Viola Davis Wants To Be Paid

>“If I’m the black Meryl Streep, you pay me what I’m worth”

I sure am mad about this! Good thing you brought it to my attention, or I wouldn't have known to be mad about it!

Someone's about to get blacklisted.

lmao cooooooooool


who gives a shit

>I'm the black Maryl Streep
>Does Suicide Squad


>Paypal me


>comparing yourself to meryl streep

Viola literally explains to her friend that she's more successful than her and that's why she's paid more. But Viola doesn't want to accept she doesn't have the star power of a Dwayne Johnson or Leo DiCaprio.

Listen when Viola Davis has the star power to make awesome films I will go watch them. Simple as that.


Does she accept BCC?

>If I’m the black Meryl Str-
You’re not

I can't imagine the last time someone said let's go see the Viola Davis movie


well, get to it Jews, pay the woman!

How is she an actress at all? fucking hideous.

lmao who says she's the black meryl streep? meryl streep has the greatest range of any actress alive -- davis is the same in every single film

>boo hoo I have to work for money

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Meryl Streep is shit though, hasn’t been in a good movie in decades. How much is she making?

>I’m the black Meryl Streep
she needs to stop appropriating white culture

20 year film career:
>Madea Goes to Jail
>Ender's Game
>Suicide Squad

vs. Meryl's 50 years filled with high profile award winning films.

however much, far too much. she should get paid less than viola davis, and then viola davis should be paid the same amount


you're the BLACK Meryl Streep
not actually Meryl Strep

>what is StarPower

Her agent needs to have a talk with her.

Viola is right. white women in hollywood are a privileged class. Meryl Streep needs to be humbled

I hate snooty liberal Streep but this bitch is not at Streep level. Streep wouldn’t ever do a below mediocre night time soap opera

This. When will they learn?

Are the niggers too dumb to understand that they shouldn't fuck with us? White people get it.