Does Cred Forums think red meats cause cancer...

Does Cred Forums think red meats cause cancer, or is it just a scam to scare meat eaters into over-moderating their diets, becoming vegetarian and buying into diet fads and their products?

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It's hard to tell, because diets are so varied and long-term.

Same with smoking, it was hard to tell just because some people smoked a pack a day their whole lives and never got cancer, but those who never smoked ever developed lung cancer in their 30's.

There are so many variables in play that no single study would ever be conclusive.

Probably not the meat itself, but all the shit they put into it.

I think it's fucking gross after awhile.
Can only eat it once or twice a month, beyond that it makes me gag.

This. I've personally had success in weight control, fitness, and blood markers on an omnivorous ketogenic diet, but someone else may find success with vegetarian diets. The studies are also muddied in the form of surveys (do you remember exactly what you've eaten last week? No, don't check myfitnesspal) and improper food classification (pizza, whole hamburgers = "red meat").

Also, these sort of articles go back and forth all the time: "Red Meat Causes Cancer" followed by "Oh Wait, Red Meat might not be so Bad" -> rinse, repeat. The WHO's classification is even rocky at best:

>Eating the Red Jew

If you live unhealthily, you'll be unhealthy.
Is that such a difficult concept to grasp?

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Depends on the amount you eat. 200-300g a week for an 80 kg male should be okay. It is more important to to have variety in your food, since you never know what is polloted and what isn't.

If you eat a lot of red meat and milk based products you increase the risk of getting cancer, but its ok to eat it in moderation. Vegan diets are a lot better for your health and for the environment.

EVERYTHING in moderation.

This is seriously the only key to life, and it's still obfuscated from people.

A lot of this. And also people need to realize that it wasn't so along ago meat was a luxury and rarely eaten. Since we started factory farming so hard and shit I don't think we've had long enough to make a reasonable decision on this.

it's not always that simple you fucking waffle

You cloud argue the question is political in the sense, that many leftist push a vegan diet and the meme of the Human being an more of an Herbivore than an Omnivore.

>and for the environment

yes it fucking is

Burnt meat probably isn't good for you, but neither is a vegan diet.

Seriously, this


>red meat causes cancer
I remember my first day on the internet.

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What about alcohol? Being an alcoholic isn't unhealthy is it?

It's part of the plot to lower testosteone levels worldwide.

I think it's interesting that they never separate out beef from pork in these studies. Furthermore, they also include processed meats, like sausages and whatnot. I'm not a Jew or Muslim, but God said not to eat pork, and there is a case to be made that the food law was never repealed. Maybe it was for a reason, even if we don't notice any effects immediately after eating it? After I looked into it more, I gave up pork. I would think that if beef was looked at separately, it would show a different result than pork.

the char of grilled meats increases risk of colon cancer

the char is an oxidizing agent that is absorbed in high amounts in the colon

if you want to minimize risk of colon cancer, eat either: no meat or raw meat

>Note: INCREASED RISK of cancer =/= CERTAINTY of cancer


People in the first world eat way too much meat. Regardless of whether or not it causes cancer, there are tons of other health problems related to overconsumption of meat. Just take a look at the huge corpulent sacks of shit we've got shuffling around over here.

On the other hand, a strict diet of vegetarianism/veganism is just autistic. Most of them are scrawny betas which should also tell you something about their diets. There obviously needs to be an equilibrium between these two diets.

It's also fucking stupid how some vegans will actually refuse meat and go hungry when faced with no vegan option. Like it's a fucking religion or something. I really hate those people.

I think people eat to much red meat, especially Americans. I'm no expert but ideally I think people should eat red meat at most two to three times a week.

Yes, red meat causes cancer, especially if it's burnt. But what's fucking horrible for you is preserved meat like hot dogs, pepperoni, bacon etc. The veggi-propaganda people conflated the results for the worst catagory of meat (preserved red meat) with a normal steak.

prolonged irritation (cirrohsis) of the liver from borderline alcohol poisoning increases inflammation and therefore risk of liver cancer

Dunno. My grandgrandfather eats only fish and beef and he is ok for his years, 93.

The issue is: what exactly is "moderation"? What is a "moderate" amount of vegetables?

What if one's "moderation" is another's "indulgence" or "excuse"? A lot of people use the "moderation" argument to, for example, eat a pint of ice cream each week, thinking it's a "moderate" amount, when in truth they shouldn't do so in the first place. It's a mere truism that requires rational and reasonable parameters for it to be effective. Figuring this out would lead you falling into the rabbit hole of how the concepts of the food pyramid/plate are based on a faulty frame of reference pushed by Sen. George McGovern in the middle of the 20th century.

If you're eating a wide variety of foods then by definition you're not going to be eating too much of any one food.

Heh g-good thing I was merely asking for a friend haha

No they're not

you can eat as many vegetables as you want
as long as it's not American cattle fodder, well I guess you guys are fucked anyway

Pork in of itself is not bad, it's the cut and also how the pig was raised, and what food the pig ate. Wild boar is also better for you than domestic pig, also.

The reason why "God" said to not eat pork is because pigs do not do too well in the desert. The same goes for shellfish - "God" said not to eat it because shellfish goes bad very quickly in warm weather.

Track your fucking macros, you pretentious pleb.

survey says, you're a fucking idiot.

Honestly, I'm not sure about the pork thing and where that came from. On the other hand, the high verbal IQ of the chosen aside, remember that Islam is a slave religion for 85 IQ sand monkeys, and actually cooking and preserving pork properly requires a certain amount of agency.

Pork is also the closest your'e going to get to being a cannibal during The Happening, so maybe it's good to be used to eating short pig so you can build up an immunity to long pig.

I don't eat pork because they are very intelligent animals and yet can be raised in abhorrent conditions. I eat maybe 12 eggs and a pound or so each of beef and fish a week. However if I could get pork raised and slaughtered properly, I wouldn't turn my nose up at it.

I didn't say it was my problem.

The majority of factory raised cows are fed a diet laced with antibiotics. Which then accumulates in their fatty tissues until slaughter. While there are regulations and routine inspections the safety of some of these additives remains controversial.

Literally everything causes cancer.
Prove me wrong.

m8 according to the "experts" everything gives you cancer and then 5 years later it was a "false alarm" before rinsing and repeating. Remember when salt was the number 1 cause of high blood pressure? Remember how a couple of years ago they unironically came out and, quietly, said salt does fuck all to blood pressure or cholesterol unless you're eating bars of sea salt every hour? Really makes you wonder which (((school))) these (((scientists))) and (((experts))) trained at.

Alcohol is literally poisonous, how do you not know this?
In moderation it's not bad. Binge drinking can seriously fuck you up though. If you get regularly drunk you can guarantee you'll die of liver failure unless you get a transplant.

Muh bovine flatulence is killing the earth, stop devouring beef. Big corn is busy busting into the fuel market so they aren't raising hell about this.

I love meat (yes poultry is meat too) but I moderate it to only eating it once a day, for dinner, three or four times a week. No more meat (or animal products) on my bread or in my oatmeal either. It kinda sucks but all animal products are kinda unhealthy at the current pace we consume them. I cant give them up, and honestly neither should you, but I recommend everyone reduces their intake.

Dont care i will never give up Steak.

Why are carnicucks so small?

They always go on about muh health, but I find it funny how everyone in my family is vegan and over 6'6"/will built.

I was joking brah. I know it kills your liver. As you said, it's literal poison.

I do need to slow down on my drinking though.

>be healthy, active 23 year old
>MS out of nowhere

You said eating a pint of ice cream a week is bad?
It isn't

They are also bottom feeders. We are fucking with the circle of life when we eat them. Cows, lamb, and fin fish were made for us.

re-read what I wrote
I know MS fucks with your brain, but try to apply yourself.

I don't dream very often anymore. my shrink ssys I do but I repress them. but the few dreamd I hsve normally come in the first 30 minutes of sleep, which makes them hallucinations, technically.

but anyway, last night I dreamt about a steak place serving all you can eat steak that looked just like that. I went through the line, didn't order anything. I tried to go back but was kicked out.

right after that I had an extrwmely fucked up dream I don't want to talk about.

but my stupid ass shrink thinks I am just "forgetting" dreams. when I have them they are vivid. I dream once every two weeks.

Did you read the preceding sentence and the rest of that sentence? I was referring to individuals that shouldn't be doing that, i.e., bad blood markers, prediabetic, unfit, etc.

Both my grandparents ate lots of red meat. Like beef three times a week and they both died from bowl cancer.

My mum always cusses me when i have a phase of eating lots of steak.

Dreams are the result of being awakened during REM sleep.
Sound sleepers will have less dream recollection because they're more likely to awaken at the end of the sleep cycle instead of during REM.

Also if you're on mind-altering drugs like antidepressants or sleeping pills your REM phases will be shorter, meaning less chance of dream recollection.

that has got to be so ficking wrong. when I was a kid I had 2 dreams a night. morons dream every night. I wake up every 2 hours sweating my ass off or thinking I am choking. and what few dreams I have come before the rem cycle should start. so, acording to shrinks, they are hallucinations.

I am not a doctor or a shrink. but that has to be wrong. as a kid I would sleep for 9 hours straight and have 3 dreams a night.

No, it doesn't cause cancer. Red meat is beneficial for males because it helps men's bodies produce testosterone. The kikes trying to run the first world into the ground are also trying to feminize men into docile numales.

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>take up hobbies like poetry instead of masculine activities
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>drive a miniature hybrid or take public transportation instead of owning a powerful vehicle

eat lots of meat, it's good for you, goys, trust us

your government

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I am an alcoholic. but then why can I wake up after 30 minutes and have a dream, but not after 2 hours most of the time?

and not Cred Forums faggot alcoholic, I drink a handle in 2 days. but still, why would all my "dreams" come before rem sleep is supposed to activate?

I don't really understand much of what you wrote, but I'll expand on what I said.
Children have longer REM cycles, something which has often been interpreted as REM sleep being tied to learning.
Additionally children awake more often than adults.
no idea
I know usually Alcohol tends to impair quality of sleep but I'm not sure how that influences REM sleep.
Yes you can have dream recollection outside of REM sleep, but more often than not it occurs during.

thats all shit, meat is fine, eat less burgers and fastfood and you gonna be alright

It's a Skype trick to make people more accepting of a meat free diet because we wouldn't be able to sustain mass migration otherwise

Yer, fair play. Pretty drunk desu chum so I didn't do reading no good of your words.
Apology assepted

Red meat doesn't cause cancer, that's complete bullshit.

I have to add that sleep cycles aren't as clear cut as you think.
The standard 90 minute pattern is an average and sleep patterns vary a lot, the only way to know for sure which phase a person is in is by having an EEG during sleep.

they already totally lose their mind when they can't have their blood rituals but somehow they are against meat?

Do you guys eat red meat every day?
Two to three out of seven days already is fairly often.