Destroys your hilarious conversation

>destroys your hilarious conversation
>hold on hold on we've got another retarded caller

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Between Opie, Ant, and Jim they all have become equally terrible with age. I'll always hate Opie the most though.

I wonder how Patrice would have turned out. I feel like he was getting better with age.

Ant is still a funny fucker, and the Chip podcast definitely has its moments too
Haven't listened to Jim and Sam much, largely because I don't have the time to do it, but I'm fairly sure Norton is still good although the change in dynamic from him being a third mic to being a host has been pretty rocky due to Greggshells
They're certainly capable and funny as fuck, but better together
It should be Sam & Ron, and Jim & Ant
Sorry Artie, sort yourself out dude

It's kind of impressive that all of them turned into a different yet equivalent kind of cocksucker.

I would love to see Jim, Ant and Joe Rogan. I wonder if Jimmy would out him or is he too much of a pussy.

last week's Chip Chipperson was fucking great. The Chip podcast is the last remaining artifact from the O&A universe that still makes me laugh. Christina is a qt too. She genuinely laughs at all the heinous shit Jim comes up with

Anthony is still pretty funny. Jim is s pontificating ass. He can be funny, but him and Sam’s show tries to be poignant and speak on every political issue. Opie hasn’t been funny since he got married.

Name one funny Opie moment.

What's Opie even up to these days?

Last I heard he accepted an offer for some radio gig in LA

If Anthony isn't in, it's easier to skip
I don't make a habit of skipping them, but sometimes it's better to just punch out
Christina's great too, and I have a temporarily soft spot for Missy if you catch my drift
But yeah, I only really watch Chip for the times Norton breaks character, those are always the funniest parts

Too bad his body didn't agree with you.

when he hung up on that guy talking about his dead daughter

>"so long, gargoyle"
I can't think of any others

At least Opie was just a fucking idiot. The dichotomy of the show benefited from his ignorance.

Jim Norton’s seething resentment over dipshit Opie, and his unironic commodification of the awful Chip character should see him lynched. Jim Norton stinks and I don’t like him, he’s a pandering, spineless worm. The amount of wishy washy indulgences he was allowed is fucking criminal.

Not that the usual O&A brainlets will appreciate the nuance of my criticisms.

either he would've gotten a show and become a phony or just been bob kelly, vos level. i think the first one is more likely so it's good he stroked out.

Does getting roasted count? "Imagination" and "I almost got my neck broke" led to some pretty funny radio.

Rogan is too positive, Ant and Jimmy are at their best when they're being cynical

>it's an Ant and Jimmy shit on some band Opie likes episode

Norton was so good at roasting people tho

>Ant gets in a political argument with someone

>Champagne Supernova in the skyyy-ayyye

>implying retarded callers weren't the best part of the show


Birthday cake

>millenials will never know the joys of shock jock radio

enjoy your capeshit and rick and morty

Remember when Jim Norton threw under the bus his good friend (and one of the few people to give him acting work) Louis CK like it was nothing but for someone reason defended Aziz Ansari.

He was a good friend.

>Oh go ahead, you talk, not like we're trying to do a national radio show here - oh you go ahead sorry to interrupt you.
Nothing was better than Jim getting constantly interrupted by some oblivious caller

Did you go to your friendses house?

How was Sam Roberts not mercilessly ripped to shreds the very first time he opened his mouth on air?

No it's a great story, you went to ghost mountain and thought you saw an apparition, what adult wouldn't want to hear that?

heh, I know what my playlist is for painting the house tomorrow

>you will never hear another 5 minute long interlude where Jimmy has the entire room in irrecoverable tears ending with Opie putting a caller on the line
Feels bad man
I only ever listened to them from the compilations of Louis CKs appearances from 2007-2011; I got interested from the Donald rumsfeld interview. Patrice was on a few times there too. Are there any other compilations of episodes I should listen to? There was about 40 Louis appearances which were about 3 hours a piece. I still need more

fuck these washed up old hacks

Sam used to be kinda funny as an intern. Now he's a bit of a fag but still alright

his voice is unbearable, even before you pay attention to what he's saying

Jim and Sam is great. I listen to it every day.

You sound like an actual faggot.

There are like 150 patrice episodes. That's the only stuff I have ever heard of O&A.

ban all O&A posters

they don't do anything fun like o&a used to. can't even torture interns.

how did he throw louis under the bus

Fucking nice.

Some of the Patrice episodes had me in fucking tears. There's one where Joe DeRosa promised Bobo that he could open for his show. Joe backs out at the last minute and Patrice wants to make it happen so he entices Bobo to try some of his absolute braindead material on air

Ho-lee fuk I could barely hold the wheel

Also one where they read a story about a guy named Lenny who worked at McDonalds for something like 50 years, and the story is that they gave him a 5-minute break extension and a cake for his 'service'
So the guys call Lenny. He sounds like a full-on absolute geriatric retard. And they pretend to be the McDonalds big boss and fire him over the phone

Best O&A guest coming through.

ah shit i remember that, gold

his apology to mayor menino

ol' wall spacklin anthony

HVAC anthony was great too

Why the homophobia?

>Mumblemouth is actually dead now
Pendulum swang back the other way, boys

that motherfucker held a grudge until he died. they literally couldnt do any shows in boston.

Jim tries to be reasonable moderate guy, too smart and nuanced to take a hard stance on things. He also lost his edge, to a degree. Remember how brutal, angry, and mean he was in the earlier days of OnA? I liked that jimmy a lot. He still has a little bit of that. But not like it was.


Young long hair Anthony what the fuck.

Jimmy going on angry nonsensical rants about shit was the best.
He did 15 minutes on how much trees suck.

I was just listening to him go off on Ellen when she crossed the picket line

>petrified forest
>buncha fucken scared trees
>beat it

I was listening to him go off about bears and how dumb they are.

"Bears are faggots."

How'd ya like that, shit machine?

>I want to buy a big stuffed bear and burn it, so it's not even beautiful in death