Admit it Cred Forums she's the greatest actress ever and you are in love with her

Admit it Cred Forums she's the greatest actress ever and you are in love with her.

She sucks and I hate her.

whats her greatest feat?
dancing and singing badly in a dishonest oscar bait film?
or doing a bad impression of Billie Jean King in another oscar bait that flopped HARD?

>the same in every movie
>smokers voice
>seems like she has high T

oops, wrong pic

i too remember being literally 12 and conflating looks with talent


Emma's great and I really like her, but she's not the greatest nor am I in love with her.

Zachary Hasbrouck go back to being banned.

She is, and I am


smooth bare shoulder

Mick trash

>make a pic of all the words that make you upset
>think it means anything
lmaoing at you

this is her greatest feat

Sure. I will also admit I really want to french kiss her anus

shut up, gook.

She is kino

Patrician taste


homina homina! wowie !!


I did fall in love after seeing her in this.

And her nude neck

seen better

I am utterly in love with her feet and if I could marry them I would.

But, you are not Eva Green

She's so angry in that one though.

I am in love. Yes. This is true. Hard to deny. Correct. Agreed. Let us move on now. Yes. Quite. Eeek I say. What say you?
Very interesting. Indeed.
How very innapropriate. I don't believe we can see this. Not allowed some might say. Hmm. Yes. Were.
Very cute eyes. Despite the constant bullying. The "frog" nickname. Hmm. In love. I am. Wew.

Looks like I cannot spell inappropriate. Troubling. Always remember you exist at the same time as Emily Jean.

cuttiiiee emloo~!

Literally plebbit the actress kys faggot


32 replies, 21 posters

looking forward to her Lanthimos kino


>every who doesnt like my ugly waifu is zach


32 replies, 21 posters

>two permavirgins autistically obsessed with a celeb they don't like

I would.


hi zach

my dicc got CRUSHEd looking at thiss

Initials on outfit. Cute


yes she's perfect. best personality, best ass, best emma.

i just want to know what she is like in bed, does anyone have any good way of predicting this

She has that particuarly anglo smushed face pug look


cute indeed

wtf how is she under 30


exactly, way past her prime

Oh no she must be ugly now because of a few cherrypicked photos. Oh dear. Youve done it user. Oh my

>i post the same pictures over and over again that'll make them stop liking what i don't like!

she's ugly in all photos. look at her face

>she's ugly in all photos
>posts the same pictures over and over again

frog princess



and you post the rest

This thread is one of the worst things I have ever seen.
Emma is not even her real name, it is Emily. There is only one true Emma, and if you bow before her you may be saved.

>obsessing over actresses

never gonna make it


>doubling down



>What Happened?
Emma Stone just got DROPPED that's what,



i wanna suck them toes!

My deduction skills as a detective tell ne you have quite possibly never had sex.

> He said i look like WHAT?


I want to lick this frog's back and get high

>they're being mean again


big if true

youre a bad detective




emnemly on the bigg bike

she almost makes jlaw look attractive

holy shit she really does look like pepe



I had sex once 12 years ago... holy shit it's overrated.

> she has a tatoo
In the trash it goes.


Always remember that Emma always wants you to try your hardest and she believes in you!



Thank you Emily

>post count didn't increase

d-did they?

>post count didn't increase

This. Cate is one of the greatest actresses ever and I'm so in love with her it hurts.

>Zach's gay lover sperging out while Emma is having fun time

me on the left


>Emma is having fun time sucking black cock



did they?

maileeumlee hlehgg


Special guest: Emma Stone


Super fucking cute. Nice legs. Cute color


sex emly


numer of posters didn't increase

Shut up, slave.


embarassing thread


All Emmafags are mentally ill, but at least Stonefags have the best taste among them.

numer of posters didn't increase


Shut up, slave.

Emily in chair

i'd like to see what she looks like with a shaved head

Emily in chair

She's a mediocre actress and I have no feelings whatsoever for her

Emily in chair + happy dance combo


All Stone threads are embarassing though
t. falseflagging stonefag

back2leddit, /user/haff-bloodprince


i want to brush her teeth
i want to have froggy style sex with her

Emily in chair

You won't. Pervert.

She's a terrible actress, playing the same character in every role.


More of this you fuck. I've never seen that one, sitting in a chair

that one scene in bitdman about myspace and facebook was the most pathetic acting o have ever seen in a high budget schlock. turned the trash film off there can't stand looking at her hideous face



hello there 2016

Is /esg/ worst fanbase to have ever existed? (yes)


Why is /esg/ bad, I get a lot of valuable content from there when I stop mouthing off like a hooligan with Tourette's.

Stay within your /lbg/ containment thread, Emmafreak.

Why is /lbg/ bad, I get a lot of valuable content from there when I stop mouthing off like a hooligan with Tourette's.

99% of /esg/ posts are posts like these


Bait shitposters HATE this simple trick!

She was pretty damn good in SMB2, I'll give you that.

i think you need some time off the internet

what is that picture have to do with my post you absolute ratard
screencap few posts on /esg/ and it would be absolutely the same thing
fucking idiot

Damn she looks old in that picture

>or doing a bad impression of Billie Jean King
Honestly, it was more director's fault. He don't even know the real Billie Jean. And Emma seemed bored with the character because Billie Jean was nothing special. She was just a tennis player trying to live her life, not a hero. Don't forget she won the infamous game playing smart; like her opponent was so old, she played with him until he was completely exhausted. Very smart and professional, but there's nothing great or heroic about it.

>no tits
i'm sad


The real question is: how many times was she casting couched, /tv? How many old fat jews facefucked her perfect face?

dpfak . com/v.php?face=34&body=4

really makes you think

Barely works

You're right!

body 1 is so much better

the feet though...

face works a lot better, body is fine, that's all that matters

Should have been nude in that movie.

that's just so adorable... I can't believe it.

how would you keep from going completely nuts if you were that cute. how would you ever accomplish anything

you're talking about that guy on the left, right?

I don't even know who she is. Well, from the image title I can tell her name is Emma something.

Jessica Lange is the greatest actress of all time

>literal who who plays in shitty horror anthology with one good season is GOAT

We're judging acting chops, not the movies/tv shows they were in, kiddo

Well, in that case:
She's a nobody who doesn't even look good enough to be in front of a camera.


Beep beep make way for best Emma

lmao at the autism of butthurt frog loving stonefag


don't mind me just classing up an aged milk frog thread

I already blew a few loads to her today going to jack

Once I stroke my cock so hard for best Emma, because I was imagining she was sat on my face. Bony bum cheeks pressed against my nose could hardly even breathe but I digress. So, my cum shoot was so hard and fall all over my face and plastered my room mate's ipad.
>pic related
>the photo that made me prematurely ejaculate