*surpasses kino*

*surpasses kino*

Out of the entire season only the last two episodes were worth it

ive only halfass sort of watched this show but the music is really fantastic

Reminder the rise of Cred Forumsedditors coming over to Cred Forums as a result of Bane memes has led to a shift in taste on Cred Forums

99% of the anime threads here are made by Cred Forumsedditors who only watch LE EPIC MANIME shonen trash and are too scared to post on Cred Forums because no one wants to talk about the same 5 old classic anime that only entry level newfaggots know about. Then they cry about Cred Forums having shit taste and proceed to buy their next avengers movie ticket.

Cred Forums has actually done a fantastic job at keeping out you Cred Forumseddit scum and so all you faggots come crying here because no one wanted to accommodate your newfaggotry.

Also you all treat Cred Forums as a place to ask for recommendations when was made to deal with garbage threads like these that aren't actually discussing anything.

Does Annie ever come back in the manga?

t. cuck

not yet but presumably soon because it's nearing the end.

You’re a fucking retard if you enjoy this trash

she dies in the last chapter

aot isn't old

and why would anyone go to Cred Forums it's only "prepubescent girls with big eyes acting qt that pedophiles like to watch"- anime or MOE as they'd rather call it

Yeah they only watch the best flavor of the month high school slice of life boring girlfriend simulator shit


What director could do this scene justice?

>too scared to post on Cred Forums
>literal general for SnK there
are you dence?

A good moment followed by shitty CGI.

very glad i dropped this piece of shit

most of the anime there are Weeb shows, good or bad they are still weebish anime full of full of standard anime tropes but with a layer of seriousness to give the illusion of art.

Marley arc is pure Kinography

Why is JoJo, OPM, Gurren lagaan, hellsing, drifters, steins gate and madoka on that list. They are standard weeb anime (With some seriousness) and should not be put with most of those anime.


I thought Cred Forums posters would like imperialist propaganda about building walls

no but latest chapter hints that shes dead

did he deserve all the suffering?

He killed millions

To save a few hundred thousand

to kill billions

who #teamgabi here

She'll be dead next chapter when Armin nukes Marley

to create kino

it's because of kinofags shitting up Cred Forums
>someone says game is kino
>someone asks what's kino?
>Cred Forums meme
now they're here

>implying eren didn't already eat armin

I want to see it go full EoE

>all the noteworthy characters on both sides die senselessly
>Eren uses the founding titan to awaken the colossals in the walls and trample all life in the world to death
>eats all other shifters and connects to the memories of Ymir Fritz

what anime?

it was fine until DUDE TITANS IN WALLS

and so on until you get monkeys, sacred royal bloodlines and DUDE AMNESIA every chapter