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>Trump Playlist (embed)

>Trump Rally in Waukesha WI 9/29/16
>Trump on ORLY 9/29/16
>Pence Rally in Leetonia OH 9/28/16
>Trump Rally in Council Bluffs IA 9/28/16
>Trump meets Pol American Cong Chicago IL 9/28/16

>Trump Rally in Melbourne FL 9/27/16
>Trump TH at Miami Dade College FL 9/27/16
>Trump stops at Miami Diner 9/27/16
>First Presidential Debate 9/26/16
>Pence Rally at Milford, NH 9/26/16
>Trump Rally in Roanoke VA 9/24/16

>Trump on F&F 9/27/16
>Trump/Hannity Post debate 9/26/16
>Trump/Bloomberg post debate 9/26/16
>Trump on Full Measure 9/25/16

>The Lion
>Trump Ad: Movement
>Deplorables Unite
>Trump Triumphant
>American Hero


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Thanks based Norway. Your heavy work will not be forgotten


Oh god, I can only imagine.

>tfw you get to remember all of that glorious schadenfreude vividly every birthday forever

I envy you this.


President Assad Of Syria Is Not An Evil Dictator Killing His People: The US Lied about It.


I've been away from these threads for most of today. How's it going? Still overrun by redditfags, or is CTR back?


If you guys are really focused on getting Trump in the White House, this video may be very influential.

It's already reported as admitting that Trump can build the wall and make Mexico pay for it, but this guy also totally admits that the self deportation "net zero" Mexican illegal meme is a total lugenpresse lie sold for Mexicos benefit, which they appreciate and propagate for their purposes. Put this in an ad and it's a massive redpill.

Watch from 22:00 especially. The guy is smart, even if he's an enemy.

Trump says climate change is fake.

Defend this, Trumpkins.

poll numbers
need them pl0x

Colorado polls that aren't PPP push polls when?

>Kellyanne confirmed that Trump paid money for this.

All she confirmed was the consulting firm was paid for their work. They submitted an invoice.

And you keep avoiding the story clearly saying that it was about if the embargo was lifted.


No embargo, not illegal to do business there.

Probably figured Castro was gonna kick it soon.

BREAKING: U.S. Officials Calling for War With Russia in Syria, (((WSJ))) Admits Obama Admin Still Arming Terrorists (all for Israel)

here's another one

Give back Prussia you fucking fag. It's teutonic clay and you have no right to call it polish.

>just like Hussein and Qaddafi.

Schadenfreude moments
>This past tuesday
>Have stock market app on my phone
>Watching drop and drop and drop
>Starting dancing and singing
[To the tune of Oh He's a Jolly Good Fellow]
Germany is collapsing
Germany is collapsing
Germany is collapsiiiiiiiing
The Euro will be worth squat

Stop and frisk works, okay folks?



Bretty gool

>when the MSM tricked itself into thinking it's close but you know Trump already won

Your Hitler digits confirm Hillary let four men die.

What do I win?

Going undercover. Can't say much. Wish me luck.

Reasonable assumption and a good idea to search for new business.

Good fucking Christ. This is what they have for October?

What are you going to do, send your army and take it back? Your army better hurry up then, because otherwise momma merkel will force them to take a break!

fun fact: Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal doesn't just own trump on twitter, he also owns trumps former yacht that he had to sell when he went bankrupt should be added to the op

>In a conference call with surrogates Wednesday afternoon, Trump aides made clear the Republican nominee is upset that his allies publicly acknowledged they pushed him to change his preparation and tactics before his next bout with Hillary Clinton. And he wants them to stop it immediately.

Man, he's just like a giant toddler isn't he?

This isn't real life. Everytime you (You) a CTR post they get paid. If you have a point to make don't (You) about it
>Protip: YES (You) CAN'T

A nice read

maybe even share to your undecided normie friends on facebook

Hide a turd somewhere user

>Give back Germany you fucking fag. It's teutonic clay and you have no right to call it a caliphate.

liberals think that by regulating the USA and buying all of our products from china- the pollution will magically disappear

We'll be free again soon.


FFS, do they ever take out the trash? That's disgusting.

>climate change

Wrong, fuckhead...

He said global warming...

And he's right.

Climate always changes...

It is cyclical.

The HadCRUT3 surface temperature index, produced by the Hadley Centre of the UK Met Office and the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia, shows warming to 1878, cooling to 1911, warming to 1941, cooling to 1964, warming to 1998 and cooling through 2011. The warming rate from 1964 to 1998 was the same as the previous warming from 1911 to 1941. Satellites, weather balloons and ground stations all show cooling since 2001. The mild warming of 0.6 to 0.8 C over the 20th century is well within the natural variations recorded in the last millennium. The ground station network suffers from an uneven distribution across the globe; the stations are preferentially located in growing urban and industrial areas ("heat islands"), which show substantially higher readings than adjacent rural areas ("land use effects"). Two science teams have shown that correcting the surface temperature record for the effects of urban development would reduce the reported warming trend over land from 1980 by half.

Now kys kiddo

>overtime in the military

What's this? If you go to war do you have to stop fighting after 8 hours?


>the Euro will be worth squat

hillfags still spamming trumpgen today?

Make us proud, user

Guys, this is a flag edition. We need more Trump approved flags

Damn, if the guy who helped fund the largest terror attack in world history against American citizens says something, I should probably believe it.

>t. what the Democrats actually believe their base thinks

I'm not all that worried. White people aren't fucking retarded; they can register when Trump tells them to.



she wants the D


you should fug that girl and make her vote for Trump!

>Good fucking Christ. This is what they have for October?

Every big "Trump BTFO" story the MSM has popped for months has turned out to be bullshit.

They've gone full "Dan Rather National Guard Memo" pants on head retarded.

T-Trump btfo
Y-You guys heard the debates right? Hillary slammed Trump!
You know he's never gonna get those v-votes right? Y-You guys should just give up.
D-Drumpfffff.. haha.

Remember when Hillary's campaign attacked Trump for saying he was willing to talk to Kim about ending the Korean War

someone's gotta do it


>She wants the D
EVERYONE wants The Donald, I don't know why this is surprising.



great idea

I will get caught.

It's a fucking mess in here.

Any ideas what i should do?

Stealing so I can freak out CTR.

German men are the most pathetic cucks on the planet, tied with sweden. That goes for both in bed and out. It should tell you something when the women there prefer sand niggers for husbands than their own men and constantly import them

Not a flag but still pol related.

Can somebody turn the captain into Pepe the frog?

May Trump save America from Hillary's fading grasp.

#ClintonScandals still going nuts on twitter, although they've censored it out of the Trending list


It's like if /cfg/ threw a party.

What's funny is how big a deal that fucuk was. This time the media has done that hundreds of times with no backlash whatsoever.


Susan Lindauer “A Vote For Hillary Clinton Is a Vote For World War 3. It’s That Serious!”



>when he went bankrupt
Trump never went bankrupt, Jesus Christ, at least fucking TRY.


>D is for Dump Trump
holy shit that's pathetic

>Praise Kek


You know what has to be done

>he didn't bring a usb keylogger with him


>Any ideas what i should do?
Pull fire alarm and dip.

That was von der Leyen, not Merkel. Two sides of the same medal though.

Gotta visit your wifes son from time to time, right?


Correct version

when is the army going to pull a sadat on her
aren't they embarressed of what she's done?

Last I saw polls wise Trump went up
is it up or down now?

>Paid for their work

they went to cuba and he reimbursed them. That's fucking illegal. The consulting company went there without the paperwork and Trump reimbursed them for it. Both illegal cats.

Even if they were working in case it was lifted they can't just go scout locations in cuba and invoice him for it.

How dense are you?

Start concern shilling irl.

record it

"If Trump would pay his taxes maybe we could build roads and bridges."

Let's take apart this chin-drooling stupidity.

Roads and bridges are a rounding error in the federal budget. The federal budget is the world's largest nursing home which owns the world's largest military. That's because the income tax was invented in the 1900s.

And it's government sanctioned armed robbery. The fed was never supposed to be in the retirement business. Or the medical business. Or the farming, grocery, or apartment business. And if cutting the income tax to zero for everyone means farewell to all of that, including and especially social security, then I say -

That's how we make America Great Again.

tl;dr There is no patriotic duty to pay income tax. That is a socialist lie that enables the welfare state.

Did you bring a strong magnet, or anything useful? If not, what are you good for?

she has a lot of arabs working for her

That would be racist


Also don't forget to place tactical Pepes for maximum triggering

When will Trump address the birth defect epidemic in our country?

Anyone else noticed that tons of media types have been using the term "First Black President" instead of actually saying Obama's name recently? I first noticed it when they brought the birther stuff back up a week ago, but now I swear they say it every time they refer to Obama.

This could be a powerful linguistic killshot

Topkek yeah do some concern shilling

Tie her shoe laces together.

matt confirmed for micro penis

Look at the fucking mess. A volunteer sent me this a few days ago. Disgusting


In case you missed this tweet yesterday.

You people still shill for this crook? I remember when people on pol hated him even more than Hillary. Rand Paul was the only real candidate and you fucked this up.


As an African-American voter, I can no longer support Hillary Clinton because I just found out she thinks black youth are super-predators.

pic related

hey thats my flag. get your own.

So we just jump into the next thread with the same arguments? Do you think a solitary person in the country is going to give a flying crap Trump spent some money scouting Cuba for potential business opportunities 20 years ago? And that this is somehow a bigger deal than Hillary's emails? You don't get to scream about the rule of law with a candidate like Hillary.


>Peanut butter jar open with utensil sticking out

Trump supporter attacked and beaten in El Cajon

record yourself concern shilling. basic stuff like CTR do here.

Stuff like:

>Is it even worth doing this? every time Trump does bad his poll numbers rise

>that communist propaganda hillary poster in the background

we need to send these fags to the gulag

I love how this completely obliterates the entire "Pepe is nazi" argument.

Thanks retards for completely proving our point. We don't give a fuck about being insulted. We care about the narrative.

Piers with the bantz



Report them to NY's health and safety executive and environmental control. Also contact whoever is leasing the building and show them these photos

>implying this place wasn't a hardcore Cruz board from when he BTFO of Ellen Page


A Few Thoughts Now On Just What Is At Stake In This Election – Clinton Vs Trump – Lou Dobbs

Here take this instead

I wish polling was faster. The only new polls are reuters and ppp.


This sucks, but he's certainly an idiot for going out amongst those people with his Trump gear on.

It doesn't sound like she's talking about little dindus

These shills are actually tiring me out, are we doing ok?

Are you retarded?

Trump paid for research, he got it. It doesn't matter as far as liability on his end what the other company did. If I order hot dogs and someone grinds up someone's cow and steals it it's not my fault they broke the law.

Steal everything from the servers. You know who to contact after that. Godspeed.

And they call us deplorable.

>those articles about how the "alt right" has abandoned Trump

I don't understand. Isn't the horde of Internet nazi deciding they don't like you a good thing?

Tie a noose around that cut out

>Do you think a solitary person in the country is going to give a flying crap Trump spent some money scouting Cuba for potential business opportunities 20 years ago

Cuban Americans

It's not like they're a large population in a state that is important for Trump to win, right?

Too bad they didn't kill him.

One less retard in the world.

Guys did you watch that? Bretty funny t b h.

That Hillary cutout.

Lol these shill faggots are literally walking memes of everything we make fun of here. Bunch of millennial neets, numale cucks and feminist dykelords sleeping on couches next to trash

Just fuck my life senpai

Go fuck yourself.

I fucked up

California reinstates thousands of felons’ right to vote

i've been watching some of those Trump rallies and i'm pumped AS FUCK i want to move in the USA when Trump becomes president, is there room for a right authoritarian future history professor/archaeologist?

Call 311 (They're in NYC, that's NYC's complaint line) and say you'd like to report unsanitary working conditions. Give the 311 operator their address and the NYPD will be kicking their door down.

NYC takes shit like that REALLY seriously.

Hi Gary

Holy... He's totally defending her from reporters.

I'd say the only place is southern Florida. But Trump has our state locked up red.

Earth Moon and Mars!


That article is targeted at CTR. They need to feel like they're doing something. Same with the shill polls. Hillary's campaign collapses and runs to the feds of she looks like she's going to lose because if she loses everyone tied to her is going to prison.

I don't. Tell me more, because that's retarded.

>The law will go into effect in 2017.

>It doesn't matter as far as liability on his end what the other company did

It actually does matter that he reimbursed them for going to cuba ESPECIALLY if he knew he was reimbursing them for going to cuba.

When someone wants an opinion on leafs we'll call for you. Otherwise keep quiet syrup nigger


What did they mean by this?

>Hey Ted
Yes Don?
>You still look like a rat

They're waiting to find an illegal brown peasant to come throw out their trash.

You think these kings and queens would dare touch literal garbage?

I haven't read the story. Did Trump pay a US firm to do research in Cuba? As long as he didn't pay cubans then there is no story.

You're not going to eat her user, are you? We'd have a hard time living that down.

Sure, you sound more useful than every single google that's already here. MAGA

As far as I can tell, he's got South Florida locked up.


That map doesnt make sense.

>bloomberg did a story about how Trump sent some people golfing in Cuba sometime in 2012-2013
>no one cared
>newsweek puts out a story about how Trump sent some people to scout Cuba for business opportunities in the event the embargo ends 20 YEARS ago
>they're totally going to care this time


That's not business in cuba though. The embargo is for dong business in cuba with cubans,


take some internal material, scan them and post'em here

He didn't know.

Fucking shills always go for the leaf.

Back to Neogaf you fucking bloated waste of flesh.

women don't believe in germ theory


without exceptional reasons you are not allowed to work more than 10hrs a day in germany.

An exercise is not a exceptional reason

There is no story. That's why he wasn't charged.


omg someone has a copy of the original?

>Pepe the frog sparks battle at the campaign trail
what does this even mean?
what battle?

Yep. It's funny since there was some doubt about it earlier on in the campaign. His most recent Florida rally was incredible.


WATCH: Trump Supporter Violently Attacked by BLM Mob for Wearing Trump Hat

Hang on, did CNN actually make that Pepe? That would explain how they fucked up the fact that his icon is misplaced and that his lips are visible when they shouldn't be.

you gotta admit it's weird that two birds would just post up like that. I figure it could've been staged

Eat a dick, leaf, most of them are from your fucking country

I can write off the climate change denial. The president can't really do anything about that either way. His pledge to sign FADA bothers me way more. I'm gay and want Trump to win, but that makes it very difficult for me to keep the faith. I'm not in any danger of being killed by ISIS, but the religious right in Congress can and want to impact my life in a major way. I'd hoped Trump would stay neutral at least, but that ship has sailed.

>he thinks using le edgy words will do anything
I can't believe I'm saying this, but fuck off, the leaf is right and we all know it.

Neither an American nor a company based in the United States could spend any cash in Cuba; instead, a foreign charity or similar sponsoring entity needed to pay all expenses, including travel. Without obtaining a license from the federal Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) before the consultants went to Cuba, the undertaking by Trump Hotels would have been in violation of federal law

The company went to cuba with the understanding they would be reimbursed by Trump.

Once the business consultants traveled to the island and incurred the expenses for the venture, Seven Arrows instructed senior officers with Trump’s company—then called Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts—how to make it appear legal by linking it after the fact to a charitable effort

>We can do it ourselves



It's on (((ADL)))'s website.

The newsweek story actually said the statute of limitations has long since run out on any potential wrongdoing. Though it would have been funny watching them push actual legal ramifications for breaking an embargo Obama staked his legacy on also breaking.

those cunts only saved the thumbnails

noob mistake

>He didn't know.

That runs contrary to the internal documents the author of the story has.


Pretty sure they did.

Never fucking seen that shitty pepe before.

Either they did it, or found a twelve year old on tumblr to make it for them...


>That runs contrary to the internal documents the author of the story has.

Post them

>This Pepe has now lost value
Feels bad man

Yeah it was fucked up...

But they dumbass should have brought friends with...


H-how about now??

>thumbnails only


That is not how the embargo worked. Sorry. You couldn't spend ANY money in cuba


Yeah that's breddy gud
:D :D :D

CNN again destroys their credibility.

I don't know the address of her HQ. All I know is that it's at the intersection of Tillary and Clinton streets in Brooklyn. (Clever, no, ha ha ha)

Just ask your buddy anderson Cooper for the original....

He made it after all....


But that's it. He didn't spend money IN cuba. He gave it a US firm on US soil.

Cuban here, dont care, fuck hillary, she doesn't want to bring up cuba in the 90's...two words: elian gonzalez.

hello when is the next debate

that's a bad pepe

Holy shit they'll suicide her.

Ignoring the fact that despite a completely rigged and one sided debate Trump's support is not going to dwindle.

Do these shills make you feel something big is about to drop?

Into the basket with both you.

>It's not like they're a large population in a state that is important for Trump to win, right?
The negroes in FL will not come out for your candidate, the Cubans are staunchly conservative so will vote Trump. You lot are absolutely panicking so you trot out some non-story from 20 years ago that is a non-issue and expect it to work this time.

It won't. Your candidate is a failure. Your boss is a failure. You are failing in your task. You will fail to get employment after this if you are lucky enough to escape prosecution for violating FEC regulations...

Just because he did it on US soil doesn't somehow make it less illegal

This isn't real life. Everytime you (You) a CTR post they get paid. If you have a point to make don't (You) them about it
>Protip: YES (You) CAN'T


It starts with


I don't know why
It doesn’t even matter how hard you try
Keep that in mind, I designed this rhyme
To explain in due time
All I know
Time is a valuable thing
Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings
Watch it count down to the end of the day
The clock ticks life away
It’s so unreal
Didn’t look out below
Watch the time go right out the window
Trying to hold on but didn’t even know
I wasted it all just to watch you go





they can't keep getting away with it


>You will fail to get employment after this if you are lucky enough to escape prosecution for violating FEC regulations

Dude, employment will be the least of their concerns


I can see it now: cooper making his own Pepe on a CNN desktop struggling to draw lines with his mouse.
>Ha ha, - - little triangle here-- nice, looks just like those racists on Reddit. Hey, Wolf, did you make one? These are kinda fun.
Enter Wolf Blitzer
>yeah, look, I made one of myself! Feels good man!
>office laughter for 2 seconds.

>The negroes in FL will not come out for your candidate, the Cubans are staunchly conservative
This 100%... Blacks don't care about Hillary and will not show up to vote like they did for Barry.

There's a lot of room for creativity with the flowers, ya know.


Most of what?

Concern trolls? Shills? Fuck every one of them.

I have to wonder if they're really going to haul every single miserable slob that was a part of CTR to court. I have to wonder if they're not already getting their just desserts simply by living the kind of life where being paid in blood money pennies at a time to defend the face of evil is a viable career.

p..poll num...b..bers
nee...d p...poll numb..ers

Paying taxes is a patriotic duty. It puts boots on feet and bullets in guns. You tax protesting "sovereign citizen" cucks make me sick. I've known so many of you that piss and moan about taxes, refuse to file, but collect Social Security or unemployment. Hypocrites all.

all we have is cheap shit with oversampled democrats

super bad for your health







Tbqh I never seen that pepe, doesn't make sense dont they put that symbol on their chest? Not the cap

i'm gonna ask them to send me the originals

>Paying taxes is a patriotic duty.
>It puts boots on feet and bullets in guns

Or gets flown over to Iran...

Why do you even bother making these threads? Trump won't win.

feels bad man

We're dealing in counterfeit pepes now.











Diligence is cuteness

Well let's see these fabled internal documents that for literally zero reason haven't been made public.

i may sound a bit overly dramatic or strange, but in my life i've been looking for a leader like in the old times, i read about my ancestors having the greatest leaders of history and then i see my country today and i see only clowns and puppets.
then i started following the elections in america and i realized that Donald Trump is the man this world needs, if he loses the west is doomed, he's strong, charismatic, brave, he fights against corrupt bastards for the people, he reminds me of Caesar and his fight against the optimates

I want to get into polling now just so the methodology isn't shit.

I love this

Yeah, there won't be any slaps on the wrist for violating federal law & FEC regulations ("interfering with our democracy"), so after they get out of the pokey they'll have a double-strike against them.

Enjoy mowing lawns and flipping burgers, shills!

Now it just needs a wojak sun.

>Paying taxes is a patriotic duty. It puts boots on feet and bullets in guns.

And now it chops dicks off soldiers, no thanks

This is not our government, and not our military anymore

I could be making money or fucking bitches, but instead, I devote my waking hours to Kek and his herald, The Don.

Only the dankest and cutest of memes will suffice.
The tiny hat on the cat was shit. I Fixed it.

It literally is the populares vs the optimates, ideologically.

Her campaign is legit panicking the fuck out about that. I've read that she has pulled out of several states and IIRC Florida was one of them but I'm not positive. Can you confirm that?

Weak leaders are unfit to rule for very long. History has shown this repeatedly.

Not quite but we're getting there.


Guys I gave a guy five dollars who later went to I going to prison. He may have used the five dollars

are you that faggot that kept bitching about trump being a draft dodger half a year ago??

I have the same feeling about it. What the west so desperately needs right now is a real leader.... Even if it has to be Donald Trump. We don't need career politicians who shrill endlessly for globalism, what we need are leaders who actually care for the people they rule over.

Or given to Israel in a record breaking military support. : ^^^^^^^)

Why didn't Trump run back in 2000 ffs.

He was much better back then.

so does the fake cuba scandal mean trump won the debate and they want to try to shill that he lost by manufacturing a poll drop?

history will repeat itself
Ave Imperator Trump!

He thought the country would get better. That ended up not happening.

he did,_2000

he talked about running on the Reform Party ticket but nothing came of it

some link to this data?

Since it is federal law and federal regulations, they will appear in federal courts, not state. This is really serious, user. You can't fuck with the election process and, after Trump is in power, remember what he said?
>Laws will be enforced
>No one is too big to be prosecuted

These shills are fucking doomed. They really don't understand they are pawns and will be sacrificed immediately with absolutely no thought.

You are just ass pained that we're keeping our taxes instead of paying them to you.

Ave, true to Trump.

Checked... I heard that she pulled a lot of ads from here, but I don't watch TV and use an adblocker, so I wouldn't know first hand... On the other hand, I guess she just opened a new campaign office in Hollywood this week.

Check it out:

Guys, I just figured out how Europeans can vote in the American election without even leaving their home country.

Want me to explain?

I just basically cast 2 votes for Trump right this moment.

Want me to explain how?

Been working all day. Anything happen with Trump or Clinton I should know of?

>Their faces the day after the election.

That was as a nominee for the reform party, but he believed the party was a shit show and dropped out.

I hope you are using 6 gorillion proxies, user.

(((PPP))) polls have Clinton with a narrow lead, so we're winning.

It means they saw their internal polling coming out of Florida and his overwhelming support in the Cuban community

Just look how it's being spun, they aren't even subtle about it

It is your government, cuck. You're free to leave. Give Syria a shot, maybe it would suit you.

>Two science teams have shown that correcting the surface temperature record for the effects of urban development would reduce the reported warming trend over land from 1980 by half.

Are you telling me that we need to correct the record about global warming?

of course
as a bonus, that address is the Clinton campaign's nearest office

Gary Johnson Unable To Name A Single World Leader

Gary Johnson was interviewed on PMSNBC’s Softball program with the fast talking speed addict Chris Matthews the other day. During the interview, he was unable to name a single world leader and admitted that he was having an Aleppo moment.

I can’t figure out if this man’s brain has been rewired because of long term marijuana abuse or if this is all some type of crazy act that Johnson himself is in on.

They've run out of ideas. The Cuban thing has come up before but their ridiculous over hyping of the issue makes it always backfire
>Trump knew some guys who knew some guys in the mob
>Trump is a literal mob boss!
>Trump once did business in Russia
>Russia controls Trump!
>Trump reimbursed a firm who researched the possibility of future business in Cuba
>Trump props up the entire Castro regime!

Go fuck yourself.

CTR so buttblasted they are bringing up a 20 year old scandal which is garbage


Take documents
post dropbox

I know, but it's still running for president

I don't know who that is. I'm not concerned about his deferments.

Move to Washington. Even the terrorists are voting.

just get a picture of them on reddit or something

no theres a phenomenon called heat island effect that increases the residual temperature of urbanised areas

Australia why are you ruining my potential meme?

I heard that on Rush today (who was weirdly rustled). He could have named literally Hitler and sounded better.

>Just look how it's being spun, they aren't even subtle about it

The last line of the newsweek article says it all

>The only catch: What would happen if Trump’s Cuban-American supporters ever found out?

They're not even trying to be transparent.

I don't really consider it a run since he never was on a ballot.

So, realistically, how much will this bullshit story hurt him with Cubans?

So Jeb didn't run for president?

>What would happen if Trump’s Cuban-American supporters ever found out?
I don't know, they probably wouldn't give a shit because fuck Hillary Clinton.

YOOOOOUUUU motherfucker.

Same reason Buchanan failed in '92. Things weren't bad enough for globalism to be widely hated. Both men knew what would happen, but nobody else did.

Maybe another Floridian can confirm/deny that Hillary's pulled ads there.

That video is funny desu The fact that she would even have to open an office there says a lot. Last I saw, Trump was polling ~ 50% in Cali.
>50 per cent
She's in really big trouble if that's all she has... I doubt she even has 50% in Cali, since there just doesn't seem to be any organic support and very little enthusiasm for her.

Cubans know commie tactics.

oh I get it, ha haha that's very clever user, well done~!


Birthed push by MSM was more noticeable and even that fizzled out.

Okay I'll explain you fucking retards.

Go to Omegle and convince a Bernout that Hillary is cancer and stole the nomination from Bernie.

Use "Bernie" or "LGBT" or some shit as the subject, then start agitating them.

Just convinced 2 Bernouts to vote Trump or abstain.

Doing my part. How does it feel that I voted more times than you fags and I'm not even American?

Florida here.

Not at all since Cubans hate Obama after normalizing relations with Cuba and Hillary will just bring more of the same.

Cuban hairdressers from Palm Beach are all voting Trump, can confirm.

Ave, Trump!

Aleppo man is the gift that keeps on giving.

The saddest thing in the world is that this was the year the libertarians really could have made inroads, possibly even cement a real place in our country. And they went and picked dat boi Gary.

An American's patriotic duty is to reject bad government.





but the left loves commies

Jeb was on primary ballots, Trump left before it really began.

10/10 now let's use this as the next /tg/ OP image.

Yep Brock has a history of this.

These kids really are screwed. Severely. I hate them but even I feel bad for what's coming to them.

Holy fuck Sweden is actually not being a cuck.

> Trump wants to bring back good paying manufacturing jobs that you can support a family on
>These jobs were made good paying and safe largely because of unions

So how does he feel about workers unions? Or are these going to be minimum wage manufacturing jobs.

fair enough. comparable to Scott Walker this election only in a meme party instead of one of the big two

this is exactly why your women import sand niggers to fuck instead of you

As far as voters go, it's not so much Trump vs Hillary as it is Trump vs Not Trump... Nobody likes her

>He could have named literally Hitler

If he did then he would have told the truth.

I bet it smells like piss, BO and rotting food

>advocates for cucking to a cucked government that doesn't represent white interests
>calls other people a cuck

It's so funny when leftists try to use words the right uses, especially a literal faggot


Sven, we don't countenance electoral or voter fraud. We value the rule of law.