Why are right-wingers so attractive?


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high self-esteem

Anyone seen her Belgium video?

Fucking terrifying.

I would hold hands with her

couple of jews, just jewing it up.
Fuck the alt-right.

right wing girls secretly crave the bbc

>tfw you learn she's only 21


I honestly never thought Southern was that attractive. She's not ugly but she far from the most attractive blonde conservative around.

>I can manage myself, govt fuck off

>I can't manage, where's my safety blanket

Non degenerates

>fuck everyone who gets popular

you forgot Ann Coulter and put Megyn in the right wingers section

>some blond cunt
sup rebbit

What a glorious sight


thank you, user. This was needed in order to keep these alt right cucks in place


That guy's not even bad looking. His teeth are just fucked up. They'd probably love him in Japan though where that's the norm.




>actually saving those pictures in your computer

Don't tell anyone, but I'm being paid 5 cents for every post that I make here.

Someone should make this into a "roll" pic

They look like pigs, sorry lad desu

High self esteem correlates strongly with right-sing attitudes. It has been proven repeatedly. Attractive people tend to be more confident.

they aren't
look at the american south for like 10 seconds

average republican in America is obese, redfaced and balding

however, the rich republicans are beautiful, not because they're republican, but because they're rich

Hate to break it to you, but these two specimens aren't right wingers.

I don't get this right-wing meme, there's this retarded pic that compare a "Trump girl" to a "Bernie girl", some overweight SJW.

You can tell the creator lives in their basement and never leaves. Sanders rallies were like Cochella festivals, it was crazy. Slim, tight girls putting out everywhere.

Meanwhile Trump supporters looked like white trash with teeth missing and 400 lbs, needing a Walmart scooter. Trump supporters constantly feel the need to claim how hot their women are by showing some all-white Aryans, usually in rural areas who look like total attention whores, posing in stupid shit. A random snapshot of a Sanders rally would make Trump supporters cum a mile away.


paul joseph Watson is such a cringeworthy autist

We know. You're a loser who saves ugly people to his hard drive because Brazil's political capital is so low that the only way you can even pretend to be influential on pol is to post cherry picked images. It never works, either.

>Sanders rallies were like Cochella festivals, it was crazy. Slim, tight girls putting out everywhere.

We've all seen the pictures of the rallies, dude.
I'm not saying one side is inherently more attractive than the other, but birdie sandlers rallies certainly weren't as your described.

Not that it matters anymore anyways since he's gone back into obscurity.

Because some of them take care of themselves, instead of expecting other people to do it for them.

Not an argument. The exact same substance as the argument to the contrary. You bit bait and now you are desperately trying to reverse it through anecdotal nonsense.

You are more pathetic than whoever made this thread, or that Brazilian.

His teeth are fucked but he is skinnier than most of the left wing land whales.

>pic was KKK protesting confederate flag removal

source p l e a s e

>LITERALLY the worst country on earth
Really nigger?

They're mostly white. They're also more intelligent and intelligence is correlated with good looks.

Amazing cherries!

They look like the whores and insufferable jocks from high-school.

literally every single actress is a leftie

Because the right wing party is the party of strength

Lefties are weak and pathetic, as we all know

Say what you will about socialism, but those teeth coulda used some help. Now he has a fucked up mongoloid jaw because of it.

It makes me sad knowing these fine German women were probably raped and murdered by the filthy Russians.

>cherry picking this hard

Every hot girl I've met in my life is a liberal.

Control opposition are hired according to their respective skills ...


Leave Himmler out of this you fucking limpdicked faggot.

You forgot every single actress.


See my point?


because you live in canada, retard


I am quite attractive

>Sanders rallies were like Cochella festivals, it was crazy. Slim, tight girls putting out everywhere.
Yeah, that's why every picture of the rallies featured nothing but obese SJWs and neckbeards. You're not fooling anyone

Yea, you're addicted to Somali dicks you skinny antifa faggot.


Get a real haircut and shave. You'll look 10 times better.

Here's an actual waifu comparison though. Both have good ones.

You're a 6/10 at best


>ugly nose
>eyes too close together
>shit haircut
>shit facial hair


left one is sorta okay

the other two are half-injun aborigines

>Sarah Silverman
Please don't make someone post those pics again

So there is some potential :3?

My point is that this is such a ridiculous dick stroking thread.

It is entirely based on cherrypicking and looking good does NOT your political opinions more valid.

case in point

hi mike cernovich

tfw Lauren look in this picture like my ex but with blonde hair


It's a parody of the "why are left wing people so attractive" threads that get posted here everyday.

If you weren't a retarded cuck you would know that.

Hello there

>dirty sanchez mustache
>scored 3/10 wife

>Susan Momtits

Ivanka Trump is still registered as a democrat

Susan Momtits supports Trump.