Spaniards = not white

I am a Finn enjoying my holidays in Spain and I can confirm that Spanish people are NOT white

can confirm

Well then. You should feel right at home among non-whites.





SCIENTIFIC FACT: The worth of a nation is a function of skin pigmentation of its population.

>t. Mohamed 'Jump In A Boat & Fuck A Goat' Hussain

Ye they did :^)

No wonder women love Spaniards

the fuck you're talking about?

i am an argentinian visiting Portugal and i garantee that portuguese and spanish people are white!

We're whiter than you papa Spain, according to that map.

So the whitest people live in Antarctica?

>I am a Kike enjoying my holidays in Goyim land and I can confirm that I'm a divide and conquer kike that will be hanged soon enough

ITT: Chukhna doesn't understand Europe

They're still Europeans and should be respected as ones, they have accomplished much.

Rome, the heart of Europe, has tan skin also.
Look how close they are to the equator and look how far the Baltic is from the equator.

thats the word on the street


you got us lad

dont tell anyone

LoL. Fuck they are stupid too. Mongol blood only white cuz thy distance from the Sun.

btw having tan skin doesn't say anything about race OP

spanish/mediterraneans in general are white

The "X subgroup of whites aren't really white" meme has been around since forever lad

how new are u

Spanish people are handsome and Finns are generally ugly. What's your point?


europeans have to stay together, we're all in decline


OP go to spain after summer, people there had all those days to sunbath so they are tanned.

i have never considered spanish people white, sorry

I always knew Australians were niggers

We forgive you, its not your fault, its american """"""""""education""""'"'''"'s fault

>be in the med
>have a tan

Kill yourself gook

Not technically but the reconquista and inquisition earned them 'good enough' status.

People are still tanned here as well, you should visit them during winter.
I visited Estonia and Finland during March and my skin was as white as the locals, I'm not even north Italian.

So only Greenland and Antractica have white people?

Of course we are not white. We are Iberians. In europe we don't use mongrel new world classifications like "white" or "black".

>what is aborigines

On mobile. New phone, no flags. Did something happen?

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>Did something happen?
Yes we banned all russians, chinese, cucknadians and aussies IPs

How new are you?

He said he's Argentinian. The joke was a combination of the "Argentinians are white" joke and the notion that because he considers himself white, of course Spanish and Portuguese appear white to him.

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How come every country has a troubled raltion with his country-dad (Brazil/Portugal, Mexico/Spain, East Europe Countries/Russia, Argentina/Nigeria....) but only America loves and respects the UK?

Really? im portuguese and never once i refer to myself as iberian, nor i saw anyone do that, only pseudo intelectual like yourself.

my parents are from mexico rumor was one of my ancestors was froms spain but i wont consider myself white to make myself feel better even with clear light skin,but anyone speaking spanish or has spanish family is a beaner to me cubans,brazilinas,myself lol and ect...


I can speak for Brazil, our dad raped our mom and molested us them he proceeded to leave with all our money but left the debts in our name.

Only Americans are civilized. British did well in this respect...

eh, I was in spain around a month ago. They act pretty white, skin tone aside. Though perhaps I'm missing some info since I was only in Barcelona and no outlying areas.

Only true white parts are the Cred Forumss

I'm trying to troll him, didn't you read he can't see flags in his new fagphone?



I'm white as beyond all fucks