VIDEO: Rebel gets his house bombed, finds his dead wife and kids

Check out this video:

Rebel fighter is out for a stroll with his go pro strapped on when his house gets bombed. Wife and kids were at home, he finds them.

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Feels Good Man

> play stupid games
> win stupid prizes

Misakes made:
- Thinking this is a game
- Thinking there's immutable sides
- Thinking that a "win" condition exists


Who bombed?

Is he the good guy, or the bad guy?




>Rebel gets his house bombed, finds his dead wife and kids

Yes, and?

Barrel bombed.

Yea I hate it when I'm out on a walk with a gopro on and then something bad happens an it's framed perfectly by my camera

this would have been a great moment to go super saiyan


I thought it would deliver a few minutes of entertainment before you guys move on to the next thread.

Very sad, war is hell.

He would bring the same hurt to pro regime forces families if he could. In the end the only way to stop the frying of babies on either side is for one side to win finally, and it sure as hell shouldn't be the side that throws alleged gays off buildings and executes women for wearing the hijab instead of the full ninja costume.

Happens to me constantly, user.
But seriously, I'm sort of shocked there are still young fighting age men left in Syria, between all the killing and fleeing I'd think the nation would be nothing but women and the elderly left by now.


Looks like he fought for the wrong side. Maybe he should have sent his wife and kid to Germany.

Guess plunging secular countries into strife so you can usher in a theocracy isn't all fun and games

>good guys

Well this is what happens when you involve your family in a conflict

Should have moved civilians away from the war zone, they hide behind civilians like cowards and then act surprised when they have to pick up their body parts from the rubble

you now who did it

dont forget the dramatic music

Thats sad.

The rebels are nothing but Syrias version of leftists and traitors who've weakened Syria so much that islamists have raped the east of the country, I hope they all suffer and die.


Webm related, moderate rebel beheading a 12 yo boy

The only good muslim is a dead muslim, kids included.

Eat shit.

I love watching them kill each other

>bringing your wife and her sons to Syria to durka durka
>this happened

This is his fault and this faggot doesn't even realize it

Google translator: Suriye'li müslümanlara, yardım amaçlı memleketini terk edip hicret eden Özbek asıllı bir yardımsever,evinin yakınlarına düşen bombalanmış bölgeyi çekmek için evinden çıkıyor.

Bombardırman yüzünden parçalanmış cesetleri yaralanmış insanları kameraya çekerken, evinin vurulduğunu fark ederek bu sefer evine koşuyor.

Evinin önüne vardığı vakit karşılaştığı içler acısı manzara karşısında kapıyı tekmeliyerek Meryem diye eşine sesleniyor fakat hiçbir ses duyamıyor.

Ardından minik evladına Muhammed'ine sesleniyor ses yok.
İçeri girdiğinde ise o acı sonla karşılaşıyor. 3 çocuğu ve eşi yanarak hayatını kaybettiğini görüyor.

NEWS: My the Syrian Muslim charity left their homeland Uzbek migrated a helpful, going out of the house to take their share of the bombed area near the house. Bombardan financing because of the mutilated corpses of people injured while taking a camera, recognizing that hit the home runs to home this time. When he got inside faced the pain kicked in front of the house door across the landscape by Mary he calls his wife but can not hear any sound. No sound after calling Muhammad a little kid. Once inside she is experiencing some pain. 3 children and his wife burned to see that lost their lives.

Yeah, nah, I'm not as fucked up as I thought I was. He is the one who should have been getting blown up, not those kids.

that kid will behead you in 10 years

What is the purpose of doing this ? I don't get it



>Black flag of Jihad in the top right corner
Totally not a propaganda guys.

jihadis BTFO

we have to take out their families

Ahmed Jr. found the suicide bomb kit in daddy's closet.

>A guy with an Iron Cross profile pic in the comments saddened by muslims dying

Moderate beheader BTFO

Hes now on his way to europe and he will make the infidels pay.

Thanks Hillary Clinton, Thanks Obama

according to kurds who have been taken as sex slaves and escaped, the families of these jihadis are just are cruel as they are

6/10 effort meme

And nothing of value was lost.

>Only two days after the kidnappings, the body of one of the four kidnapped men, a 30-year-old consular secretary named Arkady Katov, was found, shot through the head, on a Beirut trash dump.

>Apparently, that's when the Soviets dropped the idea of sweet talk and turned the matter over to the KGB.

>Less than four weeks later, the three remaining hostages were freed on foot only 150 yards from the Soviet Embassy.

>Unlike the approach the United States used to resolve the TWA crisis, however, the Soviets did not bother negotiating with Hezbollah through Nabih Berri, Lebanon's justice minister and leader of the Shiite Amal militia.

>Instead, the KGB kidnapped a man they knew to be a close relative of a prominent Hezbollah leader. They then castrated him and sent the severed organs to the Hezbollah official, before dispatching the unfortunate kinsman with a bullet in the brain.

>In addition to presenting him with this grisly proof of their seriousness, the KGB operatives also advised the Hezbollah leader that they knew the indentities of other close relatives of his, and that he could expect more such packages if the three Soviet diplomats were not freed immediately.

The message was a lot more extreme than Ronald Reagan's vague allusions to using "Rambo next time," but the swift release of the three remaining hostages indicated that the Hezbollah big shot couldn't handle having terror shoved back in his face.

>Post reporter Morris quoted unidentified observers in Jerusalem as noting:

>"This is the way the Soviets operate. They do things - they don't talk.

>"And this is the language the Hezbollah understand."

This is pretty sad. Those kids didn't do anything. Has being on Cred Forums actually made you people into sociopaths?

I know there is collateral damage but to celebrate it is 2edgy4me.


>be rebel
>see planes flying about
>set up mortar in back garden
>strap on go-pro

that's what these jihadi cunts do to other people's kids all year around

they'd love nothing more than to do it to you

top kek

We're honestly not bombing enough families. That's what it's going to take in order to beat the fight out of them. You don't beat a decentralized ideology by playing nice.

War is Hell. Always. No such thing as a good war.

That's why Hillary and the neocon establishment must be stopped.


Some animals tend to do the same thing when they kill another of their kind. A lion keeps the corpse from being eaten by other vultures or hyenas just to have it there as an example for other to see.

I don't get why people get morally butthurt when they see these things when everyone did the same shit in old times with head on a pike.

Who the fuck wears white shoes to a beheading?

Good. Those little fuckers were terrorists in training. And fuck that leaf above me sobbing his little chink eyes out over dead terrorists.

It took that for you to be skeptical? Not that this mudhut dwelling muzzie just so happened to be on a walk at the time his house was exploded... where his wife and children were... while wearing his gopro. I for one applaud the Russians in finally taking the kid gloves off in handling these fucks.

What's wrong with throwing gays off buildings?

Who else would design our clothes and serve as punching bags? We need them.
tl;dr >CAAAAAAAARL, that kills people!

I love how the flag in the corner changes from the ISIS flag to some other one whenever they're taking video of the white helmets

>we ISIS nao
>totally not ISIS
>we ISIS nao
>totally not ISIS
>we ISIS nao
>totally not ISIS
>we ISIS nao
>totally not ISIS

muh chilluns

Its a tradition from the orks, if you paint them red you will go faster.

Im guessing the blood of your enemies counts as red.

I actually do feel sorry for the victims that are innocent. The creepiest trend with these videos is these rebels are always video taping or snapping photos of these authentically tragic scenarios. They do it in Palestine too. Unholy levels of propaganda from Islamists. No father should video tape the burnt corpse of his wife and children like this, crying that way.

i prefered the one with the big 2handed sword that was beheading a line of people in 1 chop. Slicing the kid throat with a rambo knife is meh.

That's not a muslim, its an Assyrian kid. Assyrians are OK, in their own lands.

Thats on america that decided to fuck up the region order for no good reason.

>It's raining men!

Blood for the Blood God.
Skulls for the Skull Throne.

The same thing that's wrong with throwing straights off buildings I guess

Fuck borders and laws and shit, the movie was so SAD!

what i dont fucking understand is, if you know there is a possibility of bombs exploding anywhere near you or your family sometime in the next 20 years, why the fuck do you make children, JUST WHY

>implying anybody should care
hes probably got 14 more of them from 6 different wives. probably doesn't even remember their names

Hillary Clinton wanted some funds for her foundation.

Notice how all the state's that has an "unsuccessful" Arab Spring didn't pay her a cent. Notably Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, there's plenty of reason for a civil war there.

act like a muslim get bombed like a muslim

So nothing, if they are sand niggers?

Good riddance.
>inb4 sociopath
This fucker put them in harms way so he could shoot people for his sand god.

he'll have 72 to virgins after a few more days of bombing

What's right for one is right for the other in a world designated arbitrary meaning

Praiz kek ya gitz!
Wee'z Shadilay!

well thank you for the consideration vriend, have a great evening :)

Most children are accidents.
What probably happened is a man chose to fuck- not maritally rape, of course ;^)- his obese wife because what else is there to do in the desert, and they didn't have and/or care about contraceptives because they're desert-faring death cultist degenerates.
Compare to the reproductive habits of the American nigger.

Damn that fried corpse.

Situation there can really get hot in few secs.

>tfw you will never experience the smell of fresh barbecued muslim

>rebel fighter
and nothing of value was lost

>that quality

nice try, hungary

>t. muhammad

But aren't they muslims fighting muslims?
Can't say I'm familiar with Middle Eastern politics.

Rationalizing why it's okay not to sympathize for dead innocents is something a sociopath would do. Normal people find it sad, because they imagine their own spouse/children like that. Doesn't mean they want to support the rebels.

It is still you gov. fault for all this shit.
Gave way to ISIS to throw up Syria regime at all costs. Even millions of human lives, and even fucked up more the world, by millions of refugees going up to Europe.

Nothing was gained on this. The entire world lost. Even the European future is worse now.

Muslims love killing so much, they'll even kill each other.

Islamic Propaganda is a very interesting genre, those are real bodies and real people but used so perversely it's like being desensitized to porn.

Germanics girls are the biggest degenerate and whores at the moment desu lad

Your pig women fuck dogs and other animals

>Those kids didn't do anything

those kids would have grow up with a murderer father who would urge them to further murder innocents for a blood god for the sake of blind religious ferver.
fuck you and fuck them, the world is better with one less future terrorist.


Exactly. But them using their dead children and wives as props makes me feel more sorry for those dead people. Not the creepy Islamists doing this - filming this. They died for a video everyone will forget about.


When will the west understand that muslims see talking as weakness?

Based KGB.

>checking flags
Most children are accidents everywhere, the birth rate is just higher in shitty, ignorant hovels.

proof or i call BS

What kind of backwards ass Sunni muslim vermin bring their family to the battlefield? Supposedly this guy was a foreign fighter.

Not every child will die when raised in a deadly environment. Europeans and Asians still had children when they were all dying from the bubonic plague.



>implying the battlefield isn't everywhere

>dubs of zero


those fucking animals!

I didn't kill them and i didn't put them in a position where they would likely be killed for a ridiculous death cult who's followers (most likely including this dune coon) commit far more disturbing acts daily.

Fuck them. Too bad we don't tag along with Russia on this one.

Shouldn't you be on Reddit?

>Send him his family's cock in a box
>Execute him anyway just to prove a point

Wew that's some top tier banter

Rebel or not, I can't get any pleasure from seeing a man find his dead wife and kids.

That shit would destroy any man

KGB did not fuck around

Do you also get erections when maple trees get chopped down?

i stopped having compassion for any muslims a long time ago

>fantasized about putting my dick down their necks

Leaf please.

now thats what I call shish kebab

wait a second, I though they were shitskins pol.

they're white as fuck.

Fuck off marx

Kek nice find there buddy

Thanks for the laugh

and what is your point, there are always some people who will make children no matter what the situation is, but its still a stupid gamble where all the odds are against you. if you shit out children just for the sake of doing it or because you like fucking, especially in an environment where painful death is an everyday occurence, then how am i supposed to feel bad for you.

i mean if nature if your biggest enemy then i sort of understand, people can always die from anything, but if you have real enemies and they are basically right outside your door then no, i really dont understand it.

theyre just covered in dirt and ash. dont let them fool you.

>Throwing a mentally ill faggot off a building and ending his miserable existence is the same as killing a straight man for no reason.

Does it really matter when chances are they will kill themselves anyway? I see it as doing them a favour

So that your kind lives on.

As a German I am sure you have no desire to preserve your people or culture. So feel free to remain a celibate NEET. Heaven forbid you have to fuck to save your species.

they're still caucasians, though.

there's afghans and persians with blonde hair, white skin and blue eyes.

Its the trannies that off themselves, leave the fags alone if they aren't being obnoxious flaming homos.

this. that video is sad as hell.

It sucks. You can't look at that video and say you'd want that to happen to somebody, but does the alternative have to be accepting them as refugees?

Seems little terrorist cant handle the taste od his own medicine.
How absolutely muslimnof him

The refugee question is irrelevant to me when watching that video. I don't find it any less tragic because of who was affected.

They name all of them Mohammed. He probably remembers

If they traced the droids here, they may have learned who they sold them to and that would lead them back... [suddenly worried] home! [runs for the speeder]

he's THE guy

>So that your kind lives on.
ye keep telling youself that, go shit out 5 children in your 20s while bombs explode all over your neighborhood but dont expect sympathy when they all die.

Can these subhumans fucking niggers just stay the fuck away from me

>move civilians away from the war zone
>but keep refugees away

I wonder how many women he's raped and killed.
really makes you think.

clearly staged, if the woman still had smoke coming off her like that then she would still have the equivalent of napalm stuck to her and burning, he moves her leg and arm like it was nothing

yeah, finding your wife and kid dead sure is amusing

I feel the same way as you do, ISIS is maybe the most technical/cyber savvy group of Islamic Terrorist we've ever seen in terms of understanding how to manipulate it's public image.(Thanks CIA)

>leave the fags alone if they aren't being obnoxious flaming homos.

All fags should an hero, there isn't a group of people besides kikes that have contributed to the erosion of society more than fags.

The only way a faggot can be red-pilled is by suicide.

Edgelords, glad that you guys can only come here to vent since you don't have the balls to say this in person.
He was a 19 year old militiaman, his military,drivers and college IDs prove this. Once again Assadboos trying to rev up the propaganda.

WTF I hate Syrian government now.

"Away from the warzone" is not synonymous with "claiming welfare in northern Europe".

>Be a "moderate" rebel
>Hide behind civilians and his OWN FUCKING FAMILY LIKE A RETARD
>Conduct "moderate" rebel things killing people from the other side
>Get your house blown up in retaliation which happen to have the entire family in that you were hiding behind

Wew lad

Like someone else said in this thread it's sad I agree but he wouldn't care or even be happy that it happened to a soldier from the other side. Now stop being a faggot, war is hell

This is actually a movie production. These things are faked and sold as real news to the West. It's called Terroristwood and it's a real new genre to counter Hollywood's propaganda.




Get fucked mudslime.

except the rebels' intention was not to fight ISIS, it was to topple Assad's government

the rebels are anti-government terrorists. faggot got what he deserved

still not as bad as spawning niglets like you everywhere

Agreed. I don't like muslims but that was hard to watch him with the burnt corpses of his family. Jesus Christ.

it's like max payne

>Rebel fighter is out for a stroll with his go pro strapped on when his house gets bombed
I'm sure

i agree britbong

this, this is what you should do

once these stupid terorrists know their family is on their line they would think twice about attacking the legitimate government of Syria

true martyrs these kids were, may there be MANY!

This leaf's got it

>be a rebel
>put your family inside your command post
>get upset when it's bombed

He interrupts sobs to explain the injustice: this ought to have been his neighbor's wife and child! WHERE IS THE JUSTICE!
This is how you "moderates" will end. You will think you got away with it, you will be walking diwn the street, and someone will get your wife and kid.

Where else are you going to get ISIS footage?


You realize all this shit started when you went against the UN decision and invaded Iraq causing the death of several hundred thousand people right?

Now you're giving weapons to terrorists. Your fucking fault this conflict is dragging for so long.

I can't take any pleasure in this.

Most refugees are fighting age men though, they are LEAVING thier families behind for only a brave few to defend while they escape to get welfare from Sven

I hate the (((UN))), but they were right about Iraq, If we didn't invade it, we wouldn't be putting up with ISIS

Muh poor terroists. I will say anywhere these scum deserve to die. They beheaded children for fuck sake you scun

Thank you user.

Most people in this thread seem to have lost their humanity just like the people in the gifs.

>He was 19 even though western sources ! Here look at this product terrorist blog.

Typical terrorist apologist

(((Leftists who dont oppose this)))
(((Conservatives who try REALLY hard to disregard this)))

Isreal is a racist apartheid state with racial Jewish only settlements in the west bank. Its border walls wrap around the racial settlements in an obvious land grab.
This is why rockets are falling on their heads and why the rest of the west suffers terrorism for supporting Israel.

Leftist in the US are the only ones who do not oppose this imperialism. Why is this so?

If you support what isreal is doing to the Palestinians you are not a leftist. End of story.
This is Bernie Sanders freaking out on a liberal girl for questioning the racist apartheid state of Isreal and its settlements

How does one support walls for Isreal but not for the US and Europe?

This. Every single terroist deserves the same fate.

if everything is Allah's will, why cry?

Do you expirience joy watching this?
Its a father loosing his family.
I mean, if he is a "rebel" (traitor) he totally deserved that but it doesnt make me happy anyway....

jeez i genuinely felt nothing watching that. i think im finally a total fucking racist

>but not for the US and Europe
There's where you're wrong Mohammed.

No. Just edgelords trying to be cute.

no you are just perfect.
If you would be happy, you are to far.
If you would be said you would be a retard.

Literally BTFO. How will he ever recover?

Protip: He won't. Hes going to go into an alcoholic depression or die in a suicide attack.

Those kids didn't deserve this.

War is hell.

I mean I laughed. It was funny as hell to me seeing some dune coons pay for being pieces of shit. But yeah, I;m pretty fucking prejuduce against all shitskins and it feels good amn

Wow, if only Cred Forums sympathized as much when it comes to white christians in Novorossiya- when a nonstate with the help of US and jewish funding blew up and eviscerated whole families in Donbas

Maybe he will recover by doing the next 9/11 or bombing your embassy, or streets. Keep being cute.
The world knows who caused this.

rebels can surrender at any time.

if the tables were turned, the west wouldn't help assad's people, they'd simply tell them to surrender.

I think muslims are savages and incapable of surrender. Thy're right at home in the ruined warscape of syria. On the bright side, it is keeping their population down.

who is symphatizing with rebes here?
Protip: noone

also, the
>look at other bad things

We cant discuss every catastrophe that the white race expiriences at one moment.

How old are you?
dont lie.

none of this makes me feel a damn thing any more
When did I die inside?

Not cool for the kids but husband and wife knew who they were supporting, even if the recruits are illiterate peasants, nobody lacks common sense enough to mistake moderate beheaders for wholesome muslims

War is hell but for the Military-Industrial Complex it's a cornucopia
Rly makes u think

Well, from what I understand it was pro assad forces that did the bombing right? Well, the US is sponsoring the rebels. Looks like the Russians are to blame DESU.

JFC what is with you people? They say war is hell for a reason. These are very real things that can happen to both sides. Im sure the rebels killed regime forces families in their bombings and attacks. You are just letting emotion rule you like a dirty spic.


America, like what's going to come for you?


really makes me think

That's some pretty good filming for someone who's family has just got rekt.

When you saw too much of it

>I'm sort of shocked there are still young fighting age men left in Syria, between all the killing and fleeing I'd think the nation would be nothing but women and the elderly left by now.
You fuckers don't even know what you did in Yugoslavia/Serbia/Kosovo, don't you?

Fun fact: The executioners back in Imperial China used to wear white suits for the decapitations. The less blood spilled in your clothes, the better skilled you were. So you could brag about it.

These mother fuckers deserve all of this.For every white European and American killed in terror attacks we should kill 10 of these scum.

here we go again. this shit happens all the time but now we have video to prove it, i dont see why this is so important to make a whole thread about it if this keeps going then we will have over a hundred of these threads each day. jesus christ you are all retarded. death in war is trivial for the average soldier and citizen no need to exaggerate it!

Thanks OP, quality post friendo

I would plant my seed hart inside her, if you know what I mean.

Apathy is the first step friend, i remember getting fucked up by 2 guys one hammer then it never bothered me again.

Elaborate please, i had an old friend who was in kosovo. He refused to talk about any of his military past so im genuinely interested in hearing.

I love Russian tactics, always good entertainment.

Whether it's driving a tank through a school to resolve a hostage crisis (and end up killing half of them anyway) or by not giving a fuck about diplomacy and just kidnapping people.


Happy to see this, I hope Assad and Putin kill more "innocents" so they agree to lay down their arms.

That´s fucking horrible.

>Rebel or not, I can't get any pleasure from seeing a man find his dead wife and kids

Russia knows how to deal with these scum.

send more fucking troops.

you will pay, shill.


why is the audio so fucked?

Why is it that it's always the belgian who says the smartest thing?

So goodbye to good haircuts forever

Friend, this is wrong.

-A Leuven expatriot.

>Syrian Muslim charity
This needs to be another rambo movie

only way to win, is not to play

tl'dr: USA bombed everything in this country, every city, every day, for months (because of Serbs protecting themselves from Jihad Kebabs and trying to return the land back). Let's say that from some fucked up angle, it's justifiable.
BUT then, without a reason, you bombed the shit out of Kosovo (you were on the Albanian Muslim side, protecting them while they burn our churches older than Christopher Colombus himself and likewise). You exterminated natives (Orthodox Christian Serbs) from there and Albanians took over and bred like rats. You also built "Bondsteel", 2nd biggest base in the Europe (or World, don't remember) and took ALL of the natural resources there (lot's of gold, uranium, platinum mines). All during Clinton administration. Remember that when you see something like "Serbia (1603): Trump 94%"

If allah is so great, why didn't he protect them?

>Checkmate, goatfuckers

thanks hilldawg

oh, and that's why Albanians praise Clintons so much. Pic related, Bill's statue in the "capital" of Kosovo

Damn, that is sad.

Didn't Albanians have villages that were set-up to harvest organs from Serbians? Also lost of rape.

USA bombed you because you literally massacred every single ethnicity you fought against in the 4 wars you created, not because we love Muslims. The Albanians were always there and have always outpopulated you since medieval times. And fucking lol if you think we built a base to harvest your rare earths when we have literally whole fields of the shit in Texas and Alaska.

One thing that's survived though is the propaganda system, it still works wonders on you Serbs and you still think it was some kind of unfair war and you never deserved it. You think it was big bad US jewish conspiracy that bombed you and not an entire coalition of 23 countries that unanimously agreed to do so, with the exception of Greece of course because they are your religious brothers.

Do not pin this on the Clintons. Your people are simply too barbaric to behave in normal war. The Croats, the Bosniaks, hell even the Hungarians you killed can attest to this. I'm glad Kosovo got taken away from you murderous savages who think burning churches is worse of a crime than killing thousands of unarmed civilians.

BTW I support Trump too. If Trump was president at that time he would've supported bombing you too. Every sane nation did. You people are subhumans.

It's effective.
Muslims agree to be martyrs, they do not fear death.
Not for themselves anyway.

But the culture has a heavy focus on family.
That's the target, that's the way to hurt them, cripple them, and end terror.

How great would it be if we could force captured terrorists to watch as we "deport" their families out of planes, wearing bombs, back into the middle east?

To defeat terror, we must become it.
The KGB had it right.

If humans were retarded cucks like you we wouldn't even be left.

if humans didn't reproduce despite these threats we would've died out long, long ago.

The reason is obvious, you're just too conditioned and tamed to realize it, and that is why germans are dying out, along with most other white ethnicities.

Nah this was just a meme popularized by Serbs during the war that of course had absolutely no evidence backing it up other than fairy tales and fake "investigations" where they went into an abandoned house, found some old medical equipment and decided everybody stole organs.

Serbs are good at this, lying to make the other side look like demons. Yet to this day they are recovering bodies buried in mass graves outside of their police stations. When they have no evidence they just start making things up so you believe them.

There was a great article about a Serb swimming in a river that they dumped massive amount of bodies in, when the news reporter told him this he just happily shook his head and said he didn't believe it. They are North-Korea style brainwashed.

Southern Albanians hate Clinton. Kosovars are slavic Albanian speakers

im not sure which one has been browsing Cred Forums longer.

The funny thing is that you actually believe you're objective.

They didn't really have villages, "only" one apartment was found. About rape, haven't heard about anything exceptional besides classic war shit
Fuck off. Why did their PM admit it then?

>American fucking education
I'm legit triggered now. Is this what you really think? They sure did a good job by trying to make Kosovo look like an ancient Albanian land, fucking hell.

Kosovo is in the simplest way now divided on Northern and Southern part.
Southern part is a bit larger and inhabitants are mostly Muslim Albanians who became majority by outbreeding + genociding + American help, and they are in no way slavic, nor they speak slavic language.
Northern part is a bit smaller and consists of mostly Orthodox Christian Serbs (natives).

all i have to say is:

fuckin faggot terroist scum, after doing the same shit to innocents how does it feel to have it done to you fucker!?

god what a shithole

we need to fucking cut these people off from the world economy

>that video

You're making me feel old.

No I don't believe I'm objective, nobody is objective in war especially if they are fighting for religion. All that is objective is facts. In the Bosnian war it was decided something like 80-85% of war crimes were done by Serbs. But the Serbs to this day think the 10% other crimes done to them is just as bad, and everybody is stupid for thinking otherwise.

>Southern part is a bit larger and inhabitants are mostly Muslim Albanians who became majority by outbreeding + genociding + American help

I can't believe you people still stick this genocide thing and at the same time deny Srebrenica was an act of genocide. You think Kosovo before the war was 90% Serbian and it became magically 90% Albanian because USA intervened? What a fucking idiot

ah someone else that remembers prozzack. was 20 when that came out.

(((it was decided)))

pretty much my reaction:

if it wasn't filmed no one would care; not that internet user cares matter

they tried this same shit in 2011 (muh chemical weapons) to go to war with syria why do they think it will work now?

That guy from Poland is speaking at my school tomorrow should I go ?

The difference between Srebrenica and Kosovo is that in Srebrenica, muslims rose against the nation, and that's illegal, so nation fought back; while in Kosovo Americans intervened with no reason at all, Albanians did what they wanted because of an overwhelming support and no criticism.

>You think Kosovo before the war was 90% Serbian and it became magically 90% Albanian because USA intervened?
Exactly that. Hundreds of thousands of people were forced to leave, thousands were killed, and the rest is the 10%. It's not "magically", when you have 250 bombings per day, for many months, mostly civilian locations.

I'm trying to be objective here, but because of people like you, west is sucking muslim dick.

I can.

9 times out of 10 a balkan that doesnt live in the balkans anymore is most likely due to the war in the 90s

Really fucking sad for the wife and kids.

But to the rebel fighter: what sacrifice have you made? Assad may not have been perfect but nobody is. It's Israel and the US who wants Assad out. You sacrificed your beautiful wife and kids for the sake of Zionism and Imperialism.

Please lay down your weapons.

War is hell.


If I remember correctly the kid was from Hezbollah and not actually from Syria.

just happened to haveon a gopro... going for a stroll.. yadda yadda yadda... this is propaganda

IS must be hurting bad because their production values have gone to shit

Basically this, I've known a few UN peacekeepers who were over there and the Serbs went full retard when they started killing civilians. A lot of times right in front of the UN.

I don't get how people can say that they were justified in executing thousands of civilians and blame other countries when they try to stop it. I hate kebab as much as the next person but you kinda forced the international communities hand. Hell they probably would have gotten away with it jack free if they didn't fucking do it right in front of peace keepers and film the entire thing.

>Tell people to leave
>Fuk u whiteman
>Forced removal
Serbia did nothing wrong

>BLM tells you to leave
>Fuk u nig
>Forced removal

They didn't do nuff'n

Bodies look fake to me, this all seems a little bit fishy.

>BLM tells me to leave
>Fire into the crowed yelling at them to get off my property
>BLM removed
Shitty response you had desu

>14 stories that make you go fuck Assad and national sovereignty and shit

His wife is pretty hot tbqh famalama-ding-dong.

wtf christian bale is a nazi now?

Everything will be

I know what I'm watching is terrible but I just don't feel anything.

Holy fucking kek. That's brutal.

>glad that you guys can only come here to vent since you don't have the balls to say this in person
let's meet up, ill say this to your face you loser

Poor little guy, never got to immigrate to American dn grow up to be a teenage suicide bomber for ISIS and kill faggots at the food court like dad always dreamed

Have you seen the latest cartel video? Dude with hands chopped off and face peeled off is getting his head cut off. Pretty gruesome, but what got me was how fucking inefficient the beaners were in trying to cut the head off. I think I now understand the "spics are hard workers" meme. People confuse inefficient and slow work with dedication.


Exactly. Everybody else in this thread is a edgelord or too young to post here.

Muslims aren't attached to their families like we are. If one of his buddies he usually goes shopping for track suits with died he might care

Pic related - googles are basically similar

Im not that guy but I half agree with you.

But really "i" didnt do that shit. I was in middle school when they started that shit and I didnt vote for any of those retards and saudi bootlickers.

Speaking of which this really goes way back with the US and British coups.

That's fucking gnarly.

In the end the American people isn't to blame for this at all. Even those who voted for Bush back then didn't vote in favour of a war.

So says the man from a dying race, that's why the german people won't be around in the future.


The baby's clothes changed from blue to green.


>he was 19yo so it's okay for him to have gotten his thoat cut and suffered an agonizing death

Kill yourself, or go visit your beloved terrorists and let them do the job

>moderate beheader gets cucked with a warhead the video
I feel bad about their innocent deaths but I welcome grief of father and husband who failed them



Tell that to the countless vietnamese civilians who tried to remain neutral. Fuck them

>moderate rebel

>You fuckers don't even know what you did in Yugoslavia/Serbia/Kosovo, don't you?
Don't have a clue. I know we bombed the shit out of a bunch of stuff but that's it.


I don't think that's an American. We don't know that much about foreign policy.



There's literally nothing wrong with beheading children. There are far worse things that are acceptable in society and even greater sins that will one day be a necessity lest we all suffer eternal degeneracy.

The kike is real on this one. How the hell would HezbAllah want Russia to stop them bombing the rebels? Its a fucking fake
>But it wasn't until last week that Jerusalem Post diplomatic correspondent Benny Morris uncovered
You cant make this shit up. This is kike lies x10.000 where they want HezbAllah and russia to be in a fight against eachother.

I hope all rusians die.

I'm just sick of reading your shit.

>what i dont fucking understand is, if you know there is a possibility of bombs exploding anywhere near you or your family sometime in the next 20 years, why the fuck do you make children, JUST WHY
Because, if you gave in, then you'd be showing that all people have to do is drop a bunch of bombs on your civilians and you'll commit ethnic suicide within a couple generations.

Kek. He's definitely a terrorist now.

Don't call our allies 'kikes' you faggot. At the very least, you should be thankful that we stole all the Jews from Europe and gave them a country far away.

No they were being slow on purpose they were trying to make it last as long as possible which is why they cut his hands off because they knew the pain would be so bad that the man being beheaded would try his hardest to escape it's also why they used a box cutter so the blade would be sharp enough to cut fast but not deep. I can't imagine how horrifying that'd have to be the man screaming made me cringe. That video has been the first video in a while to make me look away for a second.

>between all the killing and fleeing
Less than half of Syrian refugees are from Syria. And I mean the "it's probably less than 10% but I can't find solid proof so let's be nice" kind of less than half.

>Implying men stay behind while women and children escape to Europe

That's literally the opposite of what's happening. Arab men are making the trek alone so they can start a new life, they're leaving their ugly wives and kids behind so they can get welfare and try to bang white chicks.

kill em all. don't let any sand niggers past our border.

Keep calm and wait for your turn ahmed.

Ally? You delusional fucking kike.

>British flag
I knew you were a sand nigger before I even read your comment.

still don't want them here

Fake and gay
>barely a single allah akbar

potatoniggers need to be shipped off to deathcamps, and this is coming from someone with potatonigger heritage

hahahaha fuck those muzzy faggots.

grow some balls you fucking pussies this is a war. Kill their kids. Kill their grandkids. This got me so fucking hype, I swear to GOD FUCKING JESUS PEPE WHATEVER this made me want to be the pilot of that glorious eagle.

The same people you're feeling "sad" for are ISIS you fucking morons. I hope we BTFO their entire generation.


>be syrian
>get bombed

Are we supposed to be shocked?

>implying those mongrels are educated in preventing pregnancy


So much waste.

It would be much better if they where just rounded up moved by cattle car and then gassed in mass.

>America this will happen to your children if you elect Hillary...wake up and vote for Trump before its too late.

>radical islam
So we only target muslims that have suicide bombed?

How likely is this?
>We need some propaganda
>let's throw some bodies in a building, blow the ship out of it, make sure it's in clear view of a convenient camera
>Muhammed, you're good at acting right?

Kek refugees welcome

People die in war, if he didn't want to see death, he shouldnt have joined a military faction to begin with.

Those kebabs look a bit undercooked desu senpai.

I think they would have grown up into Muslims, you know how they like to kill people right? Who ever dropped that bomb probably saved a life of a human bean in 6 years

You know, that's actually pretty sad.

Has he tried not being a sandnigger?



No hes done the opposite hes learning Arabic you can see him in the end saying ana sagheer meaning (i am baby)[my baby]

This is the fate the Jew has for every goyim child, rather he is Muslim or not.

If they cannot cause your family to end up like the one in this video, they will flood your country with refugees and niggers until this happens to you / your family in the near future.

There is no such thing as a goyim worth a shekel to the insidious kike.

Their lack of understanding when it comes to humanity is why they were kicked out of every nation at one point or another, it's even how they forged their fake holohoax.

Expect this to continue happening until somebody grabs them by their black beards and throws them down a well.


>no good reason
user... they did it for the zionists.

Bullshit propaganda complete with sad music.

Same here.


Quick someone do an edit of the bloodborne hunter smelling that dead cooked blood baby and change it into a Russian pilot smelling a dead cooked muslim baby. I'd do it myself but I can't shoop or draw for shit can't draw for shit.

Exactly. Those are jihad babies not like you or me. Only serve one goal, to kill kuffar.

oh ahhh umm yes.

>saying this in person is risky
I'd actually hit someone if they felt sympathy for these animals getting culled, I wouldn't be in fear of the inverse happening.