Best Friday the 13th movie? Mine is part 6

Best Friday the 13th movie? Mine is part 6

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hard to say, the one with the best semen demons.

III, Final Chapter, and Jason Lives are basically what people think of when they think of "Friday the 13th"

Do we agree with Jay Bauman?

>Friday the 13th ranking (best to worst): 6,4,2,5,FvJ,remake,3,X,7,8,1,Jason Goes to Hell

1+2 make for two good horror movies with a really interesting idea for a sequel.
The qualities of these are especially noteworthy, because the series was basically created as exploitation.
The rest of the series is pure trash and shows every sign of exploitation; poor production value in general, cheap effects if any at all, misleading titles and story outlines, boobs to artificially increase the rating in spite of missing gore.
Freddy vs Jason is an exception to that rule, but it is basically a spin-off, so.

Pretty much what Bauman said, except I'd swap 4 and 6, but that's just me.

3 or 6 for the kills. 5 for the atmosphere, remake for the tits, FvJ for awesome.

6 for its tongue in cheek nature and James bond opening.

1, 2 and 4 aren't too bad (the 3D Gimmick makes 3 look even more dated)

Not seen 5 yet.

7 has a great looking jason and the end is fun but most of the movie is crap with all cuts that happened.

8 is just wasted potential the movie and 9 is a cluster fuck.

I enjoy X for what it is but I know its a steaming pile of shit.

FvJ at least had entertaining fights.

>Not seen 5 yet.

It's basically porn. The director came from the porno industry. Reading the Crystal Lake Memories book and I remember the editor for Part V saying how horrified he was when he got the dailies in, because he'd just be watching hours and hours of simulated sex with the director screaming "FUCK HER, YEAH FUCK HER" off camera. He went to the series Producer to ask what on earth he was supposed to do with all this footage and was told "clean it up and make it look like a pepsi commercial, kid." God only know the kind of stuff that ended up on the cutting room floor.

>Jason Goes to Hell
>worst Friday the 13th
Trashcan opinion. Discarded.

Do people actually like 5? I watched it two nights ago, I really hated it.

Honestly, the remake.

It has some good kills and it sort of a throwback to the original. I like it but one of the weaker ones

Jason X2, where it turns out the nanobots use the remains of all the dead people on board to build the actual Jason.
And then Actual Jason battles Uber Jason on board of some sort of bordello/relax space station.

hi, i'm one of those fags that loves Jason Goes to Hell. roast me

what ever happened to that user who was obsessed with the chubby goth chick from that one? he posted threads about twice a day. i made a webm of her dancing for him once i think it was the only response he got

The one in space I believe Jason X and Freddy vs Jason

4: THE FINAL CHAPTER for me. Still has that lurid, sleazy slasher feel, tits, prime Savini gore and, of course, THE DANCE!!!FACT!!!


Part 5 could have been great if that faggot editor didn't cut the movies balls off!!!FACT!!!


Poor guy. You've been consistently disappointed more and more since 1988.