Medieval Kino

What are the best medieval movies?

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13 assassins

Black Knight with Martin Lawrence.

>make a game taking place in 1400 AD
>its not about hundred years war
dont care if its a passion project for a racist piece of shit

Kingdom's Heaven Directors cut

boohoo no blacks

The game can barely handle battles with more than 10 people involved

A Knight's Tale

>kings, warriors and shit
Kingdom of Heaven (Director's cut)
The 13th Warrior
Flesh and Blood (borderline medieval)
Joan of Arc (Besson's)

>fun shit
A Knight's Tale
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

>small-scale/diplomacy intrigue shit
Lion in Winter
The Name of the Rose

Obviously most of them are historically not at all accurate, but they're still good movies. All others are pretty much shit.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Excalibur. It's like Warhammer Fantasy Battles: the Movie. With extra magic and mysticism and coming of age stuff.

Okay, so it's FANTASY medieval, you picky bastards. Bite me. This movie rules and you know it.

Which one is the most historically accurate?

Lion in Winter or The Name of the Rose, simply because there's not much to fuck up historically in those movies.

Rob Roy.

Fighting 2-3 people at the same time is a gigantic pain in the ass unless you're so far in the late game that you're able to basically one shot enemies.

The game can also barely handle fights with 15 NPCs without all-out chaos, and not in the realistic-battle-chaos sense, but rather horrible gameplay, AI and performance.

>get a bit far away
>shoot arrow
>first one starts running at you
>shoot him in the head with the arrow
>get your horse and run far away
>repeat until you kill them

If they have full armor, arrow headshots doesn't work so yes you're pretty fucked up. Combat is pretty clunky and shitty to block but game is comfy.

"The Name of the Rose" is pretty good, not an action film though.

>muh anglocentrist worldview
it‘s refreshing to see something other than the fucking frogs and bonga going at each other for once, the era had a lot of more interesting conflicts all over Europe.

Quest of the Delta Knights

Black Knight

People like you are why there are 10,000 WW2 games with no end in sight.

Is this any good?

>Combat is pretty clunky and shitty to block
Someone didn't spend enough time training with Captain Bernard.

Movie of Henry VIII with Mark Addy as leading role when?

>neo-leftists base their idea of good art on the creator's political views
imagine being this artistically and intellectually shallow

which oblivion mod is this?

you dont mean this do you?


remember when Erykah Badu talked about respecting Hitler?

This. Haven't picked it up yet, but I'm tired of everything involving the medieval era being set in England or a pastiche of England. Bohemia (or the HRE in general) is something refreshing that we don't get much exposure to.

Les visiteurs 1 & 2 (French)

Kingdom of Heaven is a fucking mess director's cut or not. It's visually appealing and the music is great, that's really about it. It's a falsified view of history full of anachronisms.

sadly, no

This, I can't stand the narrative it weaves of everyone being these enlightened fedora-tipping secular humanists. I'd love to see a movie about how the crusades actually were, rather than Ridley Scott's shoehorned soapboxing about how religion is dumb.

Black death, 13th warrior, Birkebeine, ironclad I thibk these are the best desu.

Henry V is pretty fun if you can stomach the Shakespearean dialogue

Do you plebs watch only American movies?

That's more like a play than a movie desu.

Seen Arn?

Nah, never heard of that one before. I'll make sure to check it out.

I don’t have to imagine, all I have to do is read literally any review of any movie in 2016-2018

Saw it 10 years ago, so can't really remember if it was good or not