Altered Carbon

Her plan was retarded and made no sense.
Why would you limit people to 100 years of life, something people can outlive with medical technology even centuries before this takes place, than 200, 300 years?

Why limit life spans at all and instead fight for better social reform and/or try to create a more egalitarian post-capitalist system if the only real problem is rich people consolidating wealth and power over multiple lifetimes?

>Plot that deviates from source material ends up being shit

Because it was easier, just change the code somewhat, instead of trying to change the whole of society

>oh my incredible secret rebellion that the Protectorat will do anything to get to, I lied to you! My plan is actually this dumb other thing!
>But if you want, you can go!
>Just like that?
>Just like that

I hate when they try to tackle these enormous world changing plots in these incredible complex worlds and they can't be harrassed to do it smartly at all

But what if the source material is shit? Can it be righted?


In the book she's literally a Anarcho-Communist and Quellism was a mashup of Bakunin and Proudhon.

TV show because it's made for retarded Americans who would get triggered by "MUH SOCIALISM" changed it to hundred years shit.

Why the fuck was her terrorist cell so small?

In the past and present, it's referred to as some revered group. But they're tiny pieces of shit that just get brushed aside.

Even if she had hacked all of everybody's shit couldn't they have just remade the stacks system? I mean if the entire internet somehow got taken down it could just be recreated and replaced.

Stopped watching after episode 1 because I thought it was going to be another "Evil rich people n shiet" show. Was I right?

The show was actually really good but fucking NOSEDIVED episode 7 onwards. The flashback episode being a major part ruining any and all interest in what the Envoys actually were.

The whole thing was stupid to begin with. It was a dumb rewrite, just like the whole sister arc.

Not even close. Much worse than that.

How on earth will Netflix adapt The Witcher tbqh


So if the mexican cop lady gets a super strength arm, why aren't the meths all like fucking terminator?

>That grip
Fucking disgusting

Because they can afford cloned bodies.

the *plot* when to shit real fast on this one.

such disappointment . after west world and the expand .

I stopped watching this show at the point where they started telling the guy his history and all that shit.

Why in the fuck would you ever revive not only criminals, but even politically motivated violent criminals and then fucking tell them exactly who they are and what they did.

I can't get over the core premise of this series it's so fucking dumb.

If Rei was the most powerful Meth in the entire galaxy.. why didn't she just buy Takeshi from the get go instead of this crazy convoluted Bancroft plot?

Because the show needed to be longer than 15 minutes

>it's a "I will make you love me out of submission" episode
This ever worked ever in any kind of story? Why not just being a decent person to your loved ones so they can love you back

Im pretty sure that would just result in some sort of stalin like communist dictator who would literally live forever

I think the point was the sister didn't actually care for her brother, she wanted a way to get rid of that law so she could run her snuff child sex brothel business and she had become a peak evil Capitalist.
She kept saying she loved him, but her actions spoke otherwise.

I've never seen a show crash and burn so fucking hard. It's like the first half is a solid 8/10 then the second half is a 3/10.

>the plan was to get enough power to get her brother out
>along the way to power she lost herself
>lost the reason why she fought for the power

>It was ME, Tak, the sister of all your pain!

You're implying that the writers weren't shit and knew what they were doing.

>If we limit people to 100 years, it will stop wealth consolidation and end inequality!
>Family just consolidates wealth generationally like normal.

The writers obviously didn't think this through.

only good part of this show were Poe and ortega naked. and poe gets no threads devoted to him

There was a poe nude scene?

Yeah, two

was she black, and did he love the ghetto chicano?

>was she black
Don't remember if that was mentioned

We can all agree Rei was the best girl, right?

>all powerful meth that is above the law and can even influence the passing of laws
>Goes to jail over a dead rostie

Havent seen the show yet but isnt the whole black lady genius thing already bordering on retarded to begin with?

How many plastic surgeries do you think she got?

How was that black guy ok with his daughter working in a literal whorehouse? Then the show acts like she's all pure and shit with her white dress and teddy bear.

almost nobody lives past 80 even with the best science and medicine in the world.

Also you cannot make a human live more than 125 years by any means. It was recently proven.

Enough to give me a boner.

Hardly any she’s looked like that since she started acting in Australia on neighbors

Apparently in the books, The Envoys were what the show called CTAC. They were actually a tool of the Protectorate, designed to quash rebellions. They weren't just special forces, but also diplomats. They were kinda like Jedi.

I haven't read the book, but that makes waaaayyyyy more sense. In the show, Envoys are treated as some revered/feared legend. In the show, they're some weird small rebellion in a forest that doesn't actually achieve anything before being blown apart.

IT's a baffling change

lel, they made a point that she was asian but with a black sleeve

Im sure there are benefits to keeping your own arm

Obligatory at this point.

You're right. She shouldn't have limited it to 100 years. 100 years is more than enough time for someone to exert unchecked influence to the detriment of a community.

She should have limited it to 30, which is enough time to amass wealth but not enough to use it. But no one (not her followers nor the show's viewers) would have accepted that because we have preexisting notions about what is a normal lifespan.

You're wrong about fighting for social reform though. That's just fucking naive. How are 50 jungle-dwelling martial artists going to overhaul a system in which change is resisted by an obstinate oligarchy?


The more we see of the rebellion in the show, the more I wonder how Bancroft thought that Kovacs was so such a bad ass

>Quell argues that meths are aberrations, since they are not just above laws, but above nature itself. And while empires can fall from mismanagement, these decadent creations can only grow, like cancer cells, until they destroy everything around them
>instead we were shown like 3 meths in the entire show, one of whom was a psychotic sister, who was a bitch even before she became meth, a hedonistic dickhead, but who is fair and has a code of honor despite being (one of) the oldest meth and his wife, who is a cunt, but will do anything for her quite extended family
Do they honestly think that we should side with Quell just because of these "horrid" characters? The fuck is wrong with writers of this show. Not only that, as we are shown in the ending the oldest meth, who is supposed to be above all laws, is getting easily framed by some random guy and "paid" police has no issue in getting him arrested in seconds. What's the issue here again? The fact that he kills whores, but replaces their slaves no questions asked? The fact that he's a dick? The fact that he has a licence to set up fight-the-death arenas? Surely show doesn't expect us to side with Kovacs on this one, especially after he was explicitly told that Bancroft killed a whore after he got infected by a rage virus.

i liked the scene where u got to see the mexican cops boobies

You clearly see a few times during the show what they do just for shit and giggles, like killing whores with big ass knifes, death battles and so on
Imagine what else they can do

Bancroft beat the shit out of his son, I won't be surprised if he killed him a few times

This one?

nah, the one at her place.

Because it's straight up communist propaganda.
Enforced equity is straight out of their playbook.

Badly. Extremely badly.

Vesemir, Dandelion, Triss and Emhyr var Emreis is merged into one person who is portrayed by stronk black woman.

Is this worth watching?

>no incest

Because Bancroft had influence in the UN to reduce and pardon Takeshi's sentence. Rei couldn't get him out legally, so she convinced Bancroft to hire him for the whole suicide case.

>want want happen already in capitalist society
>is some how now communism

The source material was also garbage, just in a different way.

This girl’s mean mug is so pathetic. Everytime she makes a serious speech Her fat cheeks and underbite covers the screen.yuk

>actress is 50 years old

She's grandma at this point.

what didn't you like about it?

Better dead than red

i liked the world that Altered Carbon set up, the gore and sex was neat, the meths are interesting, but the protagonists are boring as fuck, the envoys seem like a joke

i found myself rooting more for Bancroft and Rei than Takeshi and his band of misfits.

the meths evolved and adapted to the new way of life, i admire that more than the jungle rebels trying to fight it

A resounding "no"

I did like Poe. Wouldn't have minded a more poe-centric episode.

Who was in the wrong?

the main character(sorry can't remember his name already). If he just would have given his sister the dick like she wanted, she would have calmed the fuck down and wouldn't have done all that bad shit.

Watched up to Ep4. Feels like a half-baked Gibson ripoff (they even have the Bridge inhabited and full of trash). So much wasted potential.

She is a nigger Jew who doesn't want the goyim to live for too long, cuz Jews are only allowed to live 120 years. Goy slaves are better off dead at 60.

Would anything be fixed by forcing meths to give up a significant portion of their wealth to society in order to continue their life? Something like a resleeve beyond your third one requires the donation of 10 trillion or 75% of your assets - whichever is higher - to the betterment of society, or the same for resleeving into a clone. Or make it so the top 100 wealthiest people are the sole payers for all resleeving. Either of these would be better than flat denying people the ability to resleeve.

70% of the series is decent.
30% is a complete cop-out.
I would say it's worth watching though just for the visuals alone and the first half of the season.

>Feels like a half-baked Gibson ripoff
Honestly that seems like a flaw of the genre in general. All cyberpunk words feel pretty samey to me for the most part. I think that's why I liked the other sci-fi elements.

Am I the only one that gets pissed off when they clearly cast non-Japanese Asians to play Japanese characters?
Rei was clearly a Nepal or Tibetan actress and Takeshi was clearly Korean.
Neither of them looked Japanese at fucking all.

japs are ugly bro, all asians are ugly but japanese are not into plastic surgery and also not into hollywood's morals, so they don't get hired, which I respect.

They want to use the superior asians for their plot (japs) but hire other shitty asians (viet, korean, chinks, etc) to represent them

Takeshi was supposed to be a hapa

tfw realize this post is not ironic.

Find a wall, stand yourself against it, then shoot yourself.
It's gonna end there for you anyway. Whatever side wins.

The stupid thing is that it is just some software that can be all the problems undone from it. This is what happens when you make up your own bullshit when you take something from another source and try to modify it.

For the most part. They really SJW'd and feminized it all to hell. It totally goes against the stuff in the book. The funny thing is, it is actually better than the book even with that shit changed and added.

>deflated pancake tits
>best girl over this

How full of shit can one user be?

They can bodyswap you daft mongrel.
If they want to fuck, they can go flesh.
Otherwise they can walk around in instantly morphable terminator bodies.
Why aren't all the cops like that?
Why isn't the main character?
He doesn't need to be flesh to investigate and he wouldn't have any trouble at all with attackers.

>Why isn't the main character?

Didn't you pay attention? It was a jab at the hot cop. A big "fuck you".

>fight for better social reform and/or try to create a more egalitarian post-capitalist system
You missed the part where there's people so adept and experienced at playing the game of life that they will shitstomp anyone that tries this.

Hence why all the known worlds are still stuck in some cyber punk dystopia or are barely populated.

This annoyed the hell out of me in The Man in the High Castle because General Onoda was clearly Chinese. I wasn't really bothered in Altered Carbon because they were supposed to be half-breeds who can come out looking nothing like either of their parents.

>Japanese are ugly
>Pic related

Japanese are the best looking people in the world.

Well she wouldn't have been eviscerated if her naivete wasn't the point, right? I mean the reason why we're all tired of the whole "evil rich people consolidating power" storyline is because our cultures can't stop telling it, and they can't stop telling it because it's one of the most substantial legislative controversies wrestled by lawmakers the world over. Her plan is stupid because the biggest problem with wealth consolidation now is that it isn't limited to lifespans; some people are so successful in the span of a few decades that their wealth expands for generations, vastly outliving them and producing dynasties of privilege, nepotism and influence. It was folly to illustrate such a narrative by the "what if they never died" because the outcome would actually be more detrimental to the sustainability of the bourgeois empire: the human mind isn't meant to be eternal; it experiences a form of rampancy; we're fundamentally incompetent with our lifespans enough.

I liked this show because I didn't go to it having known about the book and because I ignored all of the herd mentality on Cred Forums, I just took the base recommendation off of seeing all of you guys raging about it (which I advise everyone do, Cred Forums is just as much a fallacious herd as facebook). The world-building was fun, the production value was massive, and as with all sci-fi, it tells a good story about us. Fun to watch probably one of the most expansive sci-fi shows out right now lash out with such a nihilistic philosophy, pissing all over that natural sanctity of individuality. Definitely worth the watch.

Who the fuck cares what you think doesn't make sense? You can't even type sentences of your own that make sense. Fuck off, OP.

Fuck that pic is a classic

Bancroft did absolutely NOTHING wrong

>be the closest thing to a god
>get framed by dead hookers

this was so unbelievably stupid

being framed i can believe, being convicted... well we're gonna have to hold out for next season to see how badly they get this

Certainly not by Netflix.

I started liking this show when the nigger envoy leader told the chink that she was "Anika Peltrova, the one who invented the immortal shells" or whatever slav name it was, and not actually black.

Until that point I couldn't take the show seriously because just like black panther, the thought of a black character being a genius leader was more of a comedy show than a story.


God damn communists think capitalists are all evil

>Brainwash former soldier and his yakuza sister into joining your cause
>Cause makes no fucking sense anyway and is meaningless, oops me invent immortality without anyones say so let me just limit every human being in existence without their say so
>Brainwash the brother so bad he falls in love with you
>Sister isn't a retarded commie idiot and destroys you and your terrorist group
>Mentally scar the brother so bad he has visions of you all the time - literally brainwashing him still
>Mentally ill sister goes batshit insane due to her brother becoming a brainwashed commie retard and getting put on ice
>All this bitch's fault

Fuck this character

Why is one person consolidating large masses of wealth over multiple lifetimes worse than a family line of descendents acquiring large masses of wealth over multiple generations?

>Japanese are the best looking people in the world.
Obviously you've never been to japan. For every yellow schoolgirl princess there are hundreds of snaggle-toothed jaundiced pancake-ass nip bitches.
Seriously, the biggest cure for yellow fever is to travel to asia and spend literally any time there.

Why do they looks so small here but so big in clothes?

this is the way any neocommunist form of entertainment must be consumed. Root for those opposed to plucky (((rebels)))


Is evil, deal with It.

Can someone explain why anyone should actually care about Quell or the stupid forced romance between her and Takeshi? There was at most 10-15 minutes in total screentime shared between the two, it's almost unbelievable that they share any romantic bond at all.

And now it looks like whatever chance there is of a season 2, it's going to be filled with this stupid love story

Because an individual will get set in their ways moreso than a line of individuals. An increasing power with little to no evolutionary trend for the purpose behind the power is a negative.

Annoying that the mexican lady kept pronouncing his name as Kovatch when it should be Kovax.

There's a line in the book where he freaks out on a guy because he keeps pronouncing it as Kovaxs.
Slav's don't pronounce those letter combo's the way you'd expect. Kovatch IS the correct pronunciation.

bras are a wonderful invention user

>muh envoy intuition
>none of the envoys, including her brother, could see she was thirsty for big bro's dick

Envoys were such hot garbage in the show.

I take it you have never seen a naked woman in real life.

I found it completely unbelievable. It almost ruined the show for me.

Kovatch is how you pronounce it you american swine.

Who was that bitch at the beginning? What was Takeshi even doing with her after the rest of the Envoys died? I kept waiting for them to pick up on this plot thread but they never did. Bookfags plz explain

Oh yeah what the fuck was that about?

I think there's a minor comment later that mentions it was his girlfriend.
So basically Takeshi is portrayed as this aloof hard-bitten, broken-hearted man but in fact he just falls for every female that gives him the time of day.

In episode one, Ortega describes Kovacs as a "merc turned terrorist turned merc". She's implying that after the stronghold massacre Kovacs became a hired gun as he ran from the protectorate. The girl was just some merc he was hooking up with while he was on a job.

Actually liked the fuck out of the setting for not diving into "is your stack actually you" kinda thing which most sci-fi titles do these days.

Limiting it to exactly 100 years is retarded anyway. She should have limited it to some random number between 80 and 120, so it would be just like how it worked in the past instead of setting up an entirely new, untested system. Surely knowing the exact date you will die would fuck you up psychologically.

Any bookfag around can tell us what they changed from the books?

Okay so what I didn't really understand is why Rei had to fake the Neo-C coding on the prostitute stacks.

Why not just slag the stacks and get rid of the bodies? If Meth's are truly that powerful they can just stop an inquiry into the dissapearance of young men and women, and you don't have to go through all this effort to block law proposals and other stuff.

Like why did they even kill them? To stop them from talking? They can download minds on hard discs but can't edit memories? And even if they talk, who cares?

Works in the tech-noire setting. Those hard boiled private dicks always get into trouble with women tangentially related to their case.

Because that leaves too many loose threads I guess. No one knew you could fake the coding so it was a perfect crime as far as they knew.
Missing bodies and slagged stacks would be too suspicious, I guess.

This as well, the man did nothing Meth's in general weren't doing as well. And his wife admitted to drugging him with a mind altering drug, something he felt so bad about he killed himself to get rid of the memory. Laurens was a bro.

And a spike in dead young people recently turned Neo-C with no prior mention of conversion wouldn't?

I really liked how they handled religion and Aboud's view of it.

Hey Guise

Help me out Guise

Many years ago I remember watching a cyborg movie on cable. I know it was murricanish.
It was about some kind of cyborg assassin , short story he start a massacre at a plane, destroy the plane and get fraged later on he is alive and in a new body with a different actor.
I couldn't find it the last time I searched for it

>350+ years in the future
>police can't solve a murder without bringing the victim back from the dead so they could testify

Why even have a police at that point?

i pretty much zoned out in episode 7 because it was so bad and barely paid attention to the rest of the show and just let it play in the background.

Also, sleeves are interchangeable and can be faked.
Just say it wasn't you, but someone else with a similar sleeve

They were overworked, and there was no evidence to pin it on anyone.
And if you're identified as the killer by the victim I can only assume that's a slam dunk legally.

The episode where they need to save money so they shot it in the woods?
Definitely the weakest episode.

>mfw no one in this show is actually human
>mfw they're all AIs hijacking human bodies and larping as humans

Horrifying shit.