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Well lets see i dont have to shitposts on message boards for 8$/hr

>not making money from your hobbies
And here I thought >Polish intellectuals is merely a meme

Yeah you're not getting paid at all

>hi i hate facts that contradict what i believe

>tfw you realize the alt right is just a bunch of blind followers

okay whatever bud

Lets see
Trump has had 1000 "scandals" attached to him by MSM and all turned out to be bullshit

hmmm, whats the pattern


You would do anything to support him. you're not even american and you're still cucking for him lol

Strawman is not an argument
saging your thread

it's not a strawman

Any time you find a disagreeable aspect of trump, you hide it away in the back of your mind or god forbid make it a part of your message, just like sandniggers who try to ignore all of the violence in the Quran or accept it as their policy

It's your fault for wanting to be perceived as intellectually superior and mature

Do you not understand what i said here?

Define disagreeable because I don't really give a shit about any of these "scandals". Only one I want blood spilled over is the email one.

wait does that mean Trump committed treason?

This story has only been out for a couple of hours and it's already turning Florida blue again.

the vast vast majority of people here can just hand-wave this shit away, who cares.
But imagine if they did a total media blitz in Florida, this might convince cubans with a raging Castro-hate boner stay home on election night

So Trump didn't trade with Cuba, didn't travel to Cuba, didn't so much as buy cigars from Cuba but merely reimbursed consultants who went to Cuba? This is your fucking scandal? Try harder, faggot.


>it's another trump """"""""scandal"""""""""" that won't stick and will be forgotten in 48 hours
calling him hitler didn't work for you, so you really think the fact that he reimbursed colleagues who went to cuba will?

Old news


It's fucking nothing.

Hello darkness my old friend

Then don't vote Democrat because Obama ACTUALLY WENT TO CUBA. Money likely exchanged hands, even for a fucking burger, or a cigar. And it was all aired on CNN for the whole world to see.

CTR shills desperately doubling down on the shilling.

It would be nice if yall were at all creative or interesting.


Bump how do I argue against my shill friends using this

Wow its literally nothing

fucking sage.

Whatever helps you sleep at night

>Trump went against a racist embargo to do business with brown people
>still called a racist

I can't even imagine being liberal anymore. How I was able to deal with the massive cognitive dissonance these ""people"" go through on a daily basis is just beyond me.