The worst part was that the actor was big fan of his character and hated how he went out

*scratch record*
>freeze frame
"yep, thats me"
*freeze frame*
no not him
>camera pans round to barristan selmy getting stabbed

>kill off barristan, the only character with any meaningful scenes with dany in meereen
>add more greyworm scenes exploring his sexuality
>tyrion takes over barristans role, just drinks and makes dick jokes all the way to westeros where he is still useless
what did they mean by this

/got/ general??

No, GoT specific

In GoT, they've made a point to make very important characters die pitiful deaths, to remind us that they're not larger than life. They're human just like the rest of us. Alexander the Great died like a bitch.

they wanted some tension in the storyline after having YASS QUEEN roll over everyone with 0 resistance since the start of season 3

Yeah, that's true, but Barristan's death was that he wasn't a good enough fighter not that life isn't fair.
It's fine for "bigger than life" characters to die pathetic ways, but it has to be in away that doesn't trump their best skill.
If Barristan was absolutely kicking ass then just gets dropped by a crossbow, that'd be fine.
What's wrong here is that he dies doing what he's best at and he's bettered by some randos.

Good example: Jaime getting captured because his sword gets stuck in someone's spine

oh ye because nothing says tension like sitting around playing drinking games in your big ass guarded pyramid and dickless guy cuddling with his nigress.

i didn't say they did it well. i know it was shit too user


>once unstoppable force distracted by constant political minutiae and never realises their destiny
would have been a realstic ending at least

He got jumped by two dozen attackers, and along with Grey Worm killed them all. As an old man far past his prime, thats pretty impressive. He went out fighting like a champ.

He would rather died anyway, like his ancestors who jumped off the boat, because they knew that death was better than bondage.

Not to mention that this is another great example of HBO's origin content edging out the source material.
He's still alive as of Winds of Winter and Grey Worm isn't a lanky writer's pet.


>tfw they could have been accurate and had more than enough content to pad out GRRM's lack of an ending
>instead as the seasons went on there is more and more OC for seemingly no reason
I honestly don't get what happened. They were doing a pretty good job at first, then there was a steady decline in quality.

Even if you concede that point, it's still stupid because someone of his stature should not have been patrolling the streets like a common foot soldier. In the books he stays in the palace, which is the fucking smart thing to do, and Selmy is a character who is supposed to be smart.

When he does patrol in the books hes covered in full plate, a helm, shield in one hand and longsword in the other.

The bigger the dragons get, the bigger the dip in quality in the writing. They weren't even trying last season. Season 8 sounds like a trainwreck already. Jon meets Cersei in the middle of the season, what the fuck. If the NK btfo the North, they should all be dead. If not, why did you teleport South for?

Link to these leaks

he's not patrolling here.

It's just photos from the filming. You can tell it's the middle of the season because you can see the director who is slated for that episode.

He's going to see the Night King's army, then teleport down to KL to ask Cersei to help for real this time. Then teleport back up lead the battle

D&D confirmed totally gay for Grey Worm.

What does Tyrion actually do?
In the early seasons he was involved with the politics and got caught up in events beyond his control (battles) that he simply managed to survive through rather than influence in much of a meaningful way. But after this he doesn't fucking do anything. Seriously the last four or five seasons he could not exist and things wouldn't be any different.

He keeps Dany from going full retard.

Except he stopped Dany from easily winning the war last season. If she had rushed King's landing before Euron arrived and before they could possibly get enough scorpians on the walls then she'd win

he gives dany shitty advice and makes quips. that's about all he does now

When do we get to see Grey Worm's grey worm?

It was chopped off and burned on an altar.

That's been retconned.
He's all man now. Dany and what's her face have a dish sesh about it last season

that's Varys Valyrian Steel sword Blackfyre

Bah. Book Unsullied are emotionless killing machines. Leave it to the show to fag that all up.

>Book Unsullied are emotionless killing machines
Stalwart Shield


Cool and all. Make him die to a poison from an arrow that grazed his skin. Make him die frothing and shitting himself. It's degrading but makes sense. Dying to fucking mooks is retarded

Quips machine in the show. In the books, he is just a broken man, filled with regret and kind of an asshole. Not really a good guy, t b h.

So not /got/ thread/general?

This desu

At least Littlefinger is still alive. He faked his death, I refuse to believe they'd kill his character off like that.

it's like a 5 star general taking a bullet for his body guard

but neither 99% of Cred Forums is a good guy/girl.

I thought he basically just eats her out like a dickless cuckold

Dany says something like "How's his spear?" and the other is like "Very impressive"
It's when they're on the stairs

Wow, what the fuck. I thought he was cockless all this time.

He used to be but slaaaaay queen retconed it

Yeah about that, How did Grey Worm look like in the books? What was his personality? Damn it was a long time ago.

He gets paid a million dollars to be in one scene where he walks up stairs silently behind Dany.

Asoiaf version of Greyworm and the Unsullied.

Honestly speaking of Grey Worm, why did they even dedicate all this time to his relationship with the servant girl? Those two just disappeared the rest of the season. It was pointless since he didn't go off and die or anything.

he's the key to all this


>generic romans

they unironically look better in the show

Grey Worm doesn't have nearly as much personality or development in the books, which is much more befitting of a leader of a band of remorseless killing machines.

Well he is loyal, stern, brave, no nonsense attitude and quiet most of the time.

Is there any hope for Grey Worm in life?

>Major houses at the start of GoT;
House Stark, Patriarchy by Lord Eddard
House Lannister, Patriarchy by Lord Tywin
House Tully, Patriarchy by Lord Edmure
House Tyrell, Patriarchy by Lord Mace
House Baratheon, Patriarchy by King Robert
House Targaryen, Patriarchy by King Viserys
House Martell, Patriarchy by Lord Martell

>Major houses as of current season
House Stark, Matriarchy by Queen Sansa
House Lannister, Matriarchy by Queen Cersei
House Targeryen, Matriarchy by Queen Dany
House Tyrell, extinct, Lord Mace slain by Queen Cersei
House Frey, extinct, Lord Walder slain by Arya Stark
House Baelish, extinct, Lord Petyr slain by Arya Stark
House Martell, extinct, Lord Martell slain by Sand Snakes
House Baratheon, extinct, Lord Stannis slain by Brienne of Tarth
Is there a series with more YASSSS than GoT?

>yes, all MEN must die
>but we are not men
Jesus that foreshadowing. people like Jaime and Jon are now just powerless sperm donors for their female superiors.

Of course they're not above pointing out that the phrase in its original language doesn't state a gender, and many women died where they ostensibly shouldn't have had they gone with that foreshadowing.

It is impossible to get this kind of muscle mass if you were castrated before puberty

gray worm is pretty badass in the books, not really a fan of how they changed him.