How did Claire Danes age so poorly?

How did Claire Danes age so poorly?
She's only 38 years old

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Too much Cred Forums

That's like a hundred in white women years.

TOO many tater tots.

her extreme facial expressions have caused her face to look significantly older

shes not consuming enough fetuses.

every cryface takes a month off her life an she's made, what, 500 of them> u do the math brah

>How did Claire Danes age so poorly?

everyone looks like a monster in the glow of a computer

she's not black

This wrinkled look actually turns me on. I'd like to grab her face and pound her pussy.

if that was true why do they put cameras right on them
i think you may just be fooling yourself, you ugly monster

>only 38
women go to shit after 22-23

Only white women.

t. stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid

To the user from the "sexiest actress" thread, I couldn't make a decent webm but here's a video:

Feel free to make one yourself



its called being a woman

Women peak at 18-20 retard, regardless of race.

They peak for one year after hitting puberty, lad.
Before that they're children, after that they're batshit crazy.

she died her hair blonde
blonde ages you if it's not your natural hair color

Reading Cred Forums

She got nothing on how shitty Lindsay Lohan aged

I'd still smash

Admit white women age like milk or go back to Cred Forums.

Biologically, white women age better than any race outside of Asians. Not even an incel, but they're just on average entitled cunts that let themselves go the second they get themselves a man who they know will provide for them because most white men are white knights.


claire.. easy on the tots

Hugh Dancy is drinking her life energy to maintain his love affair with Mads

I'd still fuck her, but I'm her age.

wait what? she's in terrific shape physically and you've gone all round the houses looking for haggard-assed pictures of her
also I could listen to her talk all god damn day

fuck off. White women age like fucking milk after 28

HEY user OVER HERE. What do you get out of Cred Forums? I'm taking for granted it's not the ridiculous one-sided "internet gang" shit younger people who can't stop complaining about reddit do. Also I'm not trying to entrap you or make you look stupid, it's a matter of straightforward interest.

Freedom to have whatever opinion I want and not be ruined by it.

Waxed her arms, this kills the career.

She's Jewish.

>the last face

Gee I wonder.

>Freedom to have whatever opinion I want and not be ruined by it.

You were born in the wrong decade. Sorry.

Especially cause a lot of them get fat or stay in the sun too long.
Ive seen some lose their looks completely before even hitting 30.

Pic related is 38 as well, but she's looking fine

The ONLY girl I know who kept her looks from 20 to 30 and is a 9 was a titless womanlet who was crazy about eating healthy organic retard shit, smoked abit, drank a lot, took drugs.

HOWEVER she is a bitter jaded used up thing so her looks are basically only relevant if you fuck her without ever having to speak to her, which seems unlikely

SO even if an outlier maintains her looks she will be broken by the 10 years of pump and dumps and alpha widowing and develop a horribley ugly personality

fucking disgusting. Smoking is the dumbest shit in the world.

>go to Berghain
>see some lady who looks like Claire Danes
>eye contact for two seconds
>we both smile and clink glasses
>continue doing whatever I was doing
>some time later that year
>Claire Danes goes on Ellen and reveals she loves going to Berghain
I clinked glasses with Claire Danes lol

Women who are complete fucking machines with 100s of guys get hit by age like a freight train.

Jennifer beals is 54 and looks fine

Women hit their top attractiveness in their early 20s. It's all downhill from then on. If the woman is lucky with her genetics and takes care of herself, she can slow it down, but it's happening.

She looks like every other white woman. Big deal.

Lilo needed to stay away the drugs, and stop prostituting herself to Arabs with scat fetishes so her parents could waste even more of her money.

Jennifer Beals is black.



Someone post the beach webm pls

I am 38 and I saw pictures that when I was 20 yesterday and was a little depressing....
when you'll have 38 you will see your past and think
>How did I age so poorly?

38 is very old.

fuck you, it is not.

pull off the makeup and you'll see the horror show

it really depends on diet, lifestyle and genetics. some people age gracefully

>some people age gracefully
yes, me.
Still, I don't look as when I was 20 (even when people that never saw me before believe that I am 28 when I lie them)

Well she definitely looks like a normal 38 year old.

t. White roastie

She got redpilled.


it kills hunger and its a social habit they can do with others. It will never completely go away


It took her 1-2 years to hit the wall after 2009. Amazing.

>Spend life drinking, smoking and eating corn syrup

Lol, but they're the only ones that were attractive to begin with

Enjoy your brown nips

> fucking kek

Browsing /pol accelerated ageing process

obnoxious faggot

>I turn 38 this year.....

good thing i'm a man!

You should have seen her in Charmed, she peaked way earlier than 2009.

>what are angles
>what is lighting

>what is biology

She was never supposed to be good looking. In her prime years she had a hollywood makeover that made her passable but when that show she was in in the 90s she was supposed to be ugly nerd girl and that's what she was. Later she got shoehorned into sex symbol status.

yes it is

taking the black dick

A Hollywood life of hard drugs and partying and alcoholism ages.

t. Assblasted poo


She's a Slav.

White women do seem to age faster. It’s like a car, anything on a white car makes it look worse, any spill or dirt.

You can see every wrinkle on a white girl starting from 21.

id still wife her

Black cars are way harder to keep clean looking than white cars.
Black cars are what every spot of dirt and dust clearly shows up on.

not bad imo

Had a baby.

Melanin ain't shit, it's just that black women are obsessed with lotioning up their skin

But yeah, her instincts were in perfect order: she got married and then immediately hit the wall and cut her hair to dissuade bitchboy provider husband from sex.

>The guy who isn't addicted to inhaling smoke is somehow an obnoxious faggot

Extremely, I don't smoke either but you are a for real twat about it

Still very cute though. Looks 28 not 40. She reminds me of my mom who is also of Eastern European descent.

At least they take care of it

>Looking better at 16 than you do at 38

Overdoing lotion isn't taking care of your skin. It's not good for it.
They only do it so they won't loom ashy af. It's not a health thing.

this. The snarly bitch look adds 10 years at least
she probably screams too loud in bed.
Like the kind where you're like shut the fuck up bitch I have neighbors.

Drinker? Sugar? Smokes? Doesn't sleep and eat shit?

She was pretty average in that Terminator movie in 2005 or whatever. Looked mid thirties already


I remember hearing adults talk about this show when I was a kid, but I never watched it. I just looked it up because of this thread and it has really high ratings everywhere. What's so good about My So-Called Life?

It's like Freaks and Geeks.

Bro what was that one big breasted girl from the 1968 Romeo and Juliet. She looked x10 better than this sack of shit

It didn't have high ratings. It was cancelled pretty quickly I think they tried to revive it once but still nobody really watched it. (I did)

It was comparable to something like Arrested Development, a small cult following that thinks it's the greatest thin ever. And critics loved it.

Unironically this.

So it's shit?

theres no such thing as too many tater tots

fuck id eat that

You can barely see the tater tots.

Rayanne from that show is for real British royalty now. She's the Countess of something or other.

makeapp just makes people's faces look clammy and sickly like they've been in bed all day with the flu. If you keep applying it over and over it turns you into a walking corpse

>Hannah Hays
What a disgusting slag. She is only somewhat pretty because she's young. Her pussy is ugly already.

Go watch a recent episode of Big Bang Theory. It's not the lighting. She looks terrible now.

literally sludge

All pussies are ugly.

Nailed it.

then just apply it once dumbass

True that.


Does anyone know who this is?

I believe you


Is this the retarded girl?

Dk, are you CIA?

Looks like throw up

She’s white.

Classic Paul Dano

women age like milk

Good thing I like egg nog then

No, just a goncerned zitizen

No. A big guy.

shes a qt milf with a booty

asian woman age like shit

white woman stay good looking but azns go from hot to extremely shitty when they hit 40-50
it's like they transform into shrunken raisins instantly while white woman stay more or less the same but simply,... look older.

>you will never be raped by a pedo lady on the internet