How did this show turn to so much shit i remember when i used to look forward to watching this

how did this show turn to so much shit i remember when i used to look forward to watching this

>tfw no carrie gf

when they dropped the actual anti terror plot-line from the show. Seasons 1-4 were good with her hunting the terrorists, season 5 you could already tell the way they were going, with the whole german refugees being taken off the streeet by the gubmint thing, or the guy who didnt really want to be a terrorist.

But they shot themselves in the head with season 6. With the whole #notmypresident thing and bullshit. People dont want to turn on the TV and watch a show that is just a commentary on current events, they want an escape thriller, like a woman hunting terrorists, and they lost that. IF someone wanted to watch a show about an evil president they would just turn on the infinite amount of news stations covering it.

Plus they killed off Brody, Estes, Quinn now

btw the brody storyline was by far the best and most innovative part of the show. 1-3 were GOAT

the concept had no business being more than one season.

It's like 24 now. Just running that shit into the ground

just tell me this, is my nigga quinn still fucking fatties???

He’s dead

lol so is this show. ain't no way i'm watching this shit now.

he died a junkie saving hillary clinton

lol and they said hillary didn't need white men.

New episode in 8 minutes

> sjws
> Liberals
Indeed it was kino and went to shit for obvious reasons. They mis-predicted the election outcome, went full retard liberal/sjw and the show died.

They gave up on writing it after season 2.

>looking forward to this show after season 1

Season 3 was the worst and it's only been on the up since then. Season 2 had some bad writing as well. Brody should've been one season and done and I'm glad the writers learned their lesson with that and have kept good seasonal arcs.

It got boring after Brody died, but its fucking creepy how much shit they predicted last season.

They made Quinn a retard

was it season 3 where he ended up in latin america country? That season was shit too.

Last season was by far the worst.

The president is based on Trump

they writers wrote it when they thought hillary was going to win

imagine how many insane conspiracy theories Cred Forums would have on Quinn. He'd be known as the dude who survived a Sarin gas execution in Germany only to later pop up dying to save the President-Elect's life who is now using that assassination attempt as justification to jail hundreds

No he is right they said they changed it to make her more like trump after hilldog lost.

Push a political agenda. It wasn’t even subtle or low key.

Keane was an isolationist in aired episodes before the election results

I like the Alex Jones guy

Lolol wtf we on tv boys


yeah it was frustrating as hell. all that waiting for the story to get back on track, only to kill him off.

Fucking kek

try using spoilers. i know this is Cred Forums, but still.

Is this supposed to be like Schindler's List?
Because I don't think the (((Jews))) would like being compared to Muslims

once you start that season you knew it was coming

Carrie said shes CIA

I loved that, its probably the most accurate parody of a Cred Forums post Ive ever seen

So am I gonna get some fucking residuals from my primetime airtime on Cred Forums lmao

They only planned to have season 1. Everything after that is a complete toss up as it had a mush shorter writing time. Plus without Brody, you are missing half of the dynamic that made the show work.

Tell me they brought back Quinn somehow. He was the only reason to watch it.

Nah he's actually dead this time and not just a potato

Why did they kill off their best character?

Then why does Homeland's Cred Forums hate her? Surely for all their misogyny, they would support a gas the kikes race war now female as CiC?

his ghost is going to show up this season to help Carrie

God knows but he should have just died after the sarin gas but instead they brought him back as a retard for like 1 good scene only to actually kill him off after

Most shows turn shit if they're on long enough. Just stick with 1,2 and 4.

>tfw no easily impressionable Dana GF

I miss her plotlines when she was a B blot, but S3 really was obnoxious when it turned into the brody family drama show and not actual homeland stuff