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he's a rapist

Oh shit it's real



wtf its real

This bitch better not die before he's no longer needed for Creed.

he's 71.

Why does fake rumours about Sly being dead keep coming up?
Is it one person pushing them? Strange that it happens so frequently. When he does die no one will believe the headlines due to wolf being cried so much.

Welp, I hope the mods will sticky this


my most sincere JUST

That's not Bill Clinton

>its real

haha made u click

How about that? He turned himself into James Woods.

its clickbait

>Arnie & sly will die in your lifetime

This is obviously make up for Creed 2 you fucking imbeciles

he raped an underage girl with his bodyguard

Yeah, but why do they keep using Sly?

the REAL sly died and he's about to/be replaced by a lookalike, expect him to look retarded in his next public appereance and blaming it on booze and stress like "Ben Affleck"

[citation needed]

Idk, it's clickbait. But if i had to think about it, he's somewhat of a cultural icon with Rambo and Rock, so people recognize him and click click click.

Or maybe it's internet witches trying to meme him to the grave.

>JUST manlet believes that’s an excuse

My granddad looked great and had a full head of hair until the day he died at 97. There is no age limit for being JUST.

I can't buy it

That really sucks

The plastic surgeons let him down.

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED? He looked so good in Creed and Escape Plan. And now he looks like somebody sucked the life out of him. He looks absolutely JUST. Did his wife left him or something? Does he have to pay big alimony or what? What is going on? My 98 year old grandpa looks better than him.

Is it not for a new rocky? Maybe Rocky’s gonna did so he’s prepping for it


>made u click
>implying i don't use image hover

An article on Vulture recounting the bullshit story of some 16 year old slut is not valid documentation. Sorry, try again.

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