Why does everyone hate this channel?

Government funded, try to stick niggers in everything...

every white girl i know, swears by it



They use people's money to make shit like this:

I thought most didnt pay their license anyway

It's a good institution and I'm personally pretty grateful for it

Because they're the reason we need a fucking TV license.

If I were black I'd refuse to play the roles of white people. That's just not right.

British goverment dindu nuffin never ever since prehistorictimes, the channel.

This is worse than the niggers desu.


Jesus is a historical figure tho

because I have no choice but to pay for it if I want to own a tv, so fuck off

I don't hate the channels; I hate the website. About five years ago BBC used to be a perfect independent, objective news website. Now it's a poor man's buzzfeed. It's not their fault, their news site is funded by ads and they need to get as many retards as possible clicking through. So now you've got "Meet the Woman Who's Hunting Modern Day Nazis" etc. Sad!

Jew propaganda, it used to be fucking good though up until the beginning of the millennium.

>what is tax

It's got problems, but I'm glad the BBC exists. Lately it's taken a bit of a dive, but it's a great source for news, makes excellent documentaries etc

Because we're forced to pay for London's propaganda channel


>Government funded
Actually PUBLIC funded, bongs have to pay TV license, LOL.

it's so insane that the same people that whine about RT/"russian propaganda" will happily slurp up state-funded propaganda like the BBC

>their news site is funded by ads
Since when? it's illeagal for them to use advertising

The vast majority of their content is just fucking awful.

All their shows are shit now. Life On Mars was fucking kino and Ashes to Ashes was pretty great too but now it's Tumblr garbage like Doctor Who and Sherlock.

The whole 'Russia hacked EVERYTHING' narrative the BBC is pushing is so tiresome. Anyone that followed Assange the last few years knows it all bunk.


Only Americans obsess about race like this. Is living in proximity to niggers making you insecure or something?

Changing history to appease modern sensibilities is annoying. If you want stories with black people in them then write stories with black people in them instead of just re-writing history.

No idea, so long as you ignore their boner for putting niggers in everything and their entire website they arent that bad.

That's just in the UK mate. Abroad(i.e. foreign IPs) adverts are fair game.

Pretty quick to throw shit at foriegn gubmints but have and always will gloss over what the uk gets up to. Plus the tv license shite.

Yes, we'll send some niggers your way so you can enjoy the melting pot too.

>Government funded
>Actually PUBLIC funded

we wuz kangs u racist cracka

BBC America plays Star Trek: tng all day.
Not sure what this business model is.

It's blatant progressivist propaganda. Which would be "fine" if it wasn't pretending to be unbiased which it so obviously isn't.

>Using series instead of season
What the fuck is wrong with British?

It's garbage.
It has Satirical elements, but they do it unironically.

>can go to prison for not wanting to pay to watch propaganda that tells you everyone in the uk is gay, black or muslim