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Will we have any official Reylo content in 2018/19?
>New Forces of Destiny episode featuring Reylo, voiced by Daisy and Adam (TBA)
>TLJ Blu ray with ~20 minutes of deleted scenes (March 27th?)
>TLJ Novelization (March/SOON)
>More Reylo merchandising
>The Last Jedi Graphic Novel Adaptation Coming in May
>Expected days left for reconciliation ~ 662

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Some Reylo quotes from directors and co. : imgur.com/a/cLeu7
Adam interviews Daisy (for real, not a fanfic): vmagazine.com/article/driving-miss-daisy/
Rian ultimately confirms Reylo to a fan: instagram.com/p/Bd1voS8nPBy/

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can we stop these Disney shill threads please


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It's called "deviantart" kid. Don't go to this place. Even tumblr is better.

Gib jedi and sith AU

hi frens where do I go to talk about kotor 1 and 2
/swg/ on /vg/ is dead



Feel free to talk about it here friendo


Rian really likes hands

thanks buddy

And never EVER in your life search for sonic fanarts in that place


How that user it was pretty active last time when I checked it



Wait, that's means Rey and Kylo will have a child and in the end kylo go to dark side again in exile?
Do it.

>this general told me to play kotor
>find out that Kylo Ren was originally a qt tsundere grill
Thanks for the good nut, guys.



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I thought Kylo is Revan

See how he jerks his head when he says “Please”, and after a second or two, she jerks her head in response? She ismirroringhim.

When people mirror each other..it happenes because they’re totally in sync especially in an emotional level and when they love each other deeply.I have experienced it too with people I deeply care for….it happenes without even thinking about it. Mirroring shows a willingness to understand someone and genuinely connect with them. It’s really interesting and beautiful..

Kylo should go full dark with rey, a future r-rated star wars universe controlled by the dark side

Shit, that phone

That artist was a pro Reywalker, Finnrey and Kylux, kek.


How though? Canon Revan is light side. Bastila is the one who started out as a Jedi, went to the dark, and was brought back by the love of her life.

F-For what r-reason

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She is fetishist cunt and waiting for her prince

That link title..

>Kylo says some mean things to Rey because he's autistic
>Reylo is abusive and cruel
>Hux tries to shoot Kylo in the back, leading to him being choked and thrown around like a little bitch for the rest of the movie
>Kylux is wholesome and good

She can hug her friendzoned sidekick nothing wrong with that. There are more important things out there.


Is not Rey the tsundere

There's a lot of good artists on Tumblr who are Kylux and reywalker, if ep ix ends with Rey and Kylo together with kids I have no doubt the artists will create thousands of AU endings.

Ben was smiling at rey's frustration just saying

She's so beautiful in that scene. Feminine, soft, vulnerable,

>you are nothing b-but not to me b-baka
Both are pretty tsundere but in fact so were Bastila and Revan


But user why you think always about love, these interactions between them are p-platonic !!

>P-Prince which prince I'm Kylo not a p-prince


I don't like Kylo's current hair at all. I'd nut if Rey cut it.

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R-Rey what are y-you t-talking about

You are one!


Yoi are looking too deep fuck dont look into my s-soul R-Rey

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Bastilla was a bigger tsundere in my opinion. Revans main idea was a neutral playable character for every one.


Revan had so many dialogue options to insult her and fuck with her though.


Ok but can somebody tell me why his skin is so shiny? Seriously? Is that somekind of health-care?

Good night lads and dont forget to bump the thread from time to time if possible (when limit is reached make a new bread)

Its oil or a creme

We had one user with intention to get her at the end but somehow he failed lel

Hi there user! Sure feels good to be remembered by someone!

We all know Finn, the resistance hero. But is he really a hero? Is he the perfect good man for Rey that all the antis claim he is?

Below I discuss some qualities and traits that the resistance hero displays in the Force Awakens and the Last Jedi that will make you tilt your head.


Finn is a compulsive liar. The funny thing is, most of the time he lies to people he is supposed to care for. The first example of this was with Poe. He claims to Poe that he is helping him escape because it is the “right thing to do”. Poe claims though that even he knows Finn is lying. He just needed a pilot.

Another example lies with Rey who he is supposedly such a good person to. In order to charm her and get her assistance, Finn claims that he is from the Resistance. By doing so, Finn drags Rey into his own fight and almost gets her killed multiple times. The funny part is that, he doesn’t lie to protect these people. He does it for his own selfish reasons.

He even lies to Rose in The Last Jedi.
Despite what you think about Kylo Ren, he never lied to Rey.

Finn is also a traitor. He also tries to betray the Resistance. He tries to abandon ship when they need him the most in the Last Jedi.He does this in order to save Rey he claims. Being a traitor aside, does he really care for Rey’s well being, or does he care for how lonely he will be without her? There is a difference.
Finn does what he does for his own personal sometimes selfish reasons. He is not doing these noble acts for the greater good as most people believe. Finn manipulates people. Finn uses people. Even if you think he is a hero, lying to people and betraying them is not what a hero would do. And Finn has done both of these things for selfish reasons. If you want to argue that Kylo shouldn’t have Rey because he hurt her physically once, think about all the times Finn would hurt her emotionally. Because Finn is far from being a good guy.

Oh an "oldfag" glad that you still lurking here

Wtf I hate him now thanks user

Yeah but Finn got a kiss and two hugs from Rey, Kylo just needs start to lie to Rey

This is actually the first thread I've dropped into in quite a while. Still invested in Reylo as ever though.

Kylo got a most lewd hand touch and gaze full of tease in elevator.

I don't know if this is a contrarian opinion on here but I actually really like the friendship between Finn and Rey in TFA and would like to see it continued. I would never want to see them romantically involved though.

JJ will probably will do more interactions between them in IX.

In TFA critics praised they interactions aren't they?


>solid and clear
What's his dick like? A veiny one? Hmmm

It's the first page of TFA canon novel, so yeah technically, according to Disney's rule, it's canon, the grey will present in SW universe more from now on under Disney's control.

The lack of self awareness in this kind of posts always astounds me. What that post is implying is that Rey is relying on Finn for validation and without him she'd have fallen for Kylo's "negging". Honey, that's a no-no. Rey cannot be dependant on Fill in this way, that's not very healthy. Reminds me of that post where antis applied Kylo's words to Rey verbatim to her resistance "family" ("You're nothing but not to THEM") and thought they fixed it and made it okay kek.