What did he mean by this?


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it's the great parodox -- Russians are capable of devilish joy despite being evil

Russia was different back then

To be honest, Red Russian Army Choir songs are pretty dope and I hate communism to death.


For example, Hitler loved music so much he forgave Wagner for being a jew, his music was so good.


Wagner hated Jews though

well, to begin with, russians are not people


since when we are evil

russians are evil

>since when we are evil

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My own personal opinion, and why I find this quote fascinating, is that it's one of the rare instances of a philosopher making a normative statement about the current state of events and political atmosphere around him; the heated tensions between Russia and Germany. Most philosophers seem to be oblivious to the world around them, take for example Nietzsche's German counterparts Kant and Schopenhauer. They lived in some of the most geopolitically active eras of European history yet never really made any observations of such. Following Plato, who's whole entire writings were a big criticism of the Athenian government, philosophers seem to be very apolitical of their surroundings especially the German ones.

The Greeks were more hollistic in their philisopy, they saw politics as interlinked with philosophy, math and sciences. Socrates talked to young men about (political) philosophy all day f.e. It probably had to do with their conception of being a citizen of the polis your passive right was your vote yet your active obligation was to partake in civic life.

>commenting on politics

He was good at being alone and trying to analyze his aloneness.

Fake quote.

I believe so too. Anyone with a source to the quote, I can't find any.


He actually predicted the entire EU. Which you can read up in Thomas Mann's essay on Nietzsche's philosophy.

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This reminds me of two things:
Old politics wasn't smarter, or deeper. It was basically a meme war back then aswell.

Secondly "socialist world republic" actually has an uncanny resemblance to this whole NWO/world governence/globalism thing. Where global oligarchs, bilderberg meetings, etc. replace the communist functionaries and the communist party.


He meant that he's a filthy barbarian unable to understand greatness of Russia




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Twilight of the Idols

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