White people exercising free speech is now "Civil Rights Intimidation".. WTF?

White people exercising free speech is now "Civil Rights Intimidation".. WTF?

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That's hate speech.

>intentionally being provocative and legitimately racist is free speech

Not in the USA it isnt.

He will not get a hatespeech charge not even fucking close.

He will however probably get disturbing the peace.

Can Euros please realize at some point our 1st Amendment BTFO every other country?

we don't have that shit year, the zionist police is harassing this poor man for no reason

> Supreme Court has ruled many, many times that even offensive speech is protected.

How does it feel to be wrong? To know that no matter how deep your feelings are, the law, as written, disagrees?

>Not in the USA it isnt.

It is now. Didn't you just see him get arrested?

>He was arrested and charged with civil rights intimidation.

You get this is literally hate speech by another name? Hate speech is intimidation of another group by most european standards.

>an Euros please realize at some point our 1st Amendment BTFO every other country?

It did, although most european countries are good at letting you say whatever you want except for UK and Germany.

But that doesn't change how this guy just got arrested for a synonym of hate speech.

Isn't it neat how they finally figured out a way around that annoying amendment?


That said, this is probably a false flag. I bet the BLM people paid him to do it to generate sympathy/attention. BLM is a fraudulent, attention seeking group.

He's dressed up in a brand new pair of overalls, probably just bought them to look like a redneck because BLM is racist against whites. And how would he know to have a gorilla mask just for this day unless he had inside information from the protesters? (kind of like how the Dallas shooter had inside information from the "protesters" about which path they were going to take)

Pretty fucked up, that kid was asking for it. It's one thing to be like "yeah I guess black people kinda look more like apes than some other races" it's totally disrespectful to go to a BLM protest and wear a gorilla mask and hand out bananas. Over the line. At least respect your fellow human, even if you don't understand them. Love your neighbor and all that.

You realize the courts have the say in this matter and not the police?

Its gonna get thrown out, it wasnt hate speech and those civil intimidation laws are extremely broad.

Jesus christ, you Euros really cant understand FREE SPEECH.

PLEASE fucking read Supreme court cases of hatespeech and see how fucking HORRIBLE some of the people really were, ALL of them thrown out.

>being disrespectful is a crime

Are these niggers seriously complaining about a free hand-out?

Fuck off dumb nigger lover, I can say whatever I want here and anywhere else where as if you post one thing about Nelson Mandela the cops show up at your house and shake you down for "muh racism". Just wait a few years, they'll continue to escalate until anything even remotely resembling dissension will be quelled.

Fuck yea America.

But getting your ass beat by Hillary supporters is an act of love.

>Trump supporter attacked and beaten in El Cajon

You on vacation from montreal?

calm down faggot he is right. Realize they were protesting in a free speech zone.
This is getting out of control. But its all technically constitutional.
No reason he should have been arrested, even if it does get thrown out.

Those scream cries AHAHAHAH

But otherwise what the fuck is this shit third world america? Eagerly awaiting the fabled day of the rope.

Why the fuck hasn't someone looked up this guy? He probably is a total leftist faggot posing as a racist BLM hater.

There are tons of these liberal faggots just waiting to "sacrifice" themselves by getting arrested form protesting or whatever. This is so out of the ordinary I really doubt this is genuine.

Is it time to hang all of the niggers?

And, why is the only answer "yes"?

>someone is racist in public
>must be a false flag

Being this paranoid is dangerous anons

Black lies matter lies and lies and lies and lies.

Their entire narrative is based on the lie "hands up don't shoot."

I would bet serious money that this was a staged event to generate sympathy.

black laughs matter

This, the guy mostly just seemed distressed and mentally unwell. If I were a judge in this case I would probably recommend court mandated therapy in lieu of punitive action. Regardless of your political opinions this guy would have to be crazy to pull a stunt like this, and the noose presents a thinly veiled threat of violence. Dude needs help.

What the guy did was retarded and honestly lazy, its offensive, but he wont get in legal trouble.

Shits just gonna get thrown out quick unless he acts like a total fuck in his appeal case.

BLM often presents threats of violence, not so thinly veiled. This man went to make a mockery of them and now he's the one that faces punishment? I think perhaps you could use some therapy as well.

Can't flim flan the tristan

he didndu nuffing
he was a good boy
he just trying to have fun
some goofs

No, he was a dumbass, but shouldnt face legal trouble(he wont) [spoiler]CNN[/spoiler]

I go here AMA guy's name is Tristan rettke

I sexually identify as a gorilla
mfw my gender is hate speech now

He was trying to spread the love of the beloved Harambe. May his spirit be at rest

A good lawyer knows this isn't illegal and can easily fight it.


Patrick Henry doesn't give a shit what The Crown thinks.

This is clearly a false flag. Just like "KKK" members at the Trump rally who were clearly black.

The guy probably was BLM himself trying to make headlines

>That said, this is probably a false flag. I bet the BLM people paid him to do it to generate sympathy/attention.

It strikes me the same way. Just look at the way people who dare only to wear a MAGA hat in public are treated. Now compare it to how this guy receives no physical intimidation for the way-over-the-top he pulls at this demonstration.
Doesn't add up.

It's not paranoia, you're delusional if you think such an effective strategy wouldn't be employed frequently.

No mate. I know this guy in real life. He just takes the shit on pol too seriously and needs to sperg out his power level in public


Shouldn't he have been handing out slices of watermelon instead of bananas?

The point was to make them out to be monkeys.

There goes my career

I'm aware of this. BLM events usually turn into unlawful assemblies very quickly. According to the evidence presented here, that was not the case. Both parties showed restraint and no one was injured. People have a right to assemble.