Do you consider yourself to be racist?

Do you consider yourself to be racist?

If not, what would you say the difference between your views, and the views of a racist person are?

I just want a brown girl to sit on my face.

A racist seeks to have legislation put through to see to the active suppression of a certain race or ethnicity.

I just want them to shut the fuck up and stop blaming other people for their problems.

A racist thinks their race is better than all others. I think we are all different and don't mix well.

I consider myself super ultra-racist since I want to deport all muslims and africans since they are a shit breed with shit culture (gathered from observation and research). It's not wrong though.

Racists hate people who are not part of their race. Leftists say that this hate comes from an irrational fear. Its not irrational but thats how it comes across.

Race realists acknowledges that there are significant genetical differences between the races, physical and mental, and that these differences needs to be taken into consideration.

I believe some groups of people have various degrees of genetic advantages in various things over other groups of people. I think these advantages however are relatively minor for the most part and most of the disadvantages certain groups suffer from results from their own shitty culture.


Brain: Yes
Dick: No

Yes. But I don't hate everybody who is different than me. Except maybe the Jews. While there are exceptions they are generally a disgusting breed of human. I don't blame them for our corruption, that is entirely on us. They just have the uncanny ability to sniff out that decay and then speed up the process all the while feeding off the festering rot.

I'm not racist, i just hate niggers of any color and political correctness

I'm a bit racist, not too much though, I don't let it become a problem and am happy to be friends with and interact with some members of other races.

I am not racist against people of different colour or religion. I hate how ever people that are inadequate to contribute to society. As long as you are worthy of something, I am ok with you. Fuck racism, meritocracy ftw

I don't consider myself a racist. I think there are inferior cultures, not races.

i think all people are racist. it's an (evolutionary) function of the brain to fear the unknown. and hate follows fear. that being said, you can still be aware of this dynamic and resist it.

What is a racist?

I think in group preference and wanting to be with your own isn't racism so no I am not racist.

Ok well yeah, I'm kinda racist.

Yes by definition.

People from certain races have undesirable attributes, be it criminal, mental or just general behaviour and attitude. These are often shared between people of the same race.

You can nearly always judge someone by watching them for a few minutes. Part of that would be their appearance, of which a visible element would be race.

But in the end I'm just playing the percentages. Apply that logic to anything else and you'd call it being smart.

I'm not a racist because the idea of racism is just a meme. It is an attempt to label pattern recognition and critical thinking as evil when applied to race and culture.


I have honestly no idea what the definition of racism is.
There's a new one every week and if we take the most recent one, probably 98% of the world population are racists - if not 100% because everyone will have thoughts like "He's from South Korea, he is probably slightly better at math than a Somali guy".

The only consistent definition I can ascribe to "racist" is as the out-group word for progressive social liberals who realise they are in the presence of somebody who challenges their moral authority.

It can also be used by non-whites who have figured out how to paralyse the object of their resentment.

The definition of racist includes a point most of society today leaves out - to be a racist you MUST believe that your race is superior to all others.

Anything less is simply prejudice.

Personally, I am not a racist, but I am prejudice, especially class and cultural prejudice.

I read recently that there is a gene that is shared by ~10% of the population that correlates with violent tendencies. If you sample the prison population it shows up in ~70-80%

Wonder what it's prevalence is in different races.


Ugh. You spelled realist wrong again.

Im racial realist


most genuine racists I have met have some kind of conditioning imparted into them through violence

A racist person actively uses what they know about Human Bio Diveristy to affect population outcomes.... For better or worse.

However, that word means nothing it was invented by a Jewish guy named Leon Trotsky. A communist. A faggot.

I dont think I am a racist for pointing out facts.
Facts and statistics are considered racist by modern day leftist standards and it is a travesty.
Racism is meaning that someone is inherently of lesser value or they are at genetically inferior.
I blame black, hispanic, muslim, white trash, etc. culture for the disparaging crime stats. You can change culture so its not racist.

I suppose I am a bit racist. I think people flip out over the Idea. There is a lot of factors to the word racist.

I dont hate anyone I meet because of their race, but racial stereotypes have some truth and I keep that in mind with people I meet. There is a spectrum to that. I think blacks tend to be antagonistic, especially with other blacks at work. Hispanics I work with very often prioritize other Hispanic.

I have a huge problem with Islam, I have had 5 muslim friends. I think the religion is a poison, but good people can follow it. It just flaws their morals and reasoning. For example the ones I was friends with at the time thought the French cartoonist had it coming. Years ago two of them got angry that I was depressed over my moms murder.

Another way I consider myself racist, I think western culture and its people is usually superior. East asia is a good runner up though. Both have a few bad examples.