Alien established that Xenomorphs were million years old biological weapons used by the Engineers

>Alien established that Xenomorphs were million years old biological weapons used by the Engineers
>lol no, they were created by a rogue android just 100 years ago :^)

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>Implying that the 'engineers' in Prometheus were no Replicants and part of a hoax to get Weyland-Yutani to bring million years old alien technology back to Earth.

Crisis headcannon aside, David recreated the xenomorph. You can see the murial to one in Prometheus.

It's fucking stupid
Alien didn't need some half assed lore explanation, what we got in Alien/Aliens was enough - some old Alien that fucks everyone's shit up and can't be reasoned with. No one asked for some shitty explanation.
I'm glad Giger died before he could see his creation being raped by senile Scott.

>Alien established that Xenomorphs were million years old biological weapons used by the Engineers

Where did it establish that?

Agreed. It was literally the only part of the lore they did not need to explain. It was best left unexplained.

They dated the space jockey and ship as millions years old

The ship with the space jocky was fossilized, meaning it was old as fuck

not OP here
i think the fossilised space jockey established that, although a specific amount of time wasn't given

...and the rest?

Seems like OP is just pulling shit out of his ass about them being biologically created by the Engineers somehow being confirmed in the first movie.

>>Alien established that Xenomorphs were million years old biological weapons used by the Engineers

no it didn't? it didn't establish anything about anything.

it's the most logical explanation based on what we are shown in Alien, and later in Aliens
the placement of the eggs isn't at all like a natural alien hive, and the space jockey appears to have been dead a long time
the theory that the space jockey was transporting the eggs deliberately was around for a years, long before Prometheus and Covenant were even concieved

The "engineers" we saw in Covenant aren't the real engineers
They are a lower race that works as manual labor for the engineers
This is why they look different and don't wear biomech suits
The real ones are the one he saw in Prometheus and Alien 1
These big guys are the ones who created xenos
David just made a shittier version of them, explain why the fucker was killed so easily

>it's the most logical explanation based on what we are shown in Alien,

So...just your head canon then?

No idea, but them being created by David is breaking Canon IF he actually created them. I don't think he did, he just took the ingredients and learned how to bake a cake without the recipe.
It did establish that they were ancient.
Thats more speculation than fact. Prometheus established that they were engineer weapons and that they existed in some form prior to David.

Covenant confirms that Deacons existed as the base form.

This also explains the mural seen in Prometheus. It was of a Deacon.

you can call it speculation, but the mystery of the Space Jockey was a lot more interesting than the convoluted nonsense that scott concocted thirty years after Alien

they don't know how old it was. they looked at it, and guessed it had been sitting there for a long time. there was no radiocarbon dating or any kind of scientific analysis.

they didn't know how long it had been there for and they also didn't know what the creatures were being used for.

all they knew was that when they went down below and saw the egg patches, whatever system there was for incubation was still active and keeping the eggs alive.

Oh it's a MYSTERY now?

I thought we ere talking about stuff that was confirmed and answered already?


sorry, when i said 'established' i was referring to the age of the space jockey in alien, not to the biological weapon part, which is indeed speculation

Deacon was different than the mural. Deacon also came from a giant face hugger. Mural has regular ass small huggers

The current state of the Alien and Terminator franchises makes me depressed

>The real ones are the one he saw in Prometheus and Alien 1
Honestly I've seen alien like 6 different times at least. I always hear people talking about the jockey in it but I just can't remember seeing the thing at all ever in it.

Proto-Deacon then. Whatever.

The mural and the ones that bursted from the Engineers in Covenant look closest to Deacons.

I liked the space jockey way more when he wasn't just a space suit. The original space jockey was such a cool design, like some kind of giant sedentary alien that had cybernetically become one with its ship

>David did everything in an attempt to create the ultimate lifeforms, which is somehow a race of giant, parasitic, and perpetually-enraged bugs

He wants to become God.
They're perfect because they're his subservient hive species.

>Dallas: [looking at alien skeleton] Alien life form. Looks like it's been dead a long time. Fossilized. Looks like it's growing out of the chair. [climbs up for a closer look]

It's a movie, not a documentary made for autismos. They're not going to waste time complicating shit when a single throw away line gets the job done.

then you obviously have not seen the movie because they showed it off A LOT

it's the big guy they find in the chair with it's chest burst open
how could you forget about that?

This is what happens when fat NEETS with too much free time on their hands start demanding everything showed in a movie has a backstory to it

>original space jockey is in the movie for 5 minutes
>make 2 entire fucking movies about the space jockey race

ok so not millions of years then. great. i was right.

It was in the chair with the elephant head. It was also like 2x bigger than the engineers.

I don't really care about the whole "explaining shit that doesn't need to be explained", BUT I am pissed that Prometheus and then Covenant actually raise far more questions than they answer and have left a giant plothole between the end of Covenant and the start of Alien at the moment that I can't see having a satisfying explanation

yes. it was absolutely gigantic. it also, in alien, looked like it was part of whatever chair it was sitting in. like it had no legs and was part of the gun.

I don't remember this scene at all. Was this before or after john hurt was fucking around with the eggs?Well I know what it's suppose to look like I just don't recall it in the movie at all.

ffs, autism much
so what if it's a million or a hundred thousand?
the point is it's more than two hundred

I just pretend that Prometheus and Covenant are not canon
works for me

>the point is it's more than two hundred

That was Dallas being under the impression that the suit was actually bone and not a suit.

it's just before john hurt climbs down into the egg chamber

Same. But they can do that anyways. If these biomech engineers enhanced their bodies, why can't there be even more advanced dudes completely fused to the chairs?

These autistic screeches of "mehhh they fucked my canon!" are ridiculous. They can still literally do whatever the fuck they want with the engineers and aliens.

Plus, that Advent short movie on Covenant's Blu Ray clearly states David just used recipes to create what you see in the movie. It would be awesome if David realized on Covenant's sequel that he's nothing more than a hack fraud, too human just as he feared.

Alright you guys must be trolling me this is some kind of joke, or you must have some sort of lucas"sian" han gredo edited version that it got added in after the original

no i think it's you who are trolling

that's where they find the eggs. they wake up, get the distress signal, go to the planet, go to the derelict ship, and then they see him. it's one of the most iconic scenes in the film...

i really don't see how you can't remember this.

it doesn't matter how old it is. it could be a day old. it's not important.

Go rewatch it again and pay attention. It's like the first thing they encounter in the ship.

>it doesn't matter how old it is. it could be a day old. it's not important.
erm, that's literally what this whole thread is about

>tfw no Shaw gf

It does kinda matter now that covenant is fucking with the timeline.

Alien>Aliens>Prometheus>Alien 3>Resurrection = Covenant


Actually not bad, agreed

Not really

The suit isn't bone. It's a suit.

Would still tap though.

Prometheus=Alien 3, otherwise this.

A suit can become fossilized

nope. just ignore it.

i don't consider any kind of 'movie universe'. alien's just a movie to me and nothing messes with it. not sequels, not prequels, nothing.

only in fanfic

are you read for the predator to be ruined by shane "the quipman" black?

Dallas was working off faulty information

No, he was working off a script to let the audience know that everything in that ship was old as fuck.

They were dumb space truckers, how the fuck would they know if it was millions or a couple of days old? How versed are they on the decomposition aspects of alien corpses?

Switch Alien with Aliens right now

A3 might be 'bad', but at least it didn't have a looney tune scene of a ring ship rolling over Charlize Theron. Fuck, Prometheus was so fucking dumb in places.

if we're talking assembly cut, i don't think alien 3 is bad. it's a great end to ripley's story imho.
it's certainly flawed though, particularly alongside the near-perfection of the previous 2 films.


people discussing this franchise are just as bad as people discussing horror franchises like halloween

it's fucking hallowen. The Original movie. And after that it's over. Nothing is needed after that. you know why? because all the fucking sequels that came after ARE FUCKING POINTLESS

You keep watching these films, knowing they will suck. "But maybe this time it will be different". "Maybe Blomkamp will fix this this time!" It's pathetic.

>The Original movie. And after that it's over.
>"Maybe Blomkamp will fix this this time!"
no, fuck no

The space jockey in Alien 1 was not an Engineer from Prometheus. It's way too big.

No fun allowed?
Halloween 2 is shit, no matter what the popular opinion is, but it's still a fun flick. H3 is good for what it is. H4&5 are guilty pleasure. H6 is just guilty. The rest are trash except Rob Zombie's Halloween 2.
Yes, H20: Halloween Scream Edition is shit. Deal with it.

Aliens wasn't pointless. It's like the perfect example of how to make a good unplanned sequel



Alien>Aliens>>Alien 3>Covenant>Resurrection = Prometheus

Aliens is 10/10 sci-fi action kino

What the hell that's nothing like I remember it. I thought the ship was broken up and burred like in Prometheus. remember him talking about the chest looking like it was burst but I just don't remember the jockey at all thought it was something else they were examining.

Congrats, you're a retard who can't pay attention.

lay off the depressants man, they're fucking with your memory

Eat shit, you probably didn't even like Alien Resurrection and you're going to call me the retard.

not only aliens is a pointless movie, it's a movie that gave people the false hope that can be another good alien movie.
just because you like garbage shit doesn't mean everyone else does.


nu-Aliens general

would you?

>tfw good aesthetic will never return to the Alien films

couldn't find a bigger screen, but i always loved the shot in pic related
some of the exterior shots in Alien 3 are stunning imho

Resurrection was good though. The mexican stand off was a bit goofy but it had an awesome cast, and they even had winona before everyone started to make her out as being really fucking weird, ripley, chucky, sister fucker from the crow, hellboy. Are we all going to pretend in this thread like I'm the only one that jacked off about mutant ripleys titties? It had suspense and the sets were fucking tight, the water scene was dope as fuck. That membrane thing over the water was eerie. I really think the suspense from them running was way more intense than in aliens when they're looking at the scanner, although I liked that carry over in UFO defense.

the videogame has a really nice aesthetic

Reminder that Prometheus was a very good film that introduced much needed mythology that was ruined by Alien: Covenant because retards wanted yet another generic boring slasher flick in space

NO to more aliens
YES to engineers and based genesis mythology

yes great post let's go back to discussing capeshit and soy wars for eternity

Fuck off back to Cred Forums you cunt

>Prometheus was a very good film

Alien Isolation was great.

Why did Alien 3 have such a fucked up production but Aliens did not? Both of them had good directors at the helm and both were conceived as unplanned cash grab sequels, so why did Aliens turn out so much better?

Prometheus was dogshit, thank goodness it got dropped.

If facehuggers require an Alien queen to lay the eggs, how did David produce the first ones to begin with?

What about a Metroid/Alien crossover?

This was the best thing to come out of Prometheus:

dumb retards like you ruined the Prometheus sequel. We wanted MORE engineers MORE mythology, instead we got a shitty generic slasher flick in space. No one wanted more aliens. They're boring, they've been done to death. Prometheus moved the franchise in a much needed direction but you retard capeshitters bitched and moaned about the lack of aliens so Ridley made a shitty alien film instead of a Prometheus sequel

Well done you capeshit-loving cunts

Alien 3 was set in a prison. You can't get a more boring and restrictive set than a prison. Why in the hell did they even have a vat of lava anyway?

Cry more, pleb. You have shit taste.

the prison is housed in a old foundry of some sort, hence all of the industrial detritus

when a nigger-loving, capeshit Cred Forumscksucker turd who enjoys slasher films says you have shit taste you should take that as a complement

Not to mention that literally every character had a shaved bald head (even Ripley) so you couldn't tell the characters apart and bald women look ugly so you can't even enjoy Sigourney Weavers looks anymore

Shhh, no tears now. Go rewatch Prometheus for the billionth time and invent more arguments in your head.

Luckily the world will never have to sit through another piece of shit like it.

>t and bald women look ugly so you can't even enjoy Sigourney Weavers looks anymore
I don't really have a problem with baldies. I don't know why you wouldn't enjoy her looks, am I really the only one that rubbed one out to the mutant ripley in resurrection before it got torched?

Bingo. This. THAT's the point of this thread, it's not whether or not these stories can be misconstrued or stretched in some way to provide some logical explanation that is never shown or explain, its the fact that the INTENT of this part of the first movie was changed or ignored in favor of a 'backstory' that actually disregards the content it was meant to explain. Scott didn't make the first movie and say 'hey, lets have these character misdiagnose the age of this ship so that we can show that the humans don't know what they are doing, and also as a loose plot thread that implies a fucking prequel trilogy', and in Covenant Scott certainly wasn't thinking 'hey let's make it so alien was just invented the other day in order to supplement the original space jockey scene.' These movies do not have the same intent for what the engineers are, end of story.
This whole 'the ship isn't the right age' thing isn't in either movie. It's nowhere, so what's the point in stretching the narrative to write in our own little fanfiction lies about it? Why can't it just be that Ridley Scott had two completely different things in mind for each of these movies, and the whole 'prequel that explains alien' thing is a marketing farce because the new trilogy is just Ridley Scott using his past characters to tell whatever psuedophilosophy he's been working on in a monster movie series he's already famous for?

We know, we're just remarking on why they're stupid. It's extra fun because Ridley Scott pulled out a lot of dumb tricks to make the movie feel philosophical, so the movie takes itself way too seriously when it's totally the same type of thing as Jason X or any of these dumb sequels.

No it isn't, and I think it's really funny that you say anyone who doesn't accept your headcanon is autistic.

thankfully Ridley is done listening to clueless nigger monkey cunts like you. It's no wonder Alien: Covenant bombed so hard, people are tired of seeing the same old boring shitty slasher garbage. Glad he won't be repeating that mistake next time

>Reminder that Prometheus was a very good film that introduced much needed mythology that was ruined by Alien: Covenant because retards wanted yet another generic boring slasher flick in space
>NO to more aliens
>YES to engineers and based genesis mythology

No. It was not much needed mythology. You can keep all that stupid unrealistic fantasy crap in your Star Wars, Star Treks and capeshit. There was absolutely no need for any of that Engineer dogshit in the Alien series. It was like adding wizards to Terminator.

For what purpose did they kill off the surviving characters from the last film during the first moments of the movie? Especially in such a trivial way. James Cameron goes and sets the series up nicely for another sequel should they want one, and the second the next movie starts they spit in his face and destroy his characters like they were nothing.

I mean why did they give the go-ahead to start filming with such a terrible script that had been rewritten like 90 times by 10 different people?

Alien 3 was pure kino

you're quibbling over a specific number when the point is just that it's really old
literally autism

Alien 3 Assembly
>Best in series
>Best 90s sci-fi
You can't deny this, Fincher cucked Scott and Cameron, the haters just couldn't look past muh Hicks and muh newt.

I hate when sequels decide to roll back the finale of the last film just because they don't bother to use the cast they left themselves with. Alien 3 did it by having everyone immediately die but Ridley, and TLJ did it by having Finn immediately wake up from a coma that will never mean anything.

>he thinks an android film will be like prometheus with the engineers and "muh mythology"

wew, you're so desperately sad that Prometheus is dead?

Ancient Aliens and the genesis mythology are just about as far away from Soy Wars and capeshit as he could have taken the franchise, which is why soyscums threw their little hissy fits at Prometheus and demanded more slasher garbage crammed into their next film

>Reminder that Prometheus was a very good film that introduced much needed mythology
You sound like a kid that watches superhero movies and gushes over their stories and backgrounds.

This might be my favorite shot in all of cinema. There's something primal about it, as though the fear and intensity of early man was channeled into a single moment.


I honestly have no idea what was going on with that movie. I like to pretend it's like one of those alien vs. predator type things and never happened. I pretend it went alien-aliens-alien resurrection.

big white human looking aliens that were also jesus is great mythology!

Covenant had so many great elements in it. It's just frustrating that these brilliant things like sets, props, certain shots, music etc. are in an overall not too great film.

o yeh yeh so you be sayin aliens is church. yea yea i like dat

At least it was better than Prometheus.

You're just retarded.

I watched Alien 2 back in the day and didn't like it, but I have a craving for claustrophobic movie in a sci-fi setting right now. Is watching Alien 3 a bad idea?

Was thing actually in the movie?

>Prometheus moved the franchise in a much needed direction
no, the only needed direction is either to stop making these fucking movies or keep making these fucking movies the same way they'd been made
everything was sloppy in Prometheus, the whole background story Ridley provided is mediocre and stale

Fincher did the best he could with what he was given, but he was just a music video director back then and he was kept on a tight leash by the movie's retard producers. Alien 3 was his big chance.

This thing definitely wasn't in covenant though. They had the dumb spores and vanilla facehuggers


Have you seen alien 3? it's the best in the series

watch the assembly cut
it's definitely claustrophic, and it's got some top prison banter from legends like Pete Postlethwaite

>when /fit/ cooks a chicken breast

It's probably better to watch compared to something like listening to a Cred Forums moron rant about soyboys on a message board.

>soyscums threw their little hissy fits at Prometheus and demanded more slasher garbage crammed into their next film

Just because people think the ancient aliens Engineer thing was so fucking retarded, it doesn't mean they just wanted a rehash of Alien or Aliens. Why do idiots try to defend things they can't comprehend by saying "if you don't like A then YOU MUST like B"?

People didn't like Prometheus because it was an unrealistic fantasy tale that did not fit with the Alien series. Alien is a somewhat realistic-feeling sci-fi horror series that is a bit more adult than others. The Engineer backstory was like something you'd get in Star Trek or some cheap SyFy Channel movie. It was just so mindboggingly stupid that it tarnished everything.



The forced Christian shit was dumb as hell.


Prometheus had some dope ass shit designs they didn't use as well.

>shitty sound-mixing with frequent white noise
>a mess of forgetful characters
>immediately killing everyone from Aliens and undoing the triumph from the end of that film in the opening ten minutes
Ehh, it was alright. But it was definitely the worst of the three. I would've been interested to see Blomkamp came up with (even though it'd probably be even shitter)

good points


based on how I rated all the Alien movies I've seen
Alien 8/10
Aliens 6/10
Alien 3 3/10
Prometheus 5/10
Covenant 6/10

should I watch Resurrection?

lol get out Cameron

I'm more afraid of ebola now that I know exactly how it works

It's almost like the new alien trilogy is clueless strip-mining of any possible intrigue left behind by a legitimately interesting original horror movie, barely blessed by being directed by the senile original creator

Ridley Scott has made nothing but mediocre or shit films for the last 15 years.

Someone needs to take the Alien franchise away from him and let another director make films.

Good points. Downloading a copy of the assembly cut.

Kingdom of Heaven DC was kino

>this kills the Promethard

It had some really great moments, I won't disagree with that.

It's biggest weakness was Orlando Bloom just isn't a strong enough force to pull off the lead character. Just my opinion.

Ridley's last good film was American Gangster.
A year later (essentially overnight in the filmmaking world), he made Body of Lies which was fucking terrible.
Since then, only The Martian and Prometheus (and Covenant) have been "acceptable", and they're still all considerably worse than his good films.

I haven't seen All The Money In the World though, I admit


What I just don't understand is who actually watched any of the original Alien films and sperged out to such a degree that all this lore and backstory came out of nowhere to """explain the mysteries"""? I've seen all 4 of the original films and I even saw Prometheus as a favor to my father, but I just didn't care about the backstory of Alien. It's dumb. WOW GUYS THIS ONE BACKGROUND ELEMENT IN THE FIRST SCENE OF THE FIRST MOVIE WAS ACTUALLY THE KEY TO ALL OF THIS LMAO
Alien was a perfect, self-contained film. Nothing in there implied an expanded universe or a prequel trilogy or anything. Aliens was the same idea, a perfect extension of a self-contained film. Again, it had no delusions of being part of a saga or anything. And Alien3 was good too, because it operates as Ripley's story, and not that of the Aliens themselves. Ripley is our protagonist, the only character we really care about. Not the faceless monsters, not the random fossils that I literally didn't even remember until 2011, not the actually secret EEEvul masterminds of the company that commanded the expeditions.

>last ditch mission to save humanity by taking to the stars on a one way trip to a new planet with thousands of people and the progenitors of the new world on board
>fuck the mission, im going to this suspicious new planet because nobody likes cryosleep even though i didnt ask lmao
dropped. in all seriousness i paused covenant several times to shitpost it was that bad.

Wtf is this General Spears?

Alien was like Halloween in space, and both Prometheus and Covenant are similarly just slasher-horror movies with a sci-fi setting. The problem with them is people expect them to be smarter movies than they actually are, and with Prometheus and Covenant they really tried to look smarter and deeper than they are too. Some of the characters acted pretty stupid in the original Alien, but they were just space truckers who get caught up in something unknown and very dangerous. Half of what made Alien so good was how the alien was still so new and unknown to the characters and the audience. I loved the part right after it takes Brett, when they are all panicked talking and Parker's like "The son of a bitch is huge. I mean it's like a man, it's big!" because seriously how the fuck did it get so big?

But yeah Prometheus and Covenant seem better if you lower your standards by thinking of them as just dumb slasher-horror flicks with a sci fi setting.

>What I just don't understand is who actually watched any of the original Alien films and sperged out to such a degree that all this lore and backstory came out of nowhere to """explain the mysteries"""?

No one, these movies are designed to make money.

>I see a really huge franchise here – honestly, as big as Star Wars.
Ridley Scott, 2017

You're a fool if you think anyone involved is there for artistic reasons, it is all so Ridley can snort more cocaine.

Forgettable characters?

This. It was the one part of the lore that no-one wanted explained because explaining it would ruin it.

I would have been happy with them exploring a conspiracy within the Company, or anything else, but there was no need to take out what made Alien alien.

>let's explore this new planet without any protective gear at all even though we could be infected with any kind of alien diseases because it's an alien fucking ecosystem
>i'm gonna follow the creepy robot dude who can communicate with Aliens into a dark cave filled with suspicious looking eggs because it's ok and the creepy robot dude told me it's safe
>no one bothers to do any kind of medical check for any of the surviving crew members even though they all saw that the aliens inhabit the inside of the host before bursting out
>oh no, one of the guys was infected and now there's an alien loose!
goddamn, I felt bad for Fassbender for trying to carry this turd so hard all by himself

I would very much recommend resurrection
It's a bit more like an action film. It has some creepy elements to it but not really a horror genre. Some of the action bits are honestly kind of goofy, but to me it just kind of balances out the action/tension/creepiness parts even if it goes a little bit over board on some of the campiness. Since it's set way off in the future after all the other movies it also gets to conveniently ignore all the continuity problems from prometheus and aliens vs predators.

I lied to you it's a terrible film, it's so stupid. it's just so fucking bad.

Are you seriously comparing Alien to dumb slasher like Halloween?
Alien is actually scary even today and is full of tension and suspense.
Halloween is only remembered as the forefather of slashers (which are a shit genre) and has aged like fucking stale milk.

Do you like Joss Whedon? if no, don't watch Resurrection.

Mostly unrelated to this thread but I thought the first alien vs predator movie was pretty dope

>We wanted MORE engineers MORE mythology, instead we got a shitty generic slasher flick in space.
I agree, finding out about the engineers and what not would be quite far more interesting than seeying the same olf aliens things agian and again and again

If it was up to Giger the alien would have working metal pipes, tubes and gun ammo inside its body.

Are the Alien vs Predator films canon?


that sound pretty fucking cool though

no, only the original 3 films are.


Which franchise was raped harder by sequels after the first two films? Terminator or Alien?

the first Terminator is the only good one
Alien franchise has three great movies

There are four Alien universe timelines.

1) Alien, Aliens, Alien 3
2) Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection
3) Alien, Prometheus, Covenant
4) AvP, AvP2, Alien, etc

Since there's no Pope for the series you can pretty much pick and choose you canonicity and then argue it online.

>that all this lore and backstory came out of nowhere to """explain the mysteries"""?

The real problem is that it doesn't really explain much and instead breaks the world design with a bunch of nonsense.

That was the major complaint after Prometheus. It introduced a bunch of shit but nothing makes sense. "You see it was the black goo", okay. What the fuck does that mean? It changes DNA somehow, but inconsistently. It destroys white giants and makes mankind (implied), but also makes xenomorphs. But it also mutates you into a zombie. But it also turns into squid monsters, that if they get into a white giant makes a "deacon".

Ok, what the fuck did all that mean? It was a genetic superweapon and they made humans but also want to destroy humans with a bomb ship of black goo that is a big fucking RNG substance.

NEXT MOVIE WILL EXPLAIN IT ALL! Okay, so the homeworld of the engineers shows us that the black goo is now a genetic superweapon. But it also turns the world into a spore filled place full of little spore black goo that makes "neomorphs", no relation to deacons, space squid or xenos. But actually it turns out a rogue android made xenos. WOW A TIE-IN, FINALLY IT'S EXPLAINED-- that are somehow worse in all ways than neomorphs.

Okay? Why'd he do that? What was the point? What does any of it mean? IT WILL ALL BE EXPLAINED IN THE NEXT MOVIE!

Dude I see your point but it was written like shit.

not to mention all the ham fisted religious symbolism. They landed on the planet on Christmas day or Christmas eve. IIRC they said that the Engineer has been in cryosleep for 2000 years and it is heavily implied that the engineers had something to do with Jesus. He's the reason why the Engineer who is awoken immediately tries to target earth with his bio weapons ship.

that's just awful

why does anyone defend Prometheus here?

Yeah you're right, and Ridley himself made a bunch of Jesus allusions in interviews.

I really wonder what the fuck HE thinks his movies about.

this shit looks retarded lmao

Black goo

Ridley Scott is a hack who hasn't actually made a good movie in 40 years

I save this just for guilty pleasure threads.
It's a great action movie desu.

Covenant was shit. It was just the previous alien movies regurgiated, but it had more load on its shoulders and totally toppled over.

What everyone wanted and paid to see was to see what happened to Shaw and the Engineers, especially the Engineers. Shaw was basically covered in one scene in 10 seconds, Engineers turned out to be primordial simple beings that some inferior robot managed to flim flam even though a single engineer could rip David to pieces in a second.

It was a travesty. Not what happened to the Engineers, but what Scott did to the movie.

We already saw the original Alien movies, there were three of them and they all had the same story, dumbass scientists poke eggs, a xenomorph is born and everyone but one dies.

I wanted to see the Engineers, what was their real world like, how would Shaw interact with them, not a fucking disaster that I've seen in countless other movies a dozen times.

Seriously FUCK Covenant, this is the reasony why I don't go to movies anymore. I'll just torrent everything and if it's good, good, if not, I'm happy I didn't pay a dime to the creators of the shit experience.

I guess we could say you're "dead wrong"


>There is going to be a movie with a talking Xenomorph in your lifetime.

I wonder if Ridley intended for the deacon at the end to be compared with the baby Jesus

>tfw you couldn't protect Walter's smile

Am i the only one that liked resurrection?
Ripley was completely badass in it

Oh right I forgot about that.

Actually let's list black RNG effects:

1: Worm to snake.
2: Human to zombie.
3: Baby to squid.
4: Squid to deacon.
5: Promethean to human.
6: Promethean to dust.
7: Fungus to spore carrier.
8: Spore to neomorph.

Did I miss any? And then they act like it's consistent enough to be used as a weapon, on a ship full of them as missiles.

it's a fun film, i just don't consider it canon

>fans are directly responsible for Ridley Scott's misunderstanding of criticism, senile tendencies, and overcorrection

Honestly can anyone explain what the fuck those snake things in the goo were, like if it were an egg with a face hugger or something I would understand but it's just like this killer albino snake that lives in the black goo and likes to crawl into people for no particular reason.
how would that be comparable? it's mom was the squid proto face hugger thing and shaw was it's mother and her unforgettably named bf scientist guy was the dad.

Prometheus really needs to have some sort of directors cut to make a whole new movie and just explain what the fuck was even happening at all, like there isn't any mystery it just feels like a bunch of random stuff. It's not even that they through something specific, they just grabbed random things and threw it at a wall to see what stuck.
Wait what the fuck, how did it start out as a worm? There were no worms in the film.

>Wait what the fuck, how did it start out as a worm? There were no worms in the film.

In Prometheus there's a shot of them stepping into the soil and there are small worms in it. I forget if this is at the same time as they spill black goo on it or slightly before.

But it's implied the snake creature starts out as a worm.

They are though. The android just improved upon them. The protoxeno still pretty much looks the same

Ridley Scott should be put in a home.

Scott told Giger about his plans for prometheus though. that giger slipped and died after giving scott his blessing is a mere concidence.

>android just improved

Please explain how the xeno is in any way an improvement? You go from invisible spore based infections that are surreptitious to giant fucking eggs full of spider like facehuggers that will obviously grip peoples faces (and they work only with human type faces unlike the spore).

The xeno doesn't have much more to offer than the neomorph either. This "improvement" is just retarded. It'd have been one thing if we were shown how the xeno is better somehow. But it's not.


a Zootropolis-styled film for the whole family

More like two dicks that spit acid and huge tits that leak acid

>1 take

I honestly don't remember that in the movie it looked like the goo was already spilled and the snake was just in it before they got there.

Alien : Horror Classic. Can't be fucked with. Tension for days, beautiful shit that nobody had seen before.

Aliens: Action Horror Classic. Can't be fucked with. Established conventions that are still being copied today. Cameron's masterwork if you ask me.

Both of these films do very different things, but are great at it. Aliens is also probably one of the best sequels in movie history. It builds on the original without copying it.

3: Interesting concept but isn't really anything like the first film because Fincher has no idea how to make a horror film. There is no tension. The CGI is terrible and they ruined the ending of the last film for no good reason. Watching 2 dimensional convicts run a dog alien around a rat trap isn't scary, tense or action packed. Has some decent visuals and some great actors but all in the service of shit.

Great concept. 200 years in the future the military clones Ripley and engages in black market slave trading to birth aliens. Hell breaks loose. The problem is the director had no idea how to make an action film for the most part, and stuffed in a bunch of self-indulgent bullshit to the end. The Human Alien thing is one of the biggest lols in all of sci-fi history. The last half of this film is total shit.

Beautiful film. No character development or interest. Very thin story. The best thing about Prometheus is the visuals, the ideas, and the Engineer kicking ass at the end. Again we have all the elements of a great kino.. but it can't be put together right. Prometheus was fun though in that it got people talking about film again, big science fiction ideas and concepts. But it was in service to nothing as the film didn't do enough.

Again, it has interesting elements and some decent scenes, but it feels very by the numbers and flat in places. It's actually a pretty decent way to wrap up Prometheus and start a new story but it has no tension or stakes. Having a good and evil david is kind of goofy too.

The implications of that scene were great. I wish Ridley never got around to completely destroying the mystery

It was when they went into the room with the vases, IIRC. It showed the worms wiggling around on the ground and through some of the goo that had spilled. The goo started coming out of the vases as a reaction to the air from the door unsealing

>3: Interesting concept but isn't really anything like the first film because Fincher has no idea how to make a horror film. There is no tension.

This is just wrong. Alien 3 is one of the most infamous fucked productions ever. There was no script, they were shooting things on the fly and it was all redone in editing and divorced from the director's wishes so much that there are a total of three cuts floating around.

The assembly cut is actually decent and it is and was intended to be its own thing. It's a more nihilistic movie than either Alien or Aliens, it kinda tried to be what Prometheus was in terms of a general downer movie, but then there's closure for Ripley's character in dragging the alien queen burster with her to hell and subverting the machinations of Weyland-Yutani.

Point being it's not really the director's fault, nor can you say much about his vision or ability based on that movie since it's a clusterfuck of a production from start to finish.

Oh okay. I've had that movie explained to me so many times. It always seems a little bit better when people seem to know a few of the things I missed in it. Felt like such an incoherent film to me I just couldn't figure out what was really going on sometimes.

>No character development or interest.
>Very thin story.

Spotted the brainlet. David and noomis characters were actually very well written. The story was great but lacked focus in the final act. It was shapping up to be a haunting cautionary tale about creation and parenthood and then everything feel apart in the third act

I know all about that.. but at the end of the day Fincher went ahead with a crap script and put his name on it.. as much as he wants to distance himself now. He still has to take some of the blame.

I've never seen fincher make a horror film. And either way the final product is what it is. Mainly that it's not a good movie. haha

No, no, what I'm saying is that there was literally no "lore" to be explored in the first place. This is a more contrived franchise than fucking Jumanji.

It was too thin and spread out over too much bullshit. David is pretty well written, but at the end of the day we need an entire new movie and deleted scenes to tell what the fuck his problem was. That's like saying you need to read the comic book to understand the movie. Which is bullshit.

If you can't pack it in to one long as movie you failed to tell the story.

You're the T brainlet.

David was an android who was neglected by his creators. They never gave him a purpose or respect. He has to get what little knowlegd he has by watching kino like Peter Otoole in Lawrence of Arabia. Because of this he developes an effeminate quirkyness.

He is butthurt that humans never gave him respect and laugh at him because they created him. He finds a chance to stick it to his human creators by discovering that Humans themselves were created by the engineers. If he can do that he can lord it over humans that they were created by a bunch of laughably blue handsome squidwards. ALL this was in the movie, the real shame was that they didnt utilize this character better than they did

Humans being created by engineers is dumb af tbqh

>interesting elements
>decent scenes
>pretty decent way to wrap up Prometheus
>by pretending the previous movie didn't exist when it wants to and coming up with random shit for no reason
>by having negative character development for shit characters that die in ways that would be stupid for a teen slasher film
>by casting a Spenny lookalike bitch that can't act as the "stronk female lead"
>by making a beat for beat remake of the final act of Alien that's so terrible it borders on parody because the director thought "fuck it"
>by shitting on every movie that came before it because Ridley Scott decided he hates people who watch his movies

Yes it's obvious that he hates his creators because they aren't anything special. It fills him with anger that the humans are so vapid and small. Just like the engineers hate their creation and see David as an abomination. That is in the film, but it takes a few viewings to get to that point with all the other shit going on.

what the shit, the neglect thing maybe that's kind of easy to infer since he was alone running the ship for so long. Saying he had no purpose is just nonsense, and disrespect? It seemed like Weyland treated David more like his kid than Vickers and there was something there like she might of resented both of them for their relationship. I always wondered what movie he was watching at the beginning. Figured that must of had some sort of significance.

David doesn't have feelings like anger.

He does things out of spite and jealousy. He literally cries.

Da fuq.

No, he was delusional and mentally unstable. He only created a specific version of them; even then he really didn't do anything to be the one to actually create it. The goo always created them, but it reflects the biology of the life it comes into contact with. Which is why ones made from inside humans look different than ones made from inside predators species, the engineer species, or the engineers' slave race. The most he did was to combine the goo with something new, which is what the goo is intended for in the first place.

For all those people who say the xenomorphs where not established long ago just need to watch the 1st movie and pay attention a bit better. Also, it probably wasn't millions of year, but billions of years before humans existed.

you're retarded

Shaw was not well written. She was paper thin.

She's only popular among a few people because of waifu nonsense and their own plebbitry.

>the only characters that die in slasher like ways are non-essential. That's pretty standard. I don't even know that one woman's name in the film that ends up in the fountain.
>How does it pretend that Prometheus doesn't exist, it directly answers all the questions from it and fleshes out David.
>I don't disagree that she was sub-par but hey, the other bitch didn't want to do it so they wrote her out.
>Yes, Scott is turning into a bit of a hack. He needs to stop fucking with the story and stay behind the camera. Good luck getting that done with an old fart like him.
>That's all subjective.

Anyway, I'm not arguing that Covenant is a great film, or that Prometheus is a unwatchable mess - both have good things going for them - but neither are great films.

The alien franchise is one big dry hump tease after Aliens 2. All the right parts and nobody to put them together in a good way.

>but at the end of the day Fincher went ahead with a crap script and put his name on it

I mean, barely. The guy didn't want to go full Alan Smithee because he still wanted work in the industry and didn't have clout at the time.

The origin of the problems don't lie with Fincher any which way you split this, it's the studio that refused to have a working script, a planned shoot and a proper budget. It's their meddling that fucked the entire enterprise.

>I've never seen fincher make a horror film. And either way the final product is what it is. Mainly that it's not a good movie.

I don't dispute it's a bad movie but Fincher is a good and acclaimed director who primarily does thrillers. Zodiac is almost oppressive in the amount of unresolved tension it creates. Seven borders on horror. Gone Girl isn't a great story but the pacing of the movie and the way it's shot is tense.

I'm pretty sure he would have made an ass clenching Alien movie if given good free reign over the project. And it would have been interesting to have a thriller spin on it, continuing the genre busting series of films it might have been.

Alas, no such luck.

aliens > alien > alien 3 > shit > ressurection > a big pile of useless shit > Prometheus >covenant

>Steven King

take your meds ridley

I think his is a fair assessment.
You are delusional.

>Okay? Why'd he do that? What was the point?
To be fair there's a bit of dialogue between the android and shaw's boyfriend to the effect of "why did you create me?" with the response "why not? because we could"


Don't disagree with most of this. Fincher is a great directory, but I think he was in the wrong place at that time in his career. It's possible if he had free reign he could have made a great film, I'm sure it would have been a lot less bland for sure... but it's still a disappointment and a huge missed opportunity.

I prefer her blonde

no wonder david cut her up

I enjoyed it when it released but I was like 9 at the time. It's not bad but the big baby alien was dumb and i didn't like the new xeno design, less human-like and more of a generic predatorial animal.

Yes, and that was significant as far as the story of meeting your makes goes. Irresponsible creation, yada yada.

It was the one interesting redeeming part of Prometheus, and the arc of Shaw's character. They could have explored this, in fact I think they should have, in Covenant.

But instead she died offscreen. The continuing dilemma of creation isn't really continued. David's battle with himself is the most interesting part of the movie, but it's almost episodic amidst all the random bullshit happening and it's not enough to be the core of the story. We spend Prometheus with Shaw constantly talking about her journey of discovery.

We only spend a little while with David and he's never straight with us, he's always lying and deflecting about his motives. Thus any story about creation and being a creator is undercut. It doesn't help that what he does is ultimately nonsensical either. The Prometheans didn't create him, he has no grudge there. But he destroys them. He has a grudge against humans clearly, so what would have made sense is for him to return to Earth directly with the bioweapon after defeating Shaw.

Actually; I would have had Covenant be the story of Shaw meeting her makers and trying to hold them responsible for wanting to destroy their creation, add a wrinkle of Prometheans not being a monolith, Shaw's destroyed faith, her want to bring death back on the Prometheans is ultimately foiled by her incomplete understanding. She commits an atrocity against the Prometheans but is forgiven, helped. But as she betrayed her creators, both she and the Prometheans are betrayed by David, who has his nihilistic view of reality. He's too smart for an android. He wants to be a God too, a creator. And his flawed decision is to "create" a new world of beings instead of his creators.

Have it end on the cliffhanger of David bringing the bioweapons back toward Earth. Hell, have him having taken another ship - the xeno egg ship.

Also, on rewatch, I really liked the crane smushing scene in Covenant. It's pretty fun to watch.

>We only spend a little while with David and he's never straight with us, he's always lying and deflecting about his motives. Thus any story about creation and being a creator is undercut.

Max stupidity.

David is Satan from Paradise Lost.

ugh, are those her real tits?


No no that wasn't a fossil, it's a suit worn by the engineers who somehow all shrunk to a quarter of their size.

they are angels. It's like the scene in Cove where he says "Serve in heaven or rule in Hell".

David is obviously the lucifer stand-in and the other synthetics are his angels. The religious asshole guy even says "I've seen the devil before and I know what he looks like." When he's pointing the gun at David.

But this is all in Cove and not Prometheus.

Fridge status.

This. This is the worst board on this whole website. Everybody here claims to hate capeshit but they all actually crave it like flies on shit. That’s why there are endless Marvel threads and the cancer that is the Reylo general. Just fucking nuke this board

>But this is all in Cove and not Prometheus.

You can't be serious.
David even temps Shaw's boyfriend with the "poison fruit" of knowledge via the back goo when he asks him what he would do to know more.

>if you recognized Prometheus was shit you must also watch superhero movies

Ok. I like that Prometheus got people talking about big sci-fi ideas.. I mentioned that in my post here: BUT you still have to make an entertaining film. You don't get off the hook trying to turn a monster movie sci-fi spectacle into a philosophical art film. Everybody should like some intelligence in their entertainment, but just copying christian mythology and throwing in some half-baked shit about crisis of faith isn't writing a symphony.

at the end of the day films are a compromise on art. They need to make money and entertain. They are too expensive and self-indulgent not to.

If you want pure art films go watch We Are the Flesh.. which you probably wouldn't be able to sit through.


>The shot required many dozens of takes, during which none of the balls went in. The crew were going to give up, but gave Weaver one last shot, and in this take, she got the ball in perfectly; the idea that she did it in one take is a myth.

>super intelligent predator alien adept at stalking its prey
>runs face first into the jaws of a crane
really shivered me timbers if you know what I mean

>Alien established that Xenomorphs were million years old biological weapons used by the Engineers
Xenomoprhs were originally conceived as brutal alien babies. They were primitive killing machines because they had not yet reached biological/mental maturity. Their civilization had scripture, construction, etc.

They were NOT somebody's weapons. The events in the first film happen because of a misunderstanding.

Also, because people will not believe me, here is the source:

Xenomorphs were basically space elfs, living long lives dedicated to the arts and knowledge. They just had a fucking brutal infancy.

I appreciate the INTENT of prometheus.
But you don't let Damon Lindelof write the script.
The plot works only if everyone is retarded.

No, the scene in the atmosphere before they get on the ship. I enjoyed it quite a bit the second go around. I don't know that they are super intelligent, just efficient at killing. I think they could be baited like any other animal. They aren't superheros with precognition or something.

I fucking LOVE it

This facility looks enormous and technologically complex. How did they keep it running with two dozen unskilled convicts?

they didn't, it was mostly shut down.
pretty sure this is all addressed in the film, even if it's in off-hand comments within the dialogue.
as it should be imho.
ham-fisted exposition ruins most films.

Absolutely still would

Dallas did. And he was wrong. He thought the flight suit was fossilized tissue.

I'd hit that like a facehugger.

ROFL, where did you hear that shit?
certainly not canon
sounds like fanfic

Some interview with Scott I watched Friday night. It was in a thread here.

But when are you going to write about meaning?

>the only alien movie where they don't wear spacesuits is the one where the xenomorph gets transferred through the air

Spotted the tranny lover

This origin story is awesome,but it's incompatible with the awesome Aliens.Decisions,decisions.

You have awful taste.

Oh, so it's like JK Rowling saying that Dumbledore is gay despite it being mentioned never.


>tfw first Ron Perlman movie I saw was some sci fi original tier horror movie about killer baboons.
The entire time I thought Perlman was the killer baboon.

Samus is too attractive to have a movie made about her adventures.

I remember all these articles around the time prometheus was released claiming that fans had waited DECADES for answers about Alien. Which was weird because I couldnt remember any clamoring for explanations.

>mfw I have unironically enjoyed every Steven King book I've read.

the mystery of the space jockey was always debated amongst fans, but i don't remember there being a great demand for a whole film about them.
the mystery was the whole appeal.

Shape of Water + Alien.

Guillermo won't fail me.

more like; belongs in the trash

>lol no, they were created by a rogue android just 100 years ago
you fucking idiot, that's 1 batch of Aliens, there were/are other

I wish there was decent SFM xeno rule34

How much would you pay for it?

Start a patreon and you’ll find out ;)

wtf. given the alien changes by being in different host the alien in alien was literally the first alien.

>Alien established that Xenomorphs were million years old biological weapons used by the Engineers

This never happened

No one established anything other than a derelict ship with a fucked up cargo and a fossilized victim.

It's pretty much a crime scene. You don't know what fits where.

Pretend like the new shit doesn't exist. Works for Star Wars too.

I'm an alien rawr rawr, made my a pissed off robot.

An alien has no issue destroying an android.

But he will never become god.
Is he a dumb robot?

Alien 3 was a clusterfuck because Fox didn't know what the fuck they were going to do for Alien 3 (to the point that the first teaser trailer, released a year before the film's release, outright says Alien 3 was going to be set on Earth).

Most of the issues comes from the fact that Weaver didn't want to do Alien 3 period and all of the original scripts were Newt and Hicks centric (and why the comic tie-ins revolved around them and not Ripley).

Alien 3 was also kneecapped by idiot scriptwriters coming up with settings that were unfeasible due to Fox setting a tight budget on the film. The film was originally supposed to be set in a super high tech monastery made out of wood that was high up in the air for instance.

IIRC, the ultimate reason why they jetisoned the Alien 3 cast, was that Weaver finally caved and agreed to come back. BUT by that point, it was decided by the suits that they would jetison Cameron's additions to the franchise and make a film similar to Alien with a single Xenomorph. Michael Beihn (who was BFFs with Cameron) was pissed the fuck off and gouged Fox for a huge payday just to use his face to create a corpse dummy for his character, while Lance Henriksen rolled with the punches and got a cameo in the film's final act.

> No one asked for some shitty explanation.
this desu
I just wanted to know about space engineers, no need to have aliens in at all
>I'm glad Giger died before he could see his creation being raped by senile Scott.
The studio fucked him over he wanted it to go different direction

You know the original scripts actually featured an Engineers as Jesus. I'm not joking. If he had his way, it would've been even worse than what we got if you can imagine that.

Engineer Jesus... think about that.

Fincher later disowned it but at the time he was just starting out in the movie industry after doing music videos. So he was the studio's bitch and had to spend several years staying quiet about it, until he had enough clout to go public and not have his career destroyed calling Fox out on it.

Only when he had a bunch of hits did he finally start going public about Alien 3 and how the suits fucked it up and kept him from making a decent film. This was backed by the fact that, when the first mega-Alien franchise DVD set came out, Fox agreed to do a documentary on Alien3 and it's controversial production. Basically because it was a huge elephant in the room for the film and they knew it would help sell the super expensive box set.

Finch was interviewed extensively with a promise from Fox that he could say whatever he wanted. They even let the producers of the documentary have access to behind the scenes video diaries the studio ordered, which showed producers/studio executives bully Finch, order the film crew to not listen to Finch at all, and generally treating Finch like dogshit. Footage that was included in the documentary.

When the documentary was finished and turned over to Fox, Fox went behind the documentary film crew's back and purged ALL of the behind the scenes footage that backed Fincher's claims and heavily recut Finch's interviews to remove nearly all of his criticism of Fox. The documentary film crew then had to LEAK the truth about the documentary on Alien3 online, when they realized what Fox had done and how butt-hurt they were at the fact that they had effectively commissioned a documentary that confirmed EVERYTHING Finch had accused them of in regards to fucking up Alien 3

Weyland may consider David a son, but Covenant clearly showed that Weyland sees David as a "thing" and from the moment he was activated, criticized him and made him know he was still worth less than his biological daughter that he loved for being a girl.

He's Lucifer.

Hubris and short sightedness.


couldn't they have picked a more attractive actress instead of this ugly dyke?

Why the hell did Fox put a tight budget on the film? It was a hugely anticipated movie.

And why did Weaver cave when she already knew how fucked up the production was and that it had only been getting worse since they first asked her?

god damn how hard is it to find someone who can write a good script?

Wait did the original movie actually implied that? Or is this one of those "Extended universe" crap?


>The studio fucked him over he wanted it to go different direction

Too extreme. Alien fucking is bad!!


Nobody is going to buy a nerdy scientist who looks like a supermodel, bro.


fuck that, I want qt girls in my alien flicks
MEW was a scientist in The Thing and no one complained

Should have listened to the man.
The man was right.

I could go for a couple fried eggs.

I think it's bloody amazing how they dressed a dog as an alien and let it run around.
If it works, it ain't stupid.

Then you should probably know that it's StePHen King.

>talking about canon
>mentions predators AT ALL

Pick one.

>>Alien established that Xenomorphs were million years old biological weapons used by the Engineers
No it didn't

Weaver has a love hate relationship with Aliens.

She loves it in that it made her a household name and she can always count on a big paycheck from doing the films. But she hates it because she's rather do artsy type "serious films", than be known for a sci-fi film franchise.

Plus, there is the fact that Weaver created a minor scandal when a good chunk of material from Aliens (dealing with the death of her daughter) got cut from the theatrical version of Aliens; Cameron had said material written explicitly for Weaver on the grounds of giving her connection to Newt much more weight and emotional impact. Weaver was super pissed at the scenes being cut from the film and went public, forcing the release of the "special edition" cut that restored them. Fox was not happy at this at all.

But ultimately Fox point blank told her "you either do Alien 3 for less money than you made doing Alien/Aliens or we Ripley off and make Biehn the new star of the franchise", when they first began pre-production work on Alien3. When she called their bluff, they went ahead with commissioning scripts with Hicks as the leads and ultimately caved.

Fox ALWAYS intended for Alien 3 to be on a tight budget. Hence wanting to lowball Weaver; however, they never told the various screenwriters they were on a tight budget due to them not wanting to leak that they intended Alien 3 to be low budget.

Cut to several years later, they wanted to do Alien4 and because Alien 3 flopped, Weaver again had them by the balls and they had to pay her a queen's ransom.

But this time, they made a huge point about ordering Whedon to push Winona Ryder's Call character front and center over Ripley, because that was going to be their rebuttal to Weaver winning the negotiation fight two films in a role. Call was going to become the new star of the franchise, which caused Weaver to freak out on set, forcing rewrites to scale back Ryder's role and creating drama on set between Ryder and Weaver.

someone should make a biopic kino about Weaver
she sounds pretty based

He's kind of right. Nothing to suggest they are millions of years old or that the space jokey was an engineer. But the biological weapon thing is definitely implied by the fact there are hundreds of eggs sitting in the bottom of the ship.

Look at this bugger. Am I supposed to be afraid of him? It's glory days are over. And the company like fox fucked him to a dead end.


The budget issue with Alien3 was due to the fact that Fox had no clue what they were going to do with the franchise after Aliens.

The only thing Fox knew, was that they knew they had a hit franchise. But, they came to the idea that they don't need a big name director since the Xenomorph itself would be able to draw in fans.

Fox was also deeply divided on what kind of movie Alien3 would be. Some wanted to repeat Cameron's formula and others though Aliens strayed too far from the formula of the first film.

Sigourney Weaver was also considered expendable; Micheal Biehn was cheaper, plus would work better with the direction some at Fox wanted the franchise to go in (Space Marines vs Aliens).

The pro-Aliens folk were the ones who were in charge of ordering spec scripts written for the third film, but they quickly lost to the "Aliens wrecked the formula" studio folks. Mainly because the pro-Aliens folks didn't bother to tell script writers they were wanting Alien3 to come in on a smaller budget, which let the Alien purists win the fight when the top brass had to chose which side controlled the third film's production.

That thing cost shit tons to make, I believe Ridley had a fight about making it.. So it certainly is in any copy of alien.

>tfw no Aliens Space Marine kino

Never. Ever.

Why not focus on a group of marines assisting a team of self hired archaeologists packing things up for weyland before finding a nasty bug hunt.

It can't be that hard to make a story.

>dressed a dog as an alien
that was scrapped, boy

You mean it wasn't a dog? How shitfaced was I, thinking it was a dog.

I think the best feeling the alien franchise gives is at the end of aliens with everything packed to a nice cozy ending, only to fucked everything up with alien 3 and its hellish nightmares of LOL NO BITCH YOU'RE ALL GONNA DIE.

Alien>Aliens>Resurrection>Alien 3>Prometheus>Covenant