I desperately need your help, pol

I need to know how to redpill my liberal girlfriend. I know, I'm dating a liberal, I'm a cuck/faggot/pussy/beta/bitch/etc. Whatever, I like her, I had no idea how bad it was until we had been dating for a few months, she's a half way decent fuck, and the majority of the time she's pretty tolerable.

When it comes to educating her on why her views are retarded, I've been firm and extreme and I've been subtle and kind. I feel like I've tried everything. Statistics, anecdotal evidence, using shit that's happened to her directly - nothing works. She either completely ignores it or she chimps out (she's not a nigger, but freaks the fuck out like one) on me.

I've been with her for almost a year, and I don't know how much longer I can stand it. If she's not willing to see the light, then I'm not willing to keep dicking a willful idiot.

I need your help, pol. Any serious advice will be taken to heart and applied.

tl;dr I need help redpilling my libtard gf

I forgot to mention, she considers herself a feminist. She's not into sjw territory yet, and she doesn't bring shit up often, but I'm afraid she's going to lose it any day now.

arguing with liberals is like arguing with a brick wall, they never listen to facts and ignore any evidence which doesn't support their beliefs.

start with light redpills. dont go over the top with it and start with full blown redpill shit. that never works. its better to take it in steps. she needs to realize how the world actually is. it will take time lad.

anyway best of luck op.

Thanks for the legit advice, new bongfriend.
What do you think would be some good ideas for light redpilling?

bumping for desperation

I love you guys. You are nice guys.

Saying things like "people aren't getting enough kids nowdays"

She is soooo insanely against having children and even the concept of getting married. I feel like that's a lost battle. Knowing this, it's clear to me that this relationship will not last.

I'm looking for a way to make it as pleasant as possible while I can, and perhaps put her in a better place once we're through.

You sound really desperate, so I'll chip in here. I've dated a few 'feminists'.

You're going about it wrong. Completely wrong. Women respect power, masculinity, and generally being cha... alpha.

Don't ever take her opinions seriously. Never actually engage with her on issues that are going to provoke the leftist doublethink. You have to act like your views are unquestionably correct. Don't try to convince her that you're right, that means you're crediting her with both the ability to hold a viewpoint, as well as that her views are even to be considered a viewpoint at all. If you can't pull this off, it's probably a lost cause.

tldr; steamroll her with straight masculine disregard.

To add to that, you sound like a bro-tier chap.

It's clear you've thought things through, otherwise you wouldn't be posting here. Remember, you're engaging with a creature of emotion that's very apt at pretending to be intellectual. For the VAST MAJORITY of women, this isn't something you can solve with calm, rational argument.

It's not at all easy to do this. You have to have a very strong personality and force of will. You can make it.

talk about the issues with immigration and explain how it's the top concern in America. also talk about how islam is disrespectful to women if she's a "feminist".

That's the thing man. I started off meek and "yes dear, whatever you believe". Then I realized that I'm the fucking man in this relationship.

I don't display my ideas as ideas. I voice them as facts. In addition to that, I back them up with evidence. I've been ramping that shit up for a few months now, and I'm at the "you're going to suck my cock right now", and then she sucks my cock, level.

I have trouble finding women. I'm not shy or anything, and once a conversation is started, I'm the life of the party. It's just finding them. I met her on okcupid.

I'm essentially fucking her until she says/does something too stupid for me to handle while I search for a nice, big titted aryan chick.

I will crank the alpha level up though. Thanks for the advice man, I really do appreciate it.

>I desperately need your help, pol
fuck off

There's a difference between being alpha in bed versus alpha in character.

It's one thing to be physically dominant (that should come naturally I hope), but being mentally/emotionally dominant is what you should focus on.

>I have trouble finding women.
This isn't really as much of a problem as you might believe. Spend some time with yourself focusing on self improvement. Pick up a new hobby or skill. Your value is only going to appreciate.

This is vastly better thread than 'ctr shills btfo #242'

That's not very nice. You should be nice to people on the internet, that's how you make friends. Don't you want friends, user?

no need for the bullying lad. this is a moroccan basket weaving forum after all.

Point out contradictions in the narrative. Islam's treatment of women and gays is a classic. Anudda good one is how there are a lot of rich and upper middle class white liberals, but most of the white working class is conservative

This. Women respond to confidence and aggression. When I say aggression, I don't mean physically or emotionally violent, but assertive, dominant, and single-minded in the pursuit of one's goals; someone who isn't afraid to break a few eggs to make an omelette. All of this sounds self-explanatory, but mass media has really conditioned men (white men in particular), to be passive, considerate, and fearful of being perceived as "dominating". To break this conditioning, you need to reflect on your behavior, be aware of how others are perceiving it, and then deliberately replace it with the behavior and traits you want to show. You'll make mistakes, and it takes time, but it works. I find keeping a journal and recording the interactions that stick out in my mind helps; I write down things that go well, what I think I did right, and interactions that don't go so well, what I think went wrong, what I should have done, and how I can change in the future.

Again, I'm not saying you should act like an arrogant meathead, but when she freaks out at you don't back down either.

A FUCKING LEAF... is right...

Glorious anglobro.

Under 25, I'm guessing? Women have the clock built into them, they all will want children inevitably

I get you. It's not just in bed. It's kinda weird, actually. She's fairly submissive and subservient. She makes me dinner whenever I'm over, gives me massages, frequently checks to make sure I'm not hungry or bored, etc all without asking. She's at least part good woman.

I've been working out a shit load and watching what I eat. The results are showing, and I'm quite pleased by it. She is as well. Lots of ass slapping and asking me to flex so she can feel my biceps and stomach.

I can't stand clubs or bars, not that I think any desirable (in the long term) women frequent places like that, and work is nothing but 50+ year old southern women. Idk man, I might just stick to digging around on the internet for a new gf.

Quit being a cuck and kick that woman out of your life. Fuck her (not literally)

There's no need to constantly be in a relationship at all times.
Spend some time being single between things if it doesn't work out. It's very liberating being entirely independent.

Quality over quantity is the only way here.

I do. Constantly. It is either fully ignored, or chimp out mode is initiated.

Fucking thank you dude. Screen capped until I can cement this in my brain


How old are you? You're familiar with Christmas cakes, right?

having a girl friend is gay

I'm at a point, mentally, where I really need someone in my life to love, and to keep me grounded. I've got some mental health issues and I'm "recovering" from some substance abuse bullshit.

I was single for 5 years before I met her, and as much as I enjoyed it at first, I just really want someone around right now, if you can sort of understand what I'm saying.


The process of redpilling requires a base amount of intelligence and critical thought, which is extremely rare in women.

Rather than trying to convince her with arguments, just make your positions clear, dont budge on them, dont apologize, never compromise. Just be alpha and she'll eventually accept your way of thinking. Women are extremely gullable.

I'm 27, and I have no idea what christmas cakes are, unless you're talking about the seasonal dessert that I make every year for my close family because I'm a non-online friendless loser.

She's accepted that I believe what I believe. One of the reasons I'm trying to redpill her is because she works in a horrible, nigger infested area and when she gets off work at 11 at fucking night in this ghetto shithole, she walks to the bus BY HERSELF, playing pokemon go and listening to music with both headphones in.

It's good you're being open here. Looks like we've found the root of the problem.

It sounds like you need some good male friends. Women aren't really a good idea for confiding in or emotionally relying on. As myself and pointed out, YOU are expected to be the rock here.

As I'm typing this, I see you've confirmed my suspicion here with your negative self description as friendless.

Which state are you in? Do you have any hobbies? You need to take up something ASAP, preferably outdoors and physical.

Lol OP you suck at persuasion obviously.

Try identifying her values overtime by asking what is important about X. You will know that you got one when you keep digging deeper and you get an emotional cue of some sort. Keep note of them. Then when the topic comes up don't argue but walk with her in her tought process... ask her questions that shift her awareness and lead her to the answer you want. show her what she believes in goes against her values let her arrive at the answer herself.

Persuasion is truly a skill. You can take really explain it to a person.

Best way to do it :)

My 14 year old step-daughter came out to me (her step-dad) as a girl on a bike ride when my girlfriend of 3 years, her mother, wasn't there. I fully accept her and gladly refer to her by her chosen name ('Emily' for the purposes of this question) and pronouns. Emily told me she hadn't told her mother yet and she felt more comfortable telling me first. Overall, we have conflict-free, loving, pretty great relationship. She told me not to tell her mother and of course I agreed.

The bike ride was on 9/11, and Emily finally came out to her mother on Friday night (5 days ago). I don't know what exactly happened, I got home late from work and they were in a heated argument, but it ended with Emily going to her room and refusing to come out.

Later that night, my girlfriend referred to her own child as a "degenerate". She's mentioned "sending him to a camp" and disowning "him". She has made other similar comments as well as creating an unsupportive environment by misgendering Emily and referring to her by her former name at every opportunity. She's become even more strict about Emily's clothing, hair, accessories, etc. I would have understood if she were shocked or in denial, if she thought it was a phase, etc. but to be honest, she might well bully her own child into suicide at this rate.

I have tried to talk to my girlfriend, she only responds that I am "taking his side" and "promoting that lifestyle". I tried everything from telling her about the high suicide rates among trans teens, I showed her studies on how trans teens start doing so much better (in terms of mental health, in school, etc) once they start treatment 1, and others but she is not budging. There is the added issue that Emily is not my kid, so my girlfriend feels I have no say (and to an extent, I agree).

My question is, how do I best protect Emily not only from bullies outside the home, but from the bullying she's experiencing from my girlfriend?

Yeah. I do. I ditched all of my friends when I got off of heroin, as they were all junkies.

I live in Ohio. No real hobbies, just listening to shit on TRS while I work, then coming home and browsing pol, jerking off, reading shit, or watching movies/playing vidya.

I'm currently looking for a neighborhood watch/armed patrol/whatever group that I can get linked up with in order to keep our suburbs safe.

Also, wtf is a christmas cake?

Can't really*

Also there are multiple ways to persuade. If she has liberal values you can destroy them via anchoring and using the "what was true but no longer true" state. Google it: NLP true but no longer true. Or try googling NLP values destroyer.

Screen capped till cemented. Thanks, my new leaf friend. This is some good shit.

Nobody wants a Christmas cake after the 26th. She'll start looking for stability at that age.

What is your father up to? Do you still speak with him?

For hobbies, your criteria should be:
Male dominated
'Partially uncomfortable' (early rising, cold, hot, etc)
Team or group oriented.

Hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, scuba diving, paintball, sailing.

>A fucking leaf
Consider me unsurprised. Ignore this NLP bullshit, OP.
(The leafposter probably wants to reply with "but it works!")

You are 27, dating a THIRTY YEAR OLD who DOESN'T want children, even at that age.

Red flags are flying at full fucking mast here, what kind of future do you think you could possibly have with this woman? And more to the point, do you want one? If, just keep fucking her and leave her be when you find a new younger girl

Ahhh. I understand. She's not. She's going to be a "proud independent womyn" until she dies.

I'm on very good terms with my dad and I speak to him regularly.

I love outdoor shit and enjoy hunting immensely. I used to play a shitload of paintball when I was younger, and camping is so, so wonderful.

I gotta take off, man. Thank you so much for the advice. This will either help immensely, or I will find someone else.

I said earlier that I have no future with her and I'm fucking her until I find a nice, big titted aryan chick.


>Ahhh. I understand. She's not. She's going to be a "proud independent womyn" until she dies.
Rookie mistake is believing a women means what they say.

She's parroting leftist drivel.

Sorry to tell you this, but if you are looking to rely on someone else for stability and comfort, wether is a girl or new friends, that's not going to work.
People want to find themselves on others the most when they don't seem to find themselves alone.
Everyone wants love I get that, but it sounds to me that you are struggling more with the idea that you might relapse. If it's that, then seek proffesional help, because good intentions and company of your girlfriend or friends won't be enough.

Well you can fuck off then

Remove crazy from your life bro

Maybe you should listen to her. Who knows, maybe you'll learn something.

If your girlfriend has a job she's not your girlfriend, you're her "boyfriend". You either own a woman, or she's cucking you.

Does she use tumblr?

>If your girlfriend has a job she's not your girlfriend, you're her "boyfriend". You either own a woman, or she's cucking you.
Please go outside and talk to real people

Take a break from Cred Forums, come back in a little bit

Praise Allah! Muslims have it right, women are dirty cheating whores and they will cheat on you if you aren't around and they get the tingles.

Do a few hours of research on your own on the topics you are supposedly passionate about. Don't just IRL relay your knee-jerk reactions to Cred Forums memes. Actually know the issues so you can articulate your positions effectively.

I know somebody will say that doing that is a waste because "what libcuck woman would listen to a conservative argument backed by research?"

But the point is that you will demonstrate that you are an authority on the issues. You will be more persuasive when you speak with authoritative knowledge.

Have you brought up body image? If she's hot enough to keep fucking, I'm guessing she's not fat. Liberals who aren't fat are far more likely to admit the body-positivity movement is B.S. It's adherents such as (((Lena Dunham))) want to be victims of a cruel patriarchy. They can't imagine the problem is they don't have enough self-control to eat and exercise properly.