What's your favorite Politician?

My favorite is Trump.

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Are nige.



Whichever one has the best banter

...I'm having an Aleppo moment


lol either one of these two trumps all those pretenders. what are you guys, young or something?

more jfk lbj love.

Definitely Nigel.

Don't get me wrong, I love Trump to death, but if he even had half the political vigor and charm of Nigel, he'd have had this election locked up months ago.

Enjoy your incoming emotional meltdown.

are nige 2bh


nth for Marion

That's disgusting, there's children on Cred Forums

But LBJ is the reason we live in this shitty world we do now

I want to be Putin.



my eyes are burning, this is worse then goatse.

Based Enéas Carneiro.



Forgot the pic


J on the hill
Utah's last hope


obviously emperor trump, made a bunch of EDM for him link related niggers

Sorry. My ideal girl isn't Lucifer (aka the lightbringer, seen elsewhere such as in the colbumbia pictures logo) CHECK THE SECRETS UNDER THE LEFT FOOT OF THE SPHINX

Jim Webb. That nigga would beat Trump any day of the week

Absolutely. I like Trump, but he really lacks tact.

His political success weighs on the fact he's a a celebrity and a billionaire.

I get the celebrity part, but how come being a billionaire makes people more likely to like him?

Based guy, I liked his speech.

Guillermo Cherashny.

He was an intelligence agent (SIDE), then journalist. He run for mayor of Buenos Aires.
His platform was:
>More drugs
>More sex
>More death criminals.

He also get a boobjob, but wasnt a tranny, just a dude with boobs cos fuck you.

Alan Grayson.


THis guy has MASSIVE balls

Damn that was awesome, he is so spot on

Alive, this guy.
Not alive, this guy.

Of all time? Probably a toss up between Hitler and Andrew Jackson.


I hate all politicians.







Jean Marie Lepen, Farage and Trump are my fav

This guy reads his papers.

At your service... :(


We lost this great man far too soon. May he rest in peace.

There's no other correct answer, even if you are not Mexican

If being a billionaire isn't concrete proofs of one's success I don't know what is.

we need him now

Allow me to correct myself: "self-made" billionaire.



Who else but our God Emperor.