Pro-Hillary site 'Make Mine Count' is aiming to swap votes to screw Trump in the swing states.


Here's what you need to do, Americans:

>live in a swing state
>sign up for this
>vote for trump anyway

>don't live in a swing state
>sign up as though you do anyway
>person you paired with gets cucked into voting johnson or stein for nothing
>hillary gets a smaller share of the popular vote, more shitlib tears on election day

Make sure to do this multiple times.

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What the fuck, is this site legal?
Also how does it work exactly

Hillary is a disgrace to America and a terrible crack head.

I love your/his videos

It's been ruled constitutional, apparently.

Best we can do is exploit it using guide in OP and sending this to news outlets like Breitbart, hope they report on it to raise awareness. It's certainly unethical.

false flagging voter fraud scam detected

So I signed up three times and voted for Trump each time. What happens now when I get "matched"?


This. It's Canadian and illegal.

Wait, I don't understand how this works.

If a democrat from FL and a democrat from IL swap votes, that just ends up being the exact same thing

You'd only see an effect if a republican from from FL agreed to a swap with a democrat from IL. But why would a republican do that? You're literally saying you want your vote to go somewhere it doesn't matter so that a dem can help flip your state. But if the person agrees with you and votes the same way, then there's no reason to swap anyway.

So what we should be aiming for is to have Cred Forumsacks in non-swing states sign up, and then vote for Trump so their vote gets transfered to a swing state, while ther person they paired with wastes their vote?

I think the idea is if someone from IL wants to vote third party, s/he can and someone in FL would agree to vote Clinton.

The scenario they're going for is Gary Johnson supporter in FL trades will Hillary supporter in IL, because IL is a safe state for Hillary, while Florida is contested. Hillary will get the vote in FL (where it is more likely to swing the election away from Trump), and Johnson will get the vote in IL, and will lose either way (though the cuck site creator won't tell you that).

I think you have to be a third party voter in a swing state for this to matter. You let someone vote third party in their state and you vote Hilldog for them to deny trump the state without selling Johnson down the river to do it.
Which raises the question, who the hell thinks targeting diehard Johnson voters who live in swing states is a good idea? I'm sure all ten of them will hear about this website.

The opposite, I think. So if someone from Florida wants to vote for Al Lepo but doesn't want to 'waste their vote' they can switch with a Hillary voter from New York

It's for people who want to vote 3rd party, but they're in a swing state, so they swap their vote with a Dem from, say, Texas, so Hillary gets a vote in a swing state while allowing the 3rd partyfag to vote for aleppo guy or Jilloff.

We can turn this to our advantage by doing this, but then voting Trump on election day anyway so Hillary loses out on the popular vote and much needed votes in swing states.

ah okay, makes more sense desu senpai. So we should sign up pretending to vote for Hilldawg and get cucks from non swing states to vote Al L. Eppo or the (((green party))), sounds good to me.





It's for Hillary/Johnson supporters
Someone who supports Johnson as their first choice and Hillary as their 2nd choice lives in a swing state. They don't want Trump to take the state, so he has a Hillary supporter in a safe state vote for Johnson, while he votes for Hillary in the swing state.
Win win. Unless the Hillary supporter in the safe state decides to vote for Hillary anyways, or Trump supporters sign up as Hillary/Johnson supporters.

Reminder that you can do this multiple times, there doesn't seem to be a limit.

Also someone get this news to Breitbart or someone, we need to break this.

I'm very confused. I want to fuck this site over. On the sign up page, who do I say I want to vote for in order to create maximum liberal tears?

PS I will be voting Trump on my real ballot no matter what.

Only a leftist can come up with a site so convoluted and inane

If a swing state, Hillary. If a safe state, Johnson or Stein.

Okay, thanks goys. I understand how it works but I still don't understand WHY someone would do this. If I'm a garycuck, why would I care about making sure some hillcunt gets his vote to count in florida? If I did care, I'd be voting hillary anyway, would I not?

UK stop pretending to be USA

This doesn't make any sense.

The site creator promotes the idea as "win-win" because Hillary will win the election while the independent candidates will still get a significant share of votes. The government gives free money to the parties of candidates who meet a certain percentage of votes in the election.

No, the other way around. If you're in a swing state and say you want to vote Hillary they won't switch you with anyone.

If you're in a swing state, say you want to vote 3rd party. The perosn you're 'matched' with will (Or is supposed to) vote 3rd party in THEIR state, and then YOU are supposed to vote for Hillary in your swing state. But you're actually gonna vote Trump

lmao. so much this. seems like more and more the appropriate response to a lefty is not to debate them but to just punch 'em in the throat b/c you just can't reason with retards.

Anodda six billion votes!

How'sbout I just go to the polls on election day and vote for Trump while you and whatever this shit is you're shilling go fuck yourselves?

Too convoluted to work

Oh shit, you're right, got it the wrong way around.

Fucking leftists, man. They gotta make everything so complicated.

Fucking America man.
Looking at shit like this site, I feel like there's no hope left for humanity.

It's a popular delusion among liberals for whom the Democratic nominee is usually too far right. They don't want to vote 3rd party and "throw their vote away" so a guy in, let's say, Pennsylvania will vote for the Democrat while a guy in either California or Utah (solid Democrat/Republican states) will vote for their Unicorn Giggle Coalition Party or whatever.

The problem is that it's a prisoner's dilemma, as they're about to find out.

They're paid for by political operatives. Random people don't make up sites like this. They certainly don't do things like this out of enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton.

But in this scenario, what's stopping me (as a hypothetical gary supporter) agreeing to swap my vote away and vote for clinton, and then just voting for gary anyway, in order to further increase the proportion of gary vote in the election and get more dank gibs?

Nothing! Which is why, among many other reasons, the idea of the site is a failure. Which isn't surprising, since it's liberal.

>all the California Hillshills swap with PA voters
>Trump carries CAs 55 EVs
>Hillary loses with a couple swing states

Also, how dumb do third party voters have to be to buy that this somehow raises their percentage of the vote?

But yes, we should absolutely register and do this. We need to target one state to maximize effectiveness. I say PA

>CA, not PA.
We need to target CA or NY

That's the prisoner's dilemma (or rather the cheater's reward).

You have two voters.

If you both follow through on the agreement, the best possible outcome is 50% (one vote for Hillary, one vote for Johnson).

If you betray the deal, it's 100% for Johnson.

But other voter might betray YOU!

The only way to actually guarantee the deal and assure at least 50% of the vote goes to Johnson is to break it yourself and vote for him. That's the most rational outcome of the prisoner's dilemma.

Quick question: does this not violate any federal election laws?

Good way of putting it. What a stupid idea on their part. They should just stick to registering the deceased

Nothing, you fucked it up. You're not supposed to say you're voting for Trump.

Canadian website? Trying to control the American election? Please tell me you're fucking with me.


The whole thing is really just a scam by Hillary's people to trick disaffected Johnson and Stein voters out of their vote. They try and get them to commit to voting for Hillary if they live in a swing state and promise them that there's someone else in a blue state voting for their candidate. Of course, there actually isn't. That kind of strategic swapping would be a logistical nightmare and take way too much time to organize, when the real goal is only to make Hillary win in swing states. So they lie, tell you that your vote is swapped, and then they've gotten one more vote for Hillary.


Someone throw Clinton in jail already. Might as well take justice into your own hands since FBI ain't arresting her.

W-what do you mean. I'm so confused

Lel they've created the prisoners dilemma. We already know how this will end.

There's the problem though. She's above the law.

Yeah. There's a certain "priming" to this that's pretty devious.

Most 3rd party voters change their mind as it gets closer to the election. In 2012 Gary Johnson was running between 5% and 7% weeks out and didn't get 1%.

So most of them will change their mind and vote for someone else. What sites like this do is try to plant the false "peace of mind" that while they're voting for Hillary, they're STILL voting for Johnson somehow.

But if you take justice into your own hands, you can stop her. Make sure to prepare your gear and such.

I almost want to admire the pure ingenuity of this tactic if it wasn't so evil.

The democratic party is so fucking corrupt, makes me sick.



> Live in FL
> Sign up
> Get some NYfag to vote Stein
> Vote Trump like I've meant to

Oh man, thanks for the heads up. Time to turn NY red for the Emperor.

peculiar that a pro-hillary website has to swap votes in order to give her an edge.

It's almost like she's actually unpopular and losing or something.

who would have guessed?

Someone call up Sean Hannity. Or Breitbart. Just someone.

They've done this in the past few elections. It became a Democratic trick after they claimed that people voting for Ralph Nader wound up "electing" George W. Bush in 2000.

>call someone


I wish I had the resources to sue

Nobody whose vote matters is gonna change. Only people who are so ambivalent that they need a sponsor to validate voting behavior that is reasonable will do this. And it doesn't seem that the target audience will help Trump.

Trump said it himself: "call up Sean Hannity" in the debate.

It was Kek speaking to us through him.

I'm afraid you wouldn't have standing. If anything, this would be a criminal issue, not a civil one. I'm about 95% sure this is illegal, but I'm not well-informed enough about election law to be certain.

>being this dense
that is the goal you mouth breathing mongoloid

>go to site
>sign up
>be in a swing state
>say you're voting for welding your johnson
>hillnigger from a non swing state matches with you
>you say you're going to vote for her if they vote for johnny boy
>vote trump instead
>cuck is forced to vote for leppo because of this site telling them to
>clinton gets fucked to the tune of 2 votes

The idea of the site is to appeal to independents who want to vote for Mr. or Mrs. Weed. If someone wants Hillary to win, but wants to vote for Mrs. Weed, and they live in a battleground state, they are helping Trump win by not voting for Hillary. The point of this site is to give independents an ability to make sure that Mr. or Mrs. Weed still get a vote in a non battleground state, so Hillary has a better chance of winning the battleground state.
The way to use this to our advantage is to say we live in a swing state and that we're voting for Mr. or Mrs. Weed. Then, when voting day comes just vote Trump.

This music with Trump's Speech.


So where can I report this for election fraud?

I think the FEC is who you want. Not sure how to tip them off though.

It is trying to bring deep blue Hillary vote into the battleground states.
Say A wants to vote for Johnson in Florida, B wants to vote Hillary in California.
This website will match A and B, A will now vote for Hillary and B will vote for Johnson.

At the end, Johnson gain one extra vote in California and Hillary gain one extra vote in Florida, a battleground state.

To fuck with it. You want to say you are voting for Johnson/ Stein in a battleground state.
The website will match you and tell you to vote for Hillary in November.
In November, you ignore it and vote Trump.


Maybe this link.


CTR is trying to slide this

Looks good user.

Report it. Even if they don't take it down, we can still exploit it, but Trump will win regardless.

This is gonna be good. I've signed up 2 dozen accounts.

Everyone it takes literally 30 seconds to make an account, make several per day, 10minutemail.com makes it easy to get fake emails, be sure to save login credentials somewhere in case you need to login later to confirm matches

>email identified as spam by my spam email address

They'll probably be successful, unfortunately.

I've submitted a tip to Drudge, I suggest you do the same. If he breaks the news this can go viral and possibly lose Hillary a lot of support.

I'm off to sleep now, keep fighting the good fight.

So I messed up and voted Trump three times.

To fix it, I should vote for Johnson/Stein 4 or more times to balance it out?

>10minutemail.com makes it easy to get fake emails

>be sure to save login credentials somewhere in case you need to login later to confirm matches

Except that 10minutemail only lasts for 10 minutes, genius.

hush hush now we aren't retarded... no reason to give CTR more propaganda like the "poll thread" which really did nothing to affect the polls.


No you baka, we need to be the Johnson supporter in PA.

you do realize you can just login to the fucking website you registered on right? The email address itself doesn't need to still be active. Once matches start being made you might need to log back in

and VA. They also think they can take FL and AZ (kek), so say you live there and want to vote for Stein or Johnson.

Why do we never hear about organizations doing this for Trump? Is there really not ONE organization that's trying to rig the election by fucking votes from Hillary over to Trump?


According to the MSM, Trump is doing it too. See:





tl;dr Trump wants to make sure that the election isn't going to be rigged, and the MSM interprets this to mean that Trump's hiring gangs of thugs to stand outside polling places and break people's kneecaps if they don't vote Trump.


I'm talking about an actual organization that tries to do things like register dead people or vote for somebody else.

>Good goyim vote for the corrupt candidate the elites want!
I doubt anyone will do this though.

I'll bet when Hillary loses, this organization will come out and go "b-but these people all said they'd vote Hillary!"

No, you don't understand. What matters is the narrative, not the facts. And the MSM is trying to push the narrative that Trump is trying to rig the election. Thankfully, it hasn't really caught on yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if we see it being pushed in debate 2 or 3.

I wrote Trey Gowdy...

do 6 for good measure

Surely there's a entity we could report this to. right?

the narrative is that she even has a sliver of a chance.

when they finish the rig, the bullshit 40%-40% "polls" will make normies believe it was just a "close one"


What's stopping us from registering 100 dummy accounts, all claiming to be voting for Jill in a swing state, and then having 100 naiive Hillary supporters forfeiting their vote in a solid blue state?

Nothing. Go ahead and do it.

Are you thinkin what I'm thinkin?

What swing states are the best?

I ain't doing shit.

>implying the whole webside isn't filled with forigners and underage trying to make others vote
Shiggy. Don't even wate your time with these fuckers. It's an obvious mess.

How is this shit legal?

This is what I have been saying all along, this is what we need to do

Guys don't let this slide! We need to do all we can to stop Hillary!

Tried to create acct. It gives me a blank PDF with no link?

I made 4 of them.

Will wait for them to send me an email to see if they have you confirm later

Thank you user! We need more people like you!

First she raises the dead. Now this.

bump for lulz.