are whores
Including your mom.

This chick went "vegan"
In other words... she made a video of her sticking various vegetables into her cunt and ass


shit, man. that orange looked red to me.

Letting someone shit on you for money is both degenerate and desperate. Do you have no fucking dignity?

Western women literally used as porta potties

women who pretend they aren't whores are just whores putting on airs

lmfao what in the fuck is wrong with women

her shitter was a fucking goldmine user
too bad she had a meltdown and deleted the account

Whoa since when they allow porn on YouTube?

who uploads all these?

are they fake? some guy/guys pretending to be saudis to trick them?

Wtf is wrong with the Americans in this fucking thread... take your fucking ass's back to Cred Forums

They don't but the guy running the account (some arab) likes to keep it low profile.

A lot of the times he doesn't even tell the girls that they've been tricked or exposed. They go on never knowing until someone around them finds out etc

See above.
I think it's a combination of genuine saudis just sending them in after they've used the chick and then others trying to just trick them by pretending to be rich etc

Jesus Christ apparently people are taking this thread way more seriously than I am. Calm your tits man I was just fucking around.

They've done this to male models at least once. I don't think it's a woman thing, its just a brainless attractive normie who lives for status symbols and money thing.

You'd be amazed on what women do secretly. I found out that my neighbor who is single fucks her dog. Well rather, lets the dog lick her nasty roastie

>Grace Sinclair

Umm wtf?

For a second there I thought she was a relative of mine.
False alarm.

I'm fucking crying from laughter with some of the screenshots.

what is she even saying

>i don't think it's a women thing
It's literally all fucking women other than maybe 2 gay dudes. You're delusional

>degeneracy for ants

>I would rather take 10 big black cocks than one tiny right wing cock

Who care?

Western women are way better than any alternative.

The things people do for money. That's insane.

>I was just fucking around

I'm not go fuck yourself


Us non-Germans haven't heard much about this slut.

"I would rather have ten big black cocks than one AFD micro-dick".

Note how she uses English for "big black cock".

Linguists have some term for this that I can't think of, where a phrase becomes a "symbol" in itself - neither "big", "black", or "cock" are English loanwords in German, but combined they form a borrowing of a concept (((across borders))).

Nah, trust me, I wouldn't. I've seen all kinds from women. Fucking whores the lot of them.

He's right m8. For 15k I wouldn't just let myself get shit on, I would eat it.

I agree with your posts, Eternal Anglo. But it's not just Germany that's lost, it's the entire western world.

All right then, stay pissed at nothing I guess.

I'd give her all the BBC she can take in Nigeria or some other shit hole, but I wouldn't let her come back.

But more women are like that than men.
Perhaps the majority are, the only thing preventing more of them from being like this being that there are more attractive people who become (((Hollywood))) "actresses", "models", etc, where the exploitation is less crude and more financially rewarding, or not attractive enough to warrant suitably enticing sums of money from rich plutocrats.

Seriously, fuck Saudi Arabia.
They're the weakest of all Muslims and they've been propped up by the Eternal Anglo/Murican financial system since they backstabbed the Turkroaches.

I can't read shit like this because it depresses the hell out of me. These women are doing this degenerate ass shit for shekels instead of starting a family, becoming a mother and wife.

Money was a fucking mistake.

You both are fucking degenerate and pathetic user. Have a little fucking dignity and get your finances in order. If your so fucking broke you would let people shit on you and eat it. Maybe you should rethink your life choices. Also gtfo of Cred Forums and go to Cred Forums you will fit in there.

>tv presenter

she was already in a whore job

>Money was a fucking mistake.

Nope. Men giving women money is the mistake.

you should try it 1st before whoring yourself out.

drop some of your own shit on your chest and see if it's worth 15K

Now now, Cred Forums. There's nothing wrong with some women being whores. So long as they accept that's what they are, and that no, they shouldn't expect to be treated like a lady afterward.

Lol this is one of my favs of the lot desu

It really is tragic

Fucking whores, i loved how the french would shave the whores bald for fucking nazis (well the ones they wouldn't shoot)


overuse of emojis = massive red flag?

stop fucking scribbling all over this thread you retard

jesus fucking christ
>rip a bible
and again my sides in orbit


Youtube allowed interracial porn because it was "art".
Youtube allowed lesbian orgies because it was "art".
Youtube allowed a video of a tranny getting a wine enema and then shitting out bloody wine into a glass and drinking it, because it was "art".

You can break all the rules you want on that site, so long as your video's content is moderately Jewish.

I was wandering when I'd get the first replay. I got the text from another thread in /o/

That's because you're a fucking ant, its not readable for humans though, trust me I am a human.


This. But the faggots on here wouldn't know since they have never left their basement. I've lived abroad, I've dated non-Western and Western girls and learned my lesson. Don't fall for memes, kids.

Ashleyraychl aka Ashley Raychel Richardson national tilted kilt miss November 2016 selling pussy and farting, AGREES TO CONVERT TO ISLAM


literally agreeing to convert to islam for cash

So is he actually I rich Arab dude hat flies them out or just some tricky trickster 13 year old?

yeah but real talk i'd put my tongue up her butt

nope. it looks like shit. I'd fuck her cunt and mouth instead.

As I said, probably both.

Some of them are things that genuinely took place and they send the screenshots in after the fact. You have the reading comprehension of a down syndrome

Amazing amount of payment for prostitution

how much money? I'm dying to know that if it is 20000 for a camel to lick her anus smeared with hummus is harder for her than converting to the shittiest religion on earth.

>No wonder Germany is lost
>coming from a UK flag

Knowing where she's been, and what a filthy soul lives in her body, I'd just chuck her out of a helicopter.

Not an argument. The user said nothing wrong.

Atleast they voted for brexit what has germany done recently apart from being a bigger cuck nation

So have I and I choose Latin women over white English women every time.

There's a lot wrong with whores

White knight detected

Only thing Brexit will do is let them import less Europeans and import more Pakis. The idea that their economy will get better is also absolutely retarded. Being in the EU but outside the eurozone was literally life on easy mode. They literally cucked themselves.

>Not an argument.
The argument is, don't go around calling other countries lost if you come from the ideological home of the degeneracy affecting Germany

didn't see that post lad, busy shitposting while watching question time

at that level of fakeness and types of activity, just slowly back away....lol.....

also statement on what human dignity or value has degraded into - something that can be bought in general.

Its sad in a way, I have often tried to teach people that humanity is priceless

but this is part of a plan and social conditioning, you can tell, the sociology of this, THEY want this in general, the ability to buy people in general.

>Literally all
>Other than maybe
Do you even know what you're saying?


Looks or behaviour?

Because if it's that they're more chaste/religious/traditional and "naive" or "innocent" of the ways of degeneracy, then I wouldn't even consider them "western".

>The argument is, don't go around calling other countries lost if you come from the ideological home of the degeneracy affecting Germany
If it were any other country besides Germany (save France and America), you would have more of a point, but even then the criticism of this German user's cooperation with subversion and degeneration is still entirely valid.

What's most fascinating is the fact that these women then proceed to blow those 10-25k in a couple of months and then most likely find another sheik to shit on them


fair enough, but I was not disagreeing with dissing that user for his remarks, merely for the statement that "Germany is lost" coming from a UK flag. I do not agree with the german user's opnion either

I'm okay with private degeneracy because denying it both publicly and privately makes them unify into a political/cultural force (see Alt Right)

you have a point, then again, practicing your degeneracy with people who see the humiliation on these girls as a "fuck the western world" claim is beyond acceptance.

AFAIK Robert Rosenberg's (ex)wife does that too. She left him and her child, so she could get shitted on by some sheiks in the middle east for oil money.

I'm just gonna go find a cash machine

he deserved it.

>literal whores are stupid and will do disgusting things for money

you don't say?

Holy fucking shit this is fucking hilarious !!!


He is paying her to shit on her. No girl would ever pay you so they can shit on you, worthless retard.

That ass has been through some shit

Of course, he's a degenerate porn actor. But quite a celebrity here. Anyway, they had a child. Imagine what that poor boy had to go through.
Nazis were right. Degenerates shouldn't procreate.

FUCK I love this shit, fuck fuck.

Why would he want a video of her farting if he's shitting on her?

If this depresses you don't even get started on child sex trafficking in Israel.

Its the fucking fathers I feel for. Imagine that shit jesus fuck.

any reuploads? i gotta see this

Fathers are non existent with these chicks.

I mean, even if the girl comes from a married couple, guarantee the father was completely emotionally distant. This shit doesn't happy with tight nit families


anyone has any reupload?

>if you don't think being shit and pissed on is ok, you're a virgin
Sounds about right for a german

is that real? i heard those allegations before but brushed it off as fake propaganda. where can i find out more?

Like ya'll wouldn't shit on a muslim for 15k, rambling around his palace barking like a dog and slamming his nephew's boipussy.

I've always wondered what you call those expressions, in English we have a lot of French expressions just like that.

I thought Cred Forums advocated social Darwinism?

If you think the poor should starve in the streets you shouldn't have a problem with rich arabs taking a shit on women.

I thought Cred Forums was into social Darwinism?

If you don't have a problem with the poor starving in the streets you shouldn't have a problem with rich arabs paying to take a shit on women.

Cred Forums doesnt advocate shit you retard

It wasn't all that spectacular

Money isn't social Darwinism you sperg.

Even more proofs.

>implying i haven't made girls send me farting and shitting vids for free

All it took was being a 6' fitizen with a 6/10 face

have these instead

Fucking retard. It's never good to have the women of your nation be forced into such a position that it seems worthwhile to let some foreign fuck shit and piss on them.
Don't get me wrong, they are whores at heart... but they are also a by product of a crumbling civilisation.
There is no excuse of course, just expect more of this kind of thing in future

>Implying you've had hot models with a million instagram followers send you anything other than "leave me the fuck alone"
Stop lying faggot. Anyone can get some random cunt to send them shit... but you can't get someone with percieved status to do so. Unless you have money, or status yourself.

Fucking retard

Hehe IMG 0003 is 100% danish


This thread slightly enrages me.
This thread has made me want to move out to the country, and just be on my own and have my own farm, with no technology, just books and peace.

Fucking Arabs - this one died while trying to fuck a donkey.

I can think of three separate occasions where they were seen fucking goats on drone footage.
I didn't save them though.

I'm the OP but same here mate.
I seen it months ago and have seen it first hand (almost)
Shit is fucking disgusting on all levels.
Kind of makes me wish I was rich enough to do it JUST to expose them lol

Here's a nig nog fucking a goat;


Colombia tradition, fucking donkeys:


Arab fucking a donkey:


Another one:


An Iraqi:


People have been willing to be "bought" since the dawn of civilization, it's called a "job".


Since when did anyone give a shit about fathers? It's always all about the roasties in the family. The father is only there to wageslave

Western women are better than any other kind, take gook broads:

1) No hobbies other than shopping and eating out and drinking
2) Enjoy expensive travel but stay in the hotel and lay by the pool the whole time
3) Must have the most expensive everything, even if it's a $4000 purse made by her enslaved distant family members
4) Will bring entire family over on your dime
5) Physically frail and small, not fit to protect children
6) Can't into outdoor activities
7) Even if they are smart it's only book smarts, they are like chidren
8) Can fly back to China or wherever and steal your Elliot Rodgerslet
9) Cant' even cook their traditional cuisine, dumping rooster sauce on rice noodles is not traditional cuisine
10) Except in rare circumstances usually resulting in stardom, no tits or ass
11) No sense of humor, or if it exists is identical to that of a six year old
12) Whiny
13) No idea if the girl is really ugly or cute, plastic surgery approaches or exceeds 90% in most of SE Asia.
14) Loves Disney for some reason, probably emotional retardation.

>not scamming them